Costa Maya Beach Day

Beach Day ?
January 09, 2024
It was a little difficult to find the taxi station at the port.
Reviewer: Gary Hunter
4 Stars
Quiet and relaxing beach day!
December 28, 2023
The beach day was fantastic. Beer and cocktails were included. The cocktails were weak but still refreshing. The beach area was right off of the main boardwalk that links nearby hotels and shops. Plenty of shaded chairs and umbrellas. The staff was friendly and very helpful. The nachos and tacos included were delicious and a great snack. You'll see 5-10 vendors walking around to sell souvenirs but they're respectful and friendly. Water sports/activities are available for an extra fee. The cab fare to/from the port were included and set up quickly by the staff! The instructions included a map on how to get to the meeting point so that made things very easy. Of course, excursions thru the cruise line are easier to find but it wasn't a problem at all for us.
Reviewer: Gian
5 Stars
It was an okay experience
December 21, 2023
Finding the driver and getting there was easy. The servers were attentive at the beach/restaurant but much of the food didn't have any flavor and the drinks tasted as if they had been watered down.
Reviewer: Sheila Killpack
4 Stars
Beach Day Pass
August 10, 2023
The beach was nice, service was excellent, people constantly trying to sell their goods became annoying!! Beach chairs need improvement.
Reviewer: RoseMarie
4 Stars
Great Excursion
July 26, 2023
The instructions were clear on how to get to our meeting place. The ride to the resort was quick and easy. The resort was very nice, very attentive to our needs with food and drink. Many vendors do come on the beach but are very respectful if you say no. Wonderful time!
Reviewer: Kathy White
5 Stars
Heaven on Earth
June 26, 2023
This excursion was fantastic. Whisked away to a private boutique hotel resort with gorgeous crystal waters. The service and food were great. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Robin Matthews
5 Stars
Beach Day
May 29, 2023
Gracious & kind. Perfect day relaxing. Our host was amazing.
Reviewer: Saundi Crandall
5 Stars
Once you find it, you're golden
May 28, 2023
The hardest part is finding the meetup spot. Look for the Hard Rock and it's right in front. This was such a fun excursion and had shopping, relaxation, food, drink, and water activities. My wife got a massage and was in pure bliss afterwards. We did snorkeling which was super inexpensive ($25 per person for an hour). It was an amazing trip and personalized because it was just us. I got so much footage of fish and even a spotted eagle ray swimming! I also saw a barracuda which was awesome. There are so many people that try to sell you stuff so that's not fun but otherwise, great excursion.
Reviewer: Nicole Norman
5 Stars
Amazing Beach Break
May 25, 2023
My family and I enjoyed a fantastic time in Costa Maya recently on a cruise. The food & drinks were great and authentic Mexican, superb service and hospitality.
Reviewer: Samlal Narine
5 Stars
Costa Maya Beach Day
May 19, 2023
This was a fantastic excursion. We were picked up at the port and taken to the beach where we were introduced to the young man that would take care of us for the day! We had a fabulous Mexican lunch and free drinks all day!! Lounge chairs and umbrellas were provided!! We will definitely do this again!
Reviewer: Mary Justice
5 Stars
May 11, 2023
This beach was so nice. It was very calm and clear. This was my first time going to a beach and everyone was so nice
Reviewer: Linda Walker
5 Stars
Excellent, would do again
May 10, 2023
My mom and I LOVED doing this excursion. The only issues we had was getting out of the port. It was super hot and you have to walk all the way down to the end (it’s a long way) to get to the taxi area and out. Once we were out of the port it was very easy to find and to check in. We were given some water and we didn’t have to wait long. Once at our location our server showed us around, told us what was included, and then asked where we wanted to sit. We chose a nice shady spot and ordered drinks right away. The drinks and food were amazing!! They had a nice sectioned off area for swimming and the water was perfect. The beach felt a little crowded with chairs but people wise wasn’t bad. We met several people from our boat while there. When we ready to go we asked our server who came and got us when the taxi arrived. He paid for our cab and sent us on our way. We were drive. Straight back to the port. 100% would book again!
