Damajagua Falls

Absolutely stunning! Great guides and photographer
January 05, 2024
We are SO glad we took this excursion. We had a very small group of only 8 in a very comfortable van and bottled water was supplied. Our guide was amazing! He explained all about the areas we went by and was with us the entire time. Our driver stayed with the van, so we could leave everything inside until we were done and needed towels or dry clothing or money. They fitted us with vests and helmets and we hired a private photographer who took amazing photos for us. The hike was great. They let us rest a couple of times, but it was not bad at all. When we got to the falls they made sure we were buckled in and had our helmets on. And then we jumped. At that point a few groups were together, but still not a lot of people, and the 8 of us pretty much were together the entire time. Then we slid down rock slides and jumped again and slid some more and just had the best time in the canyon. So gorgeous! Perfect way to visit Puerto Plata. This company is awesome and professional.
Reviewer: Robin Drew
5 Stars
Great times
December 21, 2023
What an experience, seeing a little bit of the country side, learning a bit about the country from our guide. But the whole waterfall experience was exceptional, mind you it’s quite a hike, so be in pretty good shape. Fun fun fun.
Reviewer: M. Shortt
5 Stars
Had a blast
November 22, 2023
We had an amazing time it was a little bit of a hike but at 63 years old and a little overweight had no trouble with this excursion we took breaks on the way up My daughter lost her Apple Watch on the first jump our guide went down and retrieved it They gave us walking directions from port which were spot on One of our guides was Tony all three were amazing We had a small group which was great highly recommend these guys also we were allowed to make the jumps where Carnival would not allow it Amazing company will definitely use again
Reviewer: Danny Wildes
5 Stars
Once In A Lifetime Experience
November 10, 2023
If you long for adventure and want an intimate excursion, different from the large excursions offered by your cruise line, then this is for you. From the moment you're picked up your adventure begins. A comfortable air conditioned transport and Winston provided a narration about the Dominican Republic and his region the entire drive. Once you arrive, two more guides meet you to take the group up the mountain to the first waterfall. I'm not going to lie, the hike is real. It was high 90 in mid October. But the guides provided water and encouragement on your journey. Once on top you could jump into the cool refreshing water. After that it is a series of exhilerating waterfalls. Something you'll never forget. Wear good close toe shoes and enjoy your adventure. This tour group was exceptional on a scale of 1 - 10 I'd give them 11.
Reviewer: Diana
5 Stars
Absolutely Amazing
November 07, 2023
This was the best excursion we have been on and we have been on many. They take you on a 30 minute drive to the waterfalls and give you some history about the Island and the waterfalls. The walk to the first waterfall/jump is about 45 minutes but you get plenty of breaks and they provide you with water. Also another great feature is that for 45$ you can hire someone to follow you the whole time getting great pictures of the family, waterfalls and slides. It's well worth the 45$ and ended up with 177 videos and pictures.They never make you feel rushed which makes it very enjoyable. When you are done and they drive you back they provide rum punch which is amazing and have everyone playing instruments from the island. They even stopped at a fresh fruit stand and got us bananas straight of the vine. Tony was the main tour guide and he was wonderful also. My family would go back just because he made the experience so great. The staff was great!
Reviewer: Justin Weliver
5 Stars
A Must Experience Adventure
August 26, 2023
Incredible experience! Highly recommend booking through Shore Excursions Group instead of your cruise line if you want to jump off the platforms. Cruise lines don't let you jump into the waterfalls. You have to take the ladder if there is not a slide option. There are 20+ waterfalls, but we were only able to do the last 7 because of the lack of rainfall. Still completely worth it! It is an uphill hike to get to the waterfalls. It takes about 45 minutes (that includes rest breaks) and is a bit of a cardio workout. Tony, our guide, was fabulous!! So was our driver (Joseph?). Tony is so experienced he was spot on when he told us the amount of time that it would take to hike to the falls and the timing of the overall experience. He took excellent care of the group and ensured it was a safe experience. It was such a fun and unique experience! Don't miss out!
Reviewer: Angela Price
5 Stars
So worth the hike!!!
July 03, 2023
This has got to be one of the best excursions I have ever taken! The hike to the falls was a bit strenuous but once we got to the falls we were so happy we persevered. The rock slides were fun but the jumps-wow! I am 71 years old and I loved every minute of it. We were so hot on the way up, we didn't care how cold the water would be. It was exhilarating. You will not be disappointed!
Reviewer: Dianne Trowbridge
5 Stars
So worth the hike!!!
June 11, 2023
Absolutely loved this excursion! The hike was a bit strenuous but what you got to experience at the end was amazing. We were so hot when we got to the falls that we didn't even care how cold the water would be. The slides were cool but the jumps into the pools was exhilarating to say the least. This is an excursion you should not miss!!!
Reviewer: Dee T
5 Stars
Great adventure
May 15, 2023
This was the adventure I bragged about completing to my children and grand children. As a 71 year old grandmother, I had some concerns about jumping 17 feet down into the water. But it was a hoot. Scary, and exhilarating. Wearing a helmet and a life jacket I held my nose and took the step. Some in the group decided to take the stairs, that’s offered too. Our guide ,Alex, had provided us with water, very much appreciated on the 200 metre climb up the hill. Some others were not provided water, and having been told we could take nothing with us, were very much in need. I think this excursion works better when there are fewer people. Our waiting time to jump into the pools was not long. But I have read other reviews where there were lines of over a hundred waiting. And number of participants is a factor only the organizers can control.
Reviewer: Elaine Petrosky
5 Stars
Once in a lifetime experience!
April 06, 2023
We decided to book this excursion separately from our cruise line because we’d read that the cruise line excursion doesn’t allow the big jumps that we experienced with Shore Excursions. So glad we booked this! We could see the cruise tours walking to a lower ledge and jumping almost at the same level as the water. The transportation was comfortable, the guides were great, and the jumps and slides were exhilarating! We paid for a photographer to take pics of us and he also took video of us jumping. Worth every penny! There’s a long hike in the beginning but that’s also enjoyable. We had no issues at all with this excursion so I would recommend in a heartbeat. Keep in mind that it was pouring rain the whole day and we still loved it!
Reviewer: Vandana
5 Stars
Best Tour of Cruise
March 26, 2023
We were nervous at first, taking an excursion not run by the cruise line. However, this was the best tour of our entire cruise and we will definitely use this company again. Xander, our guide, and james, our driver, we're awesome! Xander was with us every step of the way making sure that we had the best tour. We jumped from the waterfalls that the cruise riders could not, we even did some of them twice because he kept us at the front of the line, we learned so many things about the Dominican Republic, we stopped on the way back and got local organic bananas, and of course sampled some punch. I would highly recommend this tour! We were also nervous about jumping but we are so glad that we did this. It was amazing! Our local guides Juan and Anthony were also fantastic and so funny!
Reviewer: Heather
5 Stars
Amazing excursion
March 22, 2023
Our family group of four had an Amazing time on this excursion. The hike up to the falls was a little challenging but the jumps and slides made it well worth it all. The crew that got us there were very nice and helpful. Zander was GREAT!!! A great asset to your company for sure. The only thing we wish we would have done is buy the picture packet at the park, for we have no pictures of the great time we had. Next time😊
Reviewer: Kim and Steve
5 Stars
Falls tour
March 11, 2023
It was a great time! The hike wasn’t as long as I thought it would be. It was very beautiful and the jumps and slides were a lot of fun!!
