Altun-Ha and Belize City Overview

Exploring Altun Ha
August 20, 2023
We rode a comfortable, air-conditioned bus and saw the city sights on the way to Altun Ha. Our tour guide was very informative with a deep knowledge of the history of the area and a deep love and pride in his Mayan culture. What made this trip more interesting is that visitors are allowed to climb to the top of the temples. This gives visitors the chance to appreciate the majesty of the site.
Reviewer: Philip N
4 Stars
A fascinating looking at history
June 28, 2023
Our guide was hugely informative and respectful of the sacred land that we were on. For those interested in Mayan culture it’s a must.
Reviewer: alison
5 Stars
Wonderful tour and guide
April 07, 2023
We very much enjoyed this excursion. The instructions for getting there were helpful, and even waiting for the tour to begin gave us time to pick up a few souvenirs. The tour of the city was interesting and informative. We especially liked the tour of Altun-Ha. Our guide, Hermanito, was fun and informative. We especially appreciated his insights from his ancestry which added significantly to the experience. We highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Rand and Laurie Newby
5 Stars
April 06, 2023
We had a great tour of Altun-Ha ruins with our guide Hermino. Hermino is extremely knowledgeable about the ruins and the Mayan culture. Our experience having lunch in a Mayan community was so unique and educational.
Reviewer: Renee Phares
5 Stars
First Ruin Excursion
February 23, 2023
The process and directions to our meeting place were very clear. Our guide was very knowledgeable and passionate about his culture. He was very accommodating for our special needs son. All in all, a great tour!!
Reviewer: Heather Johnson
5 Stars
Altun Ha
January 28, 2023
We were able to see many of the sights in the city, then traveled to the ruins. Our guide (a Mayan ancestor) used a conch shell horn to receive permission from the gods to be in the area. That was really interesting to see. He was very knowledgeable, and even other guides were interested in hearing him speak. When we left the ruins area, we were able to stop at a rum factory prior to going back to the ship.
Reviewer: Jennifer Buchanan
5 Stars
Wonderful tour of Mayan Ruins and Belize City
January 30, 2022
Excellent guide and van driver. We enjoyed this site better than Pachu Micchu in Peru. The grounds are beautiful and we did not encounter any large groups of people. Our guide provided us with a ton of history and associated information. We highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Jack and Kris Boheim
5 Stars
Great excursion experience
December 07, 2021
I guess because of Covid our group was only 5 but our tour guide was most informative and easy to talk to. Our ride was an hr to the Ruins and that too wasn’t filed with too much chatter and you could enjoy the scenery. Overall wonderful experience
Reviewer: Bridgette Jardine
4 Stars
March 28, 2020
Informative... Great small tour without the crowds who arrived as we were leaving! Altun-Ha was impressive.
Reviewer: dp
5 Stars
Altun- Ha
March 25, 2020
Our driver was very knowlegible and lots of fun. It was a hot and day and she provided cold bottled water. Mu husband had a little trouble walking so she took extra care and time with him.
Reviewer: carol lazo
4 Stars
Mayan Ruins visit
February 26, 2020
This tour was well run in an air conditioned bus but over some bumpy roads. The tour guide was good but they also had a Mayan give us history and info on the ruins. Well done. Tour much cheaper than similar ship tour.
Reviewer: Cheryl L Drover
5 Stars
Excellent Tour!
February 24, 2020
Jose was an excellent tour guide! We learned a lot about Belize and Altun Ha during this trip. Thank you!
Reviewer: Jim S
5 Stars
Winter vacation
February 23, 2020
Great tour of the ruins and the country side.
Reviewer: Robert Johnson
5 Stars
Great knowledge of Belize and the Ruins
February 21, 2020
We had a good tour guide with knowledge of the Belize area and the Altun- Ha ruins. He was very helpful and accommodating to ensure we were all enjoying and learning from our adventure. The only confusion we had was the time difference between the ship and Belize.
Reviewer: Jodi Johnson
4 Stars
Altun-Ha and Belize City Overview
January 09, 2020
Excellent guide and enjoyed being able to take stairs to top of the major Mayan ruin. There was a good selection of souvenirs at end of tour with friendly locals.
Reviewer: R.Martinec
5 Stars
Great Tour guide
September 25, 2019
Randy was the best tour guide. Very knowledgeable and informative. A perfect host, took good care of his passengers. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone.
Reviewer: Kathy Singh
5 Stars
A Pleasant Experience
May 29, 2019
I was very pleased with the excursion. The driver/ leader was very knowledgeable and very courteous. He took the time to explain things to the group and did his best to accommodate us. It was an educational experience.
Reviewer: Francis Moore
5 Stars
Hot, Bruised, and Laughed till my belly busy!!
April 24, 2019
Oh this excursion was amazing!! Our guides were hilarious!! Made the entire trip worth it. They’re very informative, I love learning about the towns of Belize more than Altun-Ha. The drive is long but worth it. The climb at Altun-Ha is worth it, so I say go for it! I’d do it again! Ask all the questions you want! I’m West Indian so they spoke my language and I felt right at home, get that coconut, get that pepper shrimp, get that Belikin!
Reviewer: Zeleena Mohamed
5 Stars
Altun-Ha Mayan ruins
February 26, 2019
Exceptional guide who kept us entertained and did a great job of explaining about the country and people of Belize. The actual ruins we're incredible and worth the trip.
Reviewer: Philip L Hancock
5 Stars
Alton-Ha and Belize city
February 24, 2019
Tour guide for ruins was very knowledgeable and helpful to everyone. Bus ride from town to ruins just horrible due to road conditions which are primitive at best. Driver did the best he could, bus was nicely air conditioned and company provided cold water for trip there and on the return. Happy we made the trip.
Reviewer: Jo Ann Ruccia
3 Stars
Nice Ruins
January 31, 2019
My group of seven people enjoyed the Altun-Ha ruins and Belize City Overview. There is a nice 1.5 hour bus ride to and from the ruins in an air conditioned bus. I was worried about the ruins because my mother is elderly and my husband is handicap and walks with a cane. He was able to walk to the court and view the ruins. He didn't have the strength to walk all around but he did get to see it from afar and sit in the shade. Overall it was a great experience.