Reviewer: Altina Robinson
5 Stars
Costa maya beach break
April 19, 2023
We have enjoyed our day break from the cruise , very polite employees.We had our own butler on the beach,food was simple but good , nice beach , paid taxi drive back and forth to ship. Little street with many vendors. Nice discovery ,we would go back any time .
Reviewer: Jacqueline proulx
5 Stars
Lovely beach day
April 06, 2023
As a family of 4, we spent a lovely day at the beach.
Reviewer: Serge
4 Stars
April 04, 2023
This excursion was exactly as stated. Beach was great. The service was even better! The hotel owner was very nice to chat with and his fellows that take care of getting your beach loungers, drinks and food were great. Clean bathrooms!!!
Reviewer: Paula Bagin
5 Stars
Great Day!
March 30, 2023
Great day! All inclusive drinks, staff were attentive! Very Happy
Reviewer: Jorn Richels
5 Stars
Perfect Beach Day
March 13, 2023
10/10 experience during this excursion. Prompt drink service as soon as your drink was empty and all the food we tried was very yummy. The beach was beautiful and I liked that there was shade and sun options for the chairs. There were many people selling stuff from the beach but in a very friendly matter and would move on with a simple no thank you! Would recommend if you were looking for a relaxing day on the beach.
Reviewer: Sara MacDonald
5 Stars
Great relaxing beach day!
February 20, 2023
This was our first ever cruise and excursion. My spouse and I both work stressful jobs so we were looking for something relaxing to do. It was a little confusing finding the meet up point to catch the van ride to the beach. But everyone at the port was helpful in getting us to the Toucan Tours checkin desk. There were many other people there but not overcrowded. We chose shady beach chairs, right near the water. My youngest played in the water, the other lounged and people watched (she was mildly disappointed because she forgot her book). The food was great, the kids drank soda and water, we drank alcoholic beverages, did a little shopping and had a wonderful time. Many reviewers commented on the street vendors trying to ‘constantly sell you stuff’. For us it was kinda cool, I got a pair of cheap sunglasses because I forgot mine on the ship, spouse got some cigars, and my older kid got some fresh cut mango. We’ll make sure we do this excursion every time we port in Costa Maya.
Reviewer: Sarah Gallegos
5 Stars
Beach Day Notes
February 04, 2023
We had no problem meeting up with the tour. It was exactly as stated. Loved the beach day. Food and drinks were great! Service was great! Only thing is that the taxi was supposed to be included back to the ship and we ended up paying this extra. It was also a little awkward- the cab driver didn't speak much English.
Reviewer: Lisa Prescott
4 Stars
Had a good time
February 01, 2023
This excursion was nice. We had fun there with another couple that we met on the ride to the beach. As we laid on the beach, there was an employee with the excursion team that stayed and made sure that we had the drinks and food that we wanted. They did a nice job of pampering us. We were able to stay as long as we wanted. I would definitely do this one again.
Reviewer: Alisa Cody
5 Stars
Relaxing Day at the Beach
January 25, 2023
Wonderful relaxing day at the beach after short drive. Service was wonderful, as the attendants made sure that we always had everything that we needed. It was very nice to be able to decide on our own as to when we wanted to return to the ship (return taxi fare was included).
Reviewer: Ed Danuff
5 Stars
Wonderful day of relaxation!’
January 12, 2023
Wonderful sitting underneath palm trees swaying in the breeze while eating our food and drinking our margaritas and watching the sea! Getting massages, meeting new friends… what an enjoyable tour this was!
Reviewer: C Simplicio
5 Stars
Beach Time
January 10, 2023
We had a nice relax full day at the beach. We were waited on all day for food and drinks. The staff made sure we were comfortable and also made sure my husband had some shade. The weather was perfect and the water was very refreshing. We would definitely do this excursion again!!
Reviewer: Janet
5 Stars
Family Beach Bum/Beer day
December 15, 2022
My large family really enjoyed this trip to the small, but friendly beach! The price was wonderful for all that we received!!! Beach chairs, plenty of shade from umbrellas, snacks, a meal, UNLIMITED DRINKS! Yes, please. The only downside was a very small amount of sand for the kids to play in, but they did that at other beaches and didn’t mind because of all the other positive features. Bathrooms were not the greatest, but at least they were available! ( so many other beaches did NOT provide that) Ask for Juan and Eli! They were FANTASTIC!!! So friendly and spoke English which was a god send. Very economical and well worth the adventure in a cab.
