Zip Lines and Horseback Ride

Very friendly
April 20, 2023
We enjoyed ourselves! You’ll be with a small group so there is no long waiting around. The ranch was very nice and clean. The zip line was okay but it involved some steep climbing. Horseback ride was very enjoyable and the horses were very tame. If you wanted to go a little faster they would let you. The food was very good and prepared right there at the ranch, nice large portions. A map to our pick up spot would have helped. We had to walk all the way out of the port past all the tour buses to the highway and got in a passenger van. About a 12-15 minute walk mostly on a very nice sidewalk . We never felt unsafe but it was a little confusing wondering if we walked too far to our ride. Fortunately we ran into another couple who knew where to go. Don’t let this deter you though it’s not as intimidating as it may sound. Everyone we asked for directions was more than helpful. Again, everyone was super friendly.
Reviewer: Gerald
4 Stars
Fun even in the pouring rain
April 06, 2023
We ziplined in the cold and rain but we had a blast horseback riding in the mud. Best horseback riding I've ever done on any excursion. Fun! I wish that part had been longer as they let us have fun during the ride.
Reviewer: Kellie Maloney
4 Stars
So much fun
February 13, 2023
The excursion was a blast. We were picked up by very friendly and knowledgable people and driven to the ‘ranch’. The horses were very well-behaved as we rode for a couple of miles around the property. We felt safe and as if we were in capable hands while zip lining, though it was a pretty strenuous hike.
Reviewer: Angela Paglia
5 Stars
Zip line and Horseback ride fun
February 24, 2020
This company tried very hard to ensure we had a very good time. The zip line was challenging and a blast! There was plenty of lines of varying lengths and drops. The horseback ride was enjoyable. Very worth the money spent. The included lunch was excellent. My wife was ill and couldn't attend, and the company gladly returned her portion of the fee. The owner was there to ensure all was well, and was pleasant to visit with.
Reviewer: Kyle Bartels
5 Stars
Great Experience
January 23, 2020
We went with 4 children (9,11,15,16) And had a blast! I was a little worried about the younger one being scared but she wasn’t at all. We all felt very safe and well taken care of. The staff was so nice and helpful. When horseback riding, the horses seemed in good health and were very well behaved. We didn’t feel we had time to take out our phones/cameras for pictures while riding as we kind of pushed through this part. I would highly recommend this excursion for those with younger children and are limited by the age. The food was also great. 2 of the children said it was probably the best meal they had on the trip thus far.
Reviewer: Nicole
5 Stars
Amber cove zip line and Horseback ride
January 13, 2020
It’s great experience, I have horse ride first time but but it’s amazing staff are very nice and specially owner of this facility Dennis / Deniel very nice person and co operative , also arrange few veg food for our group I must recommend this excursion 👍👍
Reviewer: Dharmendra Parmar
5 Stars
Holland America Nov 3, 2019
December 01, 2019
Excellent view of the interior of the Dominican Republic! The ranch was awesome and the help were locals with an obvious love of their island. The food was cooked on location and scrumptious!!!! This was a fantastic day.
Reviewer: Linda and John
5 Stars