Reviewer: Renea Samples
5 Stars
Ruins Well Worth Visit
January 30, 2019
Tour consisted of nice air conditioned school bus ride through city and countryside to the ruins. Unfortunately rained the entire day except for 15 minutes during the ruins tour. Very educational, interesting and worth the trip. Tour guides were excellent on history, country and people.
Reviewer: Philip Gulak
4 Stars
It was great
January 10, 2019
Our ship arrived late. They waited for us for almost an hour until we arrived at their counter. Our tour guide Joyce was fun and knowledgeable. From her, we learned a lot about Belize. Altun-Ha and Belize City were the best part of our cruise. I recommend this company and this excursion.
Reviewer: MO
5 Stars
Amazing Tour and Great Guide
December 27, 2018
Many thanks to our guide, Miss J! She was absolutely fantastic, gave us a lot of information on city and the Mayan ruins we visited. Definitely recommend the tour - ruins are worth the time! A big shout out to Miss J from the lady with paparazzi camera!
Reviewer: Valentina Gaca
5 Stars
Dec 4 2018 Paul... Thanks
December 08, 2018
Me and my girlfriend who is handicap When on this tour I could never say enough Our guide was the best took his time and Made her feel like she was not a bother Went above and beyond to ensure she Was comfortable... And not only that he did not even let Walk Up the Maya ruins alone he walked it with me ... So to Paul thank you so much for make our trip to Belize City the best... Just wish we had more time hope he Reads this because I could not tell him How he made the trip so great for me ...
Reviewer: Tammera Hartlieb
5 Stars
Ruins on a rainy day
December 06, 2018
Leaving the ship by water taxi was pretty cool.The Ruins is about an hour drive from port. Our guide talked the whole way out and back , explaining the lifestyles of the locals and the normal in that country.( Nice Touch) At the ruins it was pretty cool climbing the stair cases that has been in use for centuries. Our guide gave lots of history and details of the culture. She was full of information, it created a feel of the past environment.
Reviewer: Tim Davis
5 Stars
Visiting the Ruins
September 10, 2018
Our guide was delightful, very informative, really knew the history of Belize. She was a native, so it was nice to hear her perspective on the country. She assured us we would make it back in time before the boat left and we did, even though we ran into traffic problems, a sick passenger, and bumpy roads. Thank you for the experience.
Reviewer: Cristina Franco
5 Stars
Great Tour
September 01, 2018
I had a wonderful time and enjoyed every minute of the tour. We started in the city of Belize with the wonderful Ms. "J". She was very informative and also kept the group active in conversation. I loved the ruins and it was awesome to climb. P.S..Make sure you bring your bug spray and sneakers. We ended the tour in the outskirts of the city and I enjoyed seeing the culture and way of life. I would recommend this tour to all ages (wheelchairs are allowed).
Reviewer: Falechia Simmons
5 Stars
August 06, 2018
If you like Mayan history, you'll love this. Bus driver was great, as well as Miss Joyce the guide. You can climb to the top of structures, have your picture taken, enjoy the museum, have lunch and visit the native vendors. Also tour the Belize City sites on the bus! A great tour. The road was not too bumpy. My daughter, a school bus driver was very impressed with the driver's ability!
Reviewer: Lynn Everitt
5 Stars
Very enjoyable guided tour
July 09, 2018
Our tour guide, Ms. Joyce, was very informative, engaging, knowledgeable; all that you would expect from a professional tour. Belize City is charming along the waterfront but very third world with bumpy roads. The ride out to Altun-Ha was made enjoyable with our guide's knowledge of the country. The site of Altun-Ha was beautifully kept and fun to tour. The climb to the top of the temples was made easier and safer with hand rails. At 74, I was hesitant to climb to the top of the taller (52 feet) temple, but was rewarded with wonderful panoramic views of this site. This tour was worth our time.
Reviewer: Ken Fowler
5 Stars
Altun-Ha and Belize City Overview
May 21, 2018
Excellent tour!
Reviewer: Omaira
5 Stars
Altun-Ha Tour, awesome!
December 31, 2017
We had a great time going to see the Ruins of Altun-Ha. It was very interesting to to hear the history of the Ruins and the city of Belize. We got to go to the local markets to buy homemade items. The area was so nice I really had a great time.
Reviewer: R Gonzales
5 Stars
September 15, 2017
A wonderful tour! We had a great guide, and a small group. This was our favorite part of our vacation! Thank you!
Reviewer: Laura
5 Stars
Excellent and a must do tour as a family
August 24, 2017
Our tour guide was exceptional in his hospitality and knowledge of the area. Beside showing us the various sites he also talked about the native flora and fauna, stopping at places to point out unique trees and birds. Altun-Ha was simply amazing. I have been to other Maya Ruins but this was unique in that it was a complete story of a settlement. It's a marvel how people of that era were able to construct such tall structures with huge pieces of stones. The guide knew detailed history of the people,how they lived, how the kings ruled and native medicines etc. Very rewarding trip for us and our teen age boys.
Reviewer: Alok Gupta
5 Stars
Mayan Ruins made Mom cry
May 19, 2017
In Belize, we went to the Altun Ha ruins. Our guide was Joice and she was great. On the way to the ruins, she talked about life in Belize, her kids, the local kid she and 3 other ladies are trying to get into college because no one is at home to care. Her love of the Altun Ha ruins and her city were very evident. Mom uses a walker so we knew this might be challenging but Joice was very accommodating. These ruins were very manageable for mom. When mom walked into the ruins area she teared up and said she never thought she would be able to get to an actual Mayan ruins. That made the entire trip worth it.
Reviewer: Cathy
5 Stars
A can't miss opportunity!
April 24, 2017
First of all, if people tell you it's too dangerous to go into Belize, don't listen to them. The dangerous area is about 5 hours away from anywhere where you'll be. Second, this was the most amazing tour the wife and I had during our cruise through central America. The people in Belize are wonderful and very nice. Our tour guide was amazing and she was full of knowledge. The ruins area was interesting and you can climb them! The only thing that sucks a bit is that the drive is a tad long. However, it was worth it plus you get to see the local area as well!