Reviewer: Michelle Copperwaite
5 Stars
Nice day at the beach
August 24, 2022
For the most part we quite enjoyed our day. The beach was pretty, the food was great, the waiter taking care of us was very nice. One thing we didn't love was that people were constantly trying to sell us things - jewelry, sunglasses, hair braiding, etc. We had to say "no thank you" at least 100 times. Other than that we had a very nice day.
Reviewer: Lindsay Carter
4 Stars
We had a blast!
July 07, 2022
We had a super fun day at their private little beach. The service was amazing, the food was delicious and the drinks flowed steadily. One thing you need to do is bring your beach towels from your cruise ship! I found that those beach towels were a hot commodity on our trip!
Reviewer: Amy Hunn
5 Stars
The Perfect Do-Nothing Experience
June 28, 2022
If you want to go to the beach and relax, work on the tan, and wade in the gorgeous ocean waters, this is the excursion. A short walk takes you from the port where your excursion begins. Your destination is an ocean-side lounge chair where you have access to delicious beverages, amazing food, and top-notch service. Pick from a menu of complimentary drinks. And before you head back to the ship, do a little shopping.
Reviewer: Jen Hughes
5 Stars
Peaceful Day at the Beach
May 26, 2022
This was a great excursion and just what we were looking for. We got checked in and a taxi took us right to the beach. It was a small area with venders set up, a small bar and your own waiter there to greet you. He took us to our beach chairs, offering shade or sun. We picked chairs about 2 feet from the water. He kept us supplied with drinks and we both had a Quesadilla at lunch time. He was very attentive. He got us a taxi when we were ready to leave. The area was not crowded, and we saw a few other people from our ship.
Reviewer: Candy Brown
4 Stars
Nice Relaxing Day At The Beach
April 22, 2022
Very nice relaxing day at the beach, good food with an open bar and excellent service.
Reviewer: Howard Leong
5 Stars
Perfect Family Day
April 18, 2022
Our group of 5 included a 6 and 8 year old and it was the perfect day for us to just sit back and enjoy the beach. Both kids snorkeled and had a blast while the rest of us relaxed. I highly recommend a great family day with this excursion.
Reviewer: Sunshine Rush
5 Stars
We LOVED the CHILAX (Chill+Relax)!!!!
January 27, 2022
12/2021. Excursion started @ 7:30am as our ship was 1st to arrive. Walk to the back of the tourist area & exit to grab the prebooked taxi (.5-1mile walk). It will take you to the tour operators who will have you sign a waiver & you board an air conditioned van to the beach. Included are loungers, umbrellas, tables & chairs , food drinks. The tacos, burritos & nachos were so good & made with love! We ordered bottled water, beer, tequila & horchata throughout the day! Paddle boards rental is included. Massages are $20-$30 for 30mins -1hr so if you walk in any direction, you can get a great price. Sand is soft with few rocks. Water is shallow even very far out, great beach for all ages! NOTE: After 5 hrs, your MEALS & DRINKS are NO LONGER INCLUDED. ANYTIME you’re ready to go back to port; the return taxi is included. Many restaurants, bars, bike rentals, scuba rentals, souvenirs shops close by.
Reviewer: MJ Sunday
4 Stars
FUn Day
November 03, 2021
Nice transportation to the beach; they were a little hard to find but when we arrived it was great. There was plenty of shade the service was awesome, never wanting for a drink, the food was well prepared. When we were ready to leave the staff notified transportation and walked us to the cab. Great day great drinks.
Reviewer: David D Warry
5 Stars
Beach Day
March 26, 2020
Had a wonderful day and our service was excellent
Reviewer: Nancy A Shankel
5 Stars
Awesome All-Inclusive Beach Day
March 06, 2020
This excursion is an excellent value. It includes everything: transportation, beach chairs, umbrella, snacks, lunch, & open bar. I highly recommend it. I am a travel agent & have already sold 8 of these to clients in the 3 weeks since I returned from this trip. You can also get an inexpensive massage right there on the beach , & shop the little stores nearby.
