Cozumel Jeep and Beach Adventure

Fun Day
January 08, 2024
We really enjoyed this excursion. Our guide was very attentive to everyone in the group. The places we stopped were all great places to visit
Reviewer: Nancy Duffy
5 Stars
Most memorable time during our vacation
December 23, 2023
Had such an amazing time driving around Cozumel. Jorge was our guide and made the trip so much fun! He knew everything and everyone we came in contact with! Stopped at a beautiful tequila tasting room, then headed down the coast to a must see light house view! Then wrapped up the tour with some amazing food and drinks at a private beach club! Worth every minute!!!
Reviewer: Isaac
5 Stars
May 04, 2023
We have been on many excursions in our travels, but this was the best tour we have taken. Our guide, Alan, was amazing! So personable and so knowledgable. This tour allowed us to see so much of Cozumel's beauty and culture and gave us a chance to have some time to see the area. We weren't herded from place to place like cattle and it was so very relaxed! Would definitely recommend. We are a family of 4 with a 19 year old and 8 year old and a great time was had by everyone!
Reviewer: Christie
5 Stars
Excursion review
February 06, 2023
We really enjoyed our excursion. We got to climb a lighthouse and see all kinds of things at the eco park. The beach was very peaceful and lunch was good as well. I would recommend this excursion to everyone. Marsha
Reviewer: Marsha
5 Stars
October 01, 2022
Had a great time on our Excursion. Our guide was really helpful. Even though we did not get to snorkel due to rain and rough water, we enjoyed eating and hanging out.
Reviewer: Riley
5 Stars
Great tour
January 30, 2022
Tour guide was awesome, land is beautiful and remote.
Reviewer: Veronica
5 Stars
March 05, 2020
Very nice excursion, dynamic, interesting, fun... Beach is very nice and calm! All recommendations!
Reviewer: Olivera
5 Stars
Second Time on This Tour and another 5 Stars!
March 04, 2020
This is our second time on this tour since we enjoyed it so much the first time 4 years ago. Felipe was excellent as he was also our tour guide on the first one! The jeeps are old and worn out which is my only complaint.Punta Sur was just as I remembered it, quiet, beautiful, and breathtaking.Lighthouse views was fantastic.The beach was more than perfect, we had high winds all day in Cozumel from when we arrived to when we left. I asked the owner when he was putting our wrist bands on that I wanted to snorkel so bad and asked how the winds were at the beach we were going to, he showed me a picture and said no worries, it's on south side, no winds. He was spot on! We saw multiple fish around the reefs, a 3 feet stingray which caught me by surprise laying on the bottom.The sand was soft. The food was good. Tequila tour was memorable, we had the best tour guide.Tequila tastings were free, buying bottles were a bit pricey but hey it's authentic Mexican Tequila!.Felipe was fantastic!
Reviewer: Timothy Collins
5 Stars
Great way to see the island
February 25, 2020
Felipe did a great job of showing us the island. The nature reserve and the beach area were very nice. The lunch was nice.
Reviewer: Tom Hughes
5 Stars
Max coverage on a day
January 16, 2020
When we were looking for a shore excursion for our first cruise, we found the jeep adventure providing a little bit of everything for all of us in our family. Yes in deed it met our expectations and we enjoyed the fact we were able to drive into the island. This tour is only for people who wants loves quantity over qualtiy. The mayan ruins were a joke just a 6 foot wall and the snorkeling was done near the shore with very little wild animals. We enjoyed the bit of everything and cudos to our tour cordinator Carlos was excellent and his hospitality is great be it spotting a crocodile in the lagoon to serving chilled water after the climb in light house or explaining the 6 feet wall and make us imagine how Mayan's used it.
Reviewer: Kalyan
5 Stars
January 14, 2020
Had an excellent time - learned a little history - sampled some tequila, snorkeled and had a great lunch!!
Reviewer: Lisa M
5 Stars
Great island sightseeing trip
December 12, 2019
Our guides took great care to watch out for us. Jeeps were fun to skirt around beautiful island in. Each stop they provided us with cold bottles of water And we were served lunch on a gorgeous beach where we could relax or play in the water
Reviewer: Mary Wilbanks
5 Stars
Guides are very nice. Route can be better
December 02, 2019
Arturo and Galia are very nice. Snorkeling stop is wonderful, lots of fish. Tequila tasting is fun and no pressure to buy. I believe they offer very good tequila but expensive too. Jade Cavern is so so. That is it. It would be really nice to offer one more stop at any public beach for 20-30 minutes that will be super! Their jeeps are great!
Reviewer: Jimmy
4 Stars
November 01, 2019
I am a travel agent and this is a fun day! We enjoyed the guide and driving thru all of cozumel !
Reviewer: Jodi L Mclendon
5 Stars
Wonderfully fun tour!
September 05, 2019
Carlos our tour guide was great! We ran out of cash and they took care of taking us back to the port!! The beaches were beautiful, lunch served was great (loved the salsa) and driving the jeep around was great! Such a beautiful place.
Reviewer: Cathy
5 Stars
The best day of our cruise!
August 19, 2019
This was an amazing day in Cozumel! Our guide, Felipe, was very friendly and knowledgeable about the area and local wildlife. Our tour group consisted of four people in one jeep led by Felipe in another vehicle. At Punta Sur we saw a lagoon with crocodiles, Mayan ruins, and beautiful beaches. We climbed a lighthouse for amazing views! Shopping was available from a few local artesans. On our way out of Punta Sur, we saw a caravan of 30-40 jeeps and were told this was the cruise ship's excursion. Boy, were we glad we chose Shore Excursions instead! Next we went to a gorgeous beach for swimming, snorkeling, relaxing, and a delicious lunch. On the way back to town we stopped at a tequila shop where they gave us a demonstration of how tequila is made by this family who has been crafting it for almost 200 years. There we got to taste about 6 or 7 tequilas and tequila infusions. Best tequila I've ever had! This was by far the best excursion of our cruise and Felipe helped make it so much fun!
Reviewer: Dee
5 Stars
So Much Fun!
July 17, 2019
There were 8 of us that went on this adventure. There is a guide that takes you all over the island and he was a wealth of information. I have been to Cozumel many times, but learned a lot on this tour. I would highly recommend it!
Reviewer: sb
5 Stars
Best Trip
July 03, 2019
My boyfriend and I went in June. The excursion was really nice. The tour guy Hector was fantastic show us around Cozumel mexico. We got to tour the light house, beach, and other places. It's worth the trip.
Reviewer: Quadra L Foreman
5 Stars
Private Tour
June 18, 2019
We booked this tour and it ended up just being my husband and myself so our guide catered it more to our wants. We still did all the stops and had a wonderful time never felt rushed. Definitely recommend
Reviewer: Barbara McDonald
5 Stars
Tour was a blast and Carlos was great!
June 03, 2019
First, our tour guide Carlos was funny and knowledgeable. Get him if you can. As for the tour, we were the only ones on the tour, so we had a private tour guide who gave us options on what to see and do. Driving the stick shift Jeep was fun but be aware- not one single gauge in it works! Not a problem, just adds to the authenticity of it. Another note- Cozumel was 97 when we were there. if you put the top down on the Jeep, expect to burn your a$%% off on those leather seats! Carlos used "Mexican seat coolers" and poured bottled water on the seats for us lol! Again he was great- we saw El Cedral, toured Cozumel, and went to the tequila tour! Worth the money!
Reviewer: Steve Anderson
5 Stars
Fun Adventure
May 20, 2019
It was fun to drive around but the jeeps were old. Beach was nice and lunch was tasty!
Reviewer: Randolph Wood
4 Stars
Active and fun
May 12, 2019
It was fantastic !!! Driving military style beat- up Jeep with stick shift, in the rain forest, non-paved road with a lot of potholes. Then going to the beautiful beach, diving there and having good lunch, then going to distillery . What could be better.
Reviewer: Vladimir
5 Stars
Not what we expected but AWESOME time!
May 04, 2019
Our Jeep had a few problems and we worried alittle on the drive. However, our tour guides Pedro and Ruy were awesome and gave us lots of information while on the tour. The beach was beautiful and the food was amazing ♡♡ everyone there was nice and friendly. Even our waiter was telling us history about the island. It was a great tour and we would recommend it. It was also cool to stand at the end point of Mexico! The views are just amazing!!
Reviewer: Joshua and Melissa
5 Stars
Best excursion ever!
May 02, 2019
I cannot say enough about the great time we had on this excursion. We felt like we really saw Cozumel and the beautiful on the other side of the city. Driving in the jeeps was so fun and this was a balance of education on their ecosystem, sightseeing and a chance to snorkel and have a traditional lunch in the beach. What a bargain for an all day experience!
Reviewer: Sue Greene
5 Stars
Not exactly as described
April 30, 2019
Description said Jeep tour to far side, stop in Punta Sur, then lunch. We stopped in town to go shopping, we toured a tequila factory, then went to far side. Did not do Punta Sur due to weather conditions, so went to old Mayan city instead (not ruins- just an old town with more shopping) then to lunch stop. Served the most mediocre fajitas I've ever had. Disappointing. Beach was beautiful, but we had a ton of rain, staff made the most of the situation. We had no interest in all the other stops- would have liked to know that was part of the tour!
Reviewer: Shelley S
4 Stars
April 28, 2019
The guides were very informed and helpful and excellent customer service!
Reviewer: Harris Tiller
5 Stars
Fun Times
April 18, 2019
Getting started was a bit chaotic, some time waiting wondering what was going on while guide seemed to scramble frantically. Once the tour started he was nice, moved things along at good pace while providing opportunity to enjoy the experience, paid attention to details like providing water. Enjoyed the spots visited, left feeling the tour help maximize the time on the island while being away from the crowds. Thank you for providing my family a memorable experience.
Reviewer: Ronnie Mariscal
4 Stars
Pleasantly surprised
April 05, 2019
Driving your own Jeep and guide is very nice
Reviewer: Ranjan
5 Stars
Cozumel Jeep and Beach Adventure
April 04, 2019
Finding our excursion was a bit confusing. We had to ask locals for help to find the correct taxi. Then it was about a 10 minute drive to the excursion location so allow for time that. The guide was great. There was more driving than I expected, but with the Jeep top down, it was fun. Overall, it was enjoyable.
Reviewer: Mark Grundman
4 Stars
Great day and wonderful way to see island
April 03, 2019
We drove along the coast road. Went to a gorgeous beach. One of the guides took the 4 of us out swimming to reef and showed us around for an hour. Good lunch. Went to nature reserve and saw crocodiles and other wild life. The whole time we were well taken care of from the guides. Went to 500 year old Mayan lighthouse. Went to authentic tequila manufacturing spot. You could sample and buy if you liked with no pressure. Really fun and well worth the price. No problems. I would recommend this. Make sure one person can drive standard.
Reviewer: Stephen OBrien
5 Stars
Fantastic Adventure
April 01, 2019
I enjoyed this excursion more than 5 others I have been on. The meeting place was very close to the port (too close to even get lost.) Someone met us there and took us to another close location where we met our guide, Nestor, and got in the Jeep. My daughter and I shared driving the five speed with Nestor in the backseat. Ours was the only Jeep (no caravan.). Nestor was very polite and his English was pretty good. We went to a tower we climbed for a view, to a lighthouse we climbed, then to a beach. Snorkeling gear was provided. My daughter and I had another guide who led us snorkeling. No one else came with us. Then we walked back to the resort where a delicious meal of fajitas, rice and beans was brought out to us. Nestor showed us a few other stops. We really felt that we were treated like locals.
Reviewer: Vicki
5 Stars
Cozumel Jeep and Beach Adventure
March 12, 2019
This was a great tour!! Carlos our guide did a great job of getting us from place to place ahead of the large crowds The beach was beautiful...we didn't snorkel but relaxed and enjoyed our time there,lunch was great. The lighthouse stop had amazing views. It was a wonderful day on Cozumel!
Reviewer: S Jean Burnett
5 Stars
private jeep tour
March 06, 2019
we scheduled a jeep tour of the island which was suppose to be a caravan of jeeps following each other; turns out we were a caravan of one. I drove while the guide sat in the back giving us a private tour. Because it was just us, we could set our own itinerary. Would recommend this tour to all
Reviewer: Joel Kaufman
5 Stars
March 04, 2019
Really enjoyed this excursion,Jose our tour guide was very Knowledgeable,snorkeling was AMAZING!!! can’t wait to do it all over again.
