Cave Tubing and Zip Line Combo

Great Time with a Wonderful Guide
August 16, 2023
This was the perfect excursion for us. My wife and I had heard of the Belize zip lines but we had never done it before. It was so much fun. We felt safe the whole time yet exhilarated at the speed. Then the long hike and 3 river crossings to get to where the tubing part of the excursion started. Junior was an awesome guide and pointed out lots of natural features and information. He even carried my wife’s tube the whole time. The cave was beautiful and the water was pristine. I would highly recommend this tour with #1 guide Junior.
Reviewer: Bryan Lundberg
5 Stars
May 24, 2023
They very good in telling us what to do and how to do it. Very knowledgeable on the caves and how to zip line. I would definitely recommend to anyone that has the chance to do it.
Reviewer: David Lance Jr
5 Stars
Cave Tubing and Zip Line Combo
May 11, 2023
Reviewer: ilene mann
5 Stars
Great guide made for a great day!
March 10, 2023
We met our guide Chap, and had a short walk to a comfortable vehicle. It was a 45 minute drive through Belize to our first destination. Chap described everything from the soil conditions, to the flora, fauna, natives and non- natives living and working along the way. Zip lining was fun. The young men that took us through the course were very courteous and also discribed the trees and plants we passed along the way. Next we were off to cave tubing. It was about a 10 minute drive to where we picked up our equipment. It was a trek carrying the large tube over the rocky path, with the 3 river crossings. The water is no more than 3 feet deep at the crossings. The caves were very interesting, and again Chap talked about everything we were seeing. The current isn't very swift, so he was mostly either pushing or pulling us along the way. The cave tour ends back at the entry point of the river. It was a wonderful way to see some of what Belize has to offer.
Reviewer: Sue
5 Stars
Most Wonderful Experience
February 28, 2023
My husband and I did the zip lining and cave tubing excursion. The ride to the zip line was about an hour thru the city and out into the countryside. Our guide, Al, told us all about Belize on our way. He was very knowledgeable and the ride went quickly. There were six zip lines … a short novice one first and then they got higher and longer. We all felt more and more confident as we went. Afterward we went to the cave tubing … all the tubes are tied together and we are led thru a beautiful cave system. The entire experience was wonderful and we got back to the ship in plenty of time!
Reviewer: Marilyn Lynn, Daytona Beach
5 Stars
Awesome Day!
February 04, 2023
Wow! What a day! Our guide was amazing! We had a great tour of Belize that we didn't anticipate on our way to the sites. The Cave tubing was awesome! Highly recommend doing this excursion with this group because the experience is with a small group. The tour information is easy to hear and the experience is customized to the group participants. We got to sample termites even as a side in our jungle trek to the tubing site! Definately an excursion for active folks. We had no trouble but I wouldn't recommend this for anyone with mobility issues. The zipline was well managed and staffed which was good because I had to be rescued due to my own fault- I braked too much!
Reviewer: Lisa Prescott
5 Stars
Cave Tubing and Zip Line Combo
December 22, 2022
Here we waited quite a while for others to find the meeting place and they ultimately were no shows. However...all aspects of the tour were excellent from the Zip Line to the Cave Tubing which were both well guided and a quality experience. Highly recommend, even though at the end - it was a long drive back to the ship and there was some traffic conjestion at that time of day. We had lots of time before cruise departed again so it was no issue at all. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Lana Keyes
5 Stars
Cave Tubing and Zip Lining in Belize
December 15, 2022
The guide was great, tubing and zip lining were a blast.
Reviewer: Steve
5 Stars
Cave tubing and zip line
December 10, 2022
Had a great time, and the guide was very helpful.
Reviewer: ian Pelham
5 Stars
Great excursion!
October 19, 2022
We had such a great time on this excursion. Our guides were so friendly, hilarious, and the information they shared about their country and land was intriguing. I highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Dallas P.
5 Stars
September 11, 2022
Thanks Chap!!! We appreciated all your knowledge about Belize. You are exceptional tour guide. We enjoyed every minute of our tour.
Reviewer: Shanon & Lexi
5 Stars
So fun
May 11, 2022
Our tour guide was amazing on the cave tubing he was very informative and explained a lot of different stuff about the trees and remedies plants and herbs were used for. The zip lining was very fun and we really enjoyed the small group we had there was 6 of us. I would definitely recommend doing this excursion Belize is beautiful.
