Explore Aruba Tour

Great Experience!
October 18, 2023
This tour of Aruba is a thumbs up. It takes you to the aloe factory which was very impressive. The beach was superb and the area not too crowded and the tour of the area showed the best that Aruba has to offer. The guide was very experienced, professional and kind.
Reviewer: Andree Marini
5 Stars
Great Tour. Great Stops
August 22, 2023
Nice air conditioned bus. Comfortable. Friendly and knowledgeable guide. Aloe factory was great!!
Reviewer: Alan
5 Stars
Interesting Island Tour
August 08, 2023
The highlight was the shore with the ruins and the Aloe factory . Very interesting both of them . The beach was nice but to short a time and very windy.
Reviewer: Janet Tomlinson
4 Stars
A beautiful day in Aruba
May 16, 2023
What a great tour of the city of Aruba, especially enjoyed visiting the Aloe Factory and the Catholic Church. Wonderful, knowledgable guide.
Reviewer: Janita Lee Aalto
4 Stars
April 27, 2023
One of the most beautiful places. Tour guide was great. Knowledgeable. The aloe factory was a nice visit.
Reviewer: Keisha
5 Stars
February 22, 2023
The bus driver, was also the tour guide, and was awesome! He took us to some beautiful places and I would highly recommend you take this tour to see as much of the island as possible!
Reviewer: Jay Whitebread
5 Stars
Shore Excursion
April 26, 2022
Tour was informative beach was beautiful
Reviewer: Shelley Aubertin
4 Stars
Great tour of the island
March 09, 2020
I loved our tour of the highlights of Aruba. Our guide was most informed of the history of the island. I was amazed at the Aloe factory on the island, and the beauty of the beaches were breathtaking. This is indeed one happy island.
Reviewer: Bob
5 Stars
Nice tour.
March 09, 2020
Excellent guide, landscape is very dry. Recommend.
Reviewer: Louis Cossette
5 Stars
Awesome overview of the island
March 06, 2020
We had a great time, seeing the highlights of Aruba. If you looking for an in-depth look at Aruba, it is not for you, but it is awesome for the first-time overview.
Reviewer: Evgeny
5 Stars
Loved it
February 27, 2020
The whole tour was put together really good
Reviewer: Philipp Golke
5 Stars
Excellent tour
February 22, 2020
Very interesting and good value for the money. The bus was new and clean and very comfortable and our guide was excellent. I feel like a saw most of the island including the light house, natural bridge, Alto Vista Chapel and the beautiful countryside. I enjoyed the aloe factory and brought home some of their lotions. I would suggest this tour if this is your first time on the island.
Reviewer: Carole McGraw
5 Stars
Aruba Tour
February 22, 2020
Thank you for showing us the people and their life.
Reviewer: Carol Briscoe
5 Stars
Around Aruba
February 13, 2020
It was a wonderful tour, comfortable air conditioned bus with plenty of time to visit and spend money at the aloe store. Going to the natural bridge and driving around was delightful. Highly recommend
Reviewer: Frani Rothkin
5 Stars
Excellent tour
January 31, 2020
We really enjoyed our tour on Aruba. We had a great guide and a very comfortable coach. We were first taken to the Vera factory which was very interesting and had some nice products for purchase. We were then taken to the rock formation which was beautiful. We enjoyed climbing to the top and taking lots of pictures. Next we were taken to the rock bridge which unfortunately is no longer there due to a storm in the past. There is however a smaller bridge and the area is very scenic and wild. There were lots of big waves and we got a pastry and drink from the cafe on site. We then visited the church which was very serene. Finally we were taken to the lighthouse and you had the option to walk around or pay to climb the lighthouse. We did the latter and enjoyed the panoramic views. Finally we were taken to a nice beach and people without the beach were returned to the ship. Our guide returned an hour later to collect those that had the beach portion.
Reviewer: Stephen Jones
5 Stars
Good way to explore the area
January 23, 2020
The tour of the area was good and the guide gave us a good overview of Aruba and answered any questions we had. We visited the locations listed (aloe vera farm, rocks. natural bridge, chapel, etc.) and then the guide dropped us off at Arashi Beach to swim or snorkel as stated in the details of the excursion. He had snorkel masks for everyone, but no fins. He told us he'd be back in 1 hr. 10 min. and where to be waiting for him, BUT he did not show up for 1 hr. 50 min. Everyone was at the designated spot on time and we waited in the hot sun for him for about 40 minutes. He said his boss asked him to do a run to the airport while he was gone and it took longer than expected, but did not apologize. This is not a good way to plan an excursion.
