Belize City and Zoo Combo

Nice, But Summertime
August 23, 2023
We would definitely do this tour again, but preferably not in the summertime which was bad timing on our part. The zoo is about 30 miles from port in the rainforest and it was hot, humid and sweaty! Take a water bottle. The Zoo itself was fun and the tour guide Irwin was great with knowledge. Highly recommend you eat at the café in the zoo, the native food was fantastic.
Reviewer: JustStacy
5 Stars
Belize city and zoo combo
March 24, 2023
The Zoo and the City
Reviewer: kathy Jones-Rosa
5 Stars
awesome 10 stars
March 01, 2023
guide and driver awesome
5 Stars
March 01, 2023
saw awesome animals
5 Stars
Dennis Tillett is the BEST
February 20, 2023
We had an Awesome tour of one of the most Beautiful Island - Belize and the Zoo. Our Tour Guide Dennis Tillett is an Outstanding guide, whom we had the pleasure of meeting and now my husband calls him family. You will enjoy your time on this tour.
Reviewer: Paul and Lavette
5 Stars
tour of Belize city and river tour
December 30, 2022
Our meeting point was fairly easy to find. We waited over an hour and were then informed that the zoo had been destroyed by the recent hurricane and would not likely ever reopen. We were then given a choice of viewing some spider monkeys or taking a river tour. We chose the river tour. My husband and I were the only ones in an air conditioned van which toured the city limits and the only ones driven down a dirt road to a small dock where we boarded a 25' boat with 4 guides. Other passengers had disembarked at this point. I was a little nervous to tell you the truth but our experience turned into being excellent. We viewed iguana's in the wild as well as howler monkeys, an alligator on the shore , toucans , blue herons and manatee's. Our guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. It was a once in a lifetime experience:)
Reviewer: Nancy Williams
4 Stars
Loved seeing the Belize Zoo
June 20, 2022
Our tour guide Gareth showed us around the city before driving to the zoo- it's about 30 minutes from the city but you get to see so much of Belize's lifestyles and the people who live there. The zoo has many beautiful animals, some that you can even touch like the tapir or white tailed deer. Gareth explained the history of the zoo as well as some fun facts about the animals- we even saw leaf cutter ants just walking along the path. After walking through the zoo, we got to look around in the gift shop before getting back in the car and returning to the city. This trip was amazing and a great experience for the family. Thanks Gareth!
Reviewer: Kwak
5 Stars
Animal sanctuary
March 19, 2022
Had a lovely guide who showed us around city of Belize, then had a long drive to the zoo which was an animal sanctuary, this is such a lovely place for animals, the animals & birds especially the own seem to recognise our guide as soon as they saw him they quickly came over, gave us the history background of all the animals. We also had a lovely lunch at the zoo. Definitely worth visiting the zoo which helps fund these beautiful animals.been a brilliant day.
Reviewer: Sharon Songhurst
5 Stars
My favorite tour!
December 01, 2021
Our guide, Phillipe, was just awesome. He really answered all of our questions about the city and country during our tour. The trip to the zoo (wildlife sanctuary) was a lot of fun. It was so enjoyable getting to see the native animals in habitat that is a natural setting. We had lunch at the zoo and I highly recommend the nachos. They were fresh and so tasty and covered the whole plate. I couldn't finish it. The burrito my husband had was like two whole ones back in the States. He said it was better than he'd had anywhere. Thanks to Phillipe we had the best experience in Belize! I'll do it again next time we sail through that port.
Reviewer: Marci Bork
5 Stars
Excellent tour of the Belize Zoo!
November 21, 2021
We had a small group of just 5 for our day tour of Belize City and the Belize Zoo. Our driver, Gareth, did an excellent job of showing us around his country as we drove to the Zoo. Once at the Zoo, Gareth helped us find each animal in its exhibit, and told us the stories of how they came to the Zoo. Even though it was raining, we still got to see many of the beautiful animals up close! Our traditional lunch was delicious, and Gareth got us back to the cruise port in plenty of time. I would highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Christie Partee
5 Stars
Belize Excursion
March 03, 2020
We purchased The Belize City and zoo Combo, We got off the ship as they tell you to, But when we got to the place to meet up, we Had to wait about 2-Hrs. That was the bad part, The good part was the rest of the tour, our guide was Excellent, she new everything we asked, she new all the animals and all about them, She made the excursion well worth it,
Reviewer: Robert Wozniak
4 Stars
Good tour ...
February 12, 2020
This tour was good but I would not say it would be good for young children . The van drive through the city and to the zoo is very long. However, the tour was good and worth for school age children. Doreen was our guide . She was excellent ; extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. She answered all our questions and made effort to show us so many different places. The zoo is lovely, inviting and we'll done. We saw lots of exotic local rescued animals including toucans, Jaguars, ocelots, tapirs and so many more . I do recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Kathryn
4 Stars
there was no city adventure just the drive
December 28, 2019
The Zoo is actually an animal refuge. It was quite nice we took our 4yr old granddaughter and she had a good time lots of good pictures. Easy walk in a shaded environment. Con it is a long drive out to the zoo.
Reviewer: ka
4 Stars
Nice tour
December 01, 2019
Our guide was great, very experienced and knowledgeable. She was considerate letting us stop for snacks for our child. We loved the zoo! It was so different from our other excursions. The one drawback was the mosquitos! Bring strong mosquito repellent and wear pants!