Reviewer: Martina Cartwright
5 Stars
Great Day
February 20, 2020
Well organized and a worthwhile excursion. Good lunch and nice beach.
Reviewer: John Woolsey
4 Stars
Beach day
February 20, 2020
Enjoyed this beach day excursion. Very organized great meal and drinks. They were always asking if they could get us another drink. Very polite and great spot on the beach. Would recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Guy Curtis
5 Stars
Nice clear beach
February 05, 2020
This one is by far our favorite. The local excursion company was very good and courteous. We really love it. The kids enjoyed the the calm pristine beach. Food and unlimited drink were ok.
Reviewer: Naomi Magazi
5 Stars
Everything was great!!
January 29, 2020
Highly recommend this excursion. Although the beach was small (the water was right up to the chairs), it was beautiful and the service was great. Very relaxing day.
Reviewer: Spencer S Allen
5 Stars
Costa Maya Beach Day
January 22, 2020
We had a lovely time at the Beach. The staff from beginning to end were attentive. Would definately use this company again.
Reviewer: Linda Hepburn
5 Stars
Costa Maya Beach Day
November 29, 2019
Very nice experience. We met the the tour at a designated place just outside the port security gate and were transported by van to a private nice beach that had a bar, restaurant and facilities. We were met by a "concierge" who set us up with a lounge chair and umbrella. There were many others from our ship.The beach was crowded but the ocean was very nice and we enjoyed the experience. The staff knew our cruise ship schedule and the return trip to the ship was seamless.
Reviewer: CLARK L. McFadden
4 Stars
Costa Maya Beach
November 08, 2019
Beautiful beach - warm, clear blue water!
Reviewer: Paul
5 Stars
Great day and service!
October 09, 2019
We had a great time! Our excursion was in Sept 2019. Beach and water were beautiful, food was great and drinks a plenty! They have a netting type barrier to keep the seaweed out so no worries there. Our server was wonderful! So attentive! They really try their hardest to keep you happy! We got a complete 1 hour massage on the beach for $25 or $35 per person (don’t remember which) and they were AMAZING! A full hour. I definitely recommend this excursion. When we first got to port we were a bit nervous looking for the excursion area bc it’s kind of outside the port area but really no worries at all!!! Just keep going past the port gates and you’ll find them. No problem!
Reviewer: Rose D
5 Stars
Surprisingly perfect
September 18, 2019
We had misgivings when we arrived at this excursion. It looked pretty dodgy and we considered leaving quickly. Don’t let appearances deceive you! We were given a dedicated table in the shade and lounge chairs in the sun by the water. The water could not have been more perfect for temperature. The drinks were brought frequently by our attentive host, and the snack and lunch we were brought were both delicious and filling. We took advantage of the massages on the beach (bring cash to pay for this, and please remember to tip!) and it was one of the best massages I’ve ever had. As others have mentioned, you will be approached frequently to purchase souvenirs, but the vendors move on quickly with a firm “thank you”, If you show any interest, they will hang around to try to make a deal. Altogether, a wonderful beach day that I would definitely do again. Oh, and there is WiFi - just ask for the password.
Reviewer: Heidi
5 Stars
Awesome beach and staffs
September 14, 2019
I had a great time. The beach was lovely and the food. Don’t forget the margaritas. Big mama restaurant and the staffs were caring and polite. The massage I had was totally awesome. I will definitely go again. Thank you for making my birthday memorable.
Reviewer: Maryse Bancroft
5 Stars
Beach day
September 03, 2019
Tour guide was great. When he dropped of off at beach we were met by our waiter who took great care of us all day brought our drinks n food. Lots of great shopping. When we were ready to go back to our ship he called for our tour guy to pick us up.
Reviewer: Rosetta
5 Stars
Buena comida
August 30, 2019
Es un paseo bien organizado, nos brindaron una atención adecuada, pero el lugar no era del todo de nuestro agrado. Para nuestro gusto hubo demasiada gente y no nos sentíamos del todo seguros, por la excesiva presencia de vendedores informales que constantemente pasaban entre las personas en pequeña playa. Por otro lado, no debieran hacer una diferencia tan ofensiva entre las personas del "paquete" que recibimos las bebidas en vasos plásticos descartables, en comparación con las personas que pagaban ahí su atención y que recibieron las bebidas en copas adecuadas.
