Kohunlich Mayan Ruins Tour

June 02, 2023
5 Stars
Fabulous Tour
March 06, 2023
My daughter and I selected this excursion because the reviews indicated the site was not crowded and received high marks - all well deserved. We were the only two on the trip. Our guide, Rosie, was excellent. She was very well informed about the Mayans and this particular site. The setting was gorgeous, the ruins were VERY interesting and accessible. Even our driver was fantastic. It was well worth the two-hour drive to and from the site.
Reviewer: Mary Stuckey
5 Stars
Great Tour Operator
January 05, 2023
We arrived on NCL Breakaway, 2 hours late. We expected our tour to be cancelled because of our late arrival. However, the tour operator offered us all a tour to the Chaccoben Ruins. Our Guide was great, he knew a lot about the Mayans, their culture and the ruins. We were very happy with the substitute tour.
Reviewer: JoAnne Shaeffer
4 Stars
November 19, 2022
Our tour guides and driver- Edward, Elliot and Eric (?) were all very nice and informative. I picked this company because of the small group size. The ride to the ruins sounded long when first booking but it really wasn't. Time went by as we were given history lessons and fun facts about the area and the Mayan culture. Very informative. We had plenty of time to explore each temple. Lots of shady trees and pathways were fairly easy to walk on. They provided cold water, soda and sandwiches. Highly recommend this
Reviewer: Alpha
5 Stars
Passion personified!
November 19, 2019
This tour was superb. Because this site is isolated, there were very few people. The ruins were fantastic and we were allowed to climb anywhere we wanted. The experience was made even better by the knowledge and passion exhibited by our guide, Lorenzo. A great place to visit in Costa Maya.
Reviewer: Laurie Chase
5 Stars
Kohunlich Mayan Ruins
November 12, 2019
We ended up as the only guests and had a private your. Driver Araceli was quiet and polite and did a great job driving us back and forth. Our guide was Rosa...very professional, kind and was a wealth of information. Even if I don't get the private tour again, I will definitely use this group again.
Reviewer: Dee Henley
5 Stars
Great Experience
June 24, 2019
Rosa was great and gave us lots of info about the ruins and life of the day. The four hour drive was worth the almost two hours we had to roam the ruins. We were the only two on the tour and there were very few people at the site in general. We only had 7 hours in port and they were great at getting us back in time.
Reviewer: Jef
5 Stars
Best of the Mayan
March 13, 2019
This was an outstanding excursion, worth the long 2-hour drive each way. We were the only ones signed up for this excursion that day so we had a private guide and driver. Rosa is an exceptional guide, knowledgeable and friendly and Pedro was a great driver. Kohunlich is a wonderful place with magnificent structures in a beautiful, park-like setting. We arrived mid-morning and had the site almost completely to ourselves. We have booked many excursions through Costco but this was certainly the best.
Reviewer: Lawrence Haukedalen
5 Stars
Excellent tour!!
February 03, 2019
We had a tour all to ourselves -- just the two of us -- and it was awesome! Our tour guide Fabiola was knowledgeable and friendly, and kept us engaged with stories and commentaries on our 2-hour drive to the ruins. We felt the extra travel time was worthwhile and got us out of the usual cruise tours. And kudos to our driver Heriberto -- he made our trip safe and pleasant!! We were quite pleased with our experience and look forward to booking another adventure with Shore Excursions in the future!
Reviewer: Kathy Thompson
5 Stars
August 20, 2018
My husband and I were the only ones on this tour. We had an air conditioned van with a driver and tour guide. They were knowledgeable and friendly. The ride to and from is worth the time. The park was not crowded and we were able to climb the steps on several of the ruins. Although the tour says only beverages were included, we were given water for the ride and a great bag lunch and soda on the return. We stopped at the "Pineapple Town," and purchased fresh pineapple on the way back to port. This was our favorite tour of our cruise!
Reviewer: Marey Richins
5 Stars
Seeing An Old Friend
January 22, 2018
We just returned from our 7-14 January, 2018, trip on RC which included Costa Maya. It was our fourth time here, our second visit to Kohunlich. The first time we went on a larger, ship sponsored tour which was overcrowded. We wanted a smaller group so booked with Native Choice thru Shore Excursions and had four people in the van. Tacho and Erick made a great team and the day was near perfect. The site is beautiful, peaceful, the temples and ball court in decent condition, the Temple of the Masks one of the best I have seen in 32 Maya sites. Like seeing an old friend.
Reviewer: C. Simmons
5 Stars
Replacement tour
January 09, 2018
We booked a tour to the Kohunlich Mayan Ruins. Since we were the only ones signed up and they didn't take just 2, we were offered a refund or go on a different tour. We opted to take the tour going to Dzibanchi Ruins. There were only 6 others on it which was nice. Our tour guide Francisco was great. He was very knowledgeable and friendly. The tour was great and we were very happy we decided to take it
Reviewer: Hilary
5 Stars
Beautiful Mayan ruins without the crowds
October 12, 2017
There were four of us on the tour and it was the perfect number. We could ask questions, hear everything our guide told us and climb and explore the ruins. It felt like our tour was the only one there that day, but we learned there were actually a few other groups there as well. It was just so big and our guide was purposely showing us different buildings than the other groups at different times to avoid a big crowd anywhere. I learned so much! And a great picnic style lunch was included on the way home!