Reviewer: Tina McCoy
5 Stars
March 08, 2022
The zip lining was what we expected but the cave tubing was AMAZING. It was unbelievable. Chap is the best tour guide there is, he knew the culture, the plants, the animals. Anything you needed to know about Belize he knew. There was never a dull moment. He got us waters and took us to get snacks. He made sure we were on time getting back. He pulled our tubes through the caves. He was a great tour guide. Thanks Chap! Belize was amazing and I cant wait to come back. To be noted- it is a long drive to the mountains, so be careful of timing. It is hard to be one of the first tender boats but it is important. There is a hiking portion of both tours so wear good water shoes.
Reviewer: Kaelin Kneen
5 Stars
Long drive but fun
March 28, 2020
We had a lot of fun, the drive to the place took a bit too long but I think it was worth it. Cave tubing was very refreshing, took us around 20 mins hiking so I wouldn't recommend this for large folks. Zip line was breathtaking although it was a shame that the zipline is designed to have you holding the rope at all times so leaves no room to take pictures with your phone so definitely bring a GoPro and attachments if you are planning on recording.
Reviewer: Adolfo
4 Stars
Loved the tour
March 04, 2020
We did this excursion on our last cruise stop in Belize in December. We absolutely loved it. The cave tubing was very cool and very interesting. The guides were excellent, and the zipline facilities are top-notch and made us feel very safe. We do have one warning for all zipliners, though: wear old clothes you don't care about. If it's raining (and it's in the jungle, so it very likely may be raining), the grease used to lubricate the zipline cables splatters off of the line and will get all over your clothes. Ruined my shorts and t-shirt. It happened to all of us on the tour. Had we been warned of this, we still would have booked the tour, but maybe would have worn our less-favorite shorts and t-shirt ... so book it, enjoy, but wear your grungy shorts and least favorite shirt :)
Reviewer: Julie
4 Stars
Thoroughly blown away!!
February 26, 2020
We were nothing less than blown away! We had 4 different groups in our tour with 2 local guides. We zip lined first. There were 4 lines and the fastest was at 45mph. The 2 zip line guides were very helpful. Secondly, was cave tubing. We all walked around a mile to the start. We tubed for about 1:15 learning about the Mayan's and how they related to the caves. We ended tubing where we started and then walked the inner-tubes, helmets, and life jackets to a storage area in a common area with some local art and food vendors. We were given about 10 minutes to change in the large public bathrooms. We drove back across town to the cruise port and were dropped off right at customs. They were all locals with a locally owned business, whereas the cruise line's tours were all based out of Jamaica. It was really nice knowing we were supporting locals.
Reviewer: Steve Tuttle
5 Stars
Best of the trip
February 24, 2020
We thoroughly enjoyed the float through the cave. It is not a fast trip. the guide pulled us much of the way. The cave is lightless once the helmet lights go off. The stalactites hanging from the ceiling are beautiful. There is an opening about halfway through that is beautiful. The zip line is fun as well. Some good lines. Guides were friendly and fun. No safety issues. My cousin was squeamish to begin but would do it again in hindsight.
Reviewer: Robert
5 Stars
One of the best excursions
February 21, 2020
We had a small group of 6. Guide was very knowledgeable. Zip line equipment is excellent and secure. Nice little climb to the towers with excellent view led by excellent guides. Cave tubing was totally worth the trip. Our guide (driver) took the time leading (sometimes pulling us) through the long cave, telling stories. Upon exiting the cave, we even get to do some more tubing. We highly recommend this trip.
Reviewer: Ru-Hong Terajewicz
5 Stars
Trip Highlight
February 16, 2020
This excursion is amazing. I had my wife and 18 year old daughter with me and they both loved it as well. It is not difficult in any way and was a great way to see the country side and learn about the people as you go into the jungle of Belize and see things you only find in books. Nelson and Brett were our guides and they were very knowledgeable about the history and population of Belize as well as the wild life and plants. We even saw a monkey!
Reviewer: Chad Littlefield
5 Stars
Cave tubing & zip line combo
February 16, 2020
Amazing excursion...our guide was native to the area and told of his history, very personal and informative. Loved the zip line as well. Lots of walking so bring your walking water shoes. Long drive, but we stopped for a quick drink....
Reviewer: Shelly DeBoer
5 Stars
Great Experience!