Reviewer: Christina Jones
4 Stars
Great Tour Guide and Interesting Sites
January 17, 2020
I had been to Aruba several times, but decided to get outside the resort area with a tour. The tour of the Aloe Factory was very interesting and the other sites gave us more appreciation for the island. We added on the beach stop which was lots of fun. Prompt and polite service.
Reviewer: Simona Handley
5 Stars
Great Tour for learning about Aruba
December 31, 2019
Our tour bus/guide picked us up on time right at the cruise ship. We were in a small group. Our guide was knowledgeable, answering all our questions. Gave us lots of time at each stop to look and explore. It was warm but the bus was air conditioned and our guide/driver had cold water for all of us. I really enjoyed the tour and would recommend to others that want to see Aruba and learn about the island.
Reviewer: Bonnie
5 Stars
Explore Aruba
December 10, 2019
Great tour, but was disappointed that the beach time was only 1 hour. I chose not to stay and continued on the bus back to the ship.
Reviewer: Nancy Abbey
3 Stars
July 11, 2019
This tour really showed us island highlights. The highlight was the aloe vera factory. We were given the history of their aloe industry while we visited the aloe plantation. After the factory tour, we were able to purchase items from the gift shop. The chapel, mountaintop lookout and all the other places were really nice. It was educational, but the tour guide made it fun.
Reviewer: Tina Louise Brotz
4 Stars
May 15, 2019
Tour guide was very funny and informative
Reviewer: ghislaine martin
4 Stars
Aruba Tour
May 13, 2019
The tour was good, interesting and our driver/guide was an informative fellow who kept us intrigued facts and jokes along the way. I enjoyed this tour.
Reviewer: Steve Vetter
4 Stars
Wonderful tourguide and tour!
May 05, 2019
Enjoyed this tour very much. Very informative. Enjoyed the Aloe Factory, The beach was wonderful,look forward to returning to Aruba!
Reviewer: Dianne
5 Stars
Loved it
April 04, 2019
Aruba was beautiful. We got to know so much about Aruba in a very short time. Our guide was amazing. Liked the Aloe factory tour and the rock formation. I only wish they would have taken us to a better beach other than Arashi as this beach had so many small rocks and it was difficult to get into the water. Other than that it was a beautiful experience
Reviewer: Preethi Moraes
4 Stars
Aruba in a day.
March 25, 2019
Interesting coastal tour .We chose to skip the beach part as we wanted to return to the ship watch the carnival which was so colourful and noisy.Loved this place.
Reviewer: Peter handy
4 Stars
Aruba Tour
March 22, 2019
Aruba is different from the other islands. The Ayo Rock Formations is great, the California lighthouse is beautiful. The landscape on the East side of the island is rocky and barren. There are many Cactus plants all over the island. The beach is great and the water is clear and warm.
Reviewer: Ralph Mowat
4 Stars
Explore Aruba tour
March 17, 2019
The tour was well paced and covered a large part of the island ...the air conditioned bus was a new model and was comfortable...the driver was friendly, comical, and narrated the trip well...he accommodated people who wanted to snorkel at the beach while taken others back to port ...you will not be disappointed ...
Reviewer: Valerie Malanchen
5 Stars
Great way to experience Aruba
March 16, 2019
We saw and did so many things on this tour-highlights were climbing to the top of the Casibara Rocks, viewing the Natural Bridge, and eating Dutch waffles. We'd recommend it for sure.
Reviewer: Merrilyn & Steen Laursen
4 Stars
March 10, 2019
Aruba is very scenic place.tour was very informative and had many stops.be careful if your their on a Sunday. Most shops are closed as was the Aloe Vera factory.
Reviewer: Jeff
5 Stars
Nice variety tour
March 04, 2019
The Aloe Vera Factory and Museum was educational and interesting. Sitting comfortably in an A/C bus, we took in the many scenic views and key landmarks of Aruba. It was nice to end the tour with a refreshing swim at Arashi Beach.
Reviewer: Sonali Kimber
5 Stars
Aruba Tour
February 16, 2019
Excellent tour. Very informative with lots of interesting and fun stops. Driver was very knowledgeable and friendly.
