Belize City and Rum Factory Tour

Belize City Tour
June 14, 2023
We very much enjoyed this excursion. It was our first trip to Belize and we wanted to hear about its culture and history. Our Driver was excellent and exceeded our expectations. The addition of the Rum Factory Tour was also very good, but you need to be ready to drink at 10am!
Reviewer: Boyd
5 Stars
Getting to know Belize!
May 18, 2023
Enjoyed the city tour. The driver was very knowledgeable about the history of Belize. He explained the education & economic differences of the U.S. and Belize. No free public education. The cost of gasoline was approximately $8.00, even with their poverty level.
Reviewer: Alice Harris
5 Stars
Well worth the price
March 30, 2020
Our group of four really enjoyed this trip. The guide was terrific and knowledgeable.
Reviewer: Bruce Butterfield
5 Stars
Belize City and Rum Tour
March 26, 2020
Our experiance was wonderful!!
Reviewer: Mary Chapman
5 Stars
A Fun Tour
February 20, 2020
The people were very friendly, the rum was very good.
Reviewer: Raymond Downs
5 Stars
February 19, 2020
Enjoyed the tour
Reviewer: Luc Savoie
4 Stars
Belize City and Rum Factory Tour
January 02, 2020
We had a great time on this excursion. They combined our excursion with the party bus tour. We rode in the party bus with the music and bar yet the tour guide seemed to be very knowledgeable and we went all over the place.
Reviewer: Deborah Todd
5 Stars
Interesting & informative
December 27, 2019
This driving tour of Belize City was a good choice for my wife and me. We wanted to see the city and learn something about the social and cultural history. Our tour guide was Cardinal, who did an excellent job. He is first rate, providing humor and information during a well planned itinerary. Our visit to the Rum Factory was interesting, although we aren't big drinkers. There wasn't too much of a hard sell on the rum, and we did get to sample some different products. My review is four rather than five stars simply because the drivers seem to use their personal vehicles.
Reviewer: Isaac
4 Stars
The real experience!
September 27, 2019
This was, I would have to say, the greatest of all the excursions we took on our trip! Dennis our guide was fabulous we told him before we started that we really wanted to see the real Belize not just the tourist part and he delivered in spades! he let us see The Good, the bad, and the ugly of Belize. It broke our hearts to see the poor poverty areas that these people that were born and raised there have to live in and really made us think about the differences in places around the world. Dennis was fabulous, he was the most realistic person we met he was awesome in his tour, he even went out of his way to take us after the tour was over to a local place to eat lunch and it was great, he is a true down to earth man who is definitely not paid for what he puts into it. I think he's a real gem. I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for all that he did for us and no amount of money we could give him could ever be what he deserves thank you Dennis so much.
Reviewer: Jamie Barczewski
5 Stars
The only 2 people on the excursion
September 25, 2019
Carlos ,our guide was exceptional he was very knowleagable and entertaining. If we ever revisit we will surely want to see him. We adored him hope him and his family are well. Thanks
Reviewer: Elnora Wright
5 Stars
September 09, 2019
We were a group of 4 and we had a blast on this tour. Our Guide CARDINAL was so informative and funny. We got to learn so much about the island, its people, culture, history and food. He made us laugh along the way and the RUM factory was great! Cardinal explained the different liquors and gave us a tour of the Museum! I couldn't imagine doing the tour with another guide! A must see...
Reviewer: junithia
5 Stars
Fun Tour
August 07, 2019
This was a fun tour. We all piled in a van and were given a tour of the city by a real cool tour guide. He showed us first hand how the locals drive. On the way to the rum factory, we passed one Of the many street vendors selling coconuts out of the back of a pickup truck. He stopped the track. We gave him some money and he got out and got us some coconuts water to drink. I got my coconut water in a bottle. I got to watch them chop to ask off the coconut and pour the water into a bottle. Other people wanted to keep the coconut and drink coconut water from a straw. So We watch the vendor chop off the husk and poke a hole in the coconut and put a straw inside it for us. The rum factory tour was also good. But it’s a very small building. We enjoyed the samples. Excellent rum. I would take this tour the next time I go there again.