Reviewer: Ed
5 Stars
Belize Tour
April 06, 2017
Enjoyed the tour. Especially the Mayan Temples & other structures were breathtaking. A lot of history. Our tour guide gave us alot of information about the Mayan people, they culture, religion, hierarchy etc . He was well informed in relation to what he spoke.
Reviewer: David
5 Stars
Alton-Ha and Belize City Tour
March 23, 2017
Good tour giving an overview of Belize.
Reviewer: Nick Ewanchuk
4 Stars
Ms. J did a great job
March 07, 2017
The tour of the city and the ruins was excellent. She gave us a lot of information. When asked a question, she always knew the answer. From talks with other passengers, I found the excursions to be better. There is a warning about getting on the first few tenders. We didn't have a problem at all. We got in line and were put on the first tender. Then we had to wait 2 hours for the tour. The tenders are big and even the second tender would have gotten us there in plenty of time. However, we were on a ship with only 2000. It might be more difficult with a larger ship. The only issue with the non-ship excursions is you have to get yourself to the meeting point. If you pay attention and get good directions ahead of time, there isn't a problem. We found people to be very friendly and helpful in finding the meeting place.
Reviewer: Peggy Robichaud
5 Stars
Loved the Ruins!
March 02, 2017
Seeing Mayan ruins was on my husbands bucket list, and he wasn't disappointed. The Altun Ha Ruins were beautiful! The tour of the city itself was ok but felt our guide didn't really know much unless it was something that pertained to her children. We definitely recommend the tour though! It was a highly enjoyable experience
Reviewer: Robin Fleener
4 Stars
February 16, 2017
5 Stars
Made our trip
February 08, 2017
This was the tour we all wanted to do. One suggestion I would have for people who are booking this be careful...if you are on Royal Caribbean they let their tour groups off first on the tenders and everyone else next. We had to be very pushy and insist we were getting off at 8:30am instead of 9:30 when the ship authorities wanted us to get off. That said this was a great tour. Our guide was excellent and the access to the ruins was remarkable. I climbed up one structure and my wife was able to do 2...younger guests climbed as many as they had time to climb. When we were there (Jan.12/17) the roads were a mess and under repair so the bus ride was bumpy to say the least. We thought the tour of these ruins were the best we have ever seen.
Reviewer: Fred Anderson
5 Stars
Excellent Tour!
January 02, 2017
Our tour guide, Miss J, did an amazing job of showing us the city and the Altun Ha ruins. Most of the family got to climb the ruins for some incredible photos.
Reviewer: william osler
5 Stars
Excellent Tour!
December 28, 2016
Our tour guide was fantastic, with a rolling commentary most of the trip, we felt that we really learned much about the country and it's people. Altun Ha is very impressive, and even though I have mobility problems, I was able to make it to the main square so I could see all the big structures.
Reviewer: william osler
5 Stars
Beautiful Learning Experience
December 23, 2016
I was totally amazed to learn about the people of Belize and the Altun-Ha ruins. This tour was completely educational and well worth the trip. The tour guide that we had was incredible and so informative. She was also very caring and loving in nature.
Reviewer: Joanne Abel
5 Stars
Amazing tour
December 15, 2016
This tour was amazing. Very interesting. And Joice did a very good job. They just should provide more water
Reviewer: Evelyn Kn‰ble
5 Stars
December 09, 2016
Great tour good information the tour guides were very good went out of their way to make we enjoy each moment and provide great information on the ruins will book thur this one again wherever they provide tour service
Reviewer: Jesse
5 Stars
August 18, 2016
We took this tour several years ago, it was really excellent, the guide was really friendly and helpful. We were very impressed!!
Reviewer: Shawn Xu
5 Stars
Guide was very friendly and knowledgeable
May 27, 2016
Loved this excursion
Reviewer: Donna
5 Stars
May 16, 2016
This was a great trip. Not sure what to expect since it was not a cruise sponsored trip. But it was a great trip. The guide was very good and the activity level was low. We had a guy in a wheel chair and with a little help from different people things worked out great. The time for this trip was another reason we selected this trip . 4 hours compared to 8 .Would go again because it was fun
Reviewer: whalerjohn
5 Stars
May 05, 2016
Excellent tour guide, fine destination; but trip to/from was not for the timid. It was ROUGH with winding rutted roads and tested one's motion sickness tendencies. UGH! If you get past that, the hour at the site was GREAT. Turns out to be not nearly enough time on site for sure. There was so much more to see there. Wonderful destination, tough journey.
Reviewer: Lenna
4 Stars
Ruins tour
May 02, 2016
Our guide took good care of us. This is a long van ride, but our guide had water for us. A hot and humid day that we were there. The ruins were great and we enjoyed his knowledge of the area. Glad we went. If you have already been to the ruins, I probably would not go again during this time of year.
Reviewer: JOJO
5 Stars
Great trip
April 22, 2016
Our guide was fun!
Reviewer: Mb
5 Stars
Altun-Ha is wonderful. Gem of Belize.
April 22, 2016
The whole field trip is just wonderful. The guide (Miss J) has been very good.
Reviewer: Gene
5 Stars
Altun-Ha & Belize City Overview
April 21, 2016
Our tour guide Maria was very knowable, and entertaining. We traveled through the city, and got a chance to observe some highlights of Belize. The bus was very comfortable & Air-Conditioned!
Reviewer: Don & Delia
5 Stars
Very informative
April 16, 2016
Very educational, Mrs J was a blast
Reviewer: Tammy
5 Stars
I would do this tour again.
April 14, 2016
Guide was excellent. He gave us a great overview of Belize Ciry. The ruins were in an area I'd not been in before, found his knowledge of them interesting. The lunch we purchased was native food and very delicious.
Reviewer: Sandy
4 Stars
First time in Belize
April 06, 2016
What a perfect way to get an overview of Belize and the Altun-Ha ruins. Our guide was knowledgeable, our group was small, and the tour provided a positive picture of this country, its culture, its history and its people.