Reviewer: Cindy
5 Stars
Excellent Excursion
March 02, 2019
Fortunately, one of the men in our group loved to drive a standard shift; so my husband and I sat in the back and enjoyed the sites of Cozumel. The jeep ran well, although it probably would have been scrapped years ago in the US. Our tour guide was great about stopping at sight-seeing spots and explaining their importance. He always had soda and water available for us. Where we stopped for lunch was disappointing only because high surf due to winds stopped us from going into the water. On a less windy day, the spot would be great. Lunch there was interesting. Three or four raccoons stayed around us, and a couple of people from the area kept trying to shoo them off. My husband ordered 1 mixed drink, and I ordered 1 soda--costing us a surprising $20. On the way back to the ship, we stopped at a facility showing what a rum distillery would be like. We all got a free drink and were given samples of different kinds of flavored rums. .
Reviewer: Marcia Ryan
5 Stars
Fun times
February 26, 2019
Thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon with Filipe and Saso from Cozumel Excursions. They took us on a tour of the area, including lunch and some snorkeling time at a local beach. Would definitely recommend this excursion to anyone looking for a fun day in Cozumel.
Reviewer: Kirstin Benwitz
5 Stars
So fun
February 07, 2019
My daughter, granddaughter and I loved this adventure. Jeeps were fun and the snorkelling and lunch great.
5 Stars
Fun day. Felipe and Carlos were exceptional
February 06, 2019
We had a blast driving and riding in the jeeps. Enjoyed all of the stops, especially the lighthouse and National Park. The lunch at the beach was very good and the time at the beach was perfect. Very relaxing fun day.
Reviewer: Melinda Gates
5 Stars
What a Ride and Adventure
January 31, 2019
The Cozumel Jeep and Beach Adventure is a way to see Cozumel. Jeep ride to the conservation park, was quite a ride, lol! The natural park road was bumpy with potholes, BUT PLEASE do not be discouraged, it’s worth it! You will see a lagoon look out, the vegetation is surrounded with mangroves very lush and green and across the road a Mayan lighthouse ruin. Our guide described the history of the ruin, then you will see an actual lighthouse. To the beach for a Mexican (had the fish taco) lunch, snorkeling, it was amazing - saw colourful fish, the deeper end lobster, more beautiful colourful fish. After relaxing on the beach, stopped at a tequila farm where they grew agave and processed tequila. Tasted various types of tequila. Heading back drove through the coast, towards the city, you could see how the people lived, their means of transportation is mainly the SCOOTER, they were everywhere! What an experience - I love Cozumel!!
Reviewer: Ann Weatherdon
5 Stars
Great value - amazing time!
January 17, 2019
This excursion had a little bit of everything - jeep offroading, nature, history, culture, a beautiful beach and to wrap it all up - tequila! Phillipe was a knowledgeable guide - our family really loved our time in Cozumel on this excursion.
Reviewer: Leila
5 Stars
Better than the one offered on Board
November 18, 2018
We had such a blast! So much fun on this excursion. Next time I will do this one again.
Reviewer: Patty
5 Stars
Cozumel Jeep and Beach Adventure W/Carlos 1&2
November 13, 2018
What a fun day!! It was a sunny, warm day and it was nice Carlos and Carlos brought cold water. My wife and I have been to Cozumel several times and were going to just walk around town but we were both glad we booked this adventure. The other side of the island is incredible. The colors of the ocean were beautiful!! I climbed the lighthouse and enjoyed a the view all around. The snorkeling wasn't the best I've seen, but the water and beach were nice. Lunch was beach side and good. Good Margaritas too(not included in the tour price). Watch out for the begging Racoon. Back in the Jeep to stop at the blowhole for pix. Then we stopped at a family owned Tequila shop for some tasting and knowledge of Tequila. The bottles were NOT cheap, but the Tequila was outstanding!!! We had never tasted anything like it. Worth purchasing at least1 bottle of this unique liquor. We would definitely choose this company again. Thanks for the awesome experience!!
Reviewer: Jeff and Patti
5 Stars
October 25, 2018
Philip was awesome. We were the only couple and he left it up to us how long we stayed somewhere. At the beach the food was very good and we were well taken care of.
Reviewer: Michael Jenkins
5 Stars
September 10, 2018
We enjoyed the tour. The drive was longer then we expected. The guide was great and so was the beach, The food was very good. We did see fish on the snorkeling wish we could have gone farther out to see more.
Reviewer: Toni
4 Stars
Awesome adventure
August 20, 2018
After selecting your jeep, we all drove around the island following a lead car. The scenery was gorgeous and they even take your picture at a stop near the beach. After driving a while, we arrived at Punta Sur which is a beautiful part of the island. We saw a small Mayan ruin and a huge lagoon with an observation tower. Then we drove to the beach area where we climbed a lighthouse to get awesome views. Our last stop was at a small beach resort that served us a great lunch. You can just relax or do some snorkeling right off the beach there.
Reviewer: Bryan Tsunoda
5 Stars
Blew my expectations!
August 20, 2018
Had a great time with Felipe giving us an amazing tour and time snorkeling as well. He tried his best to make it as memorable as possible!
Reviewer: William Henriquez
5 Stars
Great job Carlos 1 and Carlos 2
August 06, 2018
The guides were pleasant and fun to be around. The ride was not easy because of the roads but it was a great experience
Reviewer: Mariama
5 Stars
A must!!
August 06, 2018
This was amazing! My excursion was on a slower day so there was me and my fiance alone in a Jeep with the guide and another couple on another Jeep ahead of us. I'd do it again a million times and recommend Ernesto and Felipe as our guides. We went around the entire island.. the views were amazing. Very relaxing and adventurous at the same time. Make sure you do it!
Reviewer: Vinicius Diniz
5 Stars
Excellent Time!
July 16, 2018
What a blast..... the jeep was a little ragged but we made our way entirely around the expedition. We buddied up with two lovely German ladies and set out on the adventure. The sites were great, enough time spent and history pointed out. The Tequila shop was very interesting and very tasty with the free samples. Highly recommend this.
Reviewer: Ray Balachorek
4 Stars
Wonderful experience
July 02, 2018
Great view along the coast. Tourist guide is nice and very knowledgable about Cozumel history/culture. Will recommend to anyone who wants to fully explore Cozumel!
Reviewer: Yugang Wang
5 Stars
An adventure in the rain!
July 02, 2018
We had a hot humid rainy day and still feel like it was fun adventure! Carlos and Fellpe were pleasant and did their best to get us laughing and kept "on track" We had a good lunch and snorkeled in the rain.Had the best margerita ever!! We toured a tequilla factory. And saw crocodiles. Our party of 7 really enjoyed our time in Cozumel.
Reviewer: Carol Greiner
4 Stars
So much fun!
June 18, 2018
The jeep excursion we went on was probably the best part of our cruise. Although it rained, the tour guide was upbeat and made it fun for everyone. The tequila tasting when we stopped at the light house was fun also. I would definately go on that excursion again
Reviewer: Lori Manfredi
5 Stars
Jeeps and beach w/ tacos for lunch
June 18, 2018
Fantastic day. However the directions to get to the first meeting point of the day sucked and we had to ask several locals how to get there . Once we got to the meeting spot and got with the tour guide s the day went swimmingly. We went drove to punta sur ntl. Park Got to see some mayan ruins, salt water crocodiles, and a badass lighthouse . . . I highly reccomend this excusrion to anyone. But when the directions to meet the tour guide say walk 100' yards it really means about a mile
Reviewer: Brian
5 Stars
June 11, 2018
A little confusing to find the place to meet the agent (it would be better if they could wait for us somewhere closer to the port) but after we met them everything was perfect. The guide, the sites, the food ... just perfect! We had a great time.
Reviewer: Solange Gomes
5 Stars
Jeep Excursion
May 30, 2018
This is a wonderful excursion in Cozumel. It takes about 5-6 hours, and the Jeeps require one person to be able to drive manual (we did not know this before we arrived). The lunch provided is excellent, and our tour guide was so knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Alyssa
5 Stars
Jeep, Beach and Punta Sur
May 25, 2018
We had a great time! Directions given from the ship to where to meet where perfect. We arrived a bit early and was told to enjoy the bar, beach or walk around the property. Very relaxing :) The drive to and from the activities gave much insight to Cozumel's daily life. Loved the lighthouse. Beautiful views! The tequila factory was fun with Jose Cuveros!! Lunch included was okay. Fillipe was a joy!! I would definitely do it again and suggest anyone to take this trip.
Reviewer: Joani Johnson
5 Stars
Highlight of our cruise
May 21, 2018
We enjoyed this excursion so much. The beach stop was so beautiful. Lunch was great also. Bottled Water offered at every stop we made. Felipe & Carlos we’re great tour guides & made sure our group of 3 jeeps always we’re together during the drive. Another group came onto the beach after us & there was a ton of people. I so much enjoyed our smaller group of 11 people. Highly recommend this.
Reviewer: M Craig
5 Stars
Great time!
May 14, 2018
Directions to the check in was informative. We had no trouble at all. Fillippe and Ernesto were wonderful guides. We lived seeing the island while driving and Punta Sur was very pretty. We especially liked the light house! Beautiful views from up there! Would definitely recommend this to you!
Reviewer: Joani Johnson
5 Stars
We loved this!!!
May 14, 2018
Felipe & Carlos was great tour guides & very informative. Bottled water offered at each stop. The beach in the park is just unbelievable. So beautiful. Our only issue was finding our meeting place at the beginning. We arrived in plenty of time so all was well. I’d recommend this 100%.
Reviewer: M Craig
5 Stars
Great tour but takes your whole day
May 01, 2018
We had a group of 12 ranging in age from 8 to 70 and everyone enjoyed this excursion. The tour guides were very knowledgeable about the area and were great. The best thing was it was only our group of 12 together we didn't have to follow a long line of Jeeps like we saw with other tours. That personal touch was very nice! My only complaint was we waited almost an hour past our tour time before we left. There was no reason for that as the Jeeps were ready and so were the guides. It literally took our whole day in Cozumel so if that isnt what you want please dont book this tour. We wish we had more time to shop!
Reviewer: Jennifer Weeks
5 Stars
So much fun!
April 30, 2018
A lot of fun for our family. I loved stopping at some different sites. The snorkeling and lunch stop was a hit and the food was great.
Reviewer: Krista Connelly
5 Stars
Jeep tour Cozumel
April 23, 2018
Took this on April 13. Guides very good and tour was interesting. Long drives between stops, nice beach and great lunch. For those over 60, these are 2 door Jeeps so getting in and out of back seat quite challenging. 4 door Jeeps would sure be easier when taking 4. Tequila tasting well-received by all. Other tour in Roatan cancelled due to another cruise ship damaging the dock, but they refunded monies same day - well done.
Reviewer: Rogan Pfefferkorn
4 Stars
Cozumel Jeep and Beach Adventure
April 23, 2018
My husband and I took our first cruise for our 40th anniversary. We were looking for something special to do. We booked this excursion and my husband had a great time driving the jeep. We had a nice sunny warm day. Our guides Felipe and Nestor were excellent. Our lunch on the beach was very good and we sat in chairs and watched the rest snorkel since that wasn't our thing. Take the time to walk up the lighthouse it is worth the effort. The view is great! They were always making sure we were on schedule so we would be back in time to get on the ship. I would do this again.
Reviewer: Richard Dotterer
5 Stars
Jeep tour
April 16, 2018
We had the best time on our Jeep Tour. Be sure you take sunscreen! We went all over the place and saw lots of amazing places. We had our own personal guide since the other family didn’t show up. Take extra money to buy tequila from the tequila farm. It was very good. We had the best time!!
Reviewer: Gaye Roberts
5 Stars
Cozumel jeep and beach excursion
April 09, 2018
This was good value and a lot of fun. The format was self driving four per jeep follow the tour guide. We visited a national eco parc, had included lunch at a lovely beach and some of us went swimming. We also had a tour of a tequila factory with product samples. Best of all we saw many kilometers of Cozumel countryside which we would not have done on our own. The group consisted of only eight plus two guides.
Reviewer: Arthur Dow
5 Stars
March 12, 2018
The tour was excellent..would do it again with Bernard Next time I would check out the condition of the vehicle. Our Jeep was old , dirty and hard to start.
Reviewer: Renate Marek
4 Stars
Cozumel Jeep and Beach Adventure
March 09, 2018
I highly recommend this excursion. You drive a provided dune buggy or jeep (or ride with others) and are a part of a small caravan. Lots of beautiful scenery, stops at beaches, shops, tequila distillery, lunch, etc. Treated very well everywhere we went. Great fun. Lots of history and local information shared. Would do it again.
Reviewer: John Angelopoulos
5 Stars
Jeep and Beach
February 24, 2018
What a day. Everything we wanted with the tour and more was offered. Guides were phenomenal, helpful and caring. I recommend and would do this tour again.
Reviewer: Kathy Hamilton
5 Stars
Jeep & Beach Tour
February 22, 2018
Best excursion we have been on, exciting, informative.
Reviewer: Bob Newman
5 Stars
What fun !!!