February 02, 2020
I was nervous to zipline, but it was a great experience. All of the guides were helpful and friendly. Nelson was terrific, taking extra time to show us interesting things along the way, such as plant life. We had a wonderful time and definitely recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Maryann Lukowich
5 Stars
such a great day!
January 26, 2020
We really enjoyed the zip line and the cave tubing. Nelson and Brett were amazing guides. They shared lots of info about the area and just were so helpful. We had a great time with them that day. I would definitely recommend this one!
Reviewer: Cyd H
5 Stars
January 17, 2020
This was such a great experience. From the time we got on the bus, to the time we got off the bus. Our tour guides were very knowledgeable of the area. They were more than willing to help with my 8 year old daughter tube, which was bigger than she was. The caves are so relaxing and beautiful to look at. They went above and beyond to make sure we were fed and comfortable the entire day. HIGHLY recommend this excursion! :)
Reviewer: Bobbie
5 Stars
Great Experience
January 16, 2020
This was the best excursion during our week long cruise. Both adults and kids in our group enjoyed zip lining and cave tubing!
Reviewer: Sherry
5 Stars
Very fun
January 15, 2020
Our family (kids ages 7, 9, and 11) really enjoyed the cave tubing. We did have to walk a fair distance with our tubes but it was worth it. This was such a neat experience. The zip lines were fun but there weren't very many. It was a good "first-time" experience for our kids with zip lines.
Reviewer: Amanda Everly
5 Stars
Family Fun
January 15, 2020
We spent Christmas Day in Belize and had an amazing day. Although the water was pretty cold the day we went it was the best day of our entire cruise. Our tour guides were excellent!! The bus ride from the port to the zip lining/ tubing spot which was about an hour bus ride, the guides spent that time telling us all about Belize and pointing out different monuments along the way. 10/10 would definitely book with them again.
Reviewer: Leslie Haskins
5 Stars
December 02, 2019
I had the best time on this excursions. Oscar,Kadeem,Melvin, Siheed and the other crew were amazing and I highly recommend them.
Reviewer: Jasmin Vega
5 Stars
Cave Tubing and Zip Line Combo
December 02, 2019
Our guide was amazing. Having a local guide you around makes the experience even better. It was quite a workout to get up to the zip line and to the tubing entrance. Keep this in mind if you are not in good health
Reviewer: Lori A Kedrie
5 Stars
September 25, 2019
We had an amazing time it was 6 of us, we did zip lining and then cave tubing zip lining was super exciting our guides were very friendly and kool. Cave tubing was fun as well our guide was really informative, helpful and funny the river was so beautiful. It was worth it!
Reviewer: Camille Harris
5 Stars
great fun
August 22, 2019
I hate heights and my husband hates small spaces, we booked this excursion as a bit of a challenge for each of us. While we were a little worried it would be a bad day for both, turned out to be out favorite excursion of the trip. We will definately try both adventures again
Reviewer: Joyce Hatzidakis
5 Stars
July 08, 2019
We took this excursion in June 2019. My family loved both the Zip Line and the Cave Tubing. Our kids (13,9,5) all loved it. We were worried they wouldn't let the 5 year-old do the zipline, but they did and she loved it (solo). Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Jason Spicer
5 Stars
Cave Tubing and Zip Line Combo
June 21, 2019
Zip lining was thrilling and cave tubing was great too. The cave tubing guide was friendly and knowledgeable.
Reviewer: Kathy Sikes
5 Stars
Fun time!
June 20, 2019
Great guides, very knowledgeable. The drive to the location is a bit long, but they keep you entertained with local facts, etc. We were worried about making it back in time, but they got us back right before the last boat back to the cruise ship left. They've obviously done this before, but we were worried about making it under the time constraints. Other than that, the zip lining was a really fun experience. The cave tubing was truly a unique experience. We have 2 kids (10 and 7 yrs old at the time) and I felt like they got to do something really cool in a far off destination. I did enjoy it and felt like we got our money's worth.
Reviewer: Robert V
5 Stars
Must Do!
June 07, 2019
Nelson was our guide and was hilarious, informative, and helpful! He took us all through Belize and pointed out various buildings and sites. He told us a lot of stories on the way to the park and made the trip fly by. At the park, there are 4 zip-lines, an easy one and then larger and longer ones. The last two were the best. The cave tubing was incredible and breathtaking. It was also relaxing just to get pulled along with your group while taking in the sights. We ordered the lunch for $10 and it was delicious. This is a must-do excursion and a great value for the price!