Reviewer: Keri dahnert
5 Stars
Best tour guides
February 08, 2023
This is an adventure not to be missed. The area is beautiful and the hike and sliding/ swimming through the waterfall is thrilling. It can be a bit intimidating but Luis and the other guides were so encouraging, patient and kind, we couldn’t have asked for anyone better to take us through it. You might be able to take the same excursion with another company but you will not find better people to take you. Highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Roberta Livesay
5 Stars
Damajaui falls
January 04, 2023
Great sites and guides.
Reviewer: Hector
5 Stars
Falls Adventure Hike
December 28, 2022
Even though this excursion was very physical in nature. ALEX and staff were exceptional with customer service and guiding us with physical help along the hike up the trails and through the forest. They helped all of us stay safe and were very accommodating. Hats off to Rosie and Alex the Great
Reviewer: David M
5 Stars
Great Experience
October 05, 2022
Cruise Tip: If you book the similar tour through Carnival (and maybe other cruise lines) they will not let you jump. This was a fantastic tour. The hiking wasn't easy but my wife and I are in our mid-50s and had no problems. There were a few out of shape people that did struggle. Only negative was that it was very crowded. We got a little unlucky that the Mardi Gras (about 6000 passengers) was in port with our ship so we had a lot of waiting time to start the tour and then during the tour. But we would absolutely recommend this tour!!
Reviewer: Eric Schumacher
5 Stars
Great Excursion
August 25, 2022
Awesome excursion! Fun time, great guide. The slides were a riot.
Reviewer: Bob VandenBerg
5 Stars
Excellent adventure!
March 01, 2022
Absolutely loved visiting Damajagua Falls. It was absolutely beautiful and such an adventure. Can’t wait to go again!
Reviewer: Ashley Godwin
5 Stars
Great from start to finish
January 29, 2022
There won't be enough room to describe how awesome this was. Finding the tour operator was exactly as described. They were ready for us with a cold water. We waited for another small group. 5 of us in all. The guide gave a great history lesson on the way there. The falls were exhilirating and we felt safe, the guide gave us water for the hike. We hired a local kid to take our photos which turned out mostly good. It's a beautiful hike but you need to be steady on uneven ground and ok with a lot of stairs. He had rum punch when we got back to the van where the driver stayed and watched our things. They stopped and bought us local bananas and we purchased local honey that is divine. I cannot recommend this tour enough! It was nice to not be on a giant tour bus with 100 people. These guides are top notch.
Reviewer: Kari Feaster
5 Stars
Great Tour Guide
November 23, 2021
Winston was our guide and he was wonderful, full of information about DR and stayed with us the entire time (including the hike up the falls). It was a hike, not for the physically challenged! Unfortunately the water level was low so we never saw the falls like shown in the picture but we still had a great time. I would not recommend this tour if you are afraid of heights.
Reviewer: Adriana Phillips
4 Stars
March 25, 2020
This was a really great experience from start to finish! Francisco and the guys were phenomenal. The walk up is pretty steep with lots of stairs, but they do take breaks and are patient with anyone who needs more time. Make sure you are wearing good shoes, it is rocky. It had rained the day before, so the mud along the trail made things in the water even more slick. The guides held our hands and told us where the safest places to walk were. We hired the private photographer and it was totally worth the $50. Take smaller bills to give cash tips because they will not break a larger bill and you will want to tip all the helpers. We heard that the excursion booked through the ship had been cancelled due to the group being too small, so we were so glad we got to this experience despite a small group of only 7. The views are stunning and it was by far the best excursion I have ever done!
Reviewer: Terri Sinnett
5 Stars
Better value than the ships
March 09, 2020
My wife and I did this excursion while visiting Amber Cove via cruise ship. We had the amazing Winston as our guide. After a 15 minute walk to meet the tour company, it was a blast! A bit slow paced for us as we had to stop a few times to wait for others to catch up but an absolute blast. We did almost twice as many jumps/slides as the other tours along with the group being about 25% of the group size. Dedinaltly recomend, they treat you as family. They made fresh,local rum punch at home for us that day and even stopped on the way back and bought us all local fruit to eat.
Reviewer: Andrew Slinkman
5 Stars
We had a blast!!
March 03, 2020
This was a super fun day in Dominican Republic! After a decent hike to the top of the waterfalls, we got to jump and slide down through the natural pools and slides. The jumps are not for the faint of heart - first one is about 30 feet...but extremely fun and quite a rush!! We had an amazing time! They tell you not to take cameras with you, but our guide was happy to take photos of us doing the jumps/slides along the way - I can see how they don't want the liability, but if you just keep it under your control, they are happy to photo for you!! So much fun -- we want to go back!
Reviewer: Janel Tingey
5 Stars
Damajagua falls
February 26, 2020
I was a little skeptical at first, being the bus for the tour was off property, about a 10 minute walk beyond other tours. But once on the bus and the tour began all was excellent. A lot of local info along the way, excellent guides throughout the tour and just an over all excellent experience. Definitely worth the time and cost of the tour.
Reviewer: Jim Ritchie
5 Stars
Damajagua Falls
February 15, 2020
Thrilling, best excursion of our trip
Reviewer: Joseph Przeslawski
5 Stars
Tour Review
January 30, 2020
Great tour. Very well run and fun!
Reviewer: Brian
5 Stars
waterfall jumps
January 22, 2020
Wonderful trip. Lots of fun, and the guides are fantastic, and very patient for some of the high jumps.
Reviewer: Laura Reeve
5 Stars
Falling for fun
January 20, 2020
Had a great time with Winston and crew, jumping off and sliding down the falls.
Reviewer: Mark Danielson
5 Stars
January 14, 2020
This was one of my favorite excursions of all time. The falls are so beautiful, and my family loved the rush of jumping off and sliding down. I highly recommend it, but make sure you are physically fit. The hike up is definitely taxing.
Reviewer: Laura z Martin
5 Stars
Best excursion ever
January 08, 2020
This excursion was perfect for our family. We have 3 teenagers so finding something with a moderate activity level and challenge is hard. We all loved this excursion and our guide was amazing!! Highly recommend hiring the photographer to go with you. He got great pics and videos that we will cherish forever!
Reviewer: Whitney Pimentel
5 Stars
Best day of my life
January 02, 2020
This excursion was literally the best day of my life! First the people who run the excursion are absolutely amazing! They were so nice and on the way to the falls they told us about the history of the island and what is currently going on. When we got to the falls they were there the whole time making sure you were good to go. After a little hike we got to the jumps, it was AMAZING!!! you didn’t have to jump if you didn’t want to, they had ladders you could use. They also had slides you go down as well. It was beautiful and a dream come true! The hike was a little rough. But they give you water and anyone can make it! So don’t let that scare you away!
Reviewer: Shannon Robinson
5 Stars
Amazing time!
December 15, 2019
This was the favorite excursion of our trip! We were a little reluctant (about jumping) but SO GLAD we did it!! The guides were fantastic and made sure everyone was safe. The ride back to the trip included rum punch and snacks. We would definitely do this excursion on a return trip to the DR. Thank you Sergio, Rosie, Henri, Berny, and Tito : )
Reviewer: Michelle W
5 Stars
Really fun.