Reviewer: JT.s Gramma
5 Stars
We will be going back and taking this tour
April 04, 2016
Both our Belize and Cozumel tours were great. Our Belize guide was very knowledgeable about the city and willing to share her knowledge. We are going back to take the grandkids. We had a hick- up in Cozumel, but that did not stop our guide from delivering A plus service. He made us the priority. We would recommend this tour and this company.
Reviewer: Sunshine
5 Stars
Great day
March 28, 2016
Grounds are clean and ruins are majestic.
Reviewer: ThomasCruiseship
4 Stars
So glad we chose this introduction to ruins.
March 28, 2016
Pictures came out great
Reviewer: C & J
4 Stars
Great Experance
March 24, 2016
Great fun for all. I love the best that you can go up on the ruins as in most of Mexico you no longer can.
Reviewer: Danell
5 Stars
Altun-Ha ruins
March 23, 2016
Only downside was the lack of time available at the ruins. Would have rather spent the entire available time exploring rather that eating and short city tour. The ride is too long to have such a shortened exploration of the ruins. I wanted to take Joyce, our guide, home. Just loved her!!!!
Reviewer: Jim, the historian
4 Stars
Fun and Educational!
March 23, 2016
Enjoyed Joyce Williams the tour guide. Knowledgeable and very nice. Enjoyed the excursion.
Reviewer: Cyn
5 Stars
Pleased with our experienceWell
March 22, 2016
We feel we had good value for the cost of this trip. The newer air conditioned bus trip was just long enough while we were informed by our tour guide, who was most knowledgeable and native of the area. Even cold bottled water was provided. We chose not to eat or drink the local food but many on this tour did. The tour of Belize City was under whelming. The city appeared to be poor, underdeveloped giving us little reason to want to stop. Overall we were pleased with the Mayan ruins.
Reviewer: Frank the artist
4 Stars
GREAT guide + very interesting
March 15, 2016
The trip to the Mayan ruins was very interesting. Our guide was very informative and did a GREAT job!
Reviewer: Pam
4 Stars
I highly recommend this tour!
March 13, 2016
The tour company was great. They met us at the dock and took us to a place to check in and wait for the small group van tour. We prefer this size instead of the huge buses the cruise companies us. Miss J (Judy) was an excellent guide and so much fun. It was amazing to stand in the center of the Mayan ruins.
Reviewer: BBabe
5 Stars
Altun-Ha and Belize City
March 12, 2016
Wonderful tour of Altun-Ha and the city of Belize, BUT the tour wouldn't have been as exciting if it wasn't for our wonderful tour guide Jocye Williams, she brought life to the ruins and excitement to the city aspect of our tour. The ""only"" downside of the tour was we traveled in school bus, and we all know how comfortable those are!
Reviewer: Peted
5 Stars
I would do it again
March 10, 2016
very good
Reviewer: Gordy
5 Stars
Great tour!
March 10, 2016
Great tour. Very accomadating and educational.
Reviewer: Cruisers
4 Stars
This excursion was well worth going!
March 02, 2016
My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the Altun Ha Excursion. The experienced guides made the bus ride educational and fun. The ruins were everything we expected and more. The guides are very caring and answered every question and weren't pushy. I would recommend this excursion it is a great value.
Reviewer: First timer
4 Stars
Great excursion!
March 01, 2016
It was a very educational tour and Altun-Ha was beautiful place to visit.
Reviewer: Dee
4 Stars
We had a wonderful time on this excursion.
February 17, 2016
Our tour guide was a wonderful person & she was very informative. We had a great time with her.
Reviewer: N/A
5 Stars
This is an excellent tour
February 15, 2016
The tour guide was outstanding, very knowledgeable and personable.
Reviewer: ABMcIntyre
4 Stars
Wow, climbing up Mayan ruins.
February 02, 2016
My only regret is that we did not have more time. We only had enough time to get to the top of only two of the structures, but it was still an amazing trip.
Reviewer: Newbie Cruiser
4 Stars
We found the visit to Altun Ha quite interesting.
January 31, 2016
It was OK - a bit tiring for me as there was quite a bit of walking at the Mayan site
Reviewer: Audie
4 Stars
Informative and recommended!
January 26, 2016
First trip to Belize and wanted to get a feel for the culture and the people. The ruins were very interesting and the tour of the city was informative. Our guide was knowledgeable and very proud of her country. Some other reviewers might say she was too talkative but better more information than less. This laid-back tour was perfect for my wife and I (60-ish) but I would not recommend it for families with small children or the really, really adventurous.
Reviewer: PG&CG
4 Stars
A Cultural Adventure
January 21, 2016
Though I've been to Mexico before, this was my first time visiting any of the Mayan ruins. Both the tour guide on the bus, who shared her country's history as we drove to the site. The bus ride there was a sightseeing adventure by itself. At the ruins, our 2nd guide, who was Mayan walked us through the ruins, which spectacular. We have great pics and some new friends. The vendors were pricey, so we just bought souvenirs in town. But we had an excellent meal of local specialties at the restaurant there.
Reviewer: Glam Ma
5 Stars
Excellent day learning about the Mayans
January 14, 2016
Very informative tour. Our tour guide, Rose, was very informed and funny. We learned a lot of interesting things about Belize City on our way to the Ruins. Dino also knew a lot about the Mayans. I did not know a whole lot about the Mayan Ruins before our trip except for it was a historical site that I needed to see while I was down that way :) Dino gave us a lot of information and he just seemed to have all kinds of Mayan info stored in his head. I enjoyed learning about the Mayans and then having the opportunity to explore the ruins on our own. There were only 2 cons to this trip. First was the bus ride. It was a pretty long and bumpy ride but we can't very well pick up the ruins and move them closer to port! The second is the mosquitos. We took and put on bug spray but we still got quite a few bites. That again is something that cannot really be controlled but just be prepared! Neither of these things would keep me from recommending this trip or going again myself. We had a great time!
Reviewer: Monica
5 Stars
Land Coach verses River Tour
January 13, 2016
Two excursions for Mayan Ruins at this stop - one by land coach and other by river then a bus ride. We took the land coach one. Guide was exceptional; Ruins were great, food was good, be sure to take time to go through the Mayan Artifacts Museum when you get back to the city - it's right by the dock.