February 22, 2018
After searching for the departure place, which was not easy to find, the rest of the tour was wonderful ! ! ! Jeeps were easy to drive, beautiful tour, hit every spot listed on the itinerary, snorkeling guide was excellent and the equipment was included with the tour package. The meal included was very good also. Overall a great tour and would not hesitate to do it again.
Reviewer: Leslye A. Stone
5 Stars
Fun Adventure
February 06, 2018
This excursion is a lot of fun. We got to see a lot of fun things around Cozumel. We followed our tour guide in jeeps, and he was driving what he referred to as his Mexican Ferrari. We went to a protected park, a Mayan ruin, and a lighthouse. We then went to a beach resort for lunch and snorkeling. Lunch was amazing, and the snorkeling was a lot of fun. Our tour guide gave instructions for first time snorkelers and pointed out different things to view out in the water. We also stopped at a place to learn how tequila is made. It was a beautiful, fun ride, and all the people were so friendly. The jeeps were not the best, but they got us to where we needed to go. I would definitely recommend this tour - it was a lot of fun!
Reviewer: Wendy Rees
5 Stars
Highly Recommend it!
January 22, 2018
The best excursion ever! We are a family of 4 and had the best time. My kids are 17 and 19 and I am so glad i picked this. Our tour guides were amazing!
Reviewer: Rita Di Lucia
5 Stars
January 21, 2018
We had a great time with Hector who was so professional, calm and informative. He could not have been better. Loved the day.
Reviewer: Kathryn Nelson
5 Stars
Tour is well worth your time and your money.
January 21, 2018
I don't often take the time to write a review but my family wanted me to this time - the tour was great! We were on the cruise Christmas week with our 2 teenagers. Getting off the ship and getting into our own jeep let us get away from the crowds and get a great scenic tour. Each stop was great, and we spent just enough time at each one to really enjoy the day and come back relaxed. Note the jeeps part of our excursion were all manual so someone needs to know how to drive a stick shift. The view from the lighthouse was breathtaking. The margaritas at the beach restaurant were very good. When we go back to Cozumel we will definitely do this tour again.
Reviewer: Ida Ellams
5 Stars
Great Time!
January 20, 2018
Rrally enjoyed this excursion! Knowledgeable guides, well timed activities allowed for enough time at each location, and of course driving around the island in our own Jeep was definitely a plus. Highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Camilla Schnaitmann
5 Stars
Excellent service and knowledgeable guide
January 18, 2018
We had a lot of fun driving around the Cozumel island in the stick shift jeeps. We all loved this excursion. The guide accompanying us were good and helped us enjoy this excursion to the fullest. I will highly recommend👍
Reviewer: Niel R
5 Stars
Cozumel Jeep and Beach Adventure
January 12, 2018
This was a great day! It was a very nice beach we drove to and the meal they served was delicious! I really liked the stops and interesting information the guide had about all of them. The Mayan ruin, the lighthouse, the beach, the meal and the people were all awesome! We went to a tequila factory and they gave samples. We don't drink but the others seemed to enjoy it. I did like the gift shop at the tequila factory though. Lots of good items to buy. I recommend this tour. Love the Jeeps!
Reviewer: Jessica Vandevier
5 Stars
Great time
January 08, 2018
We picked this excursion and had no issues from the time we got off the ship until we returned. We spent the entire day with our guide. Had a great time and will definitely book with them again on our next cruise
Reviewer: Kris Riggle
5 Stars
What a Fun Day
December 28, 2017
This excursion had a variety of activities and sights to experience, so it made for a fun and full day. The beach area was beautiful, and my first snorkeling experience was super fun. Our guides were great, and the couple we shared the jeep with were too. I would definitely do this one again.
Reviewer: David Felton
5 Stars
7 Ships in port
December 27, 2017
We did this excursion on 2 November 2017. When we booked it, we had no idea there would be SEVEN ships in port. Once we got out of town, you would never have known it though. As everyone else has mentioned, Felipe was great. Since we were returning a week later, he helped arrange a fishing trip for our next visit. Very pleased with everything about this excursion!
Reviewer: Donna Staniec
5 Stars
A Great Way to See the Natural Beauty of Cozumel
December 11, 2017
The port of Cozumel is a bustling place of bars beaches, music and souvenirs stores. We made our way to our excursion meeting point. The tour group made us comfortable offing us drinks and WiFi as we waited to leave on our adventure. The wifi was welcome after nearly a week of no communication. The tour was a little late starting, but it was the best excursion I have ever been on. My fiance' got the privilege of driving the jeep, he was thrilled! Then out we went, traveling along the coastline until we arrived at the state preserved park. We were able to see ruins from the Mayans, iguanas and crocodiles in their natural state. A quick stop to a lighthouse and museum. Finally arriving at a beautiful beach. The beach was peaceful, no one trying to sell you souvenirs. Just beauty all around with music softly playing in the background. Drink and food (included) delivered to your beach chair, or a table. I would do this again in a second. Well worth the money.
Reviewer: Coleen Mitchell
5 Stars
A free wheeling jaunt
December 02, 2017
This was our second time to take this tour, as we enjoyed it so much the first time. Of course, driving our own vehicle as a plus and the small group we traveled with was just right. Our guide was knowledgeable and showed us his island with pride. The beach stop was fun but the margaritas at the lighthouse can't be beat!
Reviewer: Sue Elliott
5 Stars
Cruise 10/2017
November 25, 2017
Guide was very knowledgeable and the jeeps were in good condition. Very much worth the cost.
Reviewer: Kelli Untermeyer
5 Stars
Fun Adventure
November 11, 2017
Went on Jeep tour with my 70+ yr old Mom and 2 sisters. We had a blast! Went to sml Ruin- our Guide Felipe made it very interesting with the history. Next salt water alligator - 1 swam over to the boardwalk. (Never felt at risk) saw 2 iguana's, climbed lighthouse for best view & shopping. then went to amazing beach- snorkeling avail, chose swimming & found nice shells waist deep Lunch ok service excellent - no one messed with our stuff but there are locker's available to rent as well. Senic drive to a brief explanation by Roberto of how Tequila is made with free Margarita & tequila tasting various quality and flavors ... Uno Mas! No prob getting to the ship on time w/ shopping on our way back. (short walk for Carnival's port). This is a great experience for all ages if you want a variety of activity in a day trip. All the employees where welcoming and relaxed making the day enjoyable. Only draw back is the Jeeps are not new and fancy but hey just more adventure! haha
Reviewer: Jenni
5 Stars
Cozumel jeep
November 04, 2017
A fun experience and different. The only real issue is the ship had clocks turned back one hour which matched the time on shore, so we were an hour late before we even docked. We still made our way to the excursion point and ran into another couple from the ship doing the same thing. The company was gracious and put a Jeep tour together for just the 5 of us. It turned out awesome with just two jeeps following the guides in a third vehicle. We snorkeled under supervision which is ok but not the best for our liking, but safety first! The lunch was good but all of us were a little hesitant eating the veggies and fish tacos. We figured your company would have checked this out so we were ok. We all thought the tequila place was over priced and very touristy. Your choice to purchase or not. Don’t be alarmed if the gages don’t work in your Jeep all part of the adventure! We would do this again the guides made it fun.... please adjust your time of excursion!
Reviewer: Judi
4 Stars
Cozumel Beach and Jeep tour
November 02, 2017
We loved our tour guides. They were very attentive; on every stop they made sure we had water to drink. They even helped some of us get in and out of the jeeps by putting their cooler on the floor. They were knowledgeable on every stop we made. At the beach they made sure those that wanted to snorkel were properly informed about the reef and what was going to happen. They were courteous and respectful and we feel they gave great information about the land around us.
Reviewer: D Spallone
5 Stars
Jeep Tour
October 30, 2017
My family and I took this tour. It was an amazing experience! Felipe and "Seashell" were our guides. They done an amazing job. The lunch that was provided was very, very good. I definitely recommend this Adventure.
Reviewer: Thomas Hughes
5 Stars
Simply The Best
October 27, 2017
Felipe and the entire crew were absolutely awesome. Not only did they know where to guide us, they knew how to do it courteously. The beach at Punta Sur was absolutely beautiful, the water exceptionally clear, and our snorkel guides were top notch! We highly, highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Randy Goddard
5 Stars
Fantastic excursion
October 09, 2017
My husband and I had the most amazing experience for our first cruise/excursion. It was a beautiful day for a jeep ride around Cozumel, the snorkeling was beautiful. Felipe, the tour guide was fantastic, he was very knowledgeable, helpful and just a really nice person. We are doing a cruise next year and will definitely use Shore Excursions next year.
Reviewer: Jeanette Woody
5 Stars
Great time!
September 25, 2017
My wife and I were in Cozumel for 7 hours and this excursion was perfect for the time and the cost. Our guide, Filipe, was great. He was personal, respectful and very knowledgeable of the area. He didn't like the way our Jeep started driving and called to have someone meet us with another one. It wasn't much of a delay and I was grateful he resolved and issue before it arrived. I would sign up for this again, but I'll bring bug spray next time for some areas of Punta Sur.
Reviewer: Marcus Zelenbaba
5 Stars
Great adventure!!
September 15, 2017
Our family had a wonderful experience with this excursion. Felipe was our tour guide and he was wonderful. We made it back to our ship with no problem. The price was much better than booking with the cruise line. I would highly recommend.
Reviewer: Susie Jordan
5 Stars
Great time in Cozumel!
August 28, 2017
We had a small group jeep and beach adventure. We stopped at Punta Sur where we climbed the lighthouse, visited the marsh area where we saw alligators, had snorkel and beach time on a private area and were served a delicious lunch of fajitas. We stopped at the local tequila factory where we had samples. We had a lot of fun on this excursion.
Reviewer: Kim Goetsch
5 Stars
Our best excursion of the cruise
August 18, 2017
This excursion was excellent. We had Reuben as our guide and he was perfect. It was just my wife and I on the tour and so Reuben was able to focus his attention towards us. He was conscious of time and great at keeping us ahead of the crowd (other excursion groups). He took us out snorkeling along the reef for about an hour and saw beautiful fish. I would recommend this tour as it was both active and relaxing. If you get Reuben as your guide then that is a plus.
Reviewer: Joel Comiskey
5 Stars
Great time!
July 19, 2017
What a wonderful trip we had! So much to see and so many things to do in such a short time. Unbelievable! Many thanks to our guide Felipe and his assistant Carlos - they took such a good care of everybody!
Reviewer: Lana
5 Stars
Breathtaking Views, Great Value
July 15, 2017
This is an excellent way to see Punta Sur. The jeep ride from the port covered lots of scenic ground. Felipe was a great host. The photographer was helpful and professional. Our jeep could have used a little updating. Tequila Tour was interesting but a bit rustic. Tequila tour guide was informative and humorous. Highlight of Tour is time at Punta Sur- beach, snorkeling, lunch.
Reviewer: Bari Geeslin
4 Stars
July 10, 2017
Everything was above grade until I left my prescription sunglasses sitting on my table at the beach. A worker at the excursion restaurant decided he wanted them. Though it was my fault for walking to the beach and even my prescription sunglasses. Tucked your stuff away.
Reviewer: Reggie
4 Stars
Jeep your
July 07, 2017
Loved our tour and the guys that did the tour were great. Best tour we have taken so far. Would definitely recommend this
Reviewer: sharon wun
5 Stars
Awesome time, awesome guide!
June 24, 2017
We had such an awesome time on the beach adventure. The guide was so amazing. When we snorkeled, he knew exactly what he was doing. He pulled out a sting ray with his hands and brought it around to us. Him and the young boy were very sweet and knowledgeable. We had a blast.
Reviewer: Kristin Clements
5 Stars
Fun Time!
June 24, 2017
Tour guides were knowledgeable, fun and very helpful. Enjoyed our stops at Punta Sur and the beach time. The jeeps were a little rough, but they got the job done.
Reviewer: T. Bailey
4 Stars
Best part of our trip!
May 23, 2017
Such a fun excursion! Our family of 4 loved being on our own yet with the group as we saw the coastline of Cozumel! It was a beautiful area to tour! The tour guides were great! Highly recommend!
Reviewer: L. Modzelewski
5 Stars
Worth it .
May 19, 2017
Great experience ! We got to drive in our own Jeep in Mexico ! Visited many attractions ! Our guide, Carlos , was exceptional !
Reviewer: Jean
5 Stars
Excellent tour guide!
May 13, 2017
Tour guide was exceptional, sites were wonderful!
Reviewer: Judee Pezzotti
5 Stars
Fantastic experience
May 03, 2017
The tour was fantastic, we were able to see several different areas of the island including beaches, nature and places. The tour guides were great! Very laid back, fun, and took us to several spots that great for photos and experience. My daughter unfortunately was sick during the trip and the tour guide went out of his way to take us to a pharmacy and help me buy some medicine. Great people! would definitely do this again! Thank you!