Reviewer: Jody Dorsey
5 Stars
Cave Tubing and Zip line
May 25, 2019
Nice tour Fun to be in water Need to wear water shoes as walking on rocky paths to get to the water.
Reviewer: vkw
4 Stars
Very nice
May 17, 2019
Very friendly guides!
Reviewer: MN
5 Stars
Fun, entertaining and educative
May 15, 2019
So worth it!, a unique experience. Must do. Carlos, Marco and crew are excellent, efficient and very funny and knowledgeable. The coconut rice and local beer is a must after the zip and tubing. Great job, highly recommend. Suggestion, divide tours based on cruise line to ensure fun is not cut short due to departure times from different cruise lines.
Reviewer: Carlos n Wilda
5 Stars
Cave tubing was the highlight
May 02, 2019
The zip lining was quick. I think there were 4 ziplines total (one warm up, and 3 over the jungle). With walking between the ziplines we were done within 20 minutes I'd guess. The cave tubing took a majority of the time which was great. Prepare to walk about 30-45 mins to the cave while carrying your tube. The cave was gorgeous and Our guide was entertaining. The bus transportation to and from the excursion was great! Nice A/C, and they offered complimentary cold water bottles.
Reviewer: Jen Stokes
5 Stars
Chester and sandy
April 30, 2019
A beautiful adventure Four zip lines very exciting . Wish there were more zip lines one was short three were very long and scenic. The cave tubing was awesome and the walk was beautiful. Be prepared for a lot of walking.had lunch in the bus on the way back. Great day would do it again.
Reviewer: Chester parson
5 Stars
Very Fun Excursion for all ages!
April 24, 2019
We met our guide, Luis, right at the gate to Belize city. He was very knowledgeable of the country, gave us tons of info on Belize. The zip line was very fun, and although a few of the lines were a little challenging, the two across the river at the end were well worth the effort. The tubing was so relaxing and very cool to be in a cave. The cave was wide open, so don't worry about a "small space". Luis even helped us out with some local food for lunch! I highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Mike J
5 Stars
So much fun!
April 14, 2019
Loved the tour guides and personal attention to details. Everything went very smoothly and we enjoyed this fun combination of activities. It was the perfect family outing for our day in Belize.
Reviewer: Jen
5 Stars
Crowded, but good
April 07, 2019
Great tour. The only drawback is the drive to get there. And, with 3 ships in port, there were a LOT of people. Despite the crowds, we enjoyed the tour.
Reviewer: Steve Kimble
5 Stars
Tubing and Zip Lining
April 06, 2019
Tubing was much more crowded than I would prefer. Did it at a different location several years ago and were allowed to float at a small group and had to tie together on this excursion. Overall, it was fun. Zip lining was great, but one of the five was not functional.
Reviewer: Wayne Hatlestad
3 Stars
Cave Tubing and Zip Line Combo
April 04, 2019
The Zip Line guys were all very nice and professional. David was awesome as our guide through the cave tubing. We had a wonderful experience with him.
Reviewer: Kathy Prow
5 Stars
Really Fun Day!
March 28, 2019
Great guides and a lot of fun. Zip line isn't extreme, a bit on the short side. Should note that the walk to start the tubing is over a mile and you carry your own tube! Tour taken March 2019
Reviewer: Wendy Bergstrom
5 Stars
Perfect Day Trip!!
March 28, 2019
If you have ever been to the cruise port in Belize you understand when I say its not the nicest, prettiest cruise port on a western Caribbean itinerary but this excursion takes gold medal of all our stops. We took a cruise on Royal Caribbean and if you do not book your trip with R.C they don't care if you miss your excursion, so we were late and everyone left us, but they left a guide behind to wait on us. The Zip line staff was very helpful and made sure we all had a great time and did it safely! Make sure you're prepared to hike, its a ways up to the course. We did 3 runs, nothing was too extreme but all were a blast. The guides will show you everything and give you a little push if needed (makes it more fun!) You do not have to go to a separate location for the tubing, its all right there. The guides rope you together and will swim, walk and tube with you. Make sure you get the Caribou Lou in a coconut from the merchant at the excursions site, extra rum of course!!!!
Reviewer: Justin Leroux
5 Stars
cave tubing and zip line combo
March 06, 2019
The cave tubing was fun, informative, interesting The zip lining was a blast, for someone afraid of heights it was the most fun I've had in forever! Would definitely do it again and again.