November 21, 2019
We took a scenic bus ride to the falls. The guide spoke about the history of the island and about baseball! We really enjoyed the trip. The falls are definitely for the adventurous and you need to be in halfway decent shape to get there, but this was such a fun time, we would do it again. The company and the park guys were all really fun and made the day enjoyable.
Reviewer: Tammy Patel
5 Stars
Top Notch!
October 29, 2019
Just do it! My husband was fearful of heights, but that didn't stop him from fully participating. He feels like he conquered a fear that day! The groups are small and the guides are knowledgeable, patient and willing to make the experience perfect for each person. Our guides Milton, Pedro, Henry, and Perfecto were awesome! Don't bring anything with you. Ask about the option of hiring a personal photographer who goes with you on the tour. We did and he took all our pictures and videos for a very reasonable price. It allowed us to enjoy the experience and takes very good shots! The only thing I left a bit disappointed about was that the description says you'll experience 12 natural waterslides by jumping and sliding. We jumped twice and slid down 2 natural waterslides. So I don't know where 12 comes from, but I was expecting more and then suddenly told it was over.
Reviewer: Lauralee Hartzog
4 Stars
damajaua falls
October 27, 2019
Fantastic tour, the guide made it fun and we had a great time.
Reviewer: Julie Brockman
5 Stars
October 17, 2019
I went on a cruise to Amber Cove and booked this excursion and SO glad I did. It was maybe a 10-15 min walk to the meeting point were we met our guide (maps/instructions were well written and very easy to find). Our guide was Francisco and he was was so pleasant, the bus ride was not long he gave us much info about the country and culture. The walk/hike to to top of the waterfalls to jump is steep but you are given a couple of break points to rest with your guide, enjoy the scenery, and catch your breath. WOW was the walk worth it after the 1st jump we were hooked and we wanted more. A few more slides with a drop at the end of it, one last jump, then some free time swimming in a sweet pool at the end. This was hands down one of the best tours we have EVER been on. My mother age 58 was a little scared at the beginning but Francisco was so patient and helped her feel comfortable. I hope this review encourages more visitors to TAKE A LEAP and book this excursion!!!
Reviewer: Alexia Trenhaile
5 Stars
Fantastic Excursion
September 30, 2019
This excursion was absolutely amazing! At first, it seems confusing to find the excursion team, but if you follow the directions provided you will have no problem. The excursion group is small, which is a major bonus and all the guides were wonderful. You take a short ride to the park and the guides help you every step of the way. The hike up the mountain is strenuous, so consider your physical capabilities when choosing this excursion. Once you make it to the top waterfall though and being the jumping and sliding, the experience was perfect! This was by far my favorite excursion from our trip and was worth every penny! I would completely do this adventure again and I highly recommend it!
Reviewer: Liz W.
5 Stars
Great adventure!!
September 09, 2019
If you're contemplating doing this, DO IT! It is 100% worth the beautiful views. The hike is difficult though, but they make breaks and provide water halfway through. Best shore excursion I've done!
Reviewer: Caitlyn
5 Stars
One of the Best Excursions i've ever done!
September 06, 2019
This was a great excursion (though we were a little wary about having to meet the tour leader outside of the Port). I've been on numerous cruises and various excursions and this was one of the top 3. The guides were great, spoken excellent English, and the falls were amazing!!!
Reviewer: Shane Piper
5 Stars
Challenging and Fun!!
September 05, 2019
We really enjoyed this excursion!! We can only sit on the beach for so long. We were looking for something challenging and this was perfect. The hike up is definitely a good hike, but so worth it to go down the falls. They give you several breaks and go at your pace though. The guides from the excursion are great and you have a guide or two from the national park that go with you. There were around 10 people on our bus on the way over and we were one of the first buses to arrive at the park. They ask you at the beginning if you are interested in pictures. We were the only one in our group that got them. We paid $45 and we had a personal photographer that followed us the entire time. At the end we had over 100 pictures and videos on a usb. I wished I could hire him for our entire trip!! So worth it. It was nice to be the first groups up for the day. As we were leaving there were so many other groups just starting. We got back to port with several hours to shop and hang out!
Reviewer: Stacy Mikolajczyk
5 Stars
Natural beauty
August 16, 2019
The excursion was amazing, our tour guide and driver were very knowledgeable and caring of everyone. The falls are a hidden gem, beauty at its best. If you are coming to Amber Cove you must visit Damajagua falls!
Reviewer: Danelys Perez
5 Stars
August 15, 2019
6 perience over all was great I love the falls and love the ride there is only one as you in the beginning and that was not necessarily which group to go with but other than that on the hike phenomena and the instructions were keen a loved both of our instructors . I would definitely wanna do the falls again.
Reviewer: Rachel Harden
4 Stars
So much fun
July 31, 2019
Winston and his crew are the best! They made sure everyone was together and having a great time. The hike wasnt bad at all. We would take group breaks to catch our breath. Looking at all of the fruit trees was amazing. The best part is from the get go, huge plunge into the fresh water. We loved every minute of it and wish we could have done all 27. Best excursion ever!
Reviewer: Jamie
5 Stars
Excellent excursion
July 22, 2019
I was very happy with the booking process as well as the whole excursion. The hike up is a bit strenuous, but that all fade-away when you get to the first jump. The whole family had a wonderful time and would do it again tomorrow. The staff was very friendly and helpful the entire time and was a pleasure to talk to!
Reviewer: Lee Wood
5 Stars
July 15, 2019
It was so much fun. I’m 65 years old and healthy and I did the climb up and the falls were awesome. The water was beautiful. Would do it again
Reviewer: Linda
5 Stars
Best staff ever
July 14, 2019
My husband and I have done several excursions throughout our years cruising and I have to say the staff on the Damajagua Falls have to be one of the best. They were phenomenal! Very attentive, informative and we felt safe at all times. Would definitely use them again and would recommend them. Thank you for a great time.
Reviewer: Maritza Rivera
5 Stars
Falls excursion
June 20, 2019
We had an awesome time. Jules responses to our e mail were always in a timely manner. Winston our guide was awesome. The bus was air conditioned. The falls were a blast!!! Would do again in a heartbeat!! There were 27 in our group and we had no problems at all!!
Reviewer: Sherri thomas
5 Stars
Falls excursion
June 20, 2019
We had an awesome time. Jules always responded to our e mails in a timely manner. Winston our guide was awesome. He stayed with us entire time. The bus ride to the falls was great there and back. The falls were awesome and so much fun. Would do again in a heartbeat!!!
Reviewer: Sherri thomas
5 Stars
Best Excursion Ever
June 20, 2019
We had a large group of 27. They had an A/C bus waiting for us. The bus ride took about 40 minutes. We were able to leave all our belongings on the bus. Winston was our guide and he was awesome. The hike wasn't as bad as I thought based on what others had reviewed. A couple of people in our group did struggle and were slower with the climb but Winston stayed with them the whole time. After the first jump you forget all about the hike! It's exhilarating!!! Our group did the 12 jump/slide route. Some other companies only offer 7. You'll miss the tallest jump (25') if you don't go on a tour that does all 12. Over half of our group didn't do that jump. There are ladders for you to climb down if you're afraid to jump. The natural water slides were all fun and the last one is elevated and drops you several feet above the pool. I would definitely do this excursion again and if you're on the fence about whether to do it or not...do it!!! You only live once!!