Reviewer: Theresa MONICA
5 Stars
Would do it again!!!
May 03, 2017
As a single mom of two, I was hesitant to do this excursion, but committed to it have reading more positive than negative reviews. Doing the earlier time (I was given two) was the best choice as the places we went seemed to get busier as the day went on. There's little gift shops we stopped by and saw some neat wild life, the lunch was decent. Ate at the beach where you could either snorkel or just relax by the water, just note that you have to pay for your drinks. We went on a neat little Tequila tasting tour and then rode through the hustle and bustle of the town. A lot of scooters to watch out for, and while some reviews said the town was sketchy, I wasn't fearful. People seemed to be used to the jeep tours.
Reviewer: BH
5 Stars
Fun Excursion
April 22, 2017
I enjoyed this excursion a lot. We did everything that we all wanted to do. I just wish it was a little longer.
Reviewer: Christina
5 Stars
April 19, 2017
Our guide, Ruben, was very knowledgeable about the island and history of Cozumel. He was extremely professional, pleasant and went above and beyond. Would highly recommend this company for your excursions!
Reviewer: Deanna Strejc
5 Stars
Fun Tour
April 06, 2017
This was our first time to Cozumel. The tour was a neat opportunity to see a lot of the island, learn some history, snorkel, enjoy the beach, and have a wonderful meal. Our tour guides were very pleasant.
Reviewer: K Colestock
4 Stars
Jeep and Beach
April 06, 2017
The jeep ride was super fun-especially since we got to drive. Met some really nice people. The beach was beautiful and the Margaritas as the beach were the best!!!!
Reviewer: LAM
4 Stars
March 17, 2017
We exited the ship and walked about 1/4 mile to the hotel where the excursion started. Tour guide was very helpful explained we would wait for the others inside. about 1/2 hour later walked across the street to pick the jeeps up. No automatic, only. stick shift. Jeeps were all pretty new and drove well. Beautiful drive to a small Ruin, a light house then the beach. We had a nice lunch at the beach and stayed about an hour. Unfortunately it was too windy for snorkeling. On the drive back we stopped at a tequila factory which had tastings and a presentation but tequila was very expensive. It was a very nice day. Water provided through out the day. Worth the expense
Reviewer: Diane K
5 Stars
Good time
March 17, 2017
We enjoyed this excursion more than the Cayman in a Nutshell. It seemed more informative and covered more of a variety of areas on the island. Had a great group leader. Wish we had read the fine print closer about having to be our own driver and it was stick shift. Luckily both men in our jeep had driven stick before in their "younger"days. Was not really impressed with our lunch. Took a long time to be served, especially since we assumed they knew we were coming. It was plenty but much flavor. It also ran on time :)
Reviewer: Brenda Mealor
4 Stars
This was a great excursion!
March 10, 2017
We thoroughly enjoyed this excursion. We shared the jeep with another couple who were very friendly. The guide was excellent,the scenery was lovely, as was the beach he took us to where we could snorkel or not. My companion swam far out and he accompanied her every moment. Lunch was very good. Facilities were appreciated.
Reviewer: Joann Fricano
5 Stars
Was ok...
March 09, 2017
kind of unorganized, had to know how to drive a stick, grateful another couple drove our jeep. Beautiful tour once we finally got underway but took up most of the day. Massage on the private beach was GREAT! All in all, nice experience.
Reviewer: Lisa
4 Stars
Just a Great Excursion
March 08, 2017
We had an amazing time on this excursion. The route the tour went on was great and we stayed away from the really touristy areas. The tour included driving through the southern part of the island, seeing some small Mayan ruins, a pretty cool marsh areas, hitting a beach and then a really fun drive. Our tour guide was very knowledgable and fun to talk with. My wife and I really had a great time on this excursion
Reviewer: Zach
5 Stars
Cozumel Jeep & Beach Adventure
March 07, 2017
This was an awesome day excursion. The guide takes to a state park, beach, side trip to shop, stopped along the way for fresh pineapple. Very busy 5 hours. The downside was the distance from the ship to the office/starting point.
Reviewer: Pat Andersen
5 Stars
Lots of fun
March 05, 2017
The keep tour was fun. Visiting the beautiful island and snorkeling. Our guide Phillipe was great. Caution: it's hard to find the meeting point. Possibly better instructions or a map are needed.
Reviewer: Rob L
5 Stars
Cozumel Jeep and Beach Adventure
March 03, 2017
This was our best shore excursion! There were only 4 of us so we had an exclusive tour and really enjoyed the small group experience. Thanks to Raoul for his extensive knowledge of the area and the history behind our stops. Snorkeling was terrific and Raoul was wonderful at finding and pointing out things to look at. Our beach lunch was very delicious and so were the Margs! I would recommend this adventure to everyone!
Reviewer: Tracy Biernacki
5 Stars
A fun day together
March 02, 2017
We had done this same tour several years ago and remembered how much fun it was so we were excited to be able to do it again and share it with the rest of our family. There were only our two jeeps led by a little green beetle and a great tour guide. Don't miss the outstanding Margaritas at the bottom of the light house and the lunch at the beach was good too.
Reviewer: Sue Elliott
5 Stars
February 17, 2017
Vers interesting
Reviewer: Joanne Twigg
4 Stars
Great excursion
January 17, 2017
Great excursion that was much cheaper than similar excursions offered by the ship. Guides were knowledgeable and concerned with everyone making it back to their ships on time since local time did not match the ship's time (our cruise maintained eastern time while Cozumel is in central time zone). Directions to meeting place were good.
Reviewer: Danny Jenkins
5 Stars
Excursión Cozumel
January 16, 2017
La excursión en Jeep por la Isla de Cozumel fue buenísima; los lugares recorridos, el guía y la organización superaron mis expectativas. Es una excelente manera de conocer la Isla y muy entretenido hacerlo en Jeep. Lo recomiendo!!
Reviewer: sandra giglio
5 Stars
Cozumel Was Beautiful and Relaxing
January 14, 2017
It was wonderful being back in Mexico once again even though this was our first time in Cozumel. Cozumel is a beautiful place to visit, relax and take in the sites. We started in the city and then ended up at Punta Sur beach. We saw a Mayan lighthouse ruin which was very interesting. It was cool finding out just how they did things in their time and how it all fit together. We were then given time to explore, shop and take pictures of the surrounding sites. We then went to a private beach to relax and grab some lunch. There was snorkeling, white sand beaches, clear blue water and no rush what so ever. We all had a relaxing time and my wife was even able to get a massage. We will definitely be back to Cozumel.
Reviewer: Mike Miller
5 Stars
Great company to work with - very accommodating!
January 12, 2017
When we got to the meeting point, the host informed us that the excursion would go too long and we wouldn't make it back in time, but the host graciously offered a similar tour that was an hour shorter and would get us back in time. We hit most of the same places except the nature preserve and we rode an open air bus rather than jeeps. The Mayan temple was small, but the guide was informative about the culture and religions past and present. Learned about black coral and had an opportunity to buy. Stopped for a delicious lunch (which the host paid for us since our original excursion was more $ than this one) on the water. We had an opportunity to swim in the ocean or pool, swing in a hammock, or do a pedicure with the minnows! We then hit the Tequila place. It isn't a "factory", but they talk you through the origins of tequila, how it's made, a tasting and time to buy. I truly appreciated the guide/host coming through for us and accommodating a change and even paying for lunch!
Reviewer: Anna
5 Stars
Best Excursion Ever
January 09, 2017
We had a blast cruising around the island and see the beautiful coast. Our 5-1/2 hour trip ended up being more like 6-12 hours but our guides made absolutely sure we got back in plenty of time to catch the ship. If you only have time for one excursion, make this the one.
Reviewer: Rob
5 Stars
January 01, 2017
First of all, my wife and I were the only people on this excursion. Others on a similar excursion were in larger groups and their Jeeps were near new. The Jeep my wife drove was a stick and looked to be on its last leg. Our guide drove a vw bug with no top, reluctantly we followed him and made several stops. A beach resort that was very beautiful and relaxing. The restaurant we ate at was outdoors, next to a beach and the food was delicious. The ride back went through the downtown area and we figure this is where the adventure was, narrow streets and yielding traffic. We had a fantastic time. The guide was polite and knoweglable. If we go back we'll probably pick this one again!
Reviewer: Steven Soffes
4 Stars
Felipe Was AMAZING!
December 27, 2016
Amazing girls Cozumel excursion thanks to Felipe, our tour guide. He personally drove us to all the amazing sights in Cozumel. He was our guide both on and off the road by snorkeling with us and diving down to retrieve interesting items on the ocean floor. He did not disappoint when we requested the best pina colada on the island. THANK YOU, FELIPE! We'll see you again, my friend.
Reviewer: Melissa Busi
5 Stars
Great Guide Felipe
December 23, 2016
Felipe gave us a great relaxing tour of Cozumel's National Park, snorkelled with us and pointed out some creatures we would have missed. As there were no other guests, it was very relaxing and informative and we enjoyed our day immensely.
Reviewer: Marcy Rice
5 Stars
Great excursion!
December 21, 2016
Ruben was the best tour guide ever! He was knowledgable at every stop. We were lucky enough to be the only jeep on the tour at that time so we really feel like we got the royal treatment. Dinner was excellent and Ruben was kind enough to flag down the massage therapists as they were leaving to go home as he knew we wanted beach massages. They were very gracious as well, we ate and then had our massages! I would recommend this tour to everyone and if possible request Ruben to be your guide!
Reviewer: Tim Foury
5 Stars
Ruben the tour guide!
December 16, 2016
We could not have gotten a more personable and knowledgeable tour guide! We were lucky enough to be the only jeep in the tour so we really got special attention. All the stops along the tour were enjoyed by our family. Ruben even went out of his way to make sure that my daughter and I were able to enjoy a massage on the beach. As we were entering the parking lot of the restaurant that we were eating at he quickly noticed two ladies that were obviously heading home after their day of massaging. He asked them if they would be willing to stay and they both agreed and even waited for about half an hour for us while we ate our already prepared dinner. We truly enjoyed Ruben's company and we would suggest to others that they request him if possible! Great day at Cozumel.
Reviewer: Tim Foury
5 Stars
Cozumel Jeep and Beach Adventure
December 15, 2016
It was a very great vacation and good times in Cozumel. The people who guided us were very wonderful. They took very good care of us showing the various places and we really excited about the Jeep Drives.
Reviewer: Suresh Sanga
5 Stars
Cozumel Jeep tour
December 14, 2016
Hands down the best excursion! We had so much fun. The excursion included snorkeling, lunch, Mayan ruins, freshwater tower, lighthouse with whiskey tasting and gifts. Loved our guide! (Santiago)
Reviewer: Kaylee Grimes
5 Stars
Best excursion we've been on!
December 13, 2016
My family of four loved the VIP treatment we received. I would definitely recommend it!
Reviewer: Kristy Lee
5 Stars
December 07, 2016
It was a great experience.
Reviewer: Fong her Huang
5 Stars
Nice trip
December 05, 2016
Driving a Jeep in Mexico is so much fun and the tour guide has done the great job of telling us the story about the island.
Reviewer: Meng
4 Stars
A great experience!
December 03, 2016
We had a wonderful day. Thank you. Our guide was friendly knowledgeable and interesting. Loved the whole thing.
Reviewer: Patricia Yost
5 Stars
Pleasant experience
November 29, 2016
I liked this tour, guides were friendly and accommodating, spoke fluent English, We had wonderful time.
Reviewer: Alexander
5 Stars
November 26, 2016
Tour plan took us over most of the southern part of the island. Great guide with lots of local history and other info. Stop for lunch was very scenic and pleasant.
Reviewer: chriscraft
5 Stars
Cold, windy & wet
November 18, 2016
Taking out the weather, the trip was/would of been great! It was a block walk to meet up with the tour guides. They were friendly & informative. We walked another bit to pick up the jeeps and took off for a nice drive. Basically I believe we drove all around the island. The stops were nice. Unfortunately, when we got to the beach, the rain kicked in. There weren't many places to hang out and stay dry while others swam or snorkeled. When we left to go to lunch, the long beautiful drive was rough as we had a roof on the jeep, but no sides or back so it was not pleasant while we drove. Suggestion, have the sides available to put down for such situations. Also our jeeps had 2 doors which was a little difficult for us older folks to get into the back seats. The food was good & the final drive was better as the rain slowed down. A memorable day. I do recommend this tour, but bring a poncho. :-)
Reviewer: Cindy Might
3 Stars
fun time
November 09, 2016
I really enjoyed this excursion. Was a great way to see as much of Cozumel & get the beach included. Driving the jeep was fun. Staff was excellent friendly and told great storys of the island, the fajatas where excellent & the view of the restaurant was great. would do this again
Reviewer: kevin H
5 Stars
LOTS OF FUN! The best tour guides!