Reviewer: Joyce Nadge
5 Stars
Fun tour
January 26, 2019
This was a great tour. Fun and interesting. A very enjoyable walk through the rainforest. I wish our guide would have told us more about the different trees, etc. He did give us information about some trees along the river. Guide was very layed back and did not make us feel rushed. Gave us lots of information along the bus route. Made us feel comfortable inside the cave. Kids thought he was funny. Very safe. Just a fun and relaxing tour.
Reviewer: Harriet McNeill
5 Stars
Excursion Review
November 22, 2018
I had an excellent time. It was my first time zip lining. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. They made me feel like a pro in no time. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends who cruise.
Reviewer: Danita Spivey
4 Stars
Wonderful experience, small group feel.
October 18, 2018
The guides were waiting for us just outside the terminal in Belize and the same people that greeted us stayed with us the whole time. Also our group was much smaller than the cruise groups which was much better for getting to know others in the group and asking questions. The guides were AMAZING! Full of local knowledge and very personable. The actual tubing and ziplining were also great experiences. There was a pretty good hike to get to the tubing start point but it was very enjoyable to walk through the jungle. The zip line trail was pretty physical. We had a few people in our group have to stop and catch their breath from all the uphill hiking, but everyone made it and the hike was well worth the reward!
Reviewer: Colby
5 Stars
Incredible excursion
October 11, 2018
First off let me tell you the guides are amazing!!! I was laughing the whole trip and even sat up front on the way back to talk to them. The zip lines were awesome. The cave tubing even cooler. If you have to pick any excursion pick this one. If I ever get to come back I’m going again.
Reviewer: Nicole
5 Stars
Belize it or not!!! ;)
September 25, 2018
This was a AWESOME experience!!!! From our tour guides to the zip line to the cave tubing!!! Just totally awesome!!! Definitely a MUST DO, for anyone who's adventurous, likes water and nature!!!!
Reviewer: Rashi
5 Stars
Fun Excursion
September 24, 2018
Very well organized, Friendly people. excursion was very fun and well run.
Reviewer: Kel Guest
5 Stars
Fun in the jungle
August 20, 2018
We had a great tour guide who told us about the history of Belize as we drove in hour. The Zip lining crew was amazing. Cave tubing was awesome and refreshing however the caves were very crowded with other tour groups.
Reviewer: Robin Dusza
5 Stars
Belize Excursion
July 23, 2018
This was amazing! Long bus ride to place, but enjoyed listening to talk along the way. Zip lining in the jungle was great!! Since it was my first time, I appreciated the first, short practice run line. The operators were professional and I felt safe the whole time. Cave tubing was also amazing! Our tour guide took care of us beautifully. We just had to carry our tubes to the starting spot and then got to lay back and let him guide us through the caves as we lounged in our tubes. I'm a little claustrophobic, but it was no problem being in the caves as our lights on our helmets helped and the view was outstanding. Lunch on the bus ride home was delicious, but not the best way to enjoy your lunch. Would definitely recommend this to others!
Reviewer: Cathy Peterson
5 Stars
Best Time Ever!!
July 23, 2018
This was the best excursion of our trip. I was terrified to go zip lining, but the gentlemen at the place were extremely patient and understanding. They never rushed me and always made sure I was comfortable and ready to go down the lines. The cave tubing was amazing. Our tour guides were very informative and did everything they could to keep our large group together. I would definitely highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to have a wonderful time and a great experience!
Reviewer: Jessica Fuentes
5 Stars
Great Experience!
July 09, 2018
Overall great experience! The location is a little far, and the downside is that you have to carry the tube.
Reviewer: Avinash
4 Stars
A Great Day
May 23, 2018
Everything was awesome! Our guides took care of everything for us. It was a perfect day in Belize!!! Everything went as lines or long waits. We were in a group of 14 with 3 guides...would definitely recommend this adventure!!
Reviewer: Zeke
5 Stars
May 21, 2018
Had a wonderful time and our guide was fabulous, thanks Eric
Reviewer: Wendy Ford
5 Stars
Cave tubing and zip lining
May 07, 2018
This was a great day out and well worth doing. The activity does require the ability to walk a fair distance over varied terrain to reach the zip line platforms as well as to reach the river tubing starting point. I wish they would have had a practice run for the zip line though as my sister got run into while hanging from the line since the next person in line didn't know how to break in order to prevent the collision. Pain for my sister but that didn't keep her from enjoying the river tubing after ( adrenaline no doubt). Emphasis on safety!
