Costa Maya Reef Snorkeling

Costa Maya Reef Snorkeling
July 23, 2023
It was a wonderful tour. My grandchildren were delighted by the moneys and the sloths. The horse back ride was beautiful. A special thanks to our tour guide, Ann. She made us feel comfortable & "safe".
Reviewer: Kathy McLearn
5 Stars
Great Time!
July 10, 2023
Great experience! They dove with us and took pictures. The office where we picked up the tour was right outside the cruise port and they drove us right to the location. The boat was nice and the tour operators outstanding. Saw lots of fish, turtles, and a sting ray. Much better than the same type excursion we took in Rotan.
Reviewer: Jim
5 Stars
July 07, 2023
Water was rough but we still had a great time. Saw turtles and sting rays. Just expect a long walk to the meet up location.
Reviewer: Brendan Kelly
5 Stars
Great small group snorkeling excursion
June 27, 2023
This was a very enjoyable snorkeling adventure. It was just our group of 5. We had a great time. Our boat captain and guide did a great job.
Reviewer: Susan
5 Stars
April 14, 2023
Nice fellows who had excellent knowledge and equipment Would do again for sure !!!!
Reviewer: Gerry Leering
5 Stars
Out of the ordinary - off the beaten path
February 03, 2022
We’ll organized with successful handoffs along the way. Ultimate diving experience was professional and enjoyable. Great captain and guide who spotted several unique items to share (conch shells, moray eel, starfish, etc.) Decent equipment as well.
Reviewer: Jeff M.
5 Stars
Beautiful reef and sea turtles
February 21, 2020
There were four us on this snorkeling excursions. While in the water the reef was beautiful and we were able to see a sea turtle and a baby sea turtle. The guide was great in the water ensuring we saw some amazing sites. The opportunity we experienced was that 2 of the people hadn't snorkeled before and the guide didn't give them the needed snorkeling instructions.
Reviewer: Jodi Johnson
4 Stars
Awesome guide and experience
January 10, 2020
The guide was awesome, the exertion the best. Beautiful colorful reef. Saw many many colorful fish and a sea turtle.
Reviewer: Brenda
5 Stars
Costa Maya Reef Snorkeling
January 05, 2020
It was my first time snorkeling. It was fun seeing the beautiful fish and a big sea turtle among other things. The guides were very helpful!
Reviewer: Celia Engel
5 Stars
Excellent Excursion
January 02, 2020
Small group (4) per 2 member guide team. The guides were very good with first time snorkeler in our group. The guide pointed to a ray and tortoise on the bottom. The guides knew all of the best areas for colorful corral and fish. Had time to swim and relax after snorkeling. Very good day.
Reviewer: Bruce A Siebers
5 Stars
Good Snorkeling with Turtles
January 02, 2020
This excursion only had 3 passengers, so it was very nice to be away from the crowds. I would've given 5 stars, but the looooong walk to the meeting point and a mistake in the directions made me give 4 stars. (You go LEFT when You see the temple.) It was shallow water the whole time and the guide knew where to find lots of fish and turtles.
Reviewer: Cynthia Ferrell
4 Stars
Great Snorkeling Experience!
December 29, 2019
We loved the smaller group. We walked a few blocks to reach the kiosk, had friendly interactions with the employees and the other participants. Short drive in a nice van to the beach, small boat waiting for us. The snorkeling masks were of a good quality, with less clouding and more comfort provided. We saw many fantastic fish, coral, and 2 giant sea turtles. Highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Liane W Popham
5 Stars
Green sea turtles!
December 28, 2019
We had a diverse group of ten family members, ranging in age from seven to seventy eight, and from beginner to very experienced snorkeled, and we were all happy with the experience. We saw lots of coral heads with colorful fish of all sizes, but the highlight was when our guide/overseer lead us away to a sea grass area with two turtles! We were able to follow them, dive down close and watch them forage. Very good experience!