November 09, 2016
Myself and my husband had the best time on this excursion! I highly recommend!! It was educational visiting the ruins and the lighthouse. The Mexican lunch was awesome! The tequila at the light house was good too. The guide was great while snorkeling too. He was so conscientious of everyone in our small group. We really were shown all areas of the island. A lot of experience for the amount of time. I would do this excursion another time even!
Reviewer: Wendy Snyder
5 Stars
November 03, 2016
Absolutely terrific in every way. Our tour guides made safety and fun their top priorities. They were very knowledgeable and were loved by the locals. Highly recommend it!
Reviewer: Anonymous
5 Stars
Great Trip
October 03, 2016
We had a great time! Phillipe' was an awesome tour guide! Very knowledgeable about the island. Great way to see ALL of Cozumel! Highly recommend!
Reviewer: Juanna Brown
5 Stars
Jepp Tour
September 28, 2016
We were fortunately to have the tour guide to ourselves. He was absolutely amazing. We couldn't ask for anyone better. He was very knowledgable and made things interesting and fun!!!!
Reviewer: Jenny Maddamma
5 Stars
Jeep Tour
August 20, 2016
Marko was our tour guide....He was outstanding. Took us through the history of the Island and was most Professional. A great tour guide.He went out of his way to make sure our tour was fabulous. A super polite and professional man. We appreciated everything he showed us. Please convey our personal thanks to Marko !!!!
Reviewer: Bob Dodd
5 Stars
August 02, 2016
Two tour guides were extremely professional spoke both English and Spanish; as well as very knowledgeable! Gave accurate history information and provided time for pictures. Daughter wanted to go snorkeling, but was new to it, tour guide gave a quick training and off she went! She loved it!!! Beach was beautiful, jeep was awesome, food was out of this world! Will definitely be back next year. Recommend shore excursions vs cruise lines. More cost effective and worth it!!!
Reviewer: Valerie Strickland (party of 4)
5 Stars
Jeep excursion
July 14, 2016
What a great day, even with the heavy rain and wind, which prevented us from snorkeling/swimming.
Reviewer: Anonymous
4 Stars
June 10, 2016
A good way to see the place; you do a lot of things: from cultural sightseeing to drinking tequila on the beach!
Reviewer: Karina
5 Stars
Cozumel Jeep and Beach Adventure
May 27, 2016
This was a perfect excursion. While the cruise ship excursions were cancelled for rough waters, we were able to have a great excursion seeing the water life, historical spots, true authentic Mexican cuisine and beach and snorkeling adventure. We saw the island. Our Guides Benito and Tom Cruise were both knowledgeable and truly enjoyable.
Reviewer: Vickkay
5 Stars
I would definitely do this again!
May 13, 2016
One of the best excursions we've taken. It gives a great tour around Cozumel with some food and and beach time. I took the snorkeling tour while my family enjoyed the beach and swam. It was a great day. The water was gorgeous and this tour was worth it. We hope this is offered at other locations.
Reviewer: Addicted to Cruising
5 Stars
So Much Fun!
May 12, 2016
We really liked the Jeep Trip. Beautiful drive, well organized, friendly guides. They had plenty of cold water on hand. We seen parts of the area that we would not have seen otherwise.
Reviewer: Team Wilson
5 Stars
Amazing ! Travel on Carnival Cruize
May 06, 2016
The guides were fabulous, friendly and knowledgeable.It was a great time!.Was a great tour and the sites were very beautiful. Would definitely do this trip again.The Jeep Tour was outstanding. Enjoyed driving a jeep around Cozumel.The lunch was great! 100% recomended.Thanks
Reviewer: El Rudo
5 Stars
Such a great day!
May 03, 2016
Our guides were awesome. Took such good care of us. Made sure we got great pictures, stayed hydrated and had potty breaks. Perfect way to see the nest parts of Cozumel.
Reviewer: RC
5 Stars
Excellant Ride!
April 30, 2016
The jeep excursion was a unique day. Driving, swimming, snorkeling, eating. Salt Water Crocs and a Coda Mundy too!
Reviewer: Bob
5 Stars
Best Excursion in Cozumel
April 29, 2016
I like the easy of booking the excursions. Great Price - Great Guys - Excellent Value.
Reviewer: Rdnsharon
5 Stars
A lot of fun! The jeeps are a great way to see th
April 27, 2016
Overall, a great excursion! Would recommend it.
Reviewer: Don't recall names
5 Stars
Best Excursion of the Cruise
April 22, 2016
We had what equated to a private 5 hour tour. Fantastic guides led us to a beautiful beach park, treated us to a wonderful lunch on the water and gave us a quiet hour on a beach to enjoy the water!
Reviewer: ELB
5 Stars
Highlight of our cruise!
April 19, 2016
Great excursion and great company! There was only one other couple in our group so we did have to share 1 jeep. My husband drove the whole time but you would have to switch off if everyone wants to drive. Jeep excursions seemed very popular and you do end up running into other groups at the stops. The big difference (compared to booking it through the cruise) is that this one seemed more like a personal tour and the guide asked us our preference on how long we wanted to stay at some of the stops. We felt like we did a lot in this excursion. (This was a cruise stop for us and the previous day we were in Belize and did the tubing which wasn't as exciting as we had expected so this more than made up for it!) At the end he did bring us to a great restaurant, the price of the food was included but the drinks were not, so bring cash if you want to get a soda or bottled water at lunch. The guide did keep a cooler of bottled water for us during the day. The excursion is great for everyone (kids who can sit in the back w/out car seats). Snorkeling is done at the beach so for those of you who want to relax on the beach can do so while those of you who want to snorkel can snorkel. The light house is pretty narrow going up the steps which is probably the only part to the tour that someone w/limited mobility would have problems with.
Reviewer: Cruisers from MD
5 Stars
Amazing experience!
April 19, 2016
Guide very helpful and chill.
Reviewer: safarijane
5 Stars
We had a blast doing the Jeep/Beach excursion.
April 09, 2016
We were very surprised at how easy it was to get to from the port, and also that they waited for other people to arrive before leaving. Scheduled time was 11 I think we left around 11:15. This is a 5 hour tour so for the money I don't think you can beat it! You get a guided tour around the island and they guarantee you make it back to the ship on time! We had no problems on this excursion and we are looking forward to our next cruise! Great Value! Great Price! Great Time!
Reviewer: Amie
4 Stars
Well done, grest day
April 03, 2016
Our guide, Filipi was the be s t!
Reviewer: Tom
4 Stars
Lots of Fun!
March 31, 2016
The guide was very knowledgeable. Good sense of humor. Only slight negative was the lunch--Food was just average.
Reviewer: Steve
5 Stars
Really fun day.
March 31, 2016
The guide was wonderful. Very nice day out sightseeing with a nice small group of 5 jeeps.
Reviewer: Debbie
4 Stars
Fun day in Cozumel
March 31, 2016
My family had a great time on this excursion. My husband wanted to drive around the island, but I was worried about being late to the boat. This was a great compromise. He got to drive a jeep around the island, but in an organized manner. Our guides were great. The weather was windy, so the snorkeling had to be canceled, but the guides worked with us to find an alternative everyone on the tour was happy with. My son would have liked a bit more Mayan ruins.
Reviewer: SB
4 Stars
Great choice for an excursion!
March 31, 2016
We had our own jeep because there were 3 of us which made it even more fun! It was very wavy the day we had our excursion so they did cancel our snorkeling trip which was kind of a bummer but not their fault.
Reviewer: Julie
4 Stars
Awesome Adventure
March 26, 2016
Our tour guide was awesome! Very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.
Reviewer: Girls just wanna have fun!
5 Stars
We had a GREAT time !!!
March 26, 2016
Great time
Reviewer: mr.
5 Stars
Awesome. Would recommend.
March 20, 2016
Loved the knowledgeable guide. Happily accommodated requests. Started on time and returned to ship as promised.
Reviewer: Iowa girl
5 Stars
I'd do it again!
March 18, 2016
It was great to be able to tour Cozumel openly! To get a chance to see the city as well as the back roads. The variety was wonderful!
Reviewer: Elyshah
5 Stars
Excellent trip
March 11, 2016
Guides were friendly and very good. Made it a wonderful experience. The sites they took us to were also excellent.
Reviewer: Dave
5 Stars
Had a great time
March 10, 2016
It was great to see the city, sites, and coastlines. The snorkeling at the beach was AWESOME. That was the best part. So much fun.
Reviewer: Russ
4 Stars
Scenic Drive to Punta Sur-
March 10, 2016
Reuben was very good. We had a medical emergency aboard our cruise ship and the date in port was not the scheduled one. They accomodated us very well for the unexpected arrival. The jeeps were in very good shape.
Reviewer: Adventure Granny
4 Stars
I would purchase this Jeep Beach Adventure again.
March 02, 2016
My husband and I love the ability to be able to travel on a tour with our own jeep instead of being on a bus. It makes us feel more independent while we are on vacation.
Reviewer: Gram
5 Stars
February 29, 2016
Marco was an amazing tour guide! we learned a lot of culture as well as amazing local spots and food! Very fun and personable!
Reviewer: BFFS
5 Stars
I would diffently do this excursion again.
February 27, 2016
Some other guests were late so the tour left late and came back a little early. We probably had a another hour we could have used. I wish there was more time to spend in one location. Even on the drive back there was a beautiful spot to stop and take pictures.
Reviewer: Dawn
4 Stars
Great Time
February 17, 2016
Offered a variety of experiences. Drive your own 6 speed jeep.snorkeling, lighthouse, tequila tasting, and a stop for lunch included.
Reviewer: Rbmather
4 Stars
Great excursion
February 17, 2016
This was a fun excursion. Guides were knowledgeable. The Excursion didn't list snorkeling but it was available for those Who wanted it. Great food included.
Reviewer: Duckladydeb
5 Stars
Good time!
February 16, 2016
This was just as advertised. Everyone was nice and it was very well organized.
Reviewer: Bruce
5 Stars
Great time! A Lot of Fun!
February 14, 2016
Would Highly Recommend this excursion! Santiago and Carlos were our tour guides. Very nice, attentive and made it very enjoyable
Reviewer: Deb
5 Stars
Fun with Jeeps and beach
February 09, 2016
We had a problem getting off the ship in a timley manner. The people with the jeeps waited on us and made us feel welcomed. We had a GREAT time and would recomend this excousion to all our friends. Again, Thank you and we had a really nice time!!
Reviewer: Bill Str
5 Stars
February 05, 2016
Tour guides where great! Couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the day and see all of Cozumel.
Reviewer: Rose
5 Stars
January 29, 2016
5 Stars
adventurius jeep ride
January 27, 2016
they need to monitor who they let go on this excursion. Elderly couple could barely get in and out of jeep
Reviewer: jduy
4 Stars
fun time
January 27, 2016
we had a great time, and was amazed at the island
Reviewer: snookey
5 Stars
We had a great time! Laughed so hard.
January 26, 2016
We loved it!
Reviewer: Mel
5 Stars
Great Time - lots of fun and very enjoyable!
January 26, 2016
Enjoyed ""ratting"" around in a funky jeep. My wife snorkeled one of the reefs while I drank beer on the beach - perfect! Food was very good, the guides were excellent and the weather was perfect. My wife really had a good time clicking away with her camera and even managed to get the jeep stuck in the sand but she got us out amid our laughs and joking. Low key, laid-back and very enjoyable.
Reviewer: PG&CG
4 Stars
Great overview of Cozumel
January 25, 2016
I was looking for an overview of Cozumel, and I got just that from the excursion.
Reviewer: Lanny
5 Stars
Fun, Fun, Fun!
January 18, 2016
We visited several locations. Mayan ruin, lagoon, beach, light house, and then had lunch. Great tour guides.
Reviewer: Roo
5 Stars
January 14, 2016
Lots of fun and a variety of activities (ie.., jeep, beach, lighthouse, ruins, etc.). Guides were wonderful and definitely would recommend. Two 18-year olds had the time of their life with their family.
Reviewer: Carla
5 Stars
Wonderful day in Cozumel
January 11, 2016
We really enjoyed our day in Cozumel. We loved driving down the coast and taking in all of the beauty.
Reviewer: Trish
5 Stars
Easy Jeeping
January 08, 2016
Huge drawback having to share a jeep with another couple. One couple gets screwed by having to sit in the back. There are frequent stops and getting in and out of the jeeps is not easy for even athletic folks let alone older couples. The best part of the tour was the stop over at the beach where we got to snorkel. Stop was only for 1-hour. Should have been able to stay at the beach longer. Snorkeling was fabulous.