Reviewer: Monte
5 Stars
Excellent Tour
May 30, 2019
I thought this was a great excursion. The guys were waiting for you upon arrival and disembarkation off the ship.They were patient and waited for another group that was running a little behind for the tour.The guide we had (Cardinal) was extremely knowledgeable about the island and it's culture. He took us around, showing us some of the major landmarks. His vibe/energy was very authentic and welcoming; you can tell he was well informed and loved what he did. The Rum Factory tour was pretty cool. The group and I learned a lot about Rum and how it's distilled. It is a smaller factory, but the impact was large. We were able to taste different rums (first two: free then, 2.00 USD there after). After the tour, the guide was kind enough to take us to one of the more popular (local) places for food, where we were able to eat true Belizean food. The food was delicious and we thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it. I would highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Aurora
5 Stars
May 02, 2019
For me was the best tour i book . The meet appointement great . Tour guide excellent and the tour very nice . Recommandation
Reviewer: Samia Nabli
5 Stars
Highly recommend
May 02, 2019
This was a great tour of the city! Both Dennis, our tour guide and Phillip, our driver were excellent!! I learned a lot about the city and I will be back to visit Belize!! Beautiful people and country!! The rum factory is small, but informative. The rum is delicious and there are many to chose from.
Reviewer: Michele
5 Stars
The REAL Belize City
April 24, 2019
This tour took us into areas the others don’t, We were looking for a no candy coated tour, and this was it. The guide Dennis was great and answered everyone’s questions, we purchased a few things on the tour to help out the locals, as this is mostly a poor city, and life can be hard here. We would love to go back again one day.
Reviewer: LB Carl
5 Stars
Fun and Informational
March 04, 2019
Our tour personnel, Norman and Phillip, had great personalities and made the tour interesting and informational. I don't think we would have enjoyed driving around Belize City on our own nor would we have learned so much about it. The only down side to the trip was at the rum factory. While we enjoyed trying the different types of rum, we were not allowed into the "museum". Maybe the title of this excursion should be Belize City Tour with a stop at a Rum Store.
Reviewer: Laura
5 Stars
Basically a city tour
March 03, 2019
The guide was very informative and funny and the city tour was very enjoyable, however I was really looking forward to the rum factory tour, thought I’d see the process though it turns out it was more or less just a stop for you to purchase the rum.
Reviewer: Lisa Klages
3 Stars
Belize City and Rum Factory Tour
February 28, 2019
Great tour and Rum tasting.
Reviewer: D Chavez
5 Stars
Glad we chose this tour
February 06, 2019
It rained on our day in Belize city so glad we chose this tour. Great way to see the city and nice stop at the rum factory. Tour guide was great. Would definitely recommend this tour to anyone.
Reviewer: Kelly Taylor
5 Stars
Interesting tour
January 16, 2019
The day we took the tour was the day after Christmas. This was a holiday so there wasn't much going on. The tour guide was great and the rum factory was okay. It was not running the day we were there.
Reviewer: Lenisse Lippert
3 Stars
My favorite excursion!
January 09, 2019
My sister and I really enjoyed this tour! Our guide Cardinal was amazing, funny, and extremely knowledgeable about his country. I was so impressed. We got to see the different parts of Belize, shops, markets, major landmarks, and neighborhoods. The Rum factory tour was great...again Cardinal was so knowledgeable. I tasted several different types of Rum and visited the Rum museum. Yes, my sister and I bought some rum and rum cake...yummm! Cardinal took us to the Belize sign and we took pictures. Afterwards, once the tour ended Cardinal was so gentlemanly and gracious he escorted my sister and I to the nearby village flea market so we could take pictures and buy some authentic Belizean pieces...priceless. Out of all the excursions...this was our absolute favorite!
Reviewer: Stanlie
5 Stars
Good value
December 08, 2018
Our guide was friendly and informative for the city tour. One shot of liquor was included -- the rest you paid for. But I would still recommend the tour as interesting.
Reviewer: Deborah Grantham
4 Stars
Tour to Belize City
November 07, 2018
Guide was GREAT!!! He made our tour extremely interesting with his humor and knowledgeable of his city... A nice way to see the city. Thank you.
