Shark Ray Alley Snorkeling

A+ Excursion!
April 13, 2023
From the flight to the snorkeling, everything was first class on this excursion! We highly recommend it!
Reviewer: Robyn Watts
5 Stars
Fantastic Excursion
May 02, 2019
Very well planned and organized. Followed instructions to meeting place, everyone was waiting for us without problems. Smooth flight to Ambergris, (super clean airport there). The boat operator was waiting to take us to the boat, cruised out to reef, snorkeled for 45 minutes, cruised to shark alley, snorkeled for about 20 more minutes, then back to the pier with a great lunch recommendation. Great crew on board, very knowledgeable. There were only about 12 of us on our (very clean, well kept) boat. The reefs were crowded with other operators and our guys were well known and respected. My only complaint is I wish the day was longer!
Reviewer: Bon
5 Stars
Fantastic experience
April 16, 2018
Excellent guide and beautiful snorkeling. Loved every minute.
Reviewer: Susanne
5 Stars
Great experience
August 10, 2017
This perhaps was the highlight of our cruise. Everything was completely professional from start to finish. We met out tour facilitator right at the tender terminal. They provided us with a ride to the airport, and the driver assured us that he would be the one to meet us on our return flight. We were met at the airport by the guide who would be with us for the snorkeling. It was just my self and two grandsons. The guide was informative and went into the water with us to maximize our experience. I would recommend this for anyone. Other snorkelers were on boats with 15-20 people, but we had such personalized service. At the end our guide recommended a great place to eat, and then took us back to the airport for our return flight. After our return flight, we were met at the airport by our original driver who got us back to the pier in plenty of time to look around a little. The excursion was well worth the price.
Reviewer: Mike Markwald
5 Stars
Shark Ray Alley Snorkeling
January 18, 2017
It was awesome! I also wanted to see the sea turtles so the guides added a third stop and it was fantastic. The whole ocean bottom was all conch shells and there were 2 sea turtles and a stingray swimming all around. The guides were great!
Reviewer: Ann
5 Stars
March 15, 2016
An amazing day, way way way better than anything the cruise line offered ! It would be very difficult to get out to the barrier reef and make it back to the ship on time on your own, but these guys did an excellent job . The snorkeling at the reef was some of the best I've ever seen - clear water, thousands of fish , stingrays, turtles, eagle rays, nurse sharks, just beautiful! If you're only in Belize for a day this is the trip to do!!
Reviewer: Joe
5 Stars
March 06, 2016
Amazing trip. We wanted a personalized type of adventure. The cruise ship crowds get old. We left the ship and someone was waiting for us. We had a little time before heading to the airport. They took us there and made sure we were on. When we landed, someone was waiting for us again. They walked us right to the dive shop. That's were they lost points. We waited for about a hour and a half for a boat. Groups came and went. Every time they told us, ""10 mins"". Finally, a boat for us! Wow what a place to go, I've snorkeled many different places, but this was the best. The reef and marine life was alive and amazing. They even had wet suits for us. After our snorkeling, we ate at a little place at the end of the dock. ""Caliente's"" restaurant - great food and drinks. Again, going back to the ship, there was someone at ever stop to get us back on time. Great Day! *Take an underwater camera*
Reviewer: LT
4 Stars
swWe had an awesome experience!!
December 17, 2015
This excursion was a small group, which allowed us to have a tailored snorkel. We swam with a 4 ft. turtle, nurse sharks, stinkrays, and lots of different fish. Our guide was fun, knew just where to take us to snorkel and very helpful in pointing out the different types of fish. We had a fantastic time!
Reviewer: mrsmunnzoid
5 Stars
Truly wonderful!
November 06, 2014
My main concern was 'not to miss our ship' and I didn't need to worry. The guide was amazing and educational. He would point out the various coral and name all the fish. He even coaxed a green moray eel out of his home so that we could see him. My husband was falling behind from the current and our guide had him hold onto a float and he pulled him. He was awesome. I loved it and recommend it highly.
Reviewer: Belize is beautiful!
5 Stars
1 of best excersions ever!
October 11, 2014
This is one of the best snorkel adventures you'll ever find in the western caribbean. My wife and I have done this excursion twice and we loved it. The guides are very nice and easy to understand. They make sure you have a good time. My only problem was, since there was not enough of us to justify them taking their larger boat out we had to go in their smaller boat. If you do not mind taking a beating in a small boat for about 30 minutes (going out/coming back, approx. 15 minutes each way) then you will love this excursion. Even though I was hurt slightly from the bumpy ride, I would still do it again.