5 Stars
Awesome Experience
June 18, 2019
Our Guide, Milton and Driver, Perfecto were awesome! Best excursion of our cruise. Be ready to break a sweat and pant like a dog hiking up to the falls then jump about 20 feet into the first fall of cool, refreshing water! Milton provided fresh mangos and bananas that were a delicious way to boost our energy.
Reviewer: Melissa
5 Stars
Excellent Excursion
June 17, 2019
When they say strenuous they do mean it. It is a LONG walk to the top. Well worth it but a long and hard walk. Our guides were wonderful Winston and his crew did an amazing job and I appreciate the extra assistance they gave while reaching the summit. It was Amazing trip.
Reviewer: francine frenchko
5 Stars
Amazing guide and views!
May 30, 2019
We had to trek a lil ways from the cruise port but totally worth it. Our guide was amazing, informational and fun! The falls were absolutely stunning and very fun to jump from or slide down. Definitely accommodating to those not willing to jump. It is a hike up so expect to be winded... but so worth the trip back down! On our way back we got to play some music, sample some of the rum punch and enjoy local treats!
Reviewer: Keri Sumner
5 Stars
First time
May 13, 2019
The guides were great! Really fun! It was really beautiful and loved the hike. Recommend seeing these falls!
Reviewer: Sydney
5 Stars
Great fun
April 29, 2019
This shore excursion was fabulous from the family-owned tour company, the guides, the excursion, and the homemade rum punch on the way back to ship. The hike up to the falls wasn't bad and the guide took a couple of breaks. Jumping into the falls was a rush! Stepping up to the edge and leaping into the pool below without much hesitation was critical. If you thought about it too much, you would chicken out and take the alternate path. Would highly recommend.
Reviewer: Gail Vogel
5 Stars
Awesome Experience!
April 25, 2019
After finding the tour bus I was a little nervous and unsure how things would go but the whole group and everyone there made me feel so welcome and safe. They were very organized and made sure we were all okay. Henry and his team were amazing, he was very fun and kept an eye on us through the whole hike especially since there were many groups and Van's there. Henry went out of his way on the way back to the ship to give us a little bit of history and culture. I would recommend this company to anyone traveling to the D.R. thank you everyone!
Reviewer: Alexandra
5 Stars
Fun day for adults & kids
April 23, 2019
Great way to see the area with good adrenaline kicks! Hike was mild for those in shape, some folks struggled who clearly were not in shape! River level was low - bummer. We still had fun jumping & sliding through the tour and they kept us off the beaten path of other groups, so it felt more private. Once we came across other groups that were waiting 70 deep! Our group was about 30 and that was the longest we had to wait since we went through different areas with our tour. That made me smile :)! My one complaint was they said 12 and over. My youngest daughter is 10.5 and I didn't notice the requirement until a week before we went. I emailed -going back and forth with them telling me they were very strict about age requirement. They finally said they would allow it. When we got there, another family had a daughter who was maybe 6?! I was worried about my 10.5 year old soccer-playing healthy daughter?! Not as "strict" as you claim to be, but had my stressed out for a few days.
Reviewer: Laura Martin
4 Stars
So exciting
April 18, 2019
The hike is worth it. You do need to be mobile and agile, we are so it was great. The natural slides are a blast. The jumps are fun. My husband did the 25 ft one loved it.
Reviewer: Cherie
5 Stars
April 16, 2019
Amazing trip. Try not to loose your group. This excursion seems to be a very popular one in the Dominican republic. Because our cruise had an early debarkation time, we had to cut the hike a little shorter than usual. Nevertheless all the jumps and slides were still amazing. I didn’t realize that you swim quite a bit through some water as well. A word of warning: the water is freezing so it’s worth investing in some long water pants and a water shirt. Rum punch, Cookies, maracas and bananas on the way back made it the perfect trip!
Reviewer: Nina
5 Stars
April 15, 2019
It was too harf of a climb for me and I wasn't able to do it so I walked on the side and was only able to go down one waterfall but it was still beautiful
4 Stars
April 08, 2019
We had a great experience on this excursion. We were so glad we didn't book through the cruise line. We were able to go to more water falls and bypass a huge line. All of our tour guides were very good. They go above and beyond to make sure your experience is great. The strap on our GoPro broke and one of the guides found it in the water for us. You do need to be in shape for this as the hike was not easy. Have good shoes and have fun. This excursion was for sure mine and my families favorite.
Reviewer: Andrea Dansie
5 Stars
Amazing experience!
April 08, 2019
I was worried about the level of physical activity because I'm overweight and work an office job all week, but I'm so glad it didn't deter me from doing this excursion! I had to take a break once on the way up, but the tour staff was so kind and understanding about it. It was an amazing experience, even as someone who can't swim well, and they took care of us from the moment we left port to the moment we got back. Don't miss this!
Reviewer: Alisha P
5 Stars
Fun in the DR
April 05, 2019
my kids said it waa the best
Reviewer: Mona
5 Stars
OMG best time ever!!!
April 04, 2019
This is a MUST!!!! But be forewarned. You shouldn’t do it if you have back problems or can’t walk up hills. But if you can it’s seriously one of the best times!!! Jumping off 27 foot cliffs and God made water slides. I was there 3 weeks ago and just finally been able to sit on a regular chair. But I would do it again in a heartbeat!!! Francisco was our guide and he ruled!!!!! Don’t miss this!!!!
Reviewer: Mickey t
5 Stars
Loved it!
March 28, 2019
Definitely an experience of a lifetime! The water was absolutely gorgeous and we had a ton of fun jumping/ sliding. Well worth the hike to get there
Reviewer: Megan
5 Stars
Best Cruise Excursion Ever
March 22, 2019
I have done a handful of cruise excursions over the years, and this excursion was the best one I've ever done. The hike wasn't too strenuous, and jumping off the waterfalls was so fun! I'm not a big fan of heights, but I was so glad I did it. The slides were a thrill as well. The hosts were great and even bought us some local snacks for the drive back. I highly recommend this excursion for those looking for adventure!
Reviewer: Carrie
5 Stars
Wow , don’t miss the exciting adventure.
March 17, 2019
I never told my husband the full description of this excursion. We were picked up on time and driven to the starting point. We were issued a helmet and life jacket, walked through the forest mountain . My husband could believe what I had gotten him into!!! When we arrived at the 1st falls and jumped, then the next, n next and in jumping, laughing and having the greatest time. It was so much fun and makes the the best stories. We’re active seniors , maybe the oldest ones there but keep up with group of fellow adventures. The best!!!!
Reviewer: Lorett
5 Stars
March 10, 2019
We went with a group of 8. Definitely hire the photographer, well worth the $50!! Our guide, Francisco and Miscyel (I probably butchered the spelling), were amazing! They even stopped for local fruits on the way back. I will say (and this is zero reflection on the tour operator), that the guides provided at the actual falls, I was not not pleased with. I definitely was having trouble walking up the stairs to start the jumps and the guide made me go back and join a different group where I was separated from my family and got to do one fall. Fransico had said no problem we will just take it slow but the waterfall guide insisted I turn around, but the family loved it, and that is all that matters! I definitely will be taking the stairs everyday at work so next time I won’t be separated. The walk is no joke. The stairs make it extremely more difficult, but it was absolutely beautiful!