Reviewer: DivinDave
5 Stars
December 31, 2015
Miss J was an amazing guide.. Very animated and funny..
Reviewer: beth
5 Stars
Altun-Ha via Belize City
December 28, 2015
Very knowledgeable guides whit a wealth a varied information & History
Reviewer: Big Ed
4 Stars
Great Guides
December 01, 2015
Our guide met us first thing right off the ship even though w were early. He took us where we were to meet and checked us in. We were then free to shop or do what ever until time to leave. Enjoyed our guides very much. They were very knowledgeable. We had several people on our tour that were unable to walk the grounds so one of the guides took them back to a place to be seated and stayed with them. Really had a good time on this tour.
Reviewer: Swttxhny35
5 Stars
Great Guide
November 24, 2015
Joyce was very knowledgeable. Would recommend.
Reviewer: Dr J
5 Stars
worth the time and money
November 19, 2015
It was fun
Reviewer: Anonymous
4 Stars
So Awesome
November 03, 2015
Our tour guide was amazing she made my children feel so welcome and tried to get them involved in the tour. She answered all out questions and made the trip just amazing!!!
Reviewer: Family of Five
5 Stars
Glad We Did It
September 02, 2015
Great trip. Guides were very good and had answers to all our questions.
Reviewer: Simon SC
5 Stars
Beilize wonder
August 20, 2015
The Mayan Temple ruins were spectacular!! Ms. Joy our tour guide was so pleasant, stopped on the way to the ruins for a local rum tasting!!! She also suggested we eat lunch at the restaurant on the site and had the best rice and beans!!!
Reviewer: Wildi the explorer
5 Stars
rainy but worth it
July 17, 2015
although it rained during majority of trip, guides were very up and informative...loved seeing the ruins
Reviewer: senior traveler
5 Stars
Fantastic excursion
June 09, 2015
We were blessed with ""Ms. J"" as our tour guide. She was fantastic, extremely knowledgable, and a lot of fun. As our group consisted of only six people, we had extra time to see the sights and the local life thru Ms. J's eyes. Enroute to the ruins, (about a 40 min drive) we stopped at a local winery and met the winemaker and had free samples of his wines. A blackberry wine, cashew nut wine, and a floral wine which name escapes me now. They were all different, yet not bad. Upon arrival at the ruins, Ms J proceeded to take us up on top of the nearest ruin and give us some history and an overview of the site. She even acted as official photographer so all could be in the pictures. After covering the ruins, we went to lunch at the cafe onsite and then headed back to town. as we still had some free time M s J then took us thru the city and explained all of the history of the people, the buildings, and the neighborhoods. She was an excellent tour guide with a great sense of humor as well. We've travelled extensively through the the world and have done tens of tours and Ms J Williams made this one of the best excursions we've been on as far as educational value, local insight, comfort and value. I'd highly recommend this trip, but you MUST ask for Ms. J to be your guide. Enjoy.
Reviewer: Capt. Dave
5 Stars
If you can survive the'll enjoy
April 24, 2015
The guide, Joyce, was very personable and friendly. The ride was rough as we had been warned. The ruins were interesting and I would have liked to have spent more time there. You are allowed to climb the Temple of the Sun but I wouldn't recommend it if you have physical aliments.
Reviewer: bellbus
4 Stars
Great Time
April 07, 2015
My wife and I took this excursion and we were very impressed. The tour guides were very informative while traveling the city and showing the local culture. The tour takes place on an air conditioned tour bus. The ruins were beautiful and we were free to climb them. We went during the end of March and it was VERY HOT. Be prepared for the heat. I wished that I had water with me. At Altun-Ha there are locals selling food, drinks and local crafts. They have beautiful mahogany carvings for sale. I would do this tour again but to a different ruin.
Reviewer: Chipster
5 Stars
Interesting tour!
April 04, 2015
The Altun Ha tour was very nice. We enjoyed Ms. J our tour guide. She was a lot of fun and did a great tour! She made sure my sister-in-law was doing well, since she tires easily. Folks could walk as little or as much as they wanted, and it was done at a reasonable pace. We were offered bottled water as needed too! The ruins were awesome, and being with a small group was great!
Reviewer: Marian
5 Stars
Once in a lifetime experience
April 02, 2015
There were 4 in my group and we all thoroughly enjoyed this excursion. It started out with a nice city tour hosted by Ms. J. She was very knowledgeable, fun and entertaining. Once we got to Altun-Ha and started the tour, it was amazing. This was something I've always wanted to see but never thought I would. I've been telling everyone here at home how beautiful the ruins were and if they ever got the chance, they needed to make it a point to come here.
Reviewer: Mickey
5 Stars
A fun learning adventure
March 28, 2015
Our guide, Miss Jay, was great. We enjoyed her stories and personnel attention. The hour ""butt message"", as she called it, ride was worth it to get to the ruins. In our haste, we left a package at the ruins and she got it the next day & mailed it to our home. Not sure how many would bother to that.
Reviewer: JB & Judy
5 Stars
ruins and city tour
March 04, 2015
Belize city is very much a third world country and you see that aspect on this tour. They loaded a full tour bus on a trip thru the city, then out on about a 45 minute dirt hwy ride to the ruins. Along the way we were entertained by the guides, then again at the site with information about the area. We were given cold water to drink.You could climb if you wanted many areas. I very much enjoyed it!!
Reviewer: rnsweetheart
4 Stars
Good value
March 03, 2015
Miss J, our guide was great. Good sense of humour and answered all the questions asked. Very patriotic.
Reviewer: Cute tourist
4 Stars
A good value
February 27, 2015
The accommodations were tight and uncomfortable, but the patois of the guide made up for this. She was well prepared and knew her stuff! The guide at the ruins was also very well informed and provided some great background information.
Reviewer: Roamin' Rosie
4 Stars
good tour, good history, good guide
February 15, 2015
Tour guide (Janice?) was friendly and full of history info. We enjoyed the tour and the sites. She stayed with us, explaining what we were seeing and the area history. She provided water but frankly I wish we could have stopped for some local beer!
