Art, Culture & Beach

Great Excursion
December 29, 2023
We had such a good time painting our canvas on the beach. The whole experience was good...informative van ride to the beach, the beach itself and the art instructor was so sweet. We would do this one again.
Reviewer: Merry Overholt
5 Stars
Art, Culture and Beach
December 26, 2019
The tour was very scenic and bus clean and comfortable. The guide was knowledgeable, and the stops were varied and enjoyable. We loved the art lesson at the beach. The tour lasted a bit longer than anticipated, which is common with tours. I didn't mind as I was having a good time the entire trip. The food and drinks were well prepared.
Reviewer: L. Schneider
5 Stars
Art, Culture and Beach
February 09, 2019
This was an amazing tour. Our tour group learned about many fascinating things. We visited a unique home, learned about unique cultural medicines and herbs. Our tour guides were amazing. Our tour included tea and later lunch as well as being serenaded by our many talented guide. We concluded with an art project!
Reviewer: Linda m. Cooper
5 Stars
See the enviroment!
January 07, 2019
A great taste of Antigua! Jaqui and P were phenominal tour quides. The Hall house with the talking birds and local products a must see! The beach stop was a great end of the tour!
Reviewer: William Kosoris
5 Stars
May 07, 2018
The guide was great and I was the only one to sign up to paint a picture on the beach. Booking this excursion was one of the best
Reviewer: Benita Harper
5 Stars
A Great Day and Experience
November 22, 2017
Ms. Jackie was an excellent tour guide and a lot of fun. The visit to the McMillan house was very interesting and filled with history. The grounds were beautiful. The beach was a perfect end to the day and my mom and I made some very professional looking paintings. Ms. Jackie is talented beyond measure and a great person. I highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Carol and Gwen
5 Stars
August 25, 2017
We had so much fun with Jackie and Vaughn. Learned so much. Laughed a lot. Saw some amazing places. It was a great excursion to do with my adult daughter. SO WORTH IT!!!
Reviewer: April Steele
5 Stars
Wonderful Experience
July 20, 2017
Everyone was really kind. The guide was hilarious, friendly, and honest. Delicious food was provided at the beach! The beach itself was calm, blue, and beautiful and had nobody on it except for the people on the excursion (maybe 10 people)!
Reviewer: Sean Welch
5 Stars
Jackie was a riot!
February 02, 2017
This excursion started a bit late due to Jackie's driver not fulfilling his end of the bargain. Her driver bailed on her the last minute, causing a lot of people to be upset. However, it wasn't her fault as she has no control over her hired drivers. Anyway, she managed to finally sort everything out and she turned out to be amazing. She is the Jackie of all trades - from singing her heart out to directing traffic to make sure we got back to the ship on time. She also gave us art lessons on the beach and taught us how to paint coconut trees after we had a swim in the warm crystal blue water. The tour to Ms. McMillan's house was equally exciting. It is so rare to see someone open up their house for visitors to enjoy. All in all, a great tour despite the start. She would have gotten five stars if everything was perfect!!
Reviewer: Bryan
4 Stars