Reviewer: Jessica Long
5 Stars
Damajagua Falls
March 06, 2019
Don't let the other reviews sway you from doing this. NOT as tough as you think. Yes it is a ways up but the hike is not as bad as everyone says. There was 7 in our party with all different shapes and we did great. There was a group of 4 on the tour that probably should have not done it but they did and lived to tell about it. They really slowed us down but they were able to do it. There were two 80 years in that group and they were all out of shape. Fun times and the waterfalls were great. Highly Recommend!
Reviewer: Eileen Morgenstern
5 Stars
Milton and Rosie are wonderful guides!
February 28, 2019
We had an amazing experience with this excursion. We hiked up for about 45 minutes and then we started our decent by jumping into water from the tops of cliffs. Also sliding down natural slides in the river. I would definitely do this again if we are ever in the DR.
Reviewer: Taylor P
5 Stars
Best of the Best
February 25, 2019
High energy rush, good exercise and fun! Just about 1/2 mile walk from the dock, we met our driver. After a 45 min., informative drive to the falls, we geared up, had a brief safety demonstration, then a 45 min. hike up a nicely laid out, cleared path with a lot of steps to our 1st fall and our first adrenaline rush. A jump into beautiful, cool water, then floating, through water, carved, sandstone. Gorgeous! There were 11 falls total, most were jumping off into deep water. There were 2 or 3 areas were you slid down natural, water carved, sandstone slides that were truly a unique experience. There were 3 guides throughout, that encouraged and helped everyone as we went down the falls. There is a bar to get local beer and food. A clean, but wet bathroom/changing area. Even showers! The ride back was great! Rum punch, party atmosphere, even stopped for local fruit. It was a very enjoyable excursion and was a bucket list adventure!
Reviewer: Jean Robinson
5 Stars
February 13, 2019
Very good excursion. Exhilarating and fun!
Reviewer: Tom Doktorcik
4 Stars
Waterfall Jumping and Sliding
February 13, 2019
Very friendly and helpful staff. Short walk from ship to meet point. Description is accurate. Rum punch was tasty. Recommended if up for some adventure.
Reviewer: John
5 Stars
Would do this again in a heartbeat
February 10, 2019
Generally we were an older group, but almost everyone in the group jumped off the highest ledge (~20 ft) and had a great time. Winston (our guide) was awesome. Advice: the walk from Amber Cove is a bit longer than they say, and our meeting directions were terrible--we were told to meet people holding signs for a company, and that company was not there; turned out we were booked with an entirely different company, so ask for help. 2nd, there was no one at the park taking pictures of us jumping routinely. But--you can hand your camera over to a local who will follow your group and take pictures or videos for some small fee/tip. Or you can bring a waterproof camera holder and hand it to one of the guides to take your pictures. Third--do not forget to wear shorts over your bathing suits (ladies)--my friend's shorts ripped on one of the slides; an older pair you don't care about might be best.
Reviewer: Nannette Henderson
5 Stars
Five Stars!
February 06, 2019
This excursion was by far the best one we have ever done and we have done a few! From the moment we met the shuttle just off the pier it was an experience to remember. Francisco was our guide for the day and one of the most bright and articulate person we have met in some time. He is very proud of where he comes from and makes the 30 min drive to the falls fly by with his history lesson of the island. From the moment you meet him he makes certain everyone has a very safe adventure and works with you to get up the hill to the falls. The hike into the rain forest is somewhat difficult but they take there time to make sure everyone gets up the hill. The cruise passengers got to do 5 jumps/slides while booking on this site gets you 12. Book with Shore Excursion and if you get Francisco you have hit the jackpot!
Reviewer: Gene Connors
5 Stars
Truly One of a kind adventure!
February 03, 2019
Winston was amazing!!! We had such a great time with him. He was so outgoing and friendly. He was very attentive throughout the trip and was very generous with the sneaky rum punch after the adventure! It was great. This is our 7th cruise and we've NEVER booked a Carnival excursion, because we hate the crowds and the high costs. I would actually pay more to have the small group we had. We had 8 people in our group!! Carnival had about 50. Also, we got to do all of the falls and Carnival only did 2-3(our friends were there the same day with Carnival). We doubled or tripled that amount. The jumps were a little scary and I'm not afraid of heights, but it is totally worth the adrenaline rush to take this adventure. Plus Winston gave us a history lesson of his country on our way there and stopped along a roadside fruit stand and he purchased bananas and oranges for each of us. Delicious!
5 Stars
Adventure and thrills
January 28, 2019
Highly recommend choosing this excursion with Winston over the cruise line option. We got a taste of the local area along with our adventure. The led us through this challenging excursion wonderfully! I had complete confidence I was in good hands and their personal touch made a fun excursion into one with a lifetime of memories. Highly recommend Winston and his crew!
Reviewer: Kim Butcher
5 Stars
Breath taking
January 10, 2019
This excursions was absolutely amazing!!! The hike up the hill had me out of breath a few times but it was so worth it getting to experience the waterfalls.
Reviewer: Courtney
5 Stars
fun times
January 10, 2019
we had a great time. this excursion was so less crowed than the one booked on the ship. so glad we choose to go with you all... The bus tour group were so fun and we had a great time. They even stopped and bought us all fresh local bananas... so sweet.
Reviewer: Tamala Rock
5 Stars
Awesome excursion
January 06, 2019
Our group, 18-53 LOVED this excursion. College students thought best excursion ever. Tough uphill climb if out of shape, but we all made it!. Guides slowed down and checked on the slower in group. I suggest not wearing helmet or life jacket while hiking to keep cooler. Hydrate well before going. Several group members skipped tallest jump but I LOVED it. Almost chickened out standing on the tiny ledge, but went for it. Some took the chicken exit (stairs) but still enjoyed the slides and the water. Great excursion! You definitely get your money's worth. Milton was an excellent guide and made sure everyone stayed safe and together. I would highly recommend this tour but make sure you are in shape before going or plan to take a little longer on the hike up hill and tip a little more if you want to go slower. We did our own private group of 18 and 4 other passengers from the ship were added in.Bus had wifi, rum punch & stopped for banana snacks.
Reviewer: Princess
5 Stars
Best excursion!
January 03, 2019
We do not normally do many excursions on vacation however this one looked different. We had an awesome time! The hike was beautiful, the scenery was amazing and the jumps/slides were exciting! Totally worth the money!!!
Reviewer: Bridgid Miller
5 Stars
Amazing experience!
December 31, 2018
We chose this excursion because it was $25 cheaper than the cruise line tour. They provided water bottles and free WiFi on the bus. Once we arrived at Damajagua Park, we were fitted in helmets and life vests. Our group of 14 had a beautiful hike up into the mountains. Our first jump was a small waterfall, maybe 8 feet. It was a good way to start, as I am not a strong swimmer and this helped me feel more comfortable. The very next waterfall was the largest jump we had, something like 40 or 50 feet high! Two members of our group opted to take the stairs around, but I jumped! We caught up to the cruise ship group which had about 30 people. They were just starting their first jump, our third, which was about 25 feet high. We were able to move past them to the next 4 waterfalls, all of which had natural slides worn into the rock. Those were my favorites! We ended in a beautiful blue-green pool, then hiked back to the bus. Unforgettable!