Reviewer: Terry Thomas
5 Stars
explore Aruba tour
January 24, 2019
great sightseeing tours, wish we had more times spent on the beach
Reviewer: s chotiwani
4 Stars
January 12, 2019
We had a wonderful time exploring Aruba ... visiting various points of interests with narration along the way. The van was clean and spacious. We were given ample time to see and experience the sites and were never rushed. A nice way to spend a day trip from the cruise ship terminal.
Reviewer: DORY YANG
4 Stars
Enjoyable tour, many sights
November 26, 2018
Got to see many sights on this tour--the natural bridge (that actually collapsed during a previous hurricane), the California lighthouse, the rock formations, interesting aloe vera field and factory tour, and about an hour on the beach.
Reviewer: Phil Adams
5 Stars
Good tour
September 19, 2018
Had a great time and enjoyed the narration provided by our driver Clifford.
Reviewer: Cathy
5 Stars
September 15, 2018
The driver/guide kept our interest and was a skilled driver. It was amazing how he got that big city type bus in tight areas. Warning...be prepared to be sandblasted at the beach! Winds in Aruba are 30+ mph.
Reviewer: Granddad Mike
3 Stars
Great bus
May 29, 2018
This tour covered a lot of diverse things. It is good to get a feel for the area. We were pleased to be in a big bus with air conditioning! We saw many old buses with the windows open and felt for those people. It is very hot there. We enjoyed it.
Reviewer: Dixie McAllister
5 Stars
Explore Aruba Tour
April 16, 2018
This was an excellent tour. Very good tour guide as well saw alot of Aruba. Enjoyed Aloe vera store and all the scenery. The guide was very informative and the beach we went to was very nice and he gave us a good two hours there even though we were a bit behind. I would recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Patricia Bruzzese
5 Stars
Aruba Tour
April 16, 2018
Was wonderful,the bus picked us up write at the gangway the guide was very informative,very polite,trop us of at the beach and picked us up on time.
Reviewer: Elsbeth Abadi
5 Stars
Explore Aruba Tour
April 09, 2018
Visited several sites on the island. Our guide was friendly , proud and interested in giving information about the Home island.
Reviewer: Erin Apostol
5 Stars
April 02, 2018
We had been to Aruba twice before but never took any of the tours. We enjoyed learning more about the area and the guide was fantastic
Reviewer: Judith Kiger
5 Stars
Had conflicts with Carnival celebration
March 21, 2018
Pro: Interesting island. Enjoyed the Ayo rock formations and the natural bridge stop. Arashi beach was clean and a bit crowded, probably due to families celebrating Carnival. Cons: The guide did not know that the aloe factory would be closed as were the restrooms at the beach - all because of Carnival. We were unable to get reliable information from our guide or our ship as to what was opened or closed during our visit. Would recommend this tour at another date.
Reviewer: Marybeth Nelson
4 Stars
Great Excursion
March 08, 2018
We were lucky to be in a group of only 9. The sights were great. Our guide took us to places that were not even listed in the excursion information. Beach time was great. Only wish we had been able to get there early enough to rent an umbrella! Overall well worth the money
Reviewer: Susan Hurley
5 Stars
Seeing Aruba
February 16, 2018
Nice overall view of the island on an air conditioned bus. Great driver who even had cold, bottled water for us.
Reviewer: Sarah Shoulders
4 Stars
February 15, 2018
Our group was all agreeing that the tour was excellent
Reviewer: Nicole Girard
5 Stars
Loved Aruba
January 08, 2018
Gary was wonderful. So personable and easy going with great insight on Aruba. The cold water was very much appreciated on the warm day. Enjoyed the Natural Bridge, Aloe Factory, light house and most of all the BEAUTIFUL beach. Although the waves were strong we just enjoyed the view. Would highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Cindy Young
5 Stars
Excellent tour!
January 08, 2018
I really enjoy it, and the beaches very crystal clear
Reviewer: Cynthia
5 Stars
Very enlightening!
December 24, 2017
Our guide was well informed and pleasant. Who knew that Aruba wasn't all beaches! Good to see both some of the interior of the island as well as the North coast.
Reviewer: Mimi Lazar
4 Stars
Great island tour!
September 05, 2017
We visited Aruba a few years ago and hesitated to tour again, but were so glad we did this one! The only thing we would have changed is the time allotted for the beach. After touring, there was only 1 hour left for beach time...just not enough to even bother to get wet....gorgeous beach! Love Aruba!
Reviewer: Lisa
4 Stars
Aruba tour
May 01, 2017
Great exposure to Aruba
Reviewer: George colbourne
4 Stars
Explore Aruba Tour well worth it!
