Jungle Zip Line

Jungle zip Line
July 23, 2018
This was awesome, I had reservations about doing this but once we were introduced to our guide those fears subsided. I would highly recommend this tour in fact I look forward to my next zip line adventure. Another thought, our tour guide on the bus ride was funny and very informative during our hour ride.
Reviewer: DonBaker
5 Stars
Pretty fun!
July 22, 2016
My family thought the guide was very informative about Belize. Although, it took about an hour on the bus to get to the place..the Zip Line was a blast. Five lines in all. The facilities was nice and the food offered was good. I would recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Anonymous
4 Stars
Enjoyable experience
January 14, 2015
The excursion was enjoyable overall. My 6 year old son resisted but ended up loving it. I wasn't overwhelmed by the beauty of Belize like everyone said I would be and the bus ride was tedious. So a little disappointed but I would still recommend to others.
Reviewer: Traceylee
4 Stars
Great and scary adventure :)
January 07, 2015
This was a great adventure. My husband has ziplined quite a few times over the last few years, but this was my first. I was petrified :) I have a healthy fear of heights but I really wanted to do this with my husband. But the crew was great, they assured me and helped me with additional safety measures to put my fears at ease. It was scary in a good way. Not sure I'll zipline again, but it was a fantastic first experience and I would highly recommend it.
Reviewer: Willow
5 Stars
Fun Experience
April 04, 2014
For an even more exciting trip, add the Cave Tubing to your Zip Lining experience.
Reviewer: CC
4 Stars
Great fun, would do it again!
December 03, 2013
The zipline adventure was great. The guides were reassuring and helpful, polite and well-versed about the event. I would recommend it highly. I'd never ziplined before, but would definitely do it again.
Reviewer: em
5 Stars
Exhilarating Activity
October 25, 2012
Outstanding guides, educational and informational, learned so much about the topography, insects and animals native to the land.
Reviewer: first time cruiser
5 Stars
July 31, 2012
The zip lining was totally awesome for both my grandson and me. The only downside is that after we ziplined, we had to wait around for others to finish their cave tubing, and we weren't allowed to relax by the stream afterward as we were told.
Reviewer: JayBeez
5 Stars
6th ZIP -- BEST group of guides
December 30, 2011
We had been here before and done the cave trip. This time we opted to just do the zip. Absolutely the greatest group of guides and handlers. We were the only ones doing just the zip and so had our own personal guide who stayed with us the whole trip. After the adventure, we had a chance to sit and have a drink and learned a lot of the fascinating history and culture. a very fun and educational day
Reviewer: Quality Time
5 Stars
Fast lines great crew.
December 05, 2011
The cruise lines want you to book through them for more money. Don't pay the extra cash book this activity on your own (it's the same course as the criuse lines use) Frendly crew and a good time on the lines.
Reviewer: rak3761
4 Stars
First time zip-liners....
September 02, 2011
Made for all to be able to do---if you can walk up the stairs! They will show you how and make sure you do it. Both my kids (15, 10) and I had a great time. Then, afterwards, we had time to swim in the clear river and jump off the cliffs. Also, the guides on the bus were both entertaining and informative....made the experience more personal.
Reviewer: Christy
4 Stars