Reviewer: Daniel Dreifuss
4 Stars
Costa Maya Beach Day
August 26, 2019
The beach and facilities were great. The staff was very friendly and accommodating from the first woman that called our taxi to the waiter at the restaurant.
Reviewer: Barbara Sherlock
5 Stars
Beach Day
August 06, 2019
Was small area and the peddlers were constant. But good food, good service, and a really good massage.
Reviewer: Tovar Karen
3 Stars
Costa Maya beach day
July 24, 2019
100% satisfied, great experience.
Reviewer: Guy Cook
5 Stars
Nice day at the beach
July 15, 2019
This was a nice and restful excursion. Easy to find the tour directors location. We were transported via an airconditioned minivan to the beach location. There were plenty of beach chairs and tables to stretch out right at the water's edge. The included snacks and drinks were very refreshing.
Reviewer: Teri G
4 Stars
great day
June 29, 2019
My family had a great day ,we were taken to the beach after a short ride from the meeting point, we were welcome by a Father and Son who took care of us all day, we had drinks and snacks whenever we wanted and lunch was very good too, ALL INCLUDED.They put nets in the water to stop seaweed from getting close to shore, the water was warm and clean,I highly recommend this excursion. Just be prepared to walk from the ship to the meeting point.
Reviewer: michel
5 Stars
Relaxing Beach day
May 27, 2019
From pick up to departure, the experience exceeded expectations. The short drive from the pick-up location was in a clean A/C van with two other couples. Upon arrival we got our choice of beach lounge chairs, we pick shade seats. Immediately they started offering drinks and food. The water was warm and the location was hopping. We'd go back in a heartbeat if we find ourselves in Costa Maya again. Book it you will be glad you did.
Reviewer: Skip ONeill
5 Stars
Great Beach Day
May 22, 2019
This was very much worth the money! Our waiter was very attentive and the snacks and lunch were great. We had massages on the beach for $35, far less than on our ship and they let you relax without trying to upsell you something. Truly a great and relaxing day. I would do this again next time we visit Costa Maya
Reviewer: Scott Kircher
5 Stars
So glad we picked this excursion!
May 15, 2019
We had the best beach day. The water was right in front of us and the drinks were unlimited. There was great shopping and the best part was the affordable massages right there on the beach. The massage was awesome...I highly recommend getting an hour massage. There were vendors coming by selling goods but we were happy to shop from our beach chairs. The lunch was delicious too!
Reviewer: Ellen Gilbert
5 Stars
Costa Maya Beach Day
May 13, 2019
We had a blast. Well worth the money. I highly recommended it. Our waiter was very attentive. We will definitely do it again the next time we visit Costa Maya.
Reviewer: Melinda & Jeffery Linhares
5 Stars
Very relaxing
May 10, 2019
My wife and I really enjoyed our Costa Maya beach day excursion. Not only do you get to relax on a beautiful beach, but it also includes lunch and unlimited drinks. Massages are available right there on the beach for $25.00. The excursion is a really great value.
Reviewer: Brent Bautel
5 Stars
great deal for the price
May 02, 2019
The area is beautiful and there are people selling items in the area to buy. The food is local and delicious. Drinks are plenty both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. I would do this again if going back to Costa Maya. You just can't beat if for the price. If you are looking for sand for your kids to play in this is not it. It's chairs and then the water.
Reviewer: Michele
5 Stars
Casa maya beach day
April 29, 2019
Went exactly as planned. Our server set us up on the beach with a table and lounge chair,bought us drinks and snacks and lunch when we asked for them, also brought us t shirts that we saw in one of the shops. We also bought items from the vendors without even leaving our lounge chair.
Reviewer: Chester parson
5 Stars
Great Day! Best of the whole cruise
April 26, 2019
The best part of the entire cruise was our Beach day at Costa Maya. Not kidding at all. It was relaxing, the water was beautiful. No problem with seaweed. The tour people on land were helpful above and beyond what they had to do. Our waiter for the day did a good job of finding shade for us and keeping the drinks coming. He (and his son!) were awesome. The food was very good, too. I wish I were sitting in my chair right now...