Reviewer: The Army Guy
4 Stars
Great Shore Excursion
January 02, 2016
We love it, a great shore excursion. Thank you.
Reviewer: Jamie
5 Stars
Great Shore Excursion
January 02, 2016
Great Shore Excursion, we enjoyed very much. Thank you.
Reviewer: Ling
5 Stars
A Beatiful drive
January 01, 2016
The guide Felipe was awesome. We were a little rushed but got back to the boat on time. Maybe one less activity and it would have been more enjoyable. The EcoPark was beautiful and the snorkeling was wonderful. Our guide showed us lobster live conch crabs and many tropical fish. The food included was great and the Margarita was the best. They provided water which was great cause it was hot and we were very active.
Reviewer: moneeky
5 Stars
a fantastic adventure of the entire island
December 26, 2015
This is just a great way to experience Cozumel. Our guide Felipe was fantastic! He molded the experience to us and our interests. He is an expert on Cozumel and the Mayan Ruins. Request Felipe.
Reviewer: J&D
5 Stars
Explore Cozumel
December 25, 2015
Great way to see Cozumel good value with lunch included.
Reviewer: Dan
4 Stars
Keeping was fun!
December 12, 2015
Loved the jeep part but felt there was never the consideration of snorkeling, as the guides tried dry much to talk us out of/discourage it. Also that particular beach had really bad biting gnats Whose itches showed up days later.
Reviewer: Giner
4 Stars
November 25, 2015
Great excursion.
Reviewer: Juan o
5 Stars
Great tour around Cozumel!
November 23, 2015
We had a great time. We were the only family in this tour for the day so we got to pick our stops. Our stops included a light house, a nice beach, a Tequila factory, and anywhere along the coast for a picture. The ocean was rough so we could not snorkel but we did get to swim.
Reviewer: Johnson City Cruiser
4 Stars
November 18, 2015
This was a fun excursion with a good variety of activities. It was neat driving around the island and our guide, Santiago, was incredibly knowledgeable and just an all around friendly guy. Great views from the light house and in general, and a good chance at seeing a crocodile. With the stop at the coral reef, a rum tasting, and a few small Mayan ruins, this tour really let's you see everything.
Reviewer: Mp
5 Stars
Cozumel Jeep and Beach Adventure
November 06, 2015
Great experience! Will do it again!
Reviewer: Ginbug42
4 Stars
October 29, 2015
Reviewer: JWOOD
4 Stars
great excursion off the beaten path
October 23, 2015
If you want to get away from the city of Cozumel this is it. First our guide led us to the far side of the island where we went to the natural park perserve then we went to a very secluded beach for some swimming, Snorkling (gear was provided) and relaxing in the sun and sand. then we drove along to a secluded resturant where we had lunch (drinks were extra and a little pricey american bar prices) then we drove back to our original meeting area through town. A real thrill and I will diffinatly do it again.
Reviewer: Bud
4 Stars
Awesome excursion
October 20, 2015
Went with a friend and had a great time
Reviewer: Holly
5 Stars
What a Great way to see Cozumel on a day trip!!
August 18, 2015
This was the best shore excursion I have been on. The personnel, the venues and the accommodations were all excellent. Easy to find, easy to navigate, great sites to see and experience. We all had a blast and feel that we got the whole Cozumel experience in 5 hours on shore. We even had time to shop and get back to the ship with no problems. Would do it again - YES!!!!
Reviewer: Angie
5 Stars
Worth the time and money
July 15, 2015
I enjoyed all of the activities. The guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. I felt we had adequate time to do everything and return to the ship in plenty of time. The tequila tasting was an added bonus that I really enjoyed. Also, the beach area was beautiful and very relaxing.
Reviewer: Lin
5 Stars
Jeep adventure
June 28, 2015
It was great....better than we anticipated
Reviewer: Cruiser
5 Stars
Had a great time...worth the money.
June 14, 2015
Enjoyed our time in Cozumel..happy we picked this excursion .not disappointed .
Reviewer: Wendling
4 Stars
Loved it!
May 18, 2015
Had fun
Reviewer: Croft
5 Stars
Great Tour
May 12, 2015
The excursion was a lot of fun. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and took us to one of the most beautiful beaches that I have been to. I highly recommend the jeep tour.
Reviewer: Susan
5 Stars
great fun and value
May 08, 2015
Good tour guide and visits to lovely places. Tequila tasting was good fun too. The jeeps were hardly road worthy! Gods value for money though.
Reviewer: Carole
4 Stars
Fun had great time
April 23, 2015
Well worth money, me & 10 year old daughter did this in April. She says this was best part of cruise.
Reviewer: Julie
5 Stars
Nice Ride!
April 08, 2015
It was nice to get off the boat and ride in an open air jeep. On the way to the beach, you got to see what city life in Cozumel looks like and how the people live. The beach is beautiful and you have the choice to hang at the beach or snorkel. Our group split up and both groups had fun. My 10 year old hung at the beach but used the mask to ""snorkel"" just a few feet off the shore. He loved it! and saw tons of fish! Take time to enjoy a margarita and some coconut water while hanging out. The next stop is the crocodile sighting area. Not too exciting for me. Then the lighthouse which is pretty cool. Also gives you a chance to shop alittle. Then the ride to the lunch spot is beautiful as you follow the beach/shore line. Lunch was surprisingly good. And then you take one more stop at a place that makes tequila. It was quite interesting and the samples are excellent! We bought a bottle! Then back to the ship.
Reviewer: Allison
5 Stars
Learned A Lot About Cozumel!
April 02, 2015
The Jeep tour was not what I was expecting. Very cool that we were able to drive our own Jeep. Was able to see the entire island of Cozumel, and, see things we would never have seen otherwise. The lighthouse, the ""tortoise"" protected beaches, the ""cocodrilos"", the ""tequila factory/zoo"", great beaches. And, most importantly, Santiago, the tour guide ""extraordinaire""; seriously, it's amazing, but it really gets down to ""who is your guide"". Again, Santiago was amazing! In total control, knowledgeable about everything Cozumel, a real leader and a very nice guy. Made the experience enjoyable, without worry. Great excursion!
Reviewer: Bud
5 Stars
great value
March 28, 2015
made me see a different perspective of Cozumel
Reviewer: Bill
5 Stars
Amazing time-great way to see the island
March 16, 2015
This was a nearly perfect excursion. A lot of stops at great places such as national parks, beaches, authentic restaurant, tequila factory, a lighthouse and more. I had no real expectations about this excursion. The tour was amazing. The tour guide was great. We never felt rushed and ended up spending about 30 extra minutes on the tour. Highly recommended to anyone seeking culture, adventure, good food, amazing views, relaxation on the beach, etc.
Reviewer: Rocketman
5 Stars
Great Experience!
February 16, 2015
This excursion was certainly cram packed with fun! From the Jeeps to the beach to the local food, my family had a blast. We would not have been able to see and do as much as we did on our own! Some things you should know: 1.) I wouldn't say that Punta Sur Bay has year-round crystal-clear waters. The day we were there, it was cloudy and while some still snorkeled, it was hard to see the reef and fish clearly. 2.) There are a few different reefs. Each reef is quite small and getting to it is not for the out of shape on a rough water day. However, there were several exotic fish, which made up for the cloudy waters. 3.) Bring your own water. The water provided is very small and barely quenches your thirst. The only huge negative was the added tequila tasting, which is not mentioned in the description on the website. This took time out of our day so that the guides could make a few extra bucks on commission from the manufacturer if someone purchased tequila. This added ""feature"" only caused us to rush back to the ship, giving us very little time to board. All in all, my family had a wonderful time!
Reviewer: Luxury17
4 Stars
Nice Ride and Guide!
February 15, 2015
Got to drive and the guide went with us to enhance the tour. Made a few stops along the way. The water was a little to strong for snorkeling that day so we hung out at the beach and laid in the hammocks for a while. Enjoyed driving a 5 speed jeep around the island.
Reviewer: CraigJ
4 Stars
Great adventure
January 29, 2015
Everything about this excursion was fantastic. The only thing I'd have done differently was I would have snorkeled. Our guide said the water was not very clear to see anything along with it would take a lot of energy to get out to the reefs so he was only going to take our group w/ newby's to snorkeling 1/2 way. The newby's said water was clear & seen plenty of fish & starfish. My fault I decided not to go listening to guide's advice vs seeing for myself though.
Reviewer: ozzmom94
4 Stars
Very Enjoyable Experience!
January 22, 2015
If you are going to have a camera person, they need to be present for each of the stops that we make on the trip to take pictures. Having someone take pictures at the beginning and wanting to be paid isn't worth it.
Reviewer: Bill
4 Stars
Very fun and gorgeous beach
January 08, 2015
The ride to the lighthouse was very long, however, the beach is gorgeous and there is a variety of activities which includes: visiting a lighthouse, a nature preserve, a beach, snorkeling, a tequila tasting tour, and free food.
Reviewer: Larry
5 Stars
Worth the ride!
January 06, 2015
The jeep your drive are not for everyone but for those that take the ride, you will go to places that tell you that you are somewhere out of the ordinary. Loved it!!!
Reviewer: Nic the Grish
4 Stars
Everything amazing!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
December 18, 2014
This tour was amazing... first time we book something outside the ship, and we were greatly surprised! The service from the guides was awesome, we really had a great time, thanks!!!
Reviewer: Carlos the Cruiser
5 Stars
Seeing Cozumel from a local perspective
December 17, 2014
Our guide was amazing! He was personable fun and spoke English. The jeeps seemed well maintained but make sure someone can drive manual. If there are only two of you you will probably have another random two people. But we met a great couple that ride along with us. We saw some small Mayan ruins, a beautiful lighthouse with amazing views, a cool protected wildlife area with Crocadiles and had an authentic lunch at a great little place. Our guide even let us drive the jeep back close to our cruise boat instead of taking a taxi. Highly recommend this trip if you love driving around and getting out of the tourist areas.
Reviewer: the Hearns
5 Stars
Fun Day
December 02, 2014
Great way to spend the day on Cozumel and see the island. Loved the beach at Punta Sur. Almost no one on it and you can walk for miles. Great views. Lunch was tasty. Jeeps are a little old, but other than that, really enjoyed this excursion.
Reviewer: trucker
4 Stars
Sun, Fun and then some!
November 07, 2014
The guide was knowledgable and humorous. We had enough time at each activity, but not too much wasted. Great to drive the jeep around the countryside.
Reviewer: Carol
5 Stars
Awesome Cozumel experience!
October 24, 2014
Since our group was small, we enjoyed the flexibility on the tour. It was our first time really getting out and around Cozumel, so we loved the rides to scenic areas, and it was nice being able to drive ourselves. There was a good mix of activities, and the wildlife preserve was much more interesting than we expected, with fabulous views, an interesting lighthouse, and a wonderful beach resort which was remarkably free of congestion, and very well maintained. Great food at a local beachside restaurant, with impressive margaritas! For as much as we traveled, we got back to the ship without being totally exhausted, and felt like we had the best experience ever in Cozumel.
Reviewer: B and Z
4 Stars
Wonderful Excursion
October 14, 2014
Xio was the best guide! She met us on the boat and led us to our Jeep. We were able to see Crocodiles, Mayan Ruins but best was beach and snorkeling. It was our first time for everything. You do have a nice long swim to get to the reef but it is worth it. We saw so many fish. It was beautiful! More than I expected. Food was good, and service was great. We left and went to Lighthouse which was also great. The water was the most beautiful I have ever seen.
Reviewer: Wendy
5 Stars
Great way to see Cozumel!
September 22, 2014
Able to spend time with family and see Cozumel in it's true setting, not just on a beach.
Reviewer: SteveZ
4 Stars
Great Jeep Tour of the Island
September 16, 2014
We had a wonderful day and the weather was perfect.
Reviewer: SCC
5 Stars
Cozumel Jeep and Beach Adventure
June 16, 2014
The tour crew were exceptional! Snorkeling was awesome! whish we would of taking more pictures, next time bring Water camera! Tequila tour was great and the Mexican cru sine was delicious!
Reviewer: Donna
5 Stars
Great Time!
April 28, 2014
We sailed with Carnival and when you leave the pier area take a left on the sidewalk and walk about 200 yards past the Internation Pier. You will meet at a resort. Filipe was a great guide showing and explaining everything. While snorkeling we saw a sting ray, lobster, star fish and lots and lots of beautiful fish. The Tequila stop was very interesting and our lunch stop had great food. (Ate at about 2pm) You will have a great time!
Reviewer: Bob
4 Stars
Best Excursion on Cozumel!
April 24, 2014
The guides were excellent and very knowledgeable. Also, when snorkeling, our group stayed out much longer than others that were there and I noticed a few other groups had gone out after our group went out and the other groups came back in before ours came back! It was truly a wonderful experience and I' would most definitely use this company wherever I go!