Reviewer: Don
4 Stars
Lovely excursion
February 14, 2015
Ms. J was an entertaining tour guide, as was her partner. They both gave you a real insider's look into some of the Mayan, and other Hispanic, Native Indian, and African cultures that formed the Belizian culture. Great trip for those interested in cultural, sociological, and historial excursions. Good for children and elderly, but most be able to walk on different kinds of terrain. Not a flip flip stroll. Beautiful scenery, allowed to climb on ruins.
Reviewer: Olda Dee
4 Stars
Awsome attraction
January 19, 2015
Fantastic view of history. Guide was fantastic.
Reviewer: Russ the zipper
5 Stars
Overall good experience
January 01, 2015
Overall the excursion was enjoyable. Of the 2 guides, the man was obviously educated and a great 'teacher',sharing lots of history, culture, and other items of interest. The woman was a bit obnoxious. She had a knowledge of her subject matter (Altun-Ha), but had a loud and 'brash' manner.
Reviewer: P & T
4 Stars
Great Tour!
December 02, 2014
First I want to say that they are fair. We had two people that were sick and stayed on the ship (Norwegian Sun) and they had no problem adjusting the reservation for us. Joyce was a great tour guide, she not only gave you the historical facts she breathed life into the history. She was fun! We were able to climb the temple fairly easily ..I even saw a lady with a cane and an elder lady make it to the top. The food at Atun-Ha Mayan Temple (sp?) was good and priced fairly ($6). You have to try the freshly cut coconut water from the ad hoc vendors ($2/coconut).
Reviewer: Zendog
5 Stars
This was the highlight of our trip!
November 26, 2014
This was an excellen excursion.Ms. J was our guide, she did a fantastic job both navigating the roads and sharing knowledge. Well done!
Reviewer: HRH Holly
4 Stars
Informative and interesting tour
November 14, 2014
We wanted to do one slower paced and somewhat cultural activity while we were on out trip. This as a pretty good choice. Our guides were good, the bus was nice, and the ruins themselves were pretty impressive. There is even a restaurant on site. I could see some people being a little nervous about eating there, but it was good and I felt fine after eating there.
Reviewer: First time cruiser
4 Stars
Tour exceeds my expectations
October 29, 2014
We had such a great time in Belize getting to learn about the people, culture and ruins. Our tour guides Ms. J and Marcus were extremely knowledgeable and energetic. My family, ages ranged from 70's-9 yrs of age, all had a wonderful time and were able to enjoy the tour at our own pace. Marcus took the non-climbers and continued their tour while Ms. J took those of us that wanted to clim the temple to the top to enjoy the beautiful scenery and snap pictures.
Reviewer: Stela
5 Stars
Great Guide!
September 09, 2014
Our tour got off to a rocky start. Belize is a tender port and the instructions are adamant that you must be on the first tender off the ship to make the tour. We got up early and rushed to get to shore only to be told to wait an hour, then another 15 minutes, then a little longer. I was not a happy camper. Then we met our guide Joyce. As many others have commented before, she is fantastic. Super energetic and a wealth of knowledge. We were in a van with one other couple and talked about all sorts of things on the way to the ruins. We stopped to sample some cashew wine and talk to the guy that made it. At the ruins, she knew her stuff. The roads are bumpy on the way and it's a bit out of town, but an interesting drive where you can see the real Belize. If they could get there stuff together at the check in process, this would be a 5 star tour in my book.
Reviewer: King_Willie
4 Stars
Great trip
August 28, 2014
Guide was friendly and knowledgeable.
Reviewer: Kathy from NYS
4 Stars
A must take tour with excellent guides
May 30, 2014
Miss J - our guide - is a fountain of interesting facts about Belize City and the surrounding area. The ride to the ruins was fabulous with her bubbly personality and engaging facts. The other guide (whose name escapes me) was very knowledgeable on the history and culture of the ruins. Was an excellent tour and we plan to book another in November.
Reviewer: Sock Money
4 Stars
Loved the tour guides
May 16, 2014
These were the most entertaining as well as educated tour guides on the Mayan ruins. On our drive over to the ruins they told us about their island and all the great things about it. The ruins were well kept up and the guide definitely knew her stuff. Would do it again in a heartbeat.
Reviewer: LoveBelize
4 Stars
Joyce and history man were great
May 07, 2014
Excellent guide-small numbers-friendly.
Reviewer: larry
5 Stars
Guide was a real kick
April 20, 2014
Guide was a real kick, made the tour fun. Speaker system in van did not work well and A/C was noisy, making it a bit difficult to always hear guide well. Not a lot of interest to see in Belize City.
Reviewer: travel pro
4 Stars
Amazing sites at Altun-Ha
March 26, 2014
Bus ride was very informative,as guide gave talk on Belize City and answered questions from travelers.
Reviewer: Gary from Texas
5 Stars
Would do it again
March 22, 2014
Excellent Marcus and JJ were excellent, and very knowledgeable. Would recommend this to everyone
Reviewer: Gail and Steve
5 Stars
Good Value
March 07, 2014
Our guide was extremely knowledgeable. The ride to the ruins was exhausting as the roads are in terrible condition
Reviewer: Annabelle
4 Stars
February 28, 2014
Very nice to see different cultures and it make us appreciate where we live.
Reviewer: Marc
4 Stars
Excellent Tour
February 25, 2014
Our tour guide, Joyce, made the excursion!! Many were unable to get off the ship in a timely fashion and were late for the excursion. Joyce waited as long as possible, thus cutting into the tours time. However, she was a mountain of information about her city and about Altun-Ha. Her knowledge and love of her country were evident in everything she said and did. The trip was somewhat long and over some very bad roads but well worth it. Many things to see along the way. I can't say enough about Joyce, you have to experience her for yourself. I'd take the tour again!!
Reviewer: Terry
5 Stars
Very good tour
February 19, 2014
The guide was excellent in knowledge and great in his talk. Enjoyed the trip very much! The driver was excellent as the rodes are narrow and bumpy but he did a great job of getting us around!
Reviewer: Chris
5 Stars
So So
February 13, 2014
Reviewer: Kenny
4 Stars
So much more than I expected
February 11, 2014
Our guide, Miss Joyce was just amazing with her knowledge and the obvious love of what she does. The Altun-Ha Ruins were wonderful, the experience was enlightening and will be a very positive memory from our cruise.