Reviewer: Colleen Thivierge
5 Stars
Really fun if you are at least moderately fit
April 30, 2018
My mom who is in her late sixties and I did this tour. I gained a new respect for my mom that day. She's a fearless amazon! It was an exciting challenge for myself without being too much.It was really fun. If you're very large like me please don't be deterred from doing this excursion. When you go Zip lining you need to be able to walk up hill on loose river stones for at least 10 mins and climb steps. I mention this because I was a person who has never zip lined before and as an overweight person this info can be helpful in your preparation. The walk to the cave tubing site was beautiful and took about 45 mins on over loose river stones with all your gear. The staff that take care of you are awesome! They were very helpful, knowledgeable and funny. They are also very keen on safety. I think this excursion is worth doing and I would do it again. Lastly make sure to take water and snakes with you and a little bit of money. You will have time to buy things but this is not guaranteed.
Reviewer: Sherrie Nusum
4 Stars
Relaxing day with family
April 30, 2018
Worth doing once. We rode 5 zip lines without any long lines or waits and the scenery was great. We even saw howler monkeys in the trees. The cave tubing was a relaxing float down the river through the caves. It's about a 30-minute hike through the trees and across shallow sections of the river so good water shoes are a must. There are no lockers after the hike and before you get into the water. The chicken and rice dinner on the drive back also hit the spot.
Reviewer: Mark
4 Stars
Zip lining/tubing
April 30, 2018
What an amazing day out . Highly recommended it from start to finish the day was well organised informative and a whole pile of fun . We enjoyed the day so much we would go again .
Reviewer: Catherine sansone
5 Stars
Zip line & Cave tubing excellent adventure Belize
April 23, 2018
Amazing zip line in Belize forest and I would say good cave tubing. Tour to the forest was one hour ride from the shore line in bus. It was smooth ride, tour guide provided local information and life style. Zip line was amazing and very well coordinated. It was 5 different zip line ending back where we started. The Cave tubing was few minute ride in bus from zip line. Once we order lunch and stated adventure in small groups walking toward the river forest. Our tour guide provided detail of forest and trees and history of Belize. As expected lush green forest and tubing going through cave and ending close to parking lot. I would say cave tubing was fun. We got lunch and took off to shore line. I highly recommend zip line and cave tubing adventure.
Reviewer: Manish Shah
5 Stars
Wonderful experience - A must see and do!
April 09, 2018
We had a great time with Eric and Carlos, our tour leaders. The staff at the Zip Lining company were very knowledgeable and encouraging (as we were all scared to death). Later at the cave tubing, Eric and Carlos led us through a beautiful setting. They were very entertaining and shared so much with us about their home. I would highly recommend this tour company and excursion. You must see what this beautiful country has to offer.
Reviewer: CDM
5 Stars
Cave Tubing and Zip Line Combo - AMAZING
April 02, 2018
My husband and I booked this excursion - we were a little worried about not booking it through the cruise line, but let me say that our tour guide, Oscar, his team and this excursion were all amazing. We had so much fun and they were well aware of when we needed to be back to the ship. I have never zip lined before and, on top of that I'm terrified of heights. This was my opportunity to challenge myself. With the guidance and patience of the zip line team, I did it and had a blast!!! The cave tubing was so much fun as well. As we walked/hiked from the zip line course to the cave tubing (20+ minute) through the raid forest, he told us about the plants, animals, etc. It was so much fun!!! I would highly recommend it.
Reviewer: Roxanne
5 Stars
Zip line and river tubing
March 21, 2018
The guides were entertaining on the bus ride, attentive to all of us on the zip line and tubing tour, even ordering lunch for us all to eat on the way back. GREAT EXCURSION!! Worth every penny!
Reviewer: Heather Eggerling
5 Stars
March 11, 2018
The guides were wonderful!! Lot of uphill walking for the zip line and the zip line guides did great!!! IT WAS FUN :)
Reviewer: bccbsmith
5 Stars
Awesome time
March 10, 2018
Zip lining was really awesome! The crew are really laid back & get the gear on and off the line quick. Coach you thru it if you need it. Will come and get you if you get stuck. The cave tubing part is a very long hike to the starting point. Rocks cover the entire path, which I don't recall reading in any of the other reviews. Shoes need to be like sandles that can get wet.. not water shoes. Otherwise you'll kill your feet. You also need to be physically fit or you will hold the group back and others will not be happy with you. The caves.. bring a water proof flash light so you can see. Wish I had brought my own.. missed most of the cave due to little light. I
Reviewer: Victoria
4 Stars
March 07, 2018
The tour guides were fantastic. I along with the three friends I brought with me were extremely happy with this tour. We had an amazing time.