Reviewer: Craig England
5 Stars
Most memorable part of vacation
December 30, 2018
So so happy we booked this. Pick up was just a couple of minute walk from outside the cruise terminal. Good instructions were sent in the email. You need water shoes - but can also rent them for a couple of dollars. We were provided bottles of water. The very friendly guides brought us on the walk up the mountain, it took about 30 minutes I think. It's not too strenuous and you get plenty of breaks along the way. Really great scenery to enjoy. The falls are incredible. The jumps are quite high, but you can walk down steps if you're afraid. If you jump the first one - you'll jump all of them, so just do it. Everything looks incredible - like nothing I've seen before. On the return bus, we had plenty of rum punch and dominican music. I highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Stephen
5 Stars
Another Fabulous experience!
December 20, 2018
Again, yet another fabulous experience with this company! Absolutely worth the time and money plus!!! So much more than cruiseline excursions and very attentive to every need! Couldnt say more about these wonderful folks! Go on this excursion! Dont miss it!
Reviewer: Susan Williams
5 Stars
Best experience
December 11, 2018
So much fun! Our family thoroughly enjoyed this excursion and recommend it 100%!!! It is definitely a workout but worth the experience in the end! The guides were so accommodating and attentive to the individual needs within the group. The views are breath taking and pictures don’t do it justice; so gorgeous.
Reviewer: Jeniffer Lebsock
5 Stars
Good hike and great water adventure
December 05, 2018
My wife and I booked this and found it everything as advertised. Tour group met up exactly as stated and Winston was perfect guide. We are a bit older(70)for this type activity but as we do like to hike and snorkel we wanted to give it a go...so glad we did!
Reviewer: Bill T
5 Stars
November 20, 2018
I went on this excursion and loved every minute of it, we had an awesome tour guide Henry. The hike up was peaceful and scenic. And of course the jumps and slides down were absolutely fantastic. The hike up will wind you a little, but the payoff is well worth the work!!!
Reviewer: James Odato
5 Stars
Great fun
November 09, 2018
Our tour guide was great. The walk-up to the WaterFalls was physical. You need to bring good water shoes as the ground is wet and slippery. Once you get the cool and relaxing water falls, it was all worth it. You can either jump usually 1-2 stories height or walk down the steps or slide down the narrow rocks. Overall, excellent way to get close to nature.
Reviewer: Hoa N Nguyen
5 Stars
Beware of jumping butt first!
October 09, 2018
It was SO much fun, but I did hurt my butt on the highest waterfall jump! I did it with my 18 year old son and he did a front flip off one of the falls.
Reviewer: Sarah Gorman
5 Stars
One of the best experiences of my life!!
September 17, 2018
My friends and I had a total blast on this excursion! We were a group of 17 people (all between the ages of 22-27) and were looking at a fun and adventurous excursion to do on this island. We saw that Carnival offered something similar but for about $25.00 more dollars. We were very skeptical at first booking this excursion but from the minute we got on the bus, the staff made us feel super welcomed! Winston was our tour guide for the day and he was absolutely AMAZING!! Super informative and super helpful! The hike was a bit challenging but you have some rest stops and the tour guides go at your pace. The jumps and slides you get to experience are unreal. SO much adrenaline and SO much fun! Definitely recommend to all visiting that area. The rum punch at the end was the cherry on top!
Reviewer: Silvana Arena
5 Stars
Exciting and beautiful
August 06, 2018
We had a blast. It was SO beautiful and getting teenagers excited can be a challenge. Our adventurous group of 12 loved it! One or 2 of us was a little out if shape, but hey, they warned us about the hike up to the falls. Once that was done, it was all downhill and everyone would go again.
Reviewer: Lara Schwartz
5 Stars
July 30, 2018
Amazing experience! High adventure, adrenaline pumping! Our group was aged 45-11 and it was loved by us all! Once we walked to the tour bus we were greeted by an awesome crew. The bus had ac and free WiFi. Our belongings stayed safe in the bus while we were on the mountain. Water shoe rental was $2. The hike up was no joke but totally doable. Water was provided and breaks were given. Coming down was an experience not to be missed! Jumping off of the falls, sliding down the natural slides and making our way through the caverns was just awesome. The highest jump was 25' and our 11 year old was the first to jump! The guides are amazing and with you every step of the way. There is an alternate route down but go for it! We brought a go pro to capture the excitement. The ride back we were offered snacks and bottomless yummy rum punch! They even stopped at a local fruit stand and bought bananas for everyone! By far everyone's favorite thing from our trip! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Reviewer: Joanna Bartolomeo
5 Stars
Damajagua review
July 30, 2018
Winston our tour guide was EXCELLENT and helpful throughout the trip. Highly recommended excursion
Reviewer: John Hawkins DPm
5 Stars
July 23, 2018
Our guide, Milton was the best! He was like family by the end of the excursion. The falls were exciting and a lot of fun. The hike to falls were beautiful. The whole experience was amazing! I can not say on bad thing about this excursion or any of the guides. All the guides that went with us we really sweet! I would definitely book through Shore Excursion the Damajagua Falls again!
Reviewer: Kelly
5 Stars
Tour was great
July 23, 2018
The Damajagua Falls was a great experience and the coaches were very helpful. Explained everything in detail. Everyone in our group had a good time even though I’m not really a person that likes to submerge my head in the water. The hike was great but little challenging but the cold water they gave us helped. Too and the tour took the whole time so we didn’t get to explore other areas of the DR. We will be back for sure. The drive to the falls was scenic
Reviewer: Rina Huezo
5 Stars
Best Excursion EVER
July 02, 2018
Seriously, well organized, clear directions, all the staff was amazing & we had the most fun of any excursion we've ever been on. Highly recommend this company! Winston was the best tour guide!! A few local snacks were presented to us, we stopped for fresh bananas & the rum punch was tasty too!
Reviewer: Stacy Ward
5 Stars
July 02, 2018
Great! So much fun!
Reviewer: Andrew Brockman
5 Stars
Unforgettable Day
June 18, 2018
Our excursion to Damajagua Falls was incredible! Our guide, Wilson, provided us with the history of the Dominican Republic, explained local traditions (along with tasty samples) and made the day very memorable. The falls were challenging, but the beauty of the landscape and the excitement of the jumps/slides made the trek uphill more than worthwhile. The size of our excursion was much smaller than the one you can book through the cruise line. The smaller size allowed us to visit 5 more falls than those who booked through the ship and it was much less expensive. Our family of 4 world highly recommend.
Reviewer: Nicole
5 Stars
June 11, 2018
This was hands down the best excursion, I have ever been on!! Our tour guides made our trip even better! The walk up the mountain was a little much but making it to the top to jump several times ..was over the top awesome! If you have not done this..DO IT!
Reviewer: Rachel champagne
5 Stars
May 31, 2018
One of my favorite excursions I’ve been on! Loved it! Loved the people! It was a beautiful adventure, but I still felt very safe.