Reviewer: Steve L
4 Stars
Just the right amount of hype!
June 09, 2014
This excursion was the highlight of our cruise. I was a little nervous about using an ""outside"" excursion in fear we might not get back in time but that was not a problem and the trip was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Everyone was super friendly and it was a perfect day.
Reviewer: Ocean lovers
5 Stars
Awesome Experience!
April 07, 2014
Wasn't sure at first what to expect as we were coming in from a cruise and the tendering process was late. Shore Excursions was there from start to finish - exactly as promised! There was a small delay because of weather but our adventure tour went off without a hitch. We had extra snorkelling time instead of going to San Pedro which was perfect for us. The guide was terrific and helped my younger daughter. The reef itself is pristine and the Sea Rays and Barracuda's were the highlights. The Sharks are cool but the massive Sea Rays were amazing. You could even dive down to touch them! Kids (17 and 15) LOVED it!
Reviewer: Canadian Tourist
5 Stars
Great Experience!
December 25, 2013
The guides were great! The place is amazing! The sharks, rays, turtles, and fishes were all so much more than we expected! This is the tour to do!
Reviewer: Water lovers
5 Stars
I would buy this product again and again
December 04, 2013
Great guide. Great customer service. Brought sting ray and nurse shark up to pet. He had me put my arm around the shark. Brought a conch in shell to surface as well. Would have liked my husband whom has a mustache be able to snorkel but he could not get a seal with his mask!
Reviewer: Gene and Pat Puestow
5 Stars
No need to think, JUST DO IT!
October 13, 2013
We cruise alot and I really wanted to do something more outrageous then the typical snorkeling trip. We arrived at the port and had a guide right there to meet us who showed us where to go to book our flights. We got transportation right to the airport and boarded the plane. We were greeted right as we stepped off the plane and taken to the pier we would depart from. Our guide was amazing. My husband and I were the only 2 snorklers so we got a great tour. This was the first time a guide had really pointed out things and told us what we were looking at. He even grabbed a conch shell to get a moray eel's attention so we could see it closer. AWESOME! The Marine reserve was amazing because we saw everything i had to take many snorkeling trips to see. Sea Turtles, Giant Snapper, Barracuda, Sting Rays, Eels, the list goes on and on... Then we moved over to Shark Ray alley which was a great closer. Our guide caught a shark for us and we got to hold it and get pictures/video with it. It was an amazing experience overall and we will be doing it again with our 2 small daughters. Do this, you wont regret it!
Reviewer: LoveSnoopy628
5 Stars
Wonderful Adventure
September 21, 2013
This was a wonderful adventure. I did this with my daughter who had never been snorkeling before. After finding the place they took us to the airport where we boarded a small plane that took us to Ambergris Caye. It was a nice flight in a small plane with many beautiful sights. We were met at the airport and took a short walk to the dock where we received our equipment and then boarded the boat. The snorkeling at the first stop was wonderful then we went to shark ray alley where it was amazing to see the sharks and the rays. The guide was absolutely the best. He would point out things he saw and tell us what they were. After we came back to the dock we had time to walk around the town a little before taking the flight back to Belize City. We had plenty of time to make it back to the ship.
Reviewer: CAR
5 Stars
September 06, 2013
Absolutely amazing. This has been my best excursion I have ever taken for any location. To begin you board a plane to fly out to San Pedro. The experience was great. A small, single propeller plane flys about 1500 ft and you can see all the varieties of islands. Not scary in the least and just a great time. When we landed we walked to our boat dock. First they took us to the reef. Water was the clearest I've seen (even better than Cozumel). Jumped in the water and immediately was greated by 6 foot barracuda. We had a 5 foot grouper under the boat and tons of tuna. We swam over to a sea turtle sanctuary and got within inches of the sea turtles while they ate. WE continued on to the coral and saw TONS of fish, all the while being surrounded by the tuna (they like to follow in case you have treats for them). Our guides were amazing pointing out the different varieties of fish. A 6 ft wide Eagle Ray swam right next to us along the way. We continued on and were welcomed to about a 6 foot long eel. The guide went to the eel's living cave and made it mad so it would come out. The eel chased him back to the surface! It was amazing. We then continued on and after seeing thousands of fish got back on the boat. About 1 hour. Next we were off to Shark Ray Alley. This provided an experience I have never even imagined. When we first pulled up I was the first in the water. Next to me was an 8 foot nurse shark. I was able to hold on and swim with this guy a 20 feet or so (ran out of breathe). We were also able to hold the rays and smaller sharks. Absolutely amazing. We stayed here about 45 minutes. All of the rays were about 3-5 feet wide. This is definitely worth the money! Absolutely the best experience of our vacation.