Reviewer: None
5 Stars
Wet Day
February 06, 2014
The rain was not the fault of the tour and they were very gracious in helping from falling and with use of umbrellas. The information was good and the ruins were interesting.
Reviewer: Phyl
4 Stars
A day well spent!
February 03, 2014
Away from the shopping and into the countryside! Our guide, Joyce, was knowledgeable, funny, and a great driver. She could even sing us the Belize national anthem! Because of her local knowledge and acquaintance, we also got some special surprise extra stops. There were longer trips to the archeological sites and into the jungle, but this was the right length to be unhurried and not worry about leaving or getting back on time.
Reviewer: Marathon John
5 Stars
well worth the visit
January 28, 2014
A must see for a Mayan Adventure
Reviewer: Norman Paperman owner Coral Reef Club
5 Stars
Great Excursion
January 05, 2014
This was fun, and informative excursion. Miss J ""Joyce"" our tour guide was very upbeat and full of facts about the island and Altun Ha. We drove about 30 mins to get to the ruins, the roads are not in very good condition, lots of potholes. Not the tours fault. Joyce answered our questions and volunteered information during the whole tour. I was excited that we actually got to climb to the top of the ruins and touch and feel. Some tours only let you view from behind roped off areas. Our tour was just the 7 of us, so was very personalized. A few large buses from the ships tours came after we had gotten there. We got some great pictures of just us on the grounds. I would book with this company again.
Reviewer: familytravelguide
5 Stars
Very interesting and enjoyable.
December 13, 2013
I knew the trip would be long and rough (though air conditioned) so this wasn't a surprise. The guide rambled on with an absolute wealth of cultural and historical knowledge. The ruins were interesting, the guide well informed and and quite a character. We went through the town a bit with more history lessons. The pace was calm, climbing the pyramids was only mildly taxing (I'm retirement age, though not retired!) Enjoyed it throroughly.
Reviewer: CoolShade
5 Stars
Great Experience
November 17, 2013
Dave our Guide was very knowledgeable the Once we finally got to the Ruins it was a great experience. The ride out was an hour and half small narrow road with very large holes which made it even better since its a once in a lifetime trip.
Reviewer: Matt Nichols
5 Stars
September 04, 2013
This adventure was great from start to finish! Miss ""J"" was extremely knowledgable and has the perfect personality for a tour guide. The ruins were amazing - can't remember when I've learned so much & the climb to the top was super!!! It was very hot , but she gave us extra water & made sure we were comfortable (the van was air conditioned). We stopped for lunch & we could purchase a snack or more as we desired. There were only 6 of us, & Miss ""J"" made the tour very fun & informative. She even sang the national anthem of Belize! We would highly recommend this tour!!!
Reviewer: Mark & Mary
5 Stars
Great tour guide!
June 18, 2013
We had Joyce as a guide and she was AMAZING! She showed us all of Belize City and was a great guide when we got to Altun-Ha. I felt badly for other who werent getting the great information that we were. Joyce gave us water for the ride in her airconditioned SUV and even stopped at a local stand for fresh mango and wine tasting. She showed us local plants and explained what they were used for. She also made sure we had enough bug spray and told us when to apply it. Then she took us to a place for some local food which was great. She even sung us the Belize national anthem! Great excursion!!
Reviewer: ChristinaandJames
5 Stars
just do it
March 28, 2013
The guide knew a lot, but sometimes got a bit overexcited. Gave good advise concerning lunch.
Reviewer: do it all
4 Stars
We left knowing we wanted to come back
March 12, 2013
A great view of the Mayan past, the ruins, insight into the people of Belize past and present.
Reviewer: Historybuff
4 Stars
Surprised myself
March 07, 2013
It was really hot, even in February, but tour guides can't control that. Just be prepared! Well worth seeing and far better, I think, than the cruise line's set prattle.
Reviewer: Bee thee won
5 Stars
Don't miss this great tour!!!!
February 23, 2013
Our tour guide Joyce, was a riot!! Not only was she funny, but she was extremely knowledgeable about the area and the ruins. Personalble and energectic, she gave us a great tour w/loads of info along the hour long bus ride to the ruins. Thinking it would be a LONG ride, it went by quickly with her describing all the sites & local history along the way. She gave loads of info once at the ruins & we had ample time to shop, eat, & take loads of photos. We are soooo glad we did this wonderfully informative cultural tour! Joyce even sang the Belize National anthem for us, and sang it well after talking for nearly 2 hours! Kudos to Joyce!!
Reviewer: Sue P
5 Stars
What an awesome excursion!
February 13, 2013
We had never been to Mayan ruins before and didn't know which to pick. This one was interesting because of the jade found there. Even though it was raining, we wanted to climb to the top of the tallest pyramid because we would probably never be back. Joyce, our guide was a good sport and went with us. The local booths that were set up afterwards were interesting--wood carving, coconuts, souvenirs
Reviewer: Kat
4 Stars
Really great tour
February 10, 2013
The Mayan ruins were what I was most interested in. And I thought the whole tour was wonderful. We were able to climb up the temple and our guides were terrific.
Reviewer: GlamoRabbi
5 Stars
Long bus ride but the ruin were great
February 09, 2013
Climbing :)
Reviewer: Pg
4 Stars
Great Excursion
January 31, 2013
The temple site was awsome! The guide was very informative and nice. The bus ride to the temples was about 45 min. each way and we stopped to sample local wine on the way. I wish we could have had more time at the site to explore a little more and maybe stopped to eat.
Reviewer: Timbo
4 Stars
Good diversion from boat
January 25, 2013
Excellent guide and great local food at the cafe at the site!
Reviewer: BR
4 Stars
Wonderful time
January 22, 2013
Our Tour guide Joyce was wonderful. All of the guides were very knowledgeable.