Reviewer: January Roskelly
5 Stars
October 14, 2018
This was an awesome tour we had ao much fun and our tour guide Cardinal was awesome he was very knowledgeable and cool. The rum factory let you try shots of the different alcohols 2 for $1. We had so much fun on this tour and would definitely do it again if he was our tour guide. It did kind of suck that we didnt get a chance to take a picture in front of the Belize sign but i think we all forgot
Reviewer: Dorian
5 Stars
Hell and Back!
September 28, 2018
Terrific excursion, the guide was exceptional and the tour was very informative. Bought Rum, Hot Sauces, and visited Hell.
Reviewer: Dirk and Sharon Brewka
5 Stars
Fun for all
September 17, 2018
It was a little difficult to locate our driver. He was located outside the port gates. Once we figured that out, our driver Cardinal, loaded us into his mini van w/ another couple. He was very informative and drove us thru different neighborhoods. The factory is small w/ a display on how the rum was made back in the day. We had free samples, if you wanted more you would pay $1. My daughter had just turned 21 so they gave her a full free drink, & from what I can tell it was strong :) We also purchased rum to take home. Outside a guy was selling Cashews, they were the best! On the way back to port we asked our driver to find us a nice place for a local lunch. He took us to a place near the port where we had the best beans and rice ever! It was very clean & nice. Our driver was so excited we wanted to eat locally he hugged us :) We had the best time visiting the vendors outside the port. Plus you can save lots of money buying from them directly.
Reviewer: M Bunting
5 Stars
Nice Tour
August 13, 2018
Our tour group consisted of 3 people,so was like our own private tour. Our guide, Cardinal, was very gracious and knowledgeable.
Reviewer: Joanne Montgomery
5 Stars
Belize Tour
July 30, 2018
The guide was great! Courtious, informative, and helps you in and out of the van. Most of the city is run down and dirty in my opinion. The prettiest part I saw was right at the port. You will be hounded by women who want to braid your hair to people wanting to sell items. I heard it can be a dangerous place AFTER I left Belize. I would like to go again but this time I'll just stay at the port, shop, AND put my hair up in a hat!!
Reviewer: Patti
5 Stars
Great Tour
May 21, 2018
This was a great tour of the City of Belize. Cardinal was a great tour guide. Extremely knowledgeable about the City. Answered all the questions everyone had. He was very good at telling us the history of Belize. Told us about the day to day life in Belize. The Rum factory was fun. Would highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Kenneth & Linda Trigleth
5 Stars
May 14, 2018
Both guides good, but van was hot, understand gas expensive. Cardinal was very informative and polite.
Reviewer: Patty
4 Stars
City Tour
March 21, 2018
Our tour guide, Gregory, was great. Friendly, knowledgeable, and very proud of his country. Learned and saw many interesting things as we drove around the city. Samples at the rum factory, but no production was taking place at the time. Nice change of pace type of tour that didn't take all day, leaving time for other activities.
Reviewer: J. Eastland
4 Stars
Lots of good info
March 16, 2018
Our guide was a very good historian and did an excellent job telling us about Belize's history while showing us the city. He was always able to answer our questions easily. Rum factory was also great and everyone there was also very helpful.
Reviewer: RT
5 Stars
Belize City and Rum Factory Tour
March 02, 2018
We enjoyed the tour and our guide "Cardinal" was great. Rum Factory interesting.
Reviewer: Donna Jacques
5 Stars
Fantastic Excursion
January 09, 2018
I booked this excursion for my family of five and we had a great time. We were taken all around the city and seen places we wouldn't have seen if we had explored the city ourselves. Our tour guide was very polite and full of information.The stop at the rum factory was tasty. We purchased some of the rum at a very reasonable price.
Reviewer: Crystal Siler
5 Stars
Belize City Tour
December 21, 2017
Great People and a nice personal touch
Reviewer: R. Cross
5 Stars
fun and informative
December 02, 2017
We had a pleasant day with our personalized driver escorting us around "his" city. He made it very personal showing us his family business and his homes. It was a relaxed day of fun for us all. Not the usual fast paced bus tour.