Reviewer: Joseph Sigmund
5 Stars
Great afternoon
February 26, 2018
The tour guides were great and the Zip Lining was AMAZING! Absolutely beautiful! We even saw howler monkeys. It had been raining, so we weren't able to do the cave tubing which was a real disappointment. We went to some ruins and that was great. Would highly recommend!
Reviewer: Elizabeth
5 Stars
Belize fantastic tour
February 23, 2018
This was an absolutely fantastic excursion! Our guides were wonderful and our group was small.....6 people. We did the zip lining first. This was our first time zip lining and thoroughly enjoyed it. The tubing was cool and refreshing. We definitely would do this one again.
Reviewer: mary plummer
5 Stars
Great Staff - Fun Adventure
February 22, 2018
I'm giving this excursion 4 stars only because the cave tubing was cancelled due to high water. The group did offer a tour of a nearby ruins site in place of the cave tubing, but this wasn't of particular interest to us. The tour guides were very friendly, funny and knowledgeable. They all spoke perfect English and we had a fantastic time. I definitely recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Christa Tynes
4 Stars
More than excellent.
February 14, 2018
This was so much more than what we expected. Small group, knowledgeable guide, and awesome adventure.
Reviewer: Anna E Scheepers
5 Stars
Amazing!!! You won't regret it!
February 07, 2018
Unique experience of cave tubing and ziplining. Highlight of our whole trip!!!
Reviewer: Liz
5 Stars
January 21, 2018
This is the best shore excursion i have ever been on. Both activities were phenomenal and the guides went way above and beyond to make sure everything went smooth. If you are in Belize, you MUST do this - especially the cave tubing. We were a large group and had two guides for tubing (Carlos and George) and they were awesome. 5 stars all the way. Zip lining was wonderful too and the experience was priceless.
Reviewer: S Vangala
5 Stars
Great Combo
January 08, 2018
Guides had to go pick up a couple renting a house through Airbnb that turned out to be a headache. (Not guides fault) Unreliable van was also added excitement. Zip Line was fun and guides were great (not as good as Pirates of Caribbean in Roatan). Guides went above and beyond on Tubing. Also provided a lot of facts. If you want a small group (we had 8) and away from cruise line monopoly, I would recommend.
Reviewer: Joe
5 Stars
Great time
January 08, 2018
We had no trouble finding the tour group once we got off the ship. Our guide was waiting there for us. The transportation to the zip line and tubing adventure was nice and guides provided entertainment and water on the way. The zip line set up was awesome and we had great fun zipping through the canopy. The cave tubing was relaxing as we floated down a gentle river through the cave system. I would definitely recommend this as we were in a small group and had no issues having a great time and returning to port still having time to hit the shops
Reviewer: Kris Riggle
5 Stars
cave tubing with zip line
January 08, 2018
This was great! So fun! Excellent staff!
Reviewer: Shelly Chorn
5 Stars
Cave Tubing & Zip Line excursion
January 08, 2018
We had a wonderful time on this excursion. Nelson was a fantastic tour guide. I would definitely do this excursion again.
Reviewer: Sarah Robertson
5 Stars
Wonderful Time/ professional tour
December 18, 2017
From the time we were greeted at the port, this was a great time. The history of the town provided on the bus ride to the location was fascinating. Making the decision to do the tubing first to maximize our time and enjoyment was a great one to make on the fly. The local restaurant that we stopped at on the way back was some of the best rice and beans that I have ever had.
Reviewer: Mark Stubblefield
5 Stars
Our Family Fun adventure
December 18, 2017
We had a blast cave tubing and zip lining. Our guides (Travis, Carlos, David) were fabulous. They took time to explain everything and answer questions from the time we got on the bus until we got off the bus. They pointed out lots of interesting trees and ground cover them facts and creatures in the caves. We all said we would definitely cave tube again some of us would zip line again but it was just the anxiety of zip lining.These guys ROCK!
Reviewer: Erin
4 Stars
Absolutely beautiful!!!