Reviewer: Donna
4 Stars
A good tour
January 12, 2013
Getting set up at the home base, after we had taken the tender from the boat, was a little chaotic. They were trying to organize multiple tours at once out of a small alleyway. It was over an hour before our tour finally got underway. Once at the site, our guide, Herbert, was a very good guide. He was very knowledgeable, and gave us time to roam and climb. He was a little hard to hear, as we had a big group (a whole bus full), but I think he gave his all in explaining and making the site interesting. The site itself had a lot of kids asking for money - a dollar for a photo or selling chips, etc, which was mildly annoying but no fault of the tour group. It just meant that you had to keep saying ""No thanks"" the whole time. The ""City Overview"" part basically consisted of pointing out some areas of interest as we drove back to the dock. Joyce, the guide on the bus, was engaging, and she did give us a little insight to Belize City. The only negative was on the way to the site. The bus pulled over on the side of the road and a street vendor, who was selling bottles of homemade wine, got on board to sell his wine. He poured little samples for everyone and then proceeded to take orders for bottles at $5.00 a bottle. I don't like when I'm forced into a sales pitch when I've paid good money to be taken somewhere else. This cost us about 20 minutes of time. Also, my dad is a recovering alcoholic, and to have someone walk onboard offering cups of wine puts him in a very uncomfortable position. That is something that should be addressed. We had no way of knowing that he would have to face that on the trip to the archeological site. Other than that, the tour was a good tour. I would recommend it on the merit of learning and being exposed to the culture of the people. Just be cautioned that this tour may force you into a sales pitch from someone that is obviously working in partnership with the tour group.
Reviewer: Linda
4 Stars
I would buy from this company again.
December 29, 2012
It was everything I imagined and more.
Reviewer: Em
4 Stars
I would recommend this tour.
December 08, 2012
The tour guide, Joyce, was very personal and very informitive. She new her s--t. I loved the politicl aspect of Belize City. The ruins were impressive.
Reviewer: Dollar Bill
5 Stars
Small group was a real asset
November 21, 2012
It rained the day we went. I would definitely recommend tennis shoes for safe climbing of the ruins. The ride was also bumpy for people with bad backs.
Reviewer: Linda
4 Stars
Interesting trip
November 21, 2012
Would definitely recommend wearing tennis shoes for climbing the ruins, especially in wet weather. I enjoyed the fact that the group was small and guide related well to us, showing us many extras along the way.
Reviewer: Claudia
4 Stars
learn and have fun
October 22, 2012
Have fun, but know your limits. Stairs are big work out.
Reviewer: Margarita
5 Stars
I would do this again
June 14, 2012
We were to have gone on the Cave Tubing Adventure, but due to excessive rain the week before, it was cancelled. This was a wonderful substitute.
Reviewer: The Cruisers
5 Stars
March 31, 2012
Very educational, He was very informative
Reviewer: Us
4 Stars
unique Mayan ruins
March 01, 2012
Reviewer: Carty
5 Stars
February 29, 2012
Reviewer: DEE
4 Stars
Great Mayan Ruins!
January 04, 2012
Very interestin tour of the Mayan ruins. Guides were very informative.
Reviewer: Pete the Pilot
4 Stars
Did both quite well!
December 02, 2011
We had a wonderful, knowledgeable guide that made the experience fun. Liked climbing the ruins!
Reviewer: Susan A.
5 Stars
A must see
July 07, 2011
Thebest part of our cruise. Our guide Jorge was very knowledgeable and helpful and gave us an excellent tour. I would recommend him and the tour service to anyone for a taste of culture and for the true story of the ruins at Altun-Ha
Reviewer: none
5 Stars
Absolutely Amazing!
June 02, 2011
Our guide met us at the dock and drove us out to the site. He made the long ride entertaining and educational. He even purchased some local food items from a roadside vendor for the whole van to taste. The site itself was amazing and a once in a lifetime adventure for me and my husband. Thank you.
Reviewer: back of the bus brian
5 Stars
Excellent Excursion ! I will go again.
June 01, 2011
Tour guides very knowledable. The ruins were wonderful to see and learn about. Carlos and Charlie were the best tour guides in the world for this experience ! They knew about every plant and animal along the way as well as every aspect of the history and culture of the Mayan Indians and the information of the Mayan Ruins. A jewel of an excursion.
Reviewer: Lynxmom
5 Stars
A chance of a lifetime
May 27, 2011
The tour guides were great. They made us laugh and enjoy the trip. And their knowledge of the Mayan ruins was amazing.
Reviewer: turfmanch
5 Stars
Altun-Ha was a wonderful excursion!
May 26, 2011
It was something that I always wanted to see and it met and exceeded my expectations. The road to/from was a big rough.
Reviewer: Ron - Mayan Interested
5 Stars
Great tour and very educational
May 13, 2011
We had a great time on the tour and definitely a highlight of the trip. A few tips to make it even more enjoyable. Check the Belize local time with ship's services the night before. Due to the tendering process we thought we needed to get up early, but we did not (my mistake). Eat a good breakfast on the ship, since there is no food available on the tour (only purchasing chips from local vendors) and bring snacks. Plenty of water was provided. The tour ended and we only had time to grab the next to last tender. We were 3 families with 4 kids between us on the tour. It was a little rough for our age ranges of 6 and 8, but they made the most of the adventure even without DS. There were not many excursion options for this age group so after 3 ports at the beach we chose to go the cultural route. Our tour guide and bus driver were excellent and we had the ruin site to ourselves since our tour had 14 people (9 were us) and the Carnival tour came earlier. Great tour for a rustic country.
Reviewer: EDHcruisers
5 Stars
Fantastic Day
May 06, 2011
The guide was excellent. He was very personable. He knew the history of the Mayans, which fascinated me. A+
Reviewer: Suds
5 Stars
Wonderful Day!
May 05, 2011
We loved our tour guide. She was so imformative and took us around the city to see sites that we would never have seen on a excursion booked from the cruise line.
Reviewer: Kat
5 Stars
Beautiful Scenery
April 14, 2011
This excursion was selected as a part of my cruise because I am very interested in history. The excursion was wonderful and very well delivered by the guide. I would do it again if I went back to Belize City.
Reviewer: Trouble
4 Stars
March 24, 2011
great tour.... Thanks carlos for the fresh local banana...
Reviewer: Viki
4 Stars
Belize City Tour and Altun-Ha
January 17, 2011
We enjoyed this tour!
Reviewer: dumar
4 Stars