Kayak and Snorkeling Tour

So much fun!
October 05, 2023
My day started off a bit bumpy with some miscommunication, but company MORE than made it up to me. I ended up doing a jet ski and snorkel experience which was so much. The guide made sure I felt comfortable to travel at my own speed and the open ocean jet skiing was just incredible. Would MOST definitely use them again.
Reviewer: Barbara Berner
5 Stars
Excellent tour and value
September 24, 2023
I took the kayak and snorkeling tour today. It was an amazing experience. I hadn't snorkled since childhood. Driver picked us up from Curacao ship pier and drove around 20 min to the kayaking establishment. The kayak to Tug boat pier took 30 min I was told, but felt shorter. The guide was very welcoming and helpful. Hubby and I were the stragglers and he had the group wait until we caught up in our kayak. (Too busy taking in all the lovely scenery) We snorkled and relaxed for an hour before heading back. The tour company will lock up your belongings at the office. Bring wipes as the water in the bathrooms may not work. All you need with you on the kayak is some cash in case you want to purchase trinkets at the beach. They supply you 8 oz bottle water at the beach and snorkeling gear. Definately suggest this tour. As long as you can climb in and out of the kayak, you can do this tour.
Reviewer: Ebony Dixon
5 Stars
Kayak and Snorkeling
July 08, 2022
Pretty good instructions to get to bus outside of port gates. Very friendly guides. Easy to store your belongings securely while you enjoy the kayak and snorkeling adventure. I think communication could have been better about where the best snorkeling was located. We found it but after we left another couple said they didn’t know about the shipwreck. Still an excellent excursion. I’d do it again.
Reviewer: Nancy Cook
5 Stars
Kayak and snorkel
June 13, 2022
A bit f a walk to get picked up but once we met up w our tour guide it was smooth sailing. At 60 and 62, the kayaking was a ltl strenuous but we survived and enjoyed it and snorkeling. Can’t remember our guides name but a nice young man from Norway!
Reviewer: Vicki Lookingbill
5 Stars
Really good
February 27, 2020
Awesome really loved it small group really friendly people
Reviewer: Philipp Golke
5 Stars
Really nice excursion
December 20, 2019
Our excursion was well organized. The kayaking was a nice bit of exercise after spending days on the Cruise ship. The snorkeling was excellent with plenty of fish and underwater wreck. Our host was very friendly and helpful.
Reviewer: Allan Peace
5 Stars
July 11, 2019
The tour guide found us and held the bus because he realized we were not onboard. As a family of four, I was nervous about the kayaking part of our trip. I have seen people tip over. The area was slippery and our youngest son stubbed his toe. He was given antiseptic & bandaids. Wear proper shoes that will keep this from happening to you. Next, we were all fitted with life jackets. A tour guide was in a separate kayak the entire time watching us and providing tips. When we decided to go back due to muscle fatigue, they respected our wishes and drove us to the snorkel area. We had a longer time to snorkel too since our oldest son wanted to kayak back. The tour guide went with him and we were driven back to the starting point. Now that’s service! Because of their dedication, what could have been a tour that “sucked,” turned into a really good tour. TIPS: Realize it takes upper body strength to kayak and the strongest person should be in the rear.
Reviewer: Tina Louise Brotz
5 Stars
Kayak and Snorkeling Tour
May 13, 2019
We had mixed feeling about this one. The Kayaking was a little more demanding than we had expected but the guides were very good and quite likeable people. The snorkeling was wonderful but we hadn't counted on the physical exertion that the Kayaking would demand on us!! I really liked the staff but next time, I'll just look for a snorkeling experience alone! Memorable adventure non the less and looking back, I'm glad that we did it!!
Reviewer: Steve Vetter
4 Stars
Our review.
May 09, 2019
We had a real experience on the ocean. Camillo was a wonderful guide. Very knowledgeable and friendly. The whole experience was great. I would recommend it to adventure lovers.
Reviewer: Mary Taylor
5 Stars
February 04, 2019
After being at sea for three days I thought we could use a little exercise. This was a fun tour. After getting everyone in the kayaks and out of the bay we hit the open water. The wind was blowing and made for a wet ride in the big waves. The snorkling part of the tour was just ok. They are trying to bring back the coral reef..... so the amount of fish and the variety of fish was a bit disappointing. Overall an enjoyable time.
4 Stars
May 11, 2017
We really enjoyed the whole tour. The day was perfect for the tour. The guide was fun and well informed about,the area. The only problem we had was with the arrangements for our transportation. Very poor arrangements
Reviewer: robert luzny
4 Stars
Need flippers
February 21, 2017
Great trip! My only complaint is the snorkel gear didn't include flippers. It was rough when we were there and I got shin splints from kicking so hard. Lots of beautiful fish!
Reviewer: Deb J
4 Stars
Lots of fun and beautiful scenery!
April 06, 2016
Had lots of fun. We kayaked to a beautiful area where we did some great snorkeling. The guides gave us fish food which attracted lots of wonderful fish.
Reviewer: JAF
4 Stars
Accommodate large group or only a few
December 23, 2014
John and Sebastian looked after our safe transportation from port to adventure site, as well as accompanying just the two of us on a challenging kayak experience to an interesting diving- snorkelling site.
Reviewer: R&J
4 Stars
Excellent! Highly recommend it!
June 26, 2014
Fun and moderately adventurous, especially, the snorklelling portion. Highly recommend it. Bobby and Viktoriya
Reviewer: Bobby
5 Stars