Reviewer: Snorkeling Nick
5 Stars
Fantastic Excursion! Beautiful!
August 09, 2013
We really loved this excursion on our cruise, it was the highlight of our trip. First we had the experience of driving through Belize City on the way to the airport. Then we got to fly on a small plane to San Pedro, which was an experience in itself! We were met at the airport by a teenage boy, who walked us through the town to the beach and to our guide. We really enjoyed that it was a cultural experience. We loved the group we snorkeled with and really enjoyed that we were with such a small group (6 snorkelers and 2 scuba divers). Other excursions you are with a group of 60+. We saw the largest Sting Ray I've ever seen is was about 6 feet long. Very cool. On the shark ray alley portion seeing the nurse sharks was thrilling. I have been on many excursions before, and this was the best one ever. We got really good value for our money. Really nice people and all were very knowledgable.
Reviewer: mkelley
5 Stars
Great time snorkeling!
October 06, 2012
We did the Shark/Ray Alley snorkel by air in Belize. The excursion was run by Eco Tours. They were very good and the group was small (only 4 of us) so it was intimate and 'up-close'. The short flight was beautiful with info from the pilot. Our guide was at the airport when we arrived and we took a short walk to the boat. They outfitted us right away and we were off in a flash. The guide (Taron) was very helpful, patient, and informative about what we were seeing, doing, and where we were going. He kept us together away from other groups and pointed out and explained all that we experienced. Shark/Ray Alley was FANTASTIC! I even got to hold a shark and rub it's belly while I cradled it like a baby. The lunch recommendation for a local restaurant was bang on! We had an excellent lunch and the island (San Pedro) is sunny and relaxing. Out entire family had a great time (despite the sunburn we suffered the next day)
Reviewer: carwomen
5 Stars
October 03, 2012
OMG I have been on plenty of excursions over the years and this one by far takes the cake. My girlfriend and I were the only ones from our cruise ship that went here and after showing our photos and telling the story about this once in a lifetime adventure tons of people said they will have to do this next time. A few of the things we did we swam with sea trutles which are so cool to watch swim I got about a ft from one sitting on the bottom and took a picture. swam through a cave. I held nurse sharks and sting rays in my arms and got pictures holding them. We snorkled wow id have to say like 2 and a half hrs. Everywhere you looks you saw something tons of tropical fish huge ones small ones eals. The tour guids are top notch and dont leave your side so dont stress about flying to the island because they are very good with there times. Trust me book this excursion or you WILL be missing out on one of the best adventures of a lifetime.
Reviewer: JOHNboy
5 Stars
Great excursion!!
December 06, 2011
Exciting adventure
Reviewer: DG
5 Stars
Spectacular time in Belize!!
October 13, 2011
We really loved this excursion on our cruise, it was the highlight of our trip. First we had the experience of driving through Belize City on the way to the airport. Then we got to fly on a small plane to San Pedro, which was an experience in itself! We were met at the airport by a teenage barefoot boy, who walked us through the town to the beach and to our guide. We really enjoyed that it was a cultural experience. We loved the group we snorkeled with and really enjoyed that we were with such a small group (4 snorkelers and 4 scuba divers). Other excursions you are with a group of 60+. On the shark ray alley portion of the snorkel, we actually got to hold nurse sharks! I have been on many excursions before, and this was the best one ever. We got really good value for our money. And we loved our guide when snorkeling, Fish. Really cool guys and very knowledgable.
Reviewer: Shelly the Snorkeler
5 Stars
The Best Excursion Of Our Trip
May 16, 2011
This was an amazing experience. Our Guide Frank was awesome. We will never forget the experience of swimming with sharks, rays, sea turtles and eels. He took charge of our 10 year old Niece and helped her to feel safe on her first snorkeling experience. After our excursion, he showed us the best place in town to have a seaside lunch. We loved every minute of it!
Reviewer: Fun in the sun
5 Stars