December 11, 2017
I loved that island. As soon as I stepped into this island I was enchanted. Our guide was amazing and had a great sense of humor. The day before my excursion the island experienced flooding and therefore we were not able to do the cave tubing as water were up to the ceiling. Our guide suggested instead to do the Maya ruins. It was beautiful. It has such history. Again our guide was the best and made it such interesting. It was my 1st time ziplining in Belize and therefore was a little scare. Our guides during our tour were great and made sure we were all comfortable. This tour was awesome and my day in Belize amazing.
Reviewer: Martine Joseph
5 Stars
Loved it
November 30, 2017
Soooo fun! Eric was a great host and I felt like we got a good overview of Belize. It was a basic zip line course but safe and well managed. The caving was unique and relaxing! Will do again!
Reviewer: Angie
5 Stars
Zip Line and Cave tubing
November 22, 2017
We had a wonderful time. Our guides were excellent! I loved the small group experience. I will do it again next time I am in Belize.
Reviewer: Yevette McNeese
5 Stars
Belize/ Zip line-Mayan ruins
October 24, 2017
I was a bit disappointed because the river was too high to tub, but our guide was awesome and took us to Mayan ruins instead. He was pleasant, knowable and enjoyable to be with. I wish I could remember his name, darn it!!
Reviewer: Sabra Lopez
4 Stars
Such an Unusual Excursion
September 18, 2017
WOW! This was relaxing and fun and unique. Our guide worked so hard to educate us on the biology of the area, and we saw the city, the plains, and the jungle areas of Belize from his van. He guided us through the whole cave while we just lounged in our tubes, and the jungle around the river past the cave was so very beautiful. And the guys at the Zip Line even found my son's phone for him when he dropped it into the jungle from 150 feet. JUST DO THIS excursion.
Reviewer: Amanda Bohm
5 Stars
Cave Tubing and Zip Line Combo
September 07, 2017
well managed and fun
Reviewer: Jerry Frazier
5 Stars
Tube & Zip
August 10, 2017
The ONLY reason this is getting 4 stars is that I don't recall reading that the travel time from Belize City to the excursion is about an hour long. Otherwise, the experience was amazing!
Reviewer: MC
4 Stars
Great excursion
June 21, 2017
Tubing was great to do with my son and friends.
Reviewer: Rhonda McCracken
5 Stars
Great times!!!
June 15, 2017
The tour guide was great and transportation. We spend great deal of time learning about the culture and the surrounding areas that we visit. I know that you can get the same deal with the cruise ship but they treat you like cattle as they need to meet their schedule given by the ship. Our tour was long informative and over fun. Yes, we were back on the ship with plenty time for dinner. Great experience, I would strongly recommend the locals tour over the cruise line tour any day of the year. Signed: Happy memories
Reviewer: Cesar Ricardo
5 Stars
A Full Day
June 15, 2017
I cannot tell you how great all the working people were. I'm 70 and didn't realize how much climbing there was going to be, but I made it with their help. HOT, HUMID and the water was terrific for tubing. EXCELLENT!!!
Reviewer: Sue
5 Stars
Great excursion for a great price
May 20, 2017
Our guide, Eric, made it really worth the trip. He gave us a great tour of Belize on the hour long trip to the jungle. Lots of interesting history but also a lot of poverty. The zip lining was very impressive and just the right amount of time. The tubing was refreshing and the cave was beautiful. Only issue was that a bunch of rowdy folks form California were with us and they were smoking weed throughout the excursion. Even in the cave! That skunky ganja really stunk up some of the trip. But overall great!
Reviewer: Mark
5 Stars
Cave Tubing and Zip Line Combo
May 19, 2017
This excursion was everything we expected. The tour guides were great. If we visit Belize again, we will do this again.
Reviewer: Ron Strouse
5 Stars
Best adventure of our trip
May 08, 2017
Cave tubing was fun and easy. After a hike to where we put our tubes in the river, we basically just floated back down to where we started. It was fun to swim in the river as well. The zip line course was great. My wife had never gone and was a bit scared but she did it and had fun. Two runs were 800 feet plus one at 1000 feet over a little creek. It was my first time on a zip line and I had a blast. My kids had done zip line last year in Hawaii and they had fun too.
Reviewer: Bill
5 Stars
Zip line and cave tubing
April 21, 2017
Great excursion small group very knowledgeable guide got to the location ahead of the cruise line groups. Got back to the ship in plenty of time.
Reviewer: greg skiles
5 Stars