April 22, 2017
This tour was a very informative overview of Aruba. Our guide, Clifford, was outstanding. We went to all of the points of interest promised and had enough time to spend one hour at the beach. Make sure to wear your bathing suit under comfortable clothe and to wear water shoes since the beach is rocky.
Reviewer: Jen21
5 Stars
Aruba country and beach
February 21, 2017
Reviewer: Ann Davis
5 Stars
Aruba Bus Tour
January 24, 2017
We had not been to Aruba for more than 15 years, and it was nice to re-visit the island with this bus tour. The tour took us to the Aloe factory, which was very interesting. The rest of the island is relatively barren, but the 7 mile beaches area is very nicely populated with excellent hotels, shops, and restaurants. The roads really need some maintenance, though.
Reviewer: Peter J Rojas
4 Stars
We covered a lot of ground
January 20, 2017
I really enjoyed this tour of this fascinating island. We seemed to have driven around most of the island and it was amazing how much the landscape changed throughout the tour. The only drawback was having one person doing the driving and conducting the tour. From a safety perspective I would rather have 2 people so that the driver doesn't need to be distracted. The driver however was very informative explaining history and current living conditions on the island. I'm glad I chose the beach stay at the end of the tour. It was only an hour but I really appreciated being able to enjoy time at such a beautiful beach. It definitely makes me want to return to Aruba for a longer stay.
Reviewer: Dawn Manning
4 Stars
Excellent tour
January 19, 2017
Had a great time on this tour. Our tour guide and driver, Clifford, was quite entertaining and informative.
Reviewer: bibi
5 Stars
Great Tour
January 18, 2017
We enjoyed this tour but did not go swimming as we had planned. the tour guide allowed people to choose to go swimming or go back to the ship. He would collect the swimmers later on. as we wanted to shop we chose to go back to the ship. We would have appreciated less time in some places that we stopped and more time for all passengers to go to the beach so that we arrived back at the ship with time to do some shopping.
Reviewer: Susan Anderson
4 Stars
Bus Tour of Aruba
January 07, 2017
Good Tour. Rained really hard the day we were in Aruba. Many excursions cancelled but ours was not. Bus driver very good at showing sights and giving history of the island. Didn't get to do the Aloe Vera factory as the folks to meet us there were not able to get in due to weather but was still glad we got to do the tour.
Reviewer: Larry R Shaw
4 Stars
see a lot on this tour
December 22, 2016
The tour guild was very detailed and pointed out thing you would miss if you went on your own.
Reviewer: Dianna Degrave
4 Stars
excellent of tour of Aruba
December 18, 2016
Our Guide Cifford was fabulous. He was very entertaining and we covered a lot of ground. Loved the fact he loves his amazing island and showed us the main landmarks but other things that you would never find on your own. Loved the house with the cactus fencing.....wild.
Reviewer: Marsha nager
5 Stars
Expire Aruba
December 14, 2016
This was a great excursion! The tour guide was knowledgeable and entertaining. This is a great way to see the Islandand visit the high lights which included the man made bridge, the lighthouse, the rock formation, and a stop at the Aloe Vera plant. We did the early tour and spent the rest of the day at the beach. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Vannea
5 Stars
Great Tour guide
August 27, 2016
Our tour guide was excellent, very friendly and with great knowledge. One think I really noticed is that he cares much about the safety of the tourists under his wings. I'll look forward for the same guide again in the future
Reviewer: Jose Amado
5 Stars
Very good
August 05, 2016
This excursion allowed us to see a lot in Aruba. The aloe vera museum/factory tour was boring. The lighthouse, church, natural bridge and dessert tours were good. We paid extra to stay an hour at the beach, it was beautiful. Also the tour guide was good and the bus was very new and had A/C.
Reviewer: Marc
5 Stars
Aruba bus tour
July 14, 2016
the tour guide was great. Knowledgeable and friendly. small intimate group without a big crowd. Great value Great experience Highly recommended
Reviewer: R. Bligen
5 Stars
I would do this excursion again.
May 07, 2016
Guide was exceptional and well organized. Gave us great information and we had plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful beach at the end and even snorkeled.
Reviewer: self cruise planner
5 Stars
Aruba-Cactus island
May 02, 2016
Great scenic of Aruba and driver very good tour operator.
Reviewer: SailGG
4 Stars
Explored most of the island with a Very knowledgea
April 19, 2016
Really liked visiting all the cultural attractions with the opportunity to get off the bus and explore or not! Our guide was very knowledgeable and the quality PA system on the bus made it very easy to hear! Having the beach time after the tour was a great ending!