Reviewer: Brittany
5 Stars
May 28, 2018
This excursion was purchased for our kids who stated and I quote, " This was an epic adventure." They had the time of their life on this event. The staff were professional, knowledgeable, and helpful all the way through. They safely secured their items not taken on the journey in the vehicle they traveled in. This sounds like a must do if you are into these type of adventures. Sounds like I missed out, and will take full advantage on our next cruise and we stop off at the DR...
Reviewer: Mark Sullivan
5 Stars
Inside scoop with tour guide Milton
April 30, 2018
1st, I booked this excursion for less than what carnival offerd. Don't be fooled by carnivals price match grntee (you only do 7 instead of 12-& I saw where they started, not as impressed where we started ours; also to get credit is like pulling teeth b/c they make excuses& u have 2 book w/them. Instrctns accurate. Print map they offer. met by the group/super profsnl. bus was very nice, a/c'd,& had WIFI!! I got to mssg my kids, play PokemonGo,etc. Tour guide Milton was fantastic, vry infrmd. park has own guide that lead the grp but Milton stayed w/us. I'll admit-calfs were screaming by the time we got to 1st jump (so don't undrest). hubby &I had a blast. we did bring cash to tip (totally deserved it!). snack offered& of course rum punch. They passed out drums, turned music up,& danced w/ the tourists; even pulled over for 1girl to get a coconut ($1 &they straight up macheted it& stuck straw in)& we got bananas..AMAZING. Like I said, great time & Milton was the best.
Reviewer: Jennifer
5 Stars
Awesome adventure
April 23, 2018
Francisco and his crew were wonderful, very safety minded and encouraging. they were very helpful with making sure that they were standing right there getting you through the tough spots. It was an excellent adventure jumping off the cliffs and sliding down the waterfalls. We even stopped by a roadside market for fresh picked Banana's and vanilla on our way back to the ship.
Reviewer: Steve
5 Stars
April 23, 2018
This excursion was really fun. I'm even scared of heights and had a great time. The guides were informative and enthusiastic. It is a bit of a hike, not too bad if you're physically fit, but there are a few breaks along the way. Besides the waterfalls, there were natural slides where the water wore down, which was really fun and interesting. I would definitely tell others to do this one.
Reviewer: Kayla
5 Stars
Exciting/Fun Excursion
April 16, 2018
This excursion was very well organized and we always felt perfectly safe. The crew from the Damajagua Falls were very careful and watched to make sure we were not in danger. The falls and pools were awesome. Would definitely do this excursion again.
Reviewer: Claire Benvegnu
5 Stars
GO AHEAD AND BOOK IT!!!! What are you waiting for?
April 16, 2018
A short walk from the port gets you to the fun. Coach Winston has the biggest smile and is very welcoming. He let us know that there would be a hike ahead of us but assured us that we'd all make it. Cold bottled water was provided at the start of the hike. Michel, Papito, and Mikol were great guides. They checked in with us often, provided a few breaks when needed and a helping hand on tricky rocks. They are very skilled and patient with us newbies. Yes the hike is about 30-40 minutes up and it does get tough near the end but if you push through it will be worth it. "Just Do it!" take the leap off the first cliff and you will feel like you can do ANYTHING! Having a smaller cruise line groups gave us more time to do more jumps and slides and we didn't have to take as many breaks to wait slower people. Be sure to bring cash to tip your guides. These guys are hard working and very professional. The unlimited rum punch on the ride back was just the icing on the cake. Don't hesitate.
Reviewer: Danielle Perkins
5 Stars
Franklins Family
April 16, 2018
We had the best time. Our group was 11people and another family that got stuck with us ( they were really fun too). Franklin took such good care of us. The guys and photographer basically treated us like we were all on vacation together.The whole experience was amazing and defiantly something everyone should put on their bucket list. The ride back was just as much fun as the excursion. That rum punch is fantastic. Thank you so much for the awesome experience.
Reviewer: Stefanie Hedrick
4 Stars
April 09, 2018
Lots of fun. The quides were great! Especially Winston!
Reviewer: Karen Powers
5 Stars
Great Staff but very shore afterwards
April 02, 2018
If you are not in shape I wouldn't recommend this one you should book it with the ship because this excursion does 12 which with the ship does 7. The difference is you are rushing a lot more, I saw the curse ship excursions have more breaks. Over all I do recommend his excursions the staff was great and very helpful. Please wear good water shoes!! Little rocks will get in your shoes and you have no time to get them out, my feet was hurting for a few days afterwards.
Reviewer: Kim Bacha
5 Stars
March 14, 2018
Good fun but the trek up was taxing. We are in our mid 70's so I wouldn't recommend it for people our age unless they are into physical fitness. Winston was a good group leader and Franklin and Josh did a fantastic job keeping us safe. The jumps are fun but you can go down another way if you don't want to jump. Get water shoes without tongue openings.
Reviewer: frank newman
4 Stars
February 22, 2018
It was a once in a lifetime thing. It rained there for 4 days before we arrived at the port, so the current was a little strong. The helpers were awesome and were there to help us.
Reviewer: Stephanie Cooper
3 Stars
Best excursion ever!!
February 21, 2018
Oh my gosh! So much fun! This excursion was the highlight of my entire trip! I cannot recommend it highly enough!
Reviewer: Amy Spencer
5 Stars
Lots of adventure!
February 10, 2018
This is an adventure that includes: -20-30 minute van ride where you get to see some of the island -30 minute hike uphill to the 12 waterfall mark. The same excursion from the cruise ship went to the 7 waterfall mark. - Lots of jumping and sliding. Not for the faint of heart. - GREAT adventure - You will be provided with 2 guides from the park. At the end, they should be tipped. Be sure to bring some cash. - You need to have water shoes that cover your toes. I used beach socks. I survived but the hike and rocks were hard on my feet. If I were to do this again, I would bring water shoes/sandals with some protection or support. The park will rent you the same shoes the guides wear for $2. A guy in our group did this and they were great. Don't hesitate to rent the shoes. - The bus ride back was fun, fun, fun! - Winston, our guide, loves his Island. We got a great tour, free rum punch and we all played some music on the way back. HIGHLY recommended!
Reviewer: Marge
5 Stars
Great adventure, even greater price.
February 05, 2018
The falls where fantastic. The tour company greeted us with a cold bottle of water, which was nice after the little hike needed to get to the meeting point. After a narrated short bus ride to the falls, we were lead by several guides on 1/2 hour or so hike up to thr falls. The hike was very intensive at times, but breaks and the views made it worthwhile. Once we began back down, through the falls, it became a much "easier" trek. I was join by a wife and teenage daughter, who are not strong swi.mers and the guides took the extra time and attention they needed, to feel comfortable. I especially like the fact we experienced 12 falls/cliffs while the cruise ship excursion, who paid much more, only did 7. Can't recommend enough and we will do again, for sure. Note: Bring waterproof camera to capture the memories, but, if you forget, they have photogs that will follow and sell you pics.
Reviewer: Barac Wimberly
5 Stars
Damajagua falls
January 22, 2018
Loved it. 1 hour hike on a gradual uphill through the woods was easy. Then the jumps off the cliffs into the the lagoons were awesome. The river was super chilly for most people but not me. Being athletic helped me at times but having fun helped many of us overcome our jitters to jump off the cliffs.