Reviewer: Lindsey
5 Stars
Lovely beach
April 25, 2019
Nice beach and you can walk shop and eat. Food was delicious. Only complaint was we had to walk far to get the car to take us to the beach. But our driver did drive us right to our ship on the way back.
Reviewer: lorraine gamache
5 Stars
Relaxing Day at the beach
April 25, 2019
The beach was very quiet and a close walk to many shops. The service was incredible!! Everyone took great care of us!
Reviewer: Christa Brown
4 Stars
Great day
April 19, 2019
Would do again on a heartbeat. Great value and great people. Island is beautiful.
Reviewer: Richard mailloux
5 Stars
Nice Beach
April 15, 2019
We had a great day at the beach in Costa Maya, the staff was very friendly and courteous, the food and beverages were great as well.
Reviewer: Eduardo de Jesus
5 Stars
April 15, 2019
this was a great way to start our vacation we spent an amazing day at the beach it was beautiful the day was beautiful the staff was amazing and we had some awesome time drinking and eating. If you got some pretty cool souvenirs.
Reviewer: Kristal Mangual
5 Stars
Nice day
April 12, 2019
Everything went smoothly. Beach is not really pretty but it is Mexico so you cant expect too much.
Reviewer: Rebecca French
4 Stars
Beach day
April 03, 2019
We went early which was good as it got very crowded by late morning. Food was just OK and the drinks had little to no alcohol in them. The beach itself was nice and we got very inexpensive beach massages that were great. Nice day if you just want to chill.
Reviewer: Alan
4 Stars
Beach Day
March 29, 2019
Our hosts were very very accomodating. They went over the top to take care of us. There was no shortage of food or drinks. Please tip them if you do go. We walked along the streets, which was filled with lots of people asking to give you a massage. Lots of shopping along the way. It was a great way to be among the locals. My sister-in-law and I did get a 1 hour massage for $20usd. It was one of the best massages that I have ever had. Listening to the ocean waves was lovely. There were some areas as you walked through that smelled like sewage, but, it was just for a short area.
Reviewer: Anita
4 Stars
Those Massages!
March 29, 2019
Gorgeous beach, good food and drinks, and WONDERFUL massages on the beach for a little extra $. My husband had a two hour massage - his favorite excursion!
Reviewer: Gay Littleton
5 Stars
Cossta Maya Beach Day
March 27, 2019
Very good service. Good drinks and food. Quickly accommodated us with shelter from a rain storm.
Reviewer: Robert Sutton
5 Stars
No wories beach day
March 14, 2019
The "meet-up" location was exactly as advertised. Once outside the shopping area at the port terminal, it was about a 75 yard walk to the Inca/Maya pyramid statue. Check in was a breeze as long as you have your printed "ticket". We waited around 5 minutes for the others to be checked in and then boarded a van for the 10 minute drive to the beach. Upon arrival we were escorted to our beach area with lounge chairs and plenty of shade if you wanted it. For the next 4 or so hours, it was relaxing with food and as many drinks as you wanted. When we were ready to go all we had to do is tell the waiter and he fetched us a cab (prepaid as part of the excursion), that way we could return to the ship at our leisure rather than waiting for everyone else. We'd do this excursion again in a heart beat.
Reviewer: Skip ONeill
5 Stars
It was very relaxing!
March 12, 2019
We had a relaxing time. We were a group of 11. From the minute we got to the beach we had drinks and food up until we left. They were amazing and set us up on the beach with lounge chairs and a table for us to eat. The had a kayak for us to use. There is shopping all the way down the walkway. Make sure you are good at negotiating. I will say it is a LONG walk to the tour spot the entire port is huge and you have to walk out and find the location to meet. Someone was outside the port and guided us to the spot. Short 10 minutes drive and we were on the beach. You can see the ships from there. You just tell them when you want to leave and they will have a taxi. There are people constantly coming by and offering you items they are selling. The beach was lovely make sure you have water shoes because there are rocks. We definitely got our money's worth with the drinks and food. Food was great.
Reviewer: Lily
5 Stars
Costa Maya Beach Day
February 28, 2019
Great day at the beach!