Reviewer: Amy E Sheen
5 Stars
Tour upgrade
April 17, 2017
Love Shore Excursions Group w/ setting my family of newbie cruiser. On the tour company Native Tours company . Since we where the only for going their the tour company upgraded my family dzsanchi temples 2hr drive, but worth it
Reviewer: Jose Manuel Morales
5 Stars
Great historic, cultural lesson!
November 30, 2016
We were very happy with our tour guide and driver on this tour, and had a pretty private experience with only one other couple sharing our van. The ride was pleasant (even though it mentions bumpiness), the A/C was refreshing, and we even got a sack lunch provided. On our way back from the ruins, leaving the jungle, we took some time to watch monkeys fly through trees and learn a little more about the wildlife in the area.
Reviewer: Amber Krosel
5 Stars
Bucket list event!
June 02, 2016
You actually get to climb! 90% of temples are closed to climbing nowadays. Our guide was fantastic! It was a long drive BUT it was in an air condition, clean van. We stopped for fresh roadside pineapple, empanadas, salsa. It was a great opportunity to see Mexico, not just the port. The ruins were amazing! There is time to climb, take photos, ask questions. Our guide brought extra water and sandwiches.
Reviewer: Michelle M.
5 Stars
Outstanding tour and guide.
May 25, 2016
I have visited two other Mayan Ruins and Kohunlich was the most interesting and the most remote site. Well worth the two hour drive. The native guide Casey was outstanding both on the drive and at the site, plus a stop at her village provided the freshest and best pineapple I have ever had.
Reviewer: retired
5 Stars
amazing day
January 30, 2016
cannot say enough about the guides on this excursions! joel's enthusiasm was contagious, he painted a perfect picture for us , making it feel as though we were looking out on the very lifestyle he was describing. his personal investment was obvious from the love and respect for his people and their history.
Reviewer: grant and cindy
5 Stars
Step Way Back In Time on these hollowed grounds
April 24, 2015
Andre, our guide, was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. But we didn't like having to walk from the port area to the excursion office.
Reviewer: Tracy
5 Stars
March 28, 2014
This was an amazing tour. Our tour guide David was great. We took the private tour and my husband and I were the only two on the tour. We were taken to the tour site in a private car and were very comfortable. On the way, David explained different areas and answered any questions that we had. When we got to the site, he got our tickets for us and off we went before a larger tour from the ship who were waiting. My husband, unfortunately, opted out of the tour as we reached the ruin site because he felt that because of bad knees, it would be too much walking so he waited under a shelter. He could still see some of the site from the shelter. I was escorted into the site by our guide David. As we walked, David was full of information about the Mayans and the ruins and answered my questions with so much knowledge. David is of Mayan ancestry and is very proud of his heritage. He kept me ahead of the larger group so that I got exceptional pictures and showed me areas that I'm pretty sure the larger group did not see. Overall, we enjoyed the tour immensely and if ever in the area, would definitely take another tour with Shore Excursions group. The only con about the tour was the meeting place. When you get off the ship, you have to walk or take a taxi to the office. The taxis or tour guide vehicles are not allowed into the secured pier area and the taxi area is quite a distance from the pier. It seemed the taxis could drop off at the front of the security area but not pick-up. Why, I don't know. When we got to the end of the pier and shopping mall area, there was a security station. My husband explained that he could not walk a great distance so one of security guards hailed one of the taxis for us to take us to the office. We were told that the office is a 15 minute walk from the Costa Maya cruise center main entrance which is the security area but from the ship to the main entrance, you need to walk or take a trolley to the end of the cruise pier which is quite long. The trolley stops at the shopping area. You, then, walk through the shopping area. Probably for a younger person, this would not have been a problem walk. All in all, we were told that it would be a 30-40 minute walk from the ship. Since, we were able to get a taxi from the security office, it did not take us that long and the taxi ride cost us $3.00
Reviewer: Dragonfly
5 Stars
Great Small Group Tour to Ruins
February 21, 2014
Great experience to a great set of ruins. Guide was knowledgeable and personable.
Reviewer: Kevin
5 Stars
Facinating and enjoyable
December 13, 2013
First, don't trust the map, just stay on the ""yellow brick road"" what is described as a turn is only a slight veer. The ride is somewhat rough and long (knew this already,) but the van was fine and cool. Beyond that, the guide was fabulous, obviously intelligent and very fond of the country. The ruins were still being worked, but you could climb right up next to the workers. The pace was fine, and my picture of the large pyramid is now my desktop pic. Stopped by a cenote, bought a souvenir or two. Walking pace was fine, climbing optional, but we did it. Very interesting, very glad we chose this trip.
Reviewer: CoolShade
5 Stars