Jetski Tour and Snorkeling

CuraƧao Open Water Jet Ski Tour
August 20, 2022
Our ship came in later than originally planned. The tour guide reached out and informed us they have rescheduled us for a later time to match our arrival to port. Once our tour started we were impressed with equipment and accommodations to store our personal belongings safely. They have double rider and single rider jet skies. Our teenage boys were able to ride as single riders, which most tour guides do not allow. I will rebook with them next time we revisit the lovely island.
Reviewer: Brenda Fuentes
5 Stars
Best excursion
June 26, 2022
Great staff and lots of fun. Ride the waves and enjoy the landscape. The staff was Excellent and very professional in showing us how to jet ski. Picked us up as promised from shore. Beautiful views on the ski and snorkeling. Highly recommend the adventure
Reviewer: Lucy Baratta
5 Stars
Highlight of the Trip
August 21, 2019
The Jetski tour was fantastic. A combination of adrenaline rushing wave breaking in open water with the cool element of a calm and playful exploration in the coves. My wife and I did this with our 17 yr old son; and all of us had a blast. By far the best excursion we took during the entire cruise.
Reviewer: John Hollen
5 Stars
Great Excursion
December 18, 2016
We would definitely do this excursion again. The jet skis were well maintained and we had a lot of fun on the water. The snorkeling was beautiful and our guide went down to the shipwreak and brought up different sealife for us to see upclose and hold. They provided water and the snorkle equipment and it was clean and in good condition. We would definitely recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Michelle Hickman
5 Stars
We would buy this excursion again
March 02, 2016
Great fun
Reviewer: Brenda
5 Stars
Lots of fun
January 17, 2016
Fun excursion. Picked up at the port and took about a 15 min drive across the island to their facility. After a short briefing we were on our way. The day was a bit windy, so the open ocean portion was a bit rough, but did not last too long before we were in a more sheltered area. Seeing the beautiful houses was amazing. Wish the guides would have stopped and told us about what were seeing on occasion. The snorkeling portion was really good. You do have to be able to climb out of the water onto your jet ski.
Reviewer: CruisingKris
4 Stars
Great Fun
January 01, 2016
Excellent time, well worth the money.
Reviewer: Rob
5 Stars