Reviewer: D Chavez
5 Stars
Fun in the sun!
February 20, 2019
Great food, drinks and staff! The area was great and beach was fantastic!
Reviewer: William Backhaus
5 Stars
costa maya Beach day
January 02, 2019
it was wonderful. We enjoyed it a lot. Would recommend it to others.
Reviewer: Richard Dotterer
5 Stars
A Great Time
November 30, 2018
The beach was great
Reviewer: Gary Lieberman
5 Stars
November 30, 2018
I told my husband that this was the BEST excursion we have ever taken! We have travelled to the Caribbean several times, the British Isles, and Italy. But this excursion provided everything as promised at a very reasonable fee. The beach was calm, uncrowded, beach chairs as promised, a table with umbrella, unlimited drinks as advertised (pina coladas for me). We had two attendants who anticipated our needs without being "pushy". Sure there were people walking thru offering their wares, but a quiet no thanks and a smile and they were on their way. We loved this excursion!!A most relaxing day.
Reviewer: Dorothy and Joe
5 Stars
Costa Maya Beach Day
November 26, 2018
My husband and I participated on this excursion on Friday, November 16, 2018. We had a short walk from the pier to where the guides were at who took us by van to the beach area. Once at the beach our waiter, Moses explained how things worked and took us to where we would sit by the water. He set up our beach chairs and umbrella. The entire day he was very attentive to us providing us with drinks and a delicious lunch. We were pleased to be provided with the cost of the cab ride back to the pier. There were vendors that kept asking you if you wanted to buy their wares. Once you said "no" they were on their way. We also got a massage at a low cost of $30 per person for an hour. It was a great massage! The day was relaxing and fantastic. The music was also very nice and upbeat. We highly recommend this excursion if all you want to do is relax.
Reviewer: Diane Centeno-Deshields
5 Stars
Great experience!!!
November 15, 2018
My wife and I had a wonderful time! The value for the money was right on point. The margaritas were great and they kept them coming. Gil was our server he was the best! Very attentive. We never had to ask for anything. He even got us our taxi ride back to the port for free. All we had to take care of was the taxis tip. If you’re looking for a day of sun and fun with your every need taken care of, than this is the shore excursion for you.
Reviewer: Darrel
5 Stars
September 10, 2018
Reviewer: JM
5 Stars
We had a good time
September 10, 2018
We had a good time at the beach. The vendors selling souvenirs come by your table every few minutes. It’s a bit annoying but they are just trying to make a living. Everything else was pleasant.
Reviewer: Robert
4 Stars
Very Relaxing day
August 13, 2018
Walk to our meeting area was about 10-15min total from getting off the ship to our van. Pepe took great care of us. Water was crystal clear and warm. They were having seaweed problem, but did a great job trying to keep it cleaned up. Got a good because it wasn't quite as luxurious as the pictures. Yes you have to say no to the local sellers for the first 30min or so but then it was quiet. Gave us a taxi voucher to get home. Brought us right to the port no long walk back to the port. I would recommend as a great value, just know the beach is crowded, but service was great.
Reviewer: Barb Wolf
4 Stars
Lovely day
July 30, 2018
Sun, sand, warm ocean waters, sunbrella, chaise lounge, drinks and an authentic Mexican lunch. Our hosts took excellent care of us. Definitely recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Pat Ransom
5 Stars
relaxing day at the beach
June 11, 2018
The beach was ok the waiter was great, but the only thing we didn't appreciate were all the people trying to sell you merchandise, it seemed like every five minutes someone was there trying to sell you something.
Reviewer: Victor Dume
4 Stars
Such a relaxing sunny day
May 07, 2018
This was a great day for us. The walk out of the port is long and they make you walk past the entire vendor area before you exit the area, but once outside we found the booth quickly. Within minutes we were ready to go and into a van for transportation. We arrived and were designated a table with chairs (for eating) and some beach chairs for laying down. It was awesome. Includes drinks which they bring all day (on request) and snacks and lunch were also included and delicious. The beach area was beauty and it was a hot gorgeous day. Could not ask for more, great value for the price. Raul took care of us, treated us like royalty. Around 3PM we asked Raul to hook up our return ride, and within minutes we were on our way. Best day of our trip I would say. Highly recommend for relaxing, sun tanning, and beach.