Reviewer: Sue Elliott
5 Stars
Interesting tour-excellent guides
November 07, 2017
When we first ported in Belize, it was not at all what we expected, and we began to second guess our decision to book an excursion from other than the cruise line. We needn't have worried. We were directed to Way To Go Tours and our guides, Percy & Shaquille were excellent. Belize City is very poor, but our guides took what might have been a very depressing two hours & made it interesting & fun. The price for the tour was very reasonable & we enjoyed our trip. The only negative was that the van was old, with no running board, and getting in and out easier. If you were short, overweight, or had bad knees, it was a real chore getting in and out. Also, they had booked the van to its full capacity (14, I believe) without thought of how tight a fit it would be. Two people didn't show up for the tour, but if they had, they really wouldn't have fit.The three adults in our party all agreed that if they'd tried to put anyone else in that van, we would've forfeited the money and not gone.
Reviewer: Elise S.
4 Stars
November 01, 2017
Our Group had a wonderful time on the tour. Our tour guide Percy was very personable and knowledgeable of his home country. The Rum Factory was Yummy and informative.If you Visit Belize Please take this tour and look him up to be your guide - you won't be disappointed!!!
Reviewer: Ernice H. Wilson
5 Stars
Belize city
July 19, 2017
Our guide for the tour was very entertaining and knowledgeable but the Rum Factory could do with improvement. There could be a worker to explain the making of rum not just trying to sell.
Reviewer: Patricia
4 Stars
A personal tour
March 02, 2017
Our driver, Norman, made this extremely interesting because he showed us his country from a native's point of view. Having just the six of us in the van made it personal. He was able to show us all aspects of living in Belize including where he lived, his Mom's business (preschool) and her home and also where the wealthy lived.So much better than a bus tour.
Reviewer: Sue Elliott
5 Stars
Belize City and Rum Factory Tour
January 18, 2017
We had no problem connecting with our guide. Things were a little disorganized at first and we had to wait for an extended period of time before getting started. The guide spoke perfect English and was very accommodating. His knowledge of his country was excellent and we learned a great deal while being driven around in a small relatively comfortable van. The rum factory was a fairly small operation that was basically a short stop for us to taste the various kinds of rum and make whatever purchases that we wanted. There was a small museum and window through which we could view some of the bottling of the rum, but we discovered those on our own and were given no direction by the guide. More could have been done in that regard
Reviewer: Merle R. Eaton
4 Stars
Belize City and Rum Factory Tour
January 16, 2017
Our guide Delroy and driver Kevin were very personable and Delroy was very knowledgable. The tour provided us with an insiders view of Belize and was just long enough. The egg nog at the Rum Factory was excellent however we did not have a tour of the Rum Factory. I would say that this tour was more of a City Tour and Rum Factory tasting. We were surprised that a school bus was our mode of transportation but other than the seats being small, the ride was comfortable.
Reviewer: Nina Player
4 Stars
Great tour and guides!
December 19, 2016
Our guide Norman and guide in training Percy were great! They were both very friendly and offered us a wealth of information about their country. I really enjoyed the small size of our group it was only 7 people.
Reviewer: Sonya Hawkins
5 Stars
Good excursion
December 15, 2016
Very informative tour, these guys knew their homeland.
Reviewer: Tamara Bremmerman
4 Stars
Quick overview of Belize
November 30, 2016
Our guide Braziliana (sp) was entertaining as the old bus took around the city. She explained countless facts about Belize. This tour takes you to the southside of Belize which is a very poor section but worth seeing because of the historic buildings and landmarks. We stopped in front of the Belize letters and Braziliana had a flag of Belize for us to hold. This was a nice touch as the other tour groups who were waiting to take a picture did not have a flag and wanted hers. The Rum Factory was not so much of tour as it was a stop to buy really good rum. We were not given a formal tour however you could walk around and read the information for your self. You have to pay an additional fee for the tasting when it is usually included in tours and because there was not an actual tour of the factory. As an agent I would recommend this tour for people who are seeking a ride to buy some really good rum but not for someone who is interested in learning how the rum is made.
Reviewer: Dawn Warner, ACC
3 Stars
Belize and Rum Factory
November 27, 2016
Drive was very personable and basically catered to our needs . He introduced us to his country and culture.
Reviewer: Eddie
5 Stars
Good tour
November 09, 2016
Enjoyed this tour it was very informative and the young man was polite. Rum factory was very interesting and they were also very polite.
Reviewer: Carmen Baggett
4 Stars