Two Tank Certified Scuba Dive

Dive Trip
March 14, 2023
The Scuba Diving Adventure was excellent value for the money. We completed 2 dives in the same relative area. The Reef was not the best but there were lots of Fish, Turtles, eels, etc., and the crew running the dive were very organized, friendly and very competent. I would definitely dive with them again.
Reviewer: Craig Richardson
4 Stars
Two tank dive
February 25, 2020
Great company very professional. We had a smaller group which added to the fun. Equipment was laid out, guides knowledgeable and friendly. I would definitely use them again.
Reviewer: Mark Petersen
5 Stars
We saw a sucken plane!
November 10, 2019
We saw a sunken plan in our dive and were able to swim inside and see the cockpit. That was a cool surprise.
Reviewer: George Foltak
5 Stars
Dive in Aruba
February 03, 2017
On January 11,2017 I was on cruise ship that stopped in Aruba for the day. I had made arrangements to dive with "S.E. Aruba Fly'N Dive N.V. A representative picked me up at the cruise terminal and gave me transport to their dive shop. I was given my needed gear.The dive shop to the dive boat is a short walk across the beach area. All of the personnel were extremely friendly and helpful. Second time that I dove with that company. The dive boat was very clean. The boat captain and dive guide were very helpful and friendly. The first dive was to the wreck of the "Jane C' which sits at 82 feet. The second dive was at a spot called "Sponge Reef", maximum depth 62 feet. Both dives were wonderful. After the dive a representative escorted me back to my ship. I need to say that I was treated not only as a customer but as a friend. I am trying to make plans to stop in Aruba again within the next 12 months and I am hoping to be able to dive with that company again at that time.
Reviewer: LeRoy J. Reeve
5 Stars
The whole experience was wonderful. I look forwar
February 19, 2016
Wonderful dive adventure. Very friendly and helpful company people. I very much look forward to go diving again with the same company.
Reviewer: Lee
5 Stars
a well organized dive
January 21, 2015
The dives were exciting and run by a professional organization. Also Shore Excursions took the worry and risk away. I would us them again.
Reviewer: wilson
5 Stars