Reviewer: Jay Melo
5 Stars
Costa Maya Beach Day
March 09, 2018
Beautiful beach, great beach side service, treated very well, front row lounges, great lunch. Staff were attentive, friendly, and helpful. Great day at the beach. Close enough to walk around town.Massages available at very reasonable rate. All good. Would do so again.
Reviewer: John Angelopoulos
5 Stars
Beach Day
January 31, 2018
Easy to find departure area. Friendly staff. Great service at the beach. No waiting for service. Easy return to ship. We would go again.
Reviewer: Paul
5 Stars
Nice Beach Day
January 25, 2018
Very nice beach area with small shops and booths for browsing. Get a massage on the beach or just hang out in the sun. Service was great our rinks and food were included.
Reviewer: Brenda
5 Stars
Cruise 10/2017
November 25, 2017
A little confusing on how to get to the departure area. Our attendant was friendly and very attentive. Would definitely consider this excursion next time.
Reviewer: Kelli Untermeyer
5 Stars
Beautiful day
October 25, 2017
I really enjoyed the day at the beach everything was lovely, and they make you feel special like a king or queen! I even received a massage while there it was awesome!
Reviewer: sharon russell
5 Stars
Beach Day
August 03, 2017
Our excursion was very nice. Water was beautiful, drinks and food was delicious. The main issue with this day was that we were constantly approached by people trying to sell us everything under the sun. They paraded in front of us for the entire time we were there. They never stopped with the sales pressure
Reviewer: Kim B
4 Stars
Costa Maya Beach Day
June 28, 2017
It is a very good deal. Highly recommend it. The service providers are friendly and helpful. The beach is clean. Food is good. Wifi signal is very good. The direction provided by COSTCO is excellent.
Reviewer: E Huang
5 Stars
Costa Maya
May 12, 2017
We enjoyed the beach time away from the ship. The service was good and the food and drinks were very good. The market people weren't real friendly and there were always peddlers on the beach. Fine at first but became too much very quickly! They would crowd around you if you expressed the remotest interest in what they had!
Reviewer: Laurie Knight
4 Stars
Totally relaxing!
April 28, 2017
This was probably my best shore excursion. I think the directions off the ship to the tour needs to be a little more clear, but this no way reflects how enjoyable this excursion was. The company treated my husband and I like VIP's from the very moment we arrived. Our driver took us to the beach and then our waiter took care of us the whole time we were there. Unlimited snacks, unlimited drinks, and lunch. When ready to leave our waiter set us up with our ride. It was the best!
Reviewer: Sheri Castor
5 Stars
very beautiful
March 23, 2017
it was so relaxing at this beach . we were out of contact for a while until we got the wifi password LOL. but they have a shopping area which we enjoyed and the food was great. we literally had our beach chairs in the water which was so refreshing. the waiters were very attentive.
Reviewer: jeanmarie mendez
5 Stars
Beach day
March 03, 2017
Wonderful time, food and drinks great! Friendly service, we felt at home.
Reviewer: Arthur Flokos
4 Stars
Great serviçe
February 17, 2017
Nice beach and good good.
Reviewer: Joanne Twigg
4 Stars
Playa De Mia Beach Day
January 22, 2017
The bus ride is about 30 minutes but upon arrival we found a very well staffed, clean exciting resort. Plenty of shopping. A coffee shop that serves Starbucks! There is a wonderful pool and a water slide. We went for the beach and we were not disappointed at all!!! Plenty of loungers to sit right on the shore. We were promptly greeted and had stawberry margaritas and an umbrella for shade. The sand is white pebble sand and the water is clear turquoise! We walked over and took a Hobie Cat ride, included in the price of our excursion. The buffet lunch was great food served in a large covered patio area. There are numerous activities for adults and children.
Reviewer: Felicia Petersen
5 Stars
Costa Maya at Big Mamas
January 22, 2017
Everything was as promised but the beach was very crowded. The picture is not representative of the experience. The service was great but the fee for service was not included. The waiter said he only received tips and no wages so we were encouraged to leave a high tip. Food was good.
Reviewer: Kathy Warren
4 Stars