Belize Jungle Jeep, Rum Factory and Museum Tour

Belize Jeep Adventures
July 17, 2022
The highlight excursion for me, personally, was this one with just me and the Belize Jeep Adventures driver Roberto, who was well-prepared, friendly, and spoke flawless English. We drove into a rain forest and explored a cave near the village of Gracie Rock, about an hour west of Belize City. The opening to the cave was small, but I did not have to crawl on my stomach to enter. We could stand inside the cave beside spiders and under bats. After the cave exploration, we had a tasty lunch in a palapa in Freetown Sibun. We finished the excursion at Travellers Distillery in Belize City, where Cutter, a grandson of the distillery’s founder (Jaime Omario Perdomo, “Don Omario”) gave me a personal tour of the museum, production area & keg room. As the only guest, for me it was more like a conversation with a friend than a group tour. This excursion was informative, exciting and rewarding.
Reviewer: John Rosenbaum
5 Stars