Snorkeling and Beach Break Combo

Incredible Experience
April 24, 2023
The size of this tour was small and the guide, captain, and staff were amazing! They provided a high-quality snorkeling experience and were so friendly and helpful. The beach area was well-kept and a great place to relax after snorkeling. We highly recommend the margaritas and beef nachos!
Reviewer: Sarah Hermanson
5 Stars
Great day
March 18, 2020
Our taxi ride was 4.00 a piece. Upon arrival, looked a little iffy. Once inside our days was great. The manager was so personal, had our own personal waiter. Boat captain was a little late but when he arrived he was super nice. We had a private dive. The 1st mate swam around with us pointing out things. Saw 2 turtles just feet from us eating. Drinks were very good also. Loved the area, would do this again
Reviewer: Penny simpson
5 Stars
Snorkeling and Beach combo
February 19, 2020
Was a lot of fun, my wife really enjoyed her $20 massage on the beach. We were able to see lots of sea life. Swimming next the turtle was added plus. The staff were helpful and friendly.
Reviewer: Ronny Ingram
5 Stars
October 03, 2019
The snorkeling part of this excursions started by us seeing a rather small boat with two men on it. We wondered what we were getting into. There were four of us, as we came to the area that we were to snorkle in one of the men gave us a life donut. He then proceeded to pull us to the most amazing snorkeling ever! We were beyond thrilled with the way this adventure went! Great experience and I not only would recommend this excursion I would take it again.
Reviewer: Dorene Spies
5 Stars
Great service!
August 03, 2019
Snorkeling was fun. A waiter at the bar was great service, I dont remember his name, but he treated us very well. Thank you!
Reviewer: Amy Tram Nguyen
4 Stars
June 11, 2019
When we first got there we got a little lost and were super nervous to go with just anyone BUT when we figured out what we were doing and where to go it was A BLAST! The instructors take you around and show you the best spots.They were super kind and take care of you the whole time. We got to see a sea turtle up close and a lot of other fish and coral reef. After snorkeling we went to the resort and it was such a fun atmosphere. I wish I could have stayed longer. The service (FERNANDO) was AMAZING! He made the trip for us, he really seemed to care about his customers! We had the unlimited alcohol and by the end Fernando helped get us back to the taxis. I would go again and again if I could!
5 Stars
Best Beach!
April 02, 2019
The time on the beach was wonderful. It was really pretty and had plenty of chairs and shade and not crowded at all! Free drinks for three hours was great! The snorkeling was good. We saw some sea turtles and a stingray and our guide was very nice. It wasn't the best snorkeling of places we have been but was a very enjoyable excursion and we all loved the beach time.
Reviewer: Lisa Martin
5 Stars
Great excursion
March 21, 2019
My family had a blast relaxing on beach and snorkeling! Free drinks for three hours was really nice and one of the best beaches we've ever been to. Definitely a good value. You have to pay for your taxi but yellow taxis were easy to find and was $10 for the five of us. Would definitely choose this one again.
Reviewer: Lisa
5 Stars
Incredible excursion!
March 05, 2019
This was an amazing day for us! We had our own snorkeling guide and captain. The water was incredibly beautiful, we saw lots of sea turtles and beautiful fish. Following the snorkel trip we had open bar on the beach for 3 hours. And, the best part, our guide took photos of us underwater and emailed them to us afterwards. I can’t recommend this excursion enough!
Reviewer: Chelsea Metayer
5 Stars
So much fun!
September 03, 2018
We had a fantastic time and never wanted it to end! Everyone was so helpful and went above and beyond to make sure we had a great experience. Our 8 year old especially loved the sea turtles and sting ray the snorkeling guide took us to see. Even though it was raining here and there we are so glad they didn't cancel our excursion!
Reviewer: Amanda Wilcoxon
5 Stars
Nice Excursion
August 13, 2018
We had a nice time. We snorkeled and saw fish and even a few turtles! We then headed back to the beach area for our open bar and beach break. The staff are friendly and attentive. The beach was nice and there are plenty of shops around if you want to get touristy stuff or alcohol. It was not over the top amazing, but for what we paid it was a great excursion and we enjoyed ourselves.
Reviewer: Kris Slocum
4 Stars
January 19, 2018
I took this tour by myself. I was a little nervous but the agent on the beach assured me the captain & helper would work with me. I hung onto a ring and kicked my feet and the guy in the water show me a life conch, 2 star fish to hold and the huge sea turtles and many fish. It was a pleasant experience with their caring help!
Reviewer: Karen Lambert
4 Stars
Best Excursion I have had
November 29, 2017
Relaxed snorkeling guides that aren't pushy at all. Beautiful water and lots of fish. Also saw stingray and octopus. All beverages were on the house and if you walk down the beach a ways, you will likely find a secluded spot all of your own,.
Reviewer: michael porter
5 Stars
November 22, 2016
We were taken by taxi, which cost $6 each way where I wasn't told there was a fee, but anyway, we were at a resort where they served free drinks, alcohol, carbonated or water. We had our own private waiter and guide, we went on a small boat to go snorkeling, water again was amazing, our own snorkeling captain and guide, hammock in the water as well as a swing. Highly rate my experience
Reviewer: Michael Eagle
5 Stars