Reviewer: Dzsmom
5 Stars
Great tour & cheaper than RCI
March 31, 2014
Very good value and cheaper than booking with the cruise liner itself. Would recommend. Safe and fun.
Reviewer: James
4 Stars
March 21, 2014
This was a great tour. We loved the Jeeps and the beach stop was awesome and so relaxing, we just sat on the beach chairs and had a drink, they even put up hammocks for us. We had a delicious fajita lunch and thoroughly enjoyed the entire tour.
Reviewer: Stranded Riff Raff
5 Stars
informative and fun
March 11, 2014
A very fun and informative excursion that allows you to do a variety of different things. Tour guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: ktuk
5 Stars
Lots of Bumpy Roads
February 23, 2014
We drove to parts of Cozumel we had never seen before. There is a lot of driving on a highway and on very bumpy dirt roads to a Mexican Natl Park. Some very pretty areas. Very good snorkeling but be warned it is a long swim to the reef then you follow the shoreline/reef line for several hundred yards. No boats involved. Great reefs and sea life if you can make the swim. The guide brings a tow line/buoy to pull you if you can't make it. You also see some Mayan ruins, not much but interesting. Would have liked the guide to have a little more info on these. No working seatbelt for driver. No Mexican seatbelt laws but they still have the laws of physics! We stopped at a roadside beach bar that had a great funny bartender and great drinks both alcohol and non-alcohol. Some scary driving in old town Cozumel, but part of the adventure. Great lunch in a local restaurant. All in all, a fun trip to see off the beaten track of Cozumel, great snorkeling, lighthouse and other stops were fun. If you have been to Cozumel a few times and want to see something different, give it a try.
Reviewer: Scorpion
4 Stars
What a Ride !
February 06, 2014
Overall, very pleased with the excursion. It was much longer than we anticipated (4+ hrs) We thought it would be more of an off-road Jeep experience than it was. You basically use an older Jeep (driver's seatbelt was broken) to travel to a fantastic beach and back. You see a ruin, can climb a watch tower (great views) and then drive a very, very long and slow pot hole filled road that takes for ever and offers no thrill. At the end is a beautiful beach with cool sand lounge chairs, you can snorkel (we didn't), sit in the shade, get a drink and snack. Our only criticism was that it took way too long to ride the horrible road and you only get one hour on the beach. We stopped by a tequila company on the way home. Wasn't looking forward to that and actually enjoyed it‚¶and bought some and I don't drink tequila! Ate at a very good and authentic restaurant near the water then grabbed a taxi to the ship. Glad I took a long sleeve shirt as it was cooler and wind while riding was crisp. If you are only two‚¶.the jeeps are stick shift‚¶.back seats are typically small so you might be in the back. If the top is off, you'll get a lot of sun. Bring bottled water and sunscreen.
Reviewer: Perky's Dad
4 Stars
Best Excursion of our Cruise
January 06, 2014
The staff were wonderful!!!!!! Never let any of us get lost. Only complaint was the heavy rain - and that wasn't anyone's fault!
Reviewer: mojo
5 Stars
Wonderful Afternoon
December 26, 2013
You Have a variety of Activity levels depending on what you feel that day. Wonderful Slights.
Reviewer: Colleen The Swimmer
5 Stars
Non-Stop Fun !
December 02, 2013
The entire excursion was well organized. The itinerary was seamless. Dr. Phil (Philipio) was entertaining, knowledgeable, cute and kept us on task. We couldn't have asked for a better excursion when spending our day in Cozumel.
Reviewer: Lee Ann
5 Stars
November 21, 2013
Guides were excellent and kept us in water. Could have skipped the tequila stop. Beach was great and beautiful.
Reviewer: none
4 Stars
Great Experience!
November 14, 2013
My wife and I took this trip December 2012 and loved it. We ended up in a Jeep wrangler by ourselves because of our small group size and loved riding around Cozumel with the top down. The drive was gorgeous and the snorkling was also fantastic. The swim out to the reef was tiring, but was well worth it to see the standard tropical fish AND a nurse shark, SEA TURTLE (my favorite thing), and we got a short glimpse at a ray and eel. The only negative I can think of is the fact that the food was at the very end in the resort where you meet. I think some sort of food would have been great during the middle of the trip. I was very impressed with the price and had an awesome time!
Reviewer: James
5 Stars
Love Cozumel
September 13, 2013
Be prepared to snorkel.
Reviewer: Mr. T
4 Stars
Excellent Value & Great Experience!
September 13, 2013
Much smaller group than I have expereinced in the past booking with other companies and it allowed a more personable experience away from the crowds. It was perfect!
Reviewer: KC
5 Stars
The greatest excursion EVER!!!
July 22, 2013
My husband and I have never been on such an amazing excursion! The jeeps were so fun! We saw ruins, crocodiles, a lighthouse (with hammocks to relax in) and went snorkeling. I had never been before and our guides Hernon and Jose were amazing and made us comfortable.Afterwards we had great authentic food by the beach! We had the time of our lives! This excursion is perfect because you get a little bit of everthing in Cozumel.
Reviewer: JessicaN
5 Stars
Great, great excursion
July 15, 2013
This Jeep excursion was so much fun! The hotel was easy to find where it departed from (had an amazing fajita lunch at open air restaurant as part of excursion that was delicious)after the tour. Taking the jeep was the best way to see the park in Cozumel- beyond scenic along the gulf, hiking up the big lighthouse had a gorgeous view, the ruin had some cool history to it and the snorkeling was fun! This was a great excursion and our guides were fun!
Reviewer: Deb
5 Stars
Fun Adventure
June 21, 2013
Once we got out of the city, this was such a relaxing day! We got a chance to see some Mayan ruins, saltwater crocodiles and a light house. Then it was off to the beach! We loved sitting in the hammock enjoying the beautiful private beach (no solicitors). This was the most relaxing day of our cruise and we are looking forward to going back in January!
Reviewer: MaryBeth
5 Stars
Good Adventure
April 20, 2013
Jeeps are standard transmission which is a problem for some people. They said margarita were best on island. Maybe not true, but they were mixed strongly.
Reviewer: buckeye cruiser
4 Stars
Fun Family Time
April 05, 2013
A variety of activities provided in this tour.
Reviewer: Paula H.
5 Stars
April 03, 2013
This excursion was fantastic! My family and I all agreed that this was the highlight of our vacation!! What really made the day special were our guides David and Jorge. Their hospitality, humor and kindness were just over the top wonderful...thanks for a great day my kids won't ever forget!
Reviewer: Heather
5 Stars
Not to be Missed!
March 31, 2013
Our group of three (my husband, my sister and myself) had an outstanding day on this excursion. We have been in Cozumel several times on various excursions and this is definitely one of the best. Our guide, David, was just amazing. The vehicle actually surprised me. It was in outstanding condition -- spotless inside and out, the clutch operated smoothly and the jeep was easy and fun to drive. Our caravan consisted of our guide plus five Jeep vehicles and it was very easy to keep up and stay together. The stop at the inlet with saltwater crocs was interesting and educational. Our time at the beach was totally relaxing. Do not miss out on a chicken quesadilla while you are there -- the three of us shared and it was simply awesome. I can't say enough about our guide David. He is an incredible asset to his company and an exceptional ambassador for the island of Cozumel! If you are in the market to explore the island a bit combined with some quality beach time -- and can drive a manual transmission vehicle, this is a great excursion choice!
Reviewer: Pattilu
5 Stars
March 30, 2013
I wish I could remember our guides name....he was the best. As someone who never snorkled before and in my 60s....he was sooooo patient and accomodating. Really enjoyed talking with him....
Reviewer: what??
5 Stars
don't miss it
March 29, 2013
We enjoyed every minute. The snorkeling is for good swimmers, because you have a distance tot swim before you get to the reef. Loved it.
Reviewer: enjoy life as it is
5 Stars
Great adventure
March 29, 2013
It was a great adventure to go as a family--be in a group, but enough freedom to feel like you are on your own.
Reviewer: BB
4 Stars
Great tour of national park and reef
March 28, 2013
Great guided snorkel tour of the reef
Reviewer: David
4 Stars
Great jeep excursion
February 21, 2013
Great time in Cozumel despite the rainy weather. The rain stopped for a few hours so we went on the excursion. It gave us a great view of the other side of the island and included a small mayan ruin, a wild crocodile viewing, beach time with snacks, snorkeling and lunch. Everything went great. The pro was that all the ship's excursions were cancelled but ours went! The con was that the jeeps were pretty beat up but ran decently and kept the rain out! The guides were pleasant, accomodating, helpful and fun. Would do it again!
Reviewer: Wulfiegirl
4 Stars
Really nice day
February 18, 2013
Our guide was great, the group friendly and adventurous. The drive, we could have used some points of interest information, but enjoyed it just the same. We loved the fact that we could pick and choose the beach activities. Very relaxing.
Reviewer: Ginny
4 Stars
Great Deal and Fun Excursion........
February 18, 2013
This was our first time ever taking an excursion in Cozumel(we've been there many times). We really had a great expirience and the guide Hernan was awesome(very personable). We do recommend that you eat the lunch before you go, not to much to eat during the tour(5.5hr). Would have rather gone to a Tequila farm and skip the crocodile stop. Highly Recommended!!!!
Reviewer: Art the Firemen
4 Stars
Awesome Reef!
February 13, 2013
I went on the Carnival Liberty cruise on Sept '12 for my anniversary and just now decided to write the review. I can still remember bouncing in the jeep, wonderful views, best margarita I have ever tasted at the lighthouse (and usually I can't stomach tequila), CROCODILLOS! (inside joke), Mayan ruin and lighthouse. The snorkeling was no kiddie pool either. Very awesome reef! You get a lot for your money.
Reviewer: PoopyMama
4 Stars
I would book again
February 09, 2013
Light house and snorkeling was great I would have like for some else to drive us around..
Reviewer: Pg
4 Stars
Excellent tour.
January 29, 2013
Well organized with excellent guides.
Reviewer: none
4 Stars
Good Tour-Great Guide-Good Fun!
January 25, 2013
We had a great time and our guide, Jorge, went out of his way to be freindly and helpful. I would not recommend the snorkling for beginners (although it was very windy when we went) but for intermediate snorklers it is WELL WORTH the swim to get to the reef. Huge variety of fish and turtles.
Reviewer: NasoRanger
4 Stars
Wonderful day out!
January 13, 2013
Great escape to accommodate everyone in our family!
Reviewer: Kaz
4 Stars
A swim on the wild side!
January 11, 2013
The guide was exceptional! The tour was great except that we were VERY rushed. This tour needs to be scheduled for more time. We waited over an hour for the people from other cruise ships-poor planning/organization.
Reviewer: Victoria - la cubana
4 Stars
Great Experience
December 21, 2012
Great knowledgeable staff. Courteous and polite. The snorkeling is physically demanding. Hernan and Jose (tour guides) were great.
Reviewer: Stretch
4 Stars
Great way to experience Cozumel
November 25, 2012
We would highly recommend this shore excursion! We had no difficulties finding the representatives at the hotel (a brief walk from the dock), and our guide David was fantastic. Because there were only 6 of us, we had 2 Jeeps plus David's. Having a little extra time, he took us to a tequila tasting, where we were educated on the process of producing tequila. Driving there enabled us to see additional parts of the town of Cozumel. From there we drove (on a well-paved highway) to Punta Sur, where we saw the little Mayan ruin, crocodiles, and ended up on a lovely, uncrowded beach, where we snorkeled. Just wish we had more time at the beach. Then it was on to the lighthouse, where we enjoyed margaritas, and then back to the hotel for delicious fajitas. David was so helpful and very informative about the island and their culture. For the opportunity to see a large portion of the island and enjoy several experiences without a crowd, don't hesitate to sign up for this shore excursion!
Reviewer: Paul & Jane
5 Stars
Awesome excursion!
November 02, 2012
This trip was a lot of fun! The guides were very friendly and the jeeps were in pretty good shape. The drive around the island was a lot of fun once we got out of the city. We didn't snorkle since the reef was out so far, but had a great time laying in the hammocks and drinking margaritas. The real highlight of the trip was the lighthouse visit since I have toured many in the past. We got to climb the lighthouse and even went outside the lens room for a great view. (This is something that is not allowed on any of the other 25+ lighthouse tours I've been on.) We ended up back at the hotel where we ate an average, and pretty bland meal. Not bad, not great. Overall, a nice off-the-ship excursion.
Reviewer: Steve
4 Stars
Great Excursion!
November 01, 2012
We really enjoyed the entire trip.
Reviewer: Cathy & James
5 Stars
a good value for the monies
November 01, 2012
Their wasn't a product involed
Reviewer: Bob
4 Stars
A fantastic all around trip
October 19, 2012
The guide was very enthusiastic and knowledgable. Other than the heat and the top down on the jeep, the whole trip was fantastic. The food at the end was delicious too.