Reviewer: Michael fernandez
5 Stars
So much fun!
January 19, 2018
Loved the Damajagua Falls adventure. The guides were great, the scenery beautiful and the experience amazing. Perfect amount of hiking with a little adrenaline rush to keep it fun.
Reviewer: Christa Schott
5 Stars
Damajagua Falls Excursion
January 19, 2018
This turned out to be a great deal and a lot of fun. However, this excursion is not for people in poor shape or have physical limitations. Saved over $30 from what Carnival charged, and we got to experience more of the falls then their tour. Also, the tour guides were great. I would definitely recommend.
Reviewer: Jeff Conrad
5 Stars
High Adventure Fun
January 12, 2018
This was an amazing excursion! The hike through the jungle was brisk, but not terribly long. Jumping off the falls was exhilarating and the limestone slot canyons were beautiful. The guides were outstanding, knowledgeable and brave! I thought it was so cool how they would do tricks and fun dives from the falls. I felt safe the whole time.
Reviewer: Casey Broadhead
5 Stars
Great people, great fun.
January 10, 2018
My kids & I had so much fun. You have to walk a bit to get to the buses (no issue for us & if you can go for the hike to the falls, it's really not an issue), but it's worth it for the reduced cost & the extra waterfalls you get to go down. The guides were so friendly & fun. HIGHLY recommend this.
Reviewer: Jen Jacobson
5 Stars
Wonderful tour - my favorite so far!
January 08, 2018
We had an amazing tour and amazing guides - including Coach! The local guides in the park were so fun and engaging. We also had a much smaller group than the cruise line groups and seemed to be able to jump ahead of their larger groups. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Hike at the beginning is uphill but not that bad - they take breaks. I wore just regular Walmart water shoes and they worked great for the whole thing.
Reviewer: Melissa
5 Stars
Amber Cove Adventures Group
December 28, 2017
Awesome! The place is just so beautiful that you will enjoy a very bit of it. Winston n his team make us feel very safe. On our way back he bought us local fruits banana n mango they were so delicious. Thank You Winston & Team for making it very adventurous for us.
Reviewer: RK
5 Stars
Best ever!!
December 28, 2017
We highly recommend this excursion. Not only was our guide terrific in all ways, the excursion/location was awesome. We went with our 13 and 17 yo children and felt safe. They loved it. I was so surprised my daughter jumped. Would do this again in a second.
Reviewer: Lyndsae Erdmann
5 Stars
It will take your breath away
December 18, 2017
Decided to try Damajagua Falls because it was only a 30 min bus ride from the port and my wife refuses to zip line. Tour guides were very helpful and upbeat. Felt very safe during the entire trip. Bus was waiting outside the cruise terminal and quickly got us underway. Our guide was very informative and engaging. We enjoyed the bus ride as he fed us facts and anecdotes about DR. The falls experience was very organized. After a 30 minute hike up the trails, we started down the lower 12 falls. We never really got an option to try the full 27 falls during the tour. The slides were fun, but the real challenge is the jumps. The highest was 24 feet into a dark pool. Unfortunately, only my son and I were brave/dumb enough to jump. But plenty of people just went around and climbed down on their own. It was an experience we will all remember forever. Wish we could have had the option to buy photos (some of the cruise groups had organized photo options).
Reviewer: Arthur Daigneault
4 Stars
Dominican Republic falls/cliff jumping
November 28, 2017
Great excursion. Hike involves a lot of stair climbing. Guide was great!
Reviewer: Bev
5 Stars
Trip of a lifetime!
November 06, 2017
Great excursion, but not for the faint of heart or out-of-shape! Of the many, many adventures my husband and I have experienced throughout our 37 years together, this was among the best. You must be in great physical shape to make the climb, and also, have no fear of heights. WE LOVED Damajagua Falls, and our guides were friendly and helpful. Five stars!!!
Reviewer: Annette
5 Stars
A lot of fun
September 18, 2017
It was beautiful. Well organized. I definitly recommend it!
Reviewer: Isabelle
5 Stars
Bring A Waterproof Camera
September 13, 2017
Amazing experience that was tightly run by the excursion guides. Best to be prepared with proper footwear ($10 water shoes are perfect) and an expectation of 30 minute hike (not too steep but you'll sweat in the heat).
Reviewer: Aubie ANISEF
5 Stars
Jumping down the falls and riding chutes
August 15, 2017
We went with a group of 10 people over 65....this excursion was not for the faint of heart, but we had a ball. The first jump is the hardest of course, but when you see how beautiful the river is and realize you DID it when it is over, you will appreciate the thrill. You shouldn't do this with a bad back or if you have trouble walking up hill.
Reviewer: Kathy Short
5 Stars
July 10, 2017
Both the company and the guide were awesome. It was a "plus" that our guide was a former Major League Baseball player. Both my wife and I had a blast, and my 2 girls (11, 13) couldn't stop talking about the 27' jump. Loved it all. Thanks guys
Reviewer: Lester
5 Stars
May 19, 2017
It was beyond beautiful and our guide was amazing!!! I would HIGHLY recommend them.
Reviewer: Angela
5 Stars
the lady with red hair
May 19, 2017
sorry i don't remember her name but the lady with red hair and her amazing team made it so so so much fun, we enjoyed every second and had a blast, i wouldn't hesitate to book with that same group again. job well done
Reviewer: Benjamin Baum
5 Stars
Top of the line tour
April 26, 2017
For my whole group, (14 ppl), this was the highlight of the whole cruise! We absolutely loved this excursion! For many of us this was not our first cruise or excursion, so to say we were wowed by this, is impressive. The tour guides, the group organizers, the hike, the falls/slides, and the beauty of Gods creation was absolutely amazing! Hindsight is 20/20 as they say, and we were so glad that we booked separate from Carnival Cruise. We were able to set our own pace with a smaller group and do more Falls. Booking through Costco is definitely the way to go! Thank you for a most memorable experience!
Reviewer: Bonnie Knoll
5 Stars
A must do
April 13, 2017
This excursion was one of the best I have ever been on. Our guide through the falls was amazing. We had a very small group of 6 which made our time in the falls even better. Our guide Winston was very knowledgeable and lots of fun to talk to. He stayed with us through all the jumps and slides and made sure we were having fun. We watched as larger groups had to wait for long periods of time to jump while we were able to move through with no wait. Tons of fun and a must do!!!!!
Reviewer: Christine Duane
5 Stars
Wonderful Experience
March 06, 2017
We absolutely loved this excursion. We had two wonderful tour guides and only 4 of us (all family) so we had a private tour! When we arrived there was also another cruise ship in port plus ours. It was a little odd to walk all the way out the gate to catch our ride, but it was well worth it. Once we got to the main base, we realized that we weren't in the giant groups from the ships and that it would just be us. This really gave us room to go at our own pace and make sure that the big groups weren't around. We brought our own water camera and our instructors got a lot of great photos and videos of us! The snacks were refreshing at the end and since none of us drink alcohol, they offered us several sodas/waters instead. They gave us all great information about the area/country. Highly recommend if you are physically able to jump/slide off high areas.
Reviewer: Alana Anderson
5 Stars