Reviewer: Tia
4 Stars
Belize Zoo Experience
June 26, 2019
If you want to do something different, visit the zoo. Knowledgable tour guide. City tour needs to be priced up a little bit. maybe that's all to Belize City. Relaxing car ride to the zoo and explaining the culture.
Reviewer: Robert Cohen
5 Stars
Berlize city and zoo
June 25, 2019
This was pretty good. There was one other couple besides us. We had a hard time finding the beginning of the tour but were pleased they waited for us. Doreen our escort was pleasant and told us lots about Berlize. The zoo was different being in a "rain forest" but she helped us find the animals and even knew them by name. Lunch was a bonus - a local dish for those who wished to try it and burgers for those who didn't. Drinks were also included.
Reviewer: Sam Tsumagari
4 Stars
Fun Family Adventure
March 13, 2019
My family and I really enjoyed seeing and learning about the exotic animals at the zoo. We had an enjoyable tour which was followed by a luncheon at the local eatery conveniently located within the premises. Afterwards, our tour guide, Chris, drove us around Belize City sight seeing. Overall, it was a value for the price. Chris was a wonderful guide. My kids, 14,12 and 6 loved the tour.
Reviewer: Jessica
4 Stars
Nice Day
February 08, 2019
Doreen was very friendly, informative, and gave us a wonderful time. Got to see some of the country, city, and the zoo.
Reviewer: Steve Slater
5 Stars
December 05, 2018
The Zoo is a beautiful space loved it. our guide /driver was knowledgeable and did an awesome job If you like animals I highly recommend this tour. As we had a late start we did not stop in the city but Like i said our driver showed us lots of sites.
Reviewer: Evelyn Brady
4 Stars
Travel into the Mangrove
June 11, 2018
The tour was very nice and the guide very knowledgeable; the zoo has only local varieties from the mangrove and is very well integrated in the nature. Our lunch stop at the end was local and DELICIOUS.
Reviewer: Sandrine
5 Stars
Tour of Belize
February 24, 2018
Didn't take the tour.
Reviewer: Kathy Hamilton
5 Stars
Fun trip
February 15, 2018
Although it started out frustrating trying to get with our group (we were sent with others snorkeling) but all worked out. Our driver took us to the zoo & even though it rained on the last half it was amazing. She knew all about the animals- where they liked to hide- their names & all about the zoo. On our tour she took us all over & pointed out all the highlights around the city. It was great having someone that lived their all their life to learn about their country. Would definitely recommend- just don’t go during rainy season!
Reviewer: Christie S
4 Stars
February 01, 2018
This was exactly what we were looking for! A great guide in Dorine Jones, who knew her stuff! She told us so much about Belize! Once we made it to the zoo she personally gave us a tour as she knew the animals by name. They seemed to know her voice and came out of hiding when called. Loved seeing to species I never even knew about! Plus she steered us to a great shop for souvenirs. We were back to meet our ship in plenty of time while having a beautiful time in the country of Belize!
Reviewer: Millie Kauffmann
5 Stars
What a wonderful trip with kids
December 29, 2017
There were 8 of us that went and 2 were under 2 years old. This was a wodnderful trip and i recommend it for families. We loved the zoo. the meeting place was a little hard to find but we found them.
Reviewer: mary cole-burbank ca
5 Stars
Belize City
December 22, 2017
Our tour guide was very informative and so friendly. We were the only ones on this tour so really had private tour of zoo.
Reviewer: Seana Anderson
5 Stars
Belize Zoo and City Tour
June 03, 2017
Doreen our tour director was very prompt..knowledgeable..and friendly..her van was comfortable and air conditioned..the Zoo is famous and on PBS so I was so happy to be there..lunch.provided there was great..I was thrilled to meet the famous Founder..the 29 mile ride back was unfortunately the same route we took out..I don't nknow if anything could have been done about that..some if the locals in Belize City were downright hostile and abusing the horses pulling carriages..that ruined the whole excursion..
Reviewer: Donna Lee
4 Stars
Cozumel Tour
May 30, 2017
The driver was very friendly and knowledgeable. He provided a very good time and a comfortable, air conditioned vechicle.
Reviewer: Donna M Lee
5 Stars
Fantastic shore excursion!
April 13, 2017
There were just 4 of us on this excursion and we had a tour guide who was knowledgeable, attentive and fun. Had a great lunch at the zoo, a little time to shop, and all-in-all had a wonderful time. This was the 1st time we booked an excursion without going through the cruise line and it couldn't have gone smoother.
Reviewer: Carol Tuttle
5 Stars
Belize Zoo and City Tour
February 19, 2017
We took this tour and were Extremely pleased. We got an Excellent Tour guide GARRETH. He was OUTSTANDING. Extremely knowledgeable and was very interesting. He shared tons of information with us as we drove through Belize City and into the jungle where the zoo was located. The zoo was amazing and we saw lots of amazing animals up close and personal! I cannot say enough great things regarding this tour. Honestly I was skeptical before we went, but if we went to Belize again, I might even do the tour again, as it was so well done! Thanks made our trip to Belize Memorable!
Reviewer: Douglas Gates
5 Stars
Belize City and Zoo combo
December 07, 2016
Very nice and our Guide was very knowledgeable
Reviewer: Sonia DeMarco
5 Stars