Belize Zoo and Jeep Adventure

Great road trip and food
February 04, 2023
Gabriel our guide was outstanding. Always letting us know about the country and what we were seeing. It was just our family (4 adults) and him so the tour is very personal. The zoo was nice - he knew where to find the animals so we didn't waste a lot of time looking. The jeep excursion was fun and was truly off road. We had 2 jeeps-our 23 yr old daughter drove 1 and Gabriel drove the other so that was fun for her. The cave was interesting as well. Lunch was great-prepared by local ladies. I would recommend this tour as it gets you away from the tourist port and you can really see the countryside out of the city.
Reviewer: Linda Harms
5 Stars
Unique Experience
December 28, 2021
We enjoyed the tour very much. The Belize Zoo hosts many native animals that you don't get to see anywhere else. You get to stand next to the Jaguar and Happy Eagles. The Jeep adventure was excellent. We get to drive in the jungle and see a cave up in the mountains. Then we were served with delicious local food as lunch. This is our second time to Belize. Absolutely LOVE it! Last but not least, the local people take COVID seriously and many steps are set up to make sure people are safe. Thanks to our guide Gabriel, we enjoyed every single minutes.
Reviewer: Ben
5 Stars
Awesome tour, so happy
February 05, 2020
This trip was extremely fun! Our first stop at the zoo was fantastic! Loved the animals and such a great zoo. The Jeep ride through the jungle was adventurous, never did off reading to this extent! The cave tour was way better than I expected, loved walking all over in there! Our Brazilian lunch tasted great even as I am a picky eater, ate it all! Having Gabriel as our tour guide was the best part!!! Our ride to the destinations included lots of info of the area, so it was like we got a city tour bonus trip thrown in! Overall excellent time and very happy!!
Reviewer: Mike Betzler
5 Stars
Great Excursion
August 02, 2019
This excursion was great! We loved our tour guide. He was very informative and the Belize Zoo was awesome. The Jeep tour was exceptional and the cave was great. Nice lunch on a relaxing farm. Would do this again! We loved Belize and it was due to this excursion.
Reviewer: Gina White
5 Stars
Best time ever!!
March 20, 2019
Such an awesome experience! You will not regret it!! I don’t think any other excursion will beat this one! The Zoo is awesome and the Jeep tour is so cool too! You get to go into a really awesome cave that will leave you speechless!!! You also get a lunch provided in a village and the food is so good! Love it all so much and I would do it again!!!
Reviewer: Katelyn Koski
5 Stars
An Excellent Adventure!
March 06, 2019
This adventure was quite amazing! We arrived in the port and were picked up by our very knowledge guide. From there we took the trip to our first stop, the Belize Zoo. There were lots of great animals to see, and they will all surprise you. Then we took our Jeep adventure that took us through the Jungle of Belize and through an old cave location. We ended the trip with the perfect lunch that was hand made for us. The local cuisine was specaticular! All in all I could not recommend this trip more. You will not regret it.
Reviewer: Michael M.
5 Stars
May 31, 2018
I wasn't really sure what this adventure was going to be like but so glad I chose this one!! First of all let me say that our guide was the BEST EVER! no confusion finding our guide outside the pier area. It was only my husband and I on this excursion which was so awesome. Our guide knew everything about the city and told us a lot of history of Belize. He took us on a scenic route of Belize before we went to the Belize Zoo. The Zoo is amazing. The animals there are indigenous to Belize. Photography is my passion and our guide was very patient w me as I stood around for several minutes taking pictures. Such a great place. Then we headed to the Jeep adventure part. We switch from a car to a Jeep and then headed to a mountain area where we drove on a trail until we came to a Mayan ruins. We went into a cave and explored in there for a little while. It was really interesting inside. Overall, I would do this adventure in a heartbeat!!! Thank you for the everlasting memories.
Reviewer: Kim
5 Stars