Reviewer: Love to explore
5 Stars
explore aruba
April 16, 2016
well organized
Reviewer: dwit
5 Stars
Aruba Highlights
April 11, 2016
The guide was very informative and personable. He really knew the history of the island and his commentary included personal anecdotes that helped us understand the culture of the people. He was very accommodating to us, most of us decided that we did not want to go to the beach at the end of the day, while 3 people decided to ""stay with the program"". He took us back to the ship, and went back to pick up those who went to the beach.
Reviewer: Barb and Jon
5 Stars
Good overall view of the area.
April 10, 2016
Guide had very good information and delivered it well.
Reviewer: Jan
5 Stars
February 26, 2016
Reviewer: Ed
5 Stars
Aruba tour and snorkel trip
February 18, 2016
Everything was great. The guide. The tour. It was t the guides fault. It was a new excursion for him. He forgot to give us the snorkel gear. But we did get to go swimming and he picked us up n time to return to our ship
Reviewer: Carol ann
5 Stars
Aruba land tour
February 14, 2016
The tour went very smoothly. We were met on time and well organized. Our guide, Clifford, was personable and well spoken and kept things fun. It was a very good overview of Aruba but we could do without the factory tour/shopping stop and focus more on actual Aruba.
Reviewer: Rick
4 Stars
Interesting tour
February 14, 2016
Island was very dry and lighthouse was being refurbished so had scaffolding all the way up and although guide pointed out many cool sites - he only stopped for a few - so not many pics or time to explore - just rode around.
Reviewer: Missionary Gma
4 Stars
Sunny and welcoming Aruba
February 11, 2016
I enjoy the tour on the January 13, 2016. The reason that I didn't give five stars to it could be viewed more as a recomendation to the company that planned it. Our ship was in the port of Oranjestad from 8 am to 7:45 pm. The natural landmarks and attractions of Aruba were shown to us for 4 hours and 30 minutes. My personal preferrence always is to utilize my time to a greater extend (e.g. probably there could be another tour which could include also a little more time, dedicated to Ayo rock formations with photo op; Ostrich or Butterfly farm; short intruduction to the relics Fort Zoutman, Willem III Tour; or even more time at the beach).
Reviewer: EC
4 Stars
Fun was had by all
February 09, 2016
I really enjoyed the tour of Aruba and was glad to see what we did. I learned a lot of the history and found the tour guide to be entertaining.
Reviewer: JT
5 Stars
Very, informative scenic tour
January 08, 2016
This was a very informative tour of the island, got to see various ways of life and much of the scenery.
Reviewer: cableb08
5 Stars
I would take this excursion again.
December 25, 2015
Good variety of places, good transportation and good guide.
Reviewer: Can't remember.
5 Stars
Excellent tour guide and nice variety of activity
December 25, 2015
My sister and I had a delightful trip.
Reviewer: Carol Ann
5 Stars
Aruba, was not what I imagined, Lot of cactus!!
December 25, 2015
Aruba was surprisingly different, dry arid, not what you would expect for an island.
Reviewer: Jack
4 Stars
Decent excursion
December 22, 2015
The Explore Aruba tour was a fun excursion. We met our guide and was driven to the Aloe Vera factory. Once we got to the Aloe Vera factory, we were given a nice tour of how the aloe is extracted from the plant and of course ended up in the gift shop at the end. We then boarded our bus and toured the Casibari Rock Formations (was crowded but great for pictures) and the Natural Bridge/Baby Bridge (neat, more great pictures). We then went to the chapel and the California Light House. The light house was pretty neat as we could see quite a bit of the island from there. Lastly we went to Arashi Beach. This was absolutely beautiful, however, we only had a half an hour at the beach which wasn't enough. There were no facilities/bathrooms open at the beach so some of us were anxious to get back. All in all, this was a decent tour but not outstanding. We really wished we could have spent a little more time at the beach. A warning from the guides that there were no restrooms at Arashi Beach would have been nice too. Other than that, this was enjoyable. Our guide was knowledgeable and very good.
Reviewer: Chilly
4 Stars
overlook to the island
December 18, 2015
good guide , on time for different activitis , good information from the guide
Reviewer: hassan
4 Stars
Excellent tour! The guide was awsome!!!
December 12, 2015
I would certainly take another tour with this company. Had so much fun and lots of information about Aruba.