Reviewer: Mary Cobb
5 Stars
Excellent snorkeling
June 03, 2019
Nice and friendly people taking care of you. Location was nice enough you could see turtles and rays
Reviewer: Raymond Conklin
5 Stars
Most Honest Company out there
April 25, 2019
This place provided great service and the people were very friendly. The ride back and forth to the beach was prompt. The Snorkeling was wonderful. We saw everything from fish, to sting rays, to turtles. What a great experience. Water was very clear. The best part of the trip was driving back to the cruise ship from snorkeling in the Taxi. The driver received a phone call and then turned around and went back to the beach. They actually got a hold of him because I had left my GoPro on the boat. I was very happy to get it back and not lose any of my video / photos. I would highly recommend this place for all.
Reviewer: John H. Jahshan
5 Stars
Great time
April 24, 2019
The snorkeling was a blast. I would recommend to bring your own snorkel because my snorkel filled with water.
Reviewer: harold sharp
5 Stars
AMAZING excursion
December 14, 2018
We were brought out on a small boat, just the four of us, to the most beautiful reef I have ever seen. The guides were personable and we saw sea turtles, stingrays, and beautiful schools of fish. It felt like we were in an aquarium! We have been snorkeling many times and this was by far the best experience we have had.
Reviewer: Lori Bush
5 Stars
Fun excursion and a great value
May 07, 2018
Doing an independent excursion seemed a little risky, but we liked the itinerary and are really glad that we gave it a shot. The departure point is a short walk outside of the very touristy cruise point pier. Our party of five was taken to the beach in an air-conditioned van after a very short wait, and went straight to the boat. Nothing fancy - just wade in and hop into a small boat comfortably sized for us plus the captain and our guide. We snorkeled at the reef that's several hundred yards offshore for about an hour, which was plenty! Saw tons of fish, lots of interesting reef formations and 5 or 6 sea turtles. We had time to relax and shop at the beach afterwards, followed by a van ride back to the depot. Super-enjoyable excursion at a very reasonable price. Much different than the overcrowded excursions organized by cruise lines. Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Bill
5 Stars
First Rate Service
May 02, 2018
We were completely pleased with the level of service and support on our adventure and snorkel trip. The van used for our transportation was in excellent condition, we had our own gear but the supplied equipment looked great. The water was a bit rough but we had a great swim and saw lots of sea life. As with all of the tours that we booked through Costco Travel, we received more that we expected.
Reviewer: Just Sharon
5 Stars
Costa Maya Reef Snorkeling
March 07, 2018
We were looking for a shorter snorkeling tour since my 8 yr old son had never been before. This was perfect for that reason. The guide didn't speak much english but pulled me and my son with a floating device so he was comfortable and we could see quite a few fish. The biggest thrill was seeing 3 large sea turtles and a baby! It was awesome!
Reviewer: Shelly Torniainen
4 Stars
Reef Snorkeling
November 24, 2017
Followed the meeting instructions and the tour guide was waiting for us. My first time snorkeling and I really enjoyed it.I would like to go again.
Reviewer: T. Buser
5 Stars
Excellent tour
May 02, 2017
With a 6 year in tow, I was concerned about her getting around to see all the water life. The guide pulled her around with a float and made our trip fantastic. We saw lots of turtles, fish, and reefs.
Reviewer: Heather Earhart
5 Stars
Private tour
April 29, 2017
When we arrived there we were surprised to see it was just out family of three on the tour. Our guide was great! He used a float to pull our 6 year old around the reefs. He was very knowledgeable and helped our 6 year old with her first snorkeling trip.
Reviewer: Heather Earhart
5 Stars
April 06, 2017
Reviewer: DWIGHT
5 Stars
Costa Maya Reef Snorkeling
January 21, 2017
We weren't prepared to walk so far to this excursion. The guys on the street asking if we wanted to sign up for an excursion (or at least that is what it felt like)...turned out to be our contact people. But their signage was different than our receipt. Would they have provided a ride to the starting point? We are a 'go with the flow kind of family' and laughed at the chair that we had to step on to enter the boat...we wonder if that is Carnival approved. haha But they were very safety minded and we had a great snorkel. It was pretty windy that day and the boat did a great job of following us without hovering. Yes we would do it again. :-)
Reviewer: Cindy Bartsch
4 Stars