Reviewer: Lou
4 Stars
Good tour of Island
April 29, 2015
Reviewer: Helen K
5 Stars
""Enjoyed it""
March 26, 2015
The Guide was very knowledgeable. The scenery was beautiful. Great way to see Aruba in a short period of time. Bus was comfortable. Would recommend it
Reviewer: Nan A
4 Stars
Great to see Aruba!
March 13, 2015
Had been to Aruba before, but only to the beach. This was a great way to see a bit of the ""other stuff"" before being dropped off at a beach, which is what Aruba is all about, after all!
Reviewer: Barb
5 Stars
Great tour of Aruba
March 02, 2015
Campbell was great! The tour was very well organized. We saw a lot of interesting things and made a number of stops for photos or to explore. The hour long beach stop at the end was just the right amount of time for a brief dip in the ocean and to soak in some rays.
Reviewer: Cruisers
5 Stars
Nice Aruba Tour
February 16, 2015
We did the Explore Aruba Tour.We really liked our guide/driver. We enjoyed all of our stops. We were fascinated by how dry it was and all that cactus! We really liked the Aloe Vera factory, Casibari Rock Formation and the Natural Bridge. Even though the bridge has fallen the area is very beautiful & rugged The California Lighthouse stop ended up being mostly a place to change for the beach; as we didn't know there were no facilities at Arashi. The beach at Arashi was nice too The only thing we didn't like was wasting time at the beginning picking up other clients from different hotels.
Reviewer: M
4 Stars
our Aruba tour
January 16, 2015
We had never been to Aruba so this was a good opportunity to see the island. We enjoyed our tour. The guide was informative but constantly talked about tipping him and the driver.
Reviewer: Jack & Carol
4 Stars
A Great Way to See this Beautiful Island
December 28, 2014
We have participated in several other Shore Excursion trips on other Caribbean Islands. They have been consistently well run and very interesting.
Reviewer: Ellen and Scott Travel Team
4 Stars
Great way to see Aruba
October 10, 2014
Best way to see island
Reviewer: Capt. Ron
5 Stars
Incomparable experience!
May 22, 2014
Our bus driver/guide, Campbell, was incredible!! The deluxe, air-conditioned bus was a plus! Campbell was extremely knowledgeable, polite, patient, safe, and obviously experienced! Highly recommend using this service!!
Reviewer: Lizzie
5 Stars
Great Day on Aruba
May 08, 2014
Our trip was an island tour of Aruba. Both the bus and the driver/guide were excellent. We saw all of the beautiful island and its landmarks and were taken to a lovely beach for swimming/snorkelling to finish the day. The driver said he would come back in an hour and true to his word, he did. It was a nice relaxing end to a great day and snorkeling equipment was given free. I would recommend this tour. A free drink was also given at one of the stops to help us cool down in the 85 degree heat. Lovely weather, lovely island.
Reviewer: Archie
5 Stars
Explore Aruba
March 04, 2014
Would like more time at the beaches.
Reviewer: Lou
5 Stars
Fun trip
March 07, 2013
Couldn't ask for more
Reviewer: Al and Barb
5 Stars
Great tour of Aruba's highlights
March 06, 2013
This excursion was a good way to see Aruba's highlights. I loved climbing the rock formation and seeing the natural bridge area and countryside. The aloe vera factory was interesting and informative. The tour guide for this excursion was friendly and knowledgeable. The beach was nice and not too crowded, and my husband had enough time to do some snorkeling there. I like that the tour didn't take up all the time we were in port, so we still had the chance to shop in the downtown area near the ship later in the day.
Reviewer: Pat
4 Stars
amazing tour
December 20, 2012
Great tour I highly recomend it for the price!
Reviewer: SusieCruisey
5 Stars
Great Time!
April 05, 2012
Had a terrific experience! Great tour around the island. Lots of time to appreciate everything that was promised. Never felt rushed.
Reviewer: Globetrotter
5 Stars
An enjoyable tour of the island
March 07, 2012
We enjoyed this tour that showed us many aspects of the island, which is very clean and colorful. The guide was very informative and told us a lot about the history of Aruba. We enjoyed all the the stops, including the Aloe factory where we were able to purchase their pure Aloe products. My DH liked the beach where there is an old structure that was once used to store gold. He followed a tradition of using the stones there to make an icon for love, wealth, and the health to enjoy both! Note: Aruba can be very windy!
Reviewer: ssheldo
4 Stars