Reviewer: Brian
4 Stars
Beautiful scenery and snorkeling.
August 23, 2012
Had the chance to experience different things from snorkeling to climbing a lighthouse to seeing crocodiles. Yes, crocodiles!
Reviewer: RnJ
5 Stars
Great,Safe adventure
July 03, 2012
Great trip to see the sights away from port. Felt safe. Im not the type to rent a moped and just drive around. This was a guided drive and a good value. Walking out of the port can be a little intimidating but its worth the walk. Usually just outside the gates to see the great things away from the ship and save money. They treat you like royalty.
Reviewer: Principal
5 Stars
Best Excursion
June 30, 2012
Our ship docked late and we were concerned what would happen to our tour due to the fact we had a meeting time. The location off the pier was a quick walk and once there we were greeted by a guide who went to work right away to get us squared away. Lorenzo was an awesome guide who showed us to our Jeep (older but worked fine) and we set off following him in his jeep. The experience of just my husband and I and the guide made for a wonderful day. We stopped at various points along the Island including the lighthouse, a ruin, lagoon, and area to snorkel or relax. It concluded with a delicious chicken fajita lunch and the option to use the resorts pool. All in all one of the best excursions I have ever been on. HIghly recommend the use of this tour.
Reviewer: Trish7811
5 Stars
Great tour!
June 12, 2012
Our guide David was very informative about the culture of Cozumel. We loved climbing the lighthouse, seeing the crocodiles, and especially enjoyed snorkeling. This experience was our favorite during our time on the cruise!
Reviewer: djeaster
5 Stars
Great way to see the island!
May 25, 2012
My wife and I had a great time on this excursion. You get to see a lot of the island on your trip, which is a big improvement over walking around the area in front of the cruise terminal. My only regret is that we didn't have more time for each of the stops. I now want to go back just to spend a few days further exploring the island. Highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Chris
4 Stars
fun in the sun getaway
May 18, 2012
Very nice and relaxing. Guide was knowledgeable and friendly.
Reviewer: Carl
4 Stars
We have a great time!!
May 13, 2012
The guides (Jorge and Jose) were excellent, and the variety of the experiences all in one excursion kept it fun - the day flew by! With 2 guides and a total of just 8 guests in the excursion, we received lots of personal attention. Our one regret was that we wished we were better prepared with a larger tip (10% of the excursion cost would have been best). They earned it!!
Reviewer: pattipb
5 Stars
beautiful views and great tour guide
May 09, 2012
The food at the end was great and the beach was beautiful.
Reviewer: Bruce the Beast
4 Stars
DRive, Swim, Enjoy
May 04, 2012
Excellent and caring Guides
Reviewer: RG
4 Stars
Great Day on Cozumel
April 30, 2012
This was a fun trip! Loved this adventure. Lots to do. The guides were great. This is a great way to see the island! Great time!
Reviewer: none
5 Stars
Perfect family excursion!!
April 23, 2012
An excellent choice for an overview of Cozumel with a little bit of everything. Our guide, Fred, was great with our two boys, helping them with first time snorkeling, pointing out things for them to see, and very accomodating. We had the pleasure of being the only ones for the time we chose and were treated to a personal tour. Fred was very informative, easy going, and fun. Our boys were treated to extra attention from his friends on the tour, getting banana slices to feed the iguanas was a highlight. The food at the end of the excursion was wonderful (BEST CHICKEN FAJITAS EVER!!) and I would recommend this trip to anyone thinking about it - well worth the cost. You might get lucky and end up with Fred as your personal guide :)
Reviewer: blakely06
5 Stars
Fantastic Tour and Snorkel
April 21, 2012
Loved seeing the island, the crocs, and the extensive snorkeling.
Reviewer: Gena
5 Stars
Cozumel Jeep and Beach Adventure
April 20, 2012
The guides were very friendly and knowledgeable about the various attractions we encountered on the trip. Saw a Maya ruin along with a nice lighthouse at the south tip of the island. I highly recommend this trip!
Reviewer: don f
5 Stars
Great Fun
April 20, 2012
Ernie and David were our guides and they were great fun. I am Senior Citizen and wanted to snorkle but was afraid of my stamina. The guides encouraged me and helped me when I got tired. They waited for me to catch up. I was so happy I was able to do this and finish it still alive (no heart attack). It was great.
Reviewer: Suzi
5 Stars
Fantastic time
April 07, 2012
We had so much fun...the greatest plus was the two tour guides. They were gracious, knowledgeable, fun, and couldn't do enough to mke the day special.
Reviewer: Annie
4 Stars
Absolutely Amazing!
March 26, 2012
Our guide Lorenzo was like an old friend that we hadn't seen since college! He was friendly and knew everything about the island he calls home. The Jeeps were a blast and the scenery was amazing. Quiet reserve beach, snorkeling a reef, cool locals, two thumbs way up!
Reviewer: Down from Tampa
5 Stars
Loved it!
March 18, 2012
Adam and Hernan were really wonderful and made this excursion worthwhile. Adam was entertaining and Hernan was patient and kind, probably saved my life during snorkeling! Thanks for a great trip!
Reviewer: the Puerto Rican family cruise
4 Stars
Nice surprise
March 15, 2012
The jeep tour provided great photo opportunities of the island beaches and vegetation. It was fun to break away from the tourist shops and enjoy the sun and snorkeling. Our guides, Adan and Hernan, were gracious, friendly, and knowledgeable. The authentic Mexican lunch was delicious. However, you must be able to drive a stick shift. I highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Island Girl
4 Stars
Great Excursion!
March 14, 2012
This was a great excursion! The tour guide was very friendly. It takes you to the less developed side of Cozumel. The Mayan ruins are a very small part of this excursion, but the whole trip was great and well worth it!
Reviewer: Skillet
5 Stars
Money well spent!
February 27, 2012
The guides were a lot of fun and obviously enjoy what they do. I would have liked to have slightly less driving and more time to snorkel. That is the ONLY thing I would change. I thought it was a great value.
Reviewer: Love to snorkel
4 Stars
Awesome Adventure!
February 23, 2012
I was very happy to find out that a portion of the costs of the excursion goes to preserving the natural habitat for the wild life that abounds there.
Reviewer: Dawn
5 Stars
absolutely wonderful excursion
February 17, 2012
the service was exceptional by our guides- Jorge and Hernon, and we felt very safe, jeeps were safe, very good guidence through town and around the coast
Reviewer: Barb Williams
5 Stars
Our Favorite Shore Trip
February 17, 2012
Our guides were careful and knowledgeable. Snorkeling skills were excellent.
Reviewer: Show-Me-More
4 Stars
Fun Fun Fun
February 15, 2012
Loved it, so much fun. Will go again.
Reviewer: ray and carol
5 Stars
I have already recommended this trip
February 14, 2012
Have already recommend this to a friend who has booked it for her trip
Reviewer: had a great trip
5 Stars
Awesome experience!
February 03, 2012
Wonderful overall adventure. The snorkeling was fabulous. The jeep ride was a great adventure and the lunch after was tasty and at a beautiful resort in Cozumel. Highly recommended. Our guides were excellent.
Reviewer: Rachel
5 Stars
Great experience.
January 16, 2012
Lorenzo and Jorge were great! The jeeps were in good condition, we stopped along the way at a crocodile sanctuary, Mayan temple, and lighthouse, then arrived at the beach where you could either hang out at the beach or take the snorkeling tour with the group. This was a really fun time.
Reviewer: Emily
4 Stars
Excellent excursion
January 15, 2012
One excursion you gotta do. If you can, request that your guide be 'Lorenzo."" He is very knowledgeable and made the trip enjoyable. The meal provided afterward was excellent. The vehicles were Jeep Wranglers with the tops down (make sure you bring the sun screen, expecially if you're a little thin on top) and were obviously used, but all things considered,they were in good shape. If you're not into the snorkling, the beach has enough shade to just sit back and relax for the 90 minutes that you're there. We had been to Cozumel on a privious cruise and although we did an excurison that visited some of the same places, this one was certainly more enjoyable because of Lorenzo. I could go on and on but the bottom line .... this was one of the most fun excrusions we've been on.
Reviewer: Milan
5 Stars
Great Guides Great Fun!
January 09, 2012
A wonderful time had. The guides were so nice and helpful.
Reviewer: Kcool
4 Stars
Excellent trip
January 01, 2012
Road trip was great, snorkeling was awesome, jeeps were a little rough but got us where we needed to go. Lunch was very good. Well worth the money,,,
Reviewer: Sharieb
5 Stars
Great time off roading!!!
December 30, 2011
Our guide was great right from the get go, making extra sure that everyone was comfortable... and well hydrated. The tour included an educational component which was a pleasant surprise... The jeeps were manual transmission which made it all the better for me!!!
Reviewer: Emedguy
5 Stars
Had a great time
December 30, 2011
Wanted to snorkel by myself, however the guide insisted we stay together. He took us to see things I would not have seen by myself. Good choice.
Reviewer: The Baba
4 Stars
December 08, 2011
This excursion was by far the best I have ever been on. It was a beautiful tour around the coast of Cozumel. For the price it cant be beat, and the food at the end was delicious (chicken fajita dinner). Our guide was very knowledgeable and had fun along with us. The jeeps were up to date and not ""ragged"" out and I would highly recomend the guided snorkling as opposed to doing it on your own. Would def take this trip again!
Reviewer: jcrisli1
5 Stars
Like a Post Card
December 02, 2011
You got to see a lot of the island and the post card perfect water! If you are really into history and want to see a lot of ruins, this is probably not the trip. But a good variety of sites and an AMAZING AMAZING beach with GORGEOUS snorkeling! The water is crystal crystal clear. The lighthouse is BEAUTIFUL
Reviewer: Stratton
5 Stars
A Must Do in Cozumel
November 04, 2011
The guides make all the difference. In what could be just a ""trip to the beach in a Jeep"" with some tour companies, the guides made this an educational adventure. From the salt marsh and its saltwater crocodiles to the lighthouse visit, ruins, and then the beach, their knowledge of local history and culture added an extra dimension to the excursion. This excursion is a great way to see see interesting points, meet interesting people (our ""Jeep-mates"" were great), and create great travel memories.
Reviewer: Thomas Smith - Freelance Writer
4 Stars
October 23, 2011
4 Stars
not made for the pregnant and weak......
October 19, 2011
This trip was great ,we had loads of fun and our tour guide ""H"" was outstanding. Thank you H.....
Reviewer: Will & Tara
5 Stars
Fun Jeeping Day
October 13, 2011
Make sure to bring sunscreen and a hat. It's a long day in the sun. Make the trip up to the top of the lighthouse, the view is amazing. The chicken fajitas, chips and salsa were very good and fresh. The guides were very nice and informative. They even drove us back to our ship pier at the end of the day.
Reviewer: happy on vacation
5 Stars
jeep beach adventure
October 04, 2011
great fun
Reviewer: jb
5 Stars
I would take this tour again
September 29, 2011
Our tour guides were great. We saw several sights and learned things about the area as we went. I LOVED the snorkeling and would have loved to have that part last longer, but it was a great tour and I would do it again.
Reviewer: Sara Leigh
4 Stars
El Faro
September 26, 2011
Wished we could of visited more places on the island.
Reviewer: shabah
4 Stars
Wonderful Trip - Best Tour Guide
September 17, 2011
The tour guide did an excellent job!!
Reviewer: Best Get Away
5 Stars
Great - Bring Sunblock!
June 16, 2011
I booked this snorkel adventure with the shore excursions group because I could not find the company they deal with directly. I paid about $8 more than the actual company charges but that's OK because I had the security of the shore excursion groups refund policy behind me. Not that we needed a refund, the tour was great! But it was nice to know that if a storm came through or the ship was unable to dock in Cozumel that we would get a full refund. You get off the ship and have to walk directly out of the port / terminal and cross the street. At the time I did this tour we went to the company's old offices 1 block down the street. They were building new offices 1 block in the other direction so in either case it was an acceptable walking distance crossing at a well-marked traffic signal. The tour takes you in a Jeep Wrangler convertible top so you will definitely have to bring sunscreen. I would also recommend a towel to sit on as our Jeep was black and you can imagine how hot the seats were with the sun beating down on them all day. But that was still fine by us. Because we were only 4 small groups of people, each group got their own Jeep. I was worried about having to share but my partner and I had an entire Jeep Wrangler to ourselves. The Jeep, as you might suspect being Mexico and being a tour vehicle, was not luxurious. The vents did not work so no A/C or heat. The radio turned on but got absolutely no reception of any kind. The Jeep had close to 100,000 miles on it and it was a 2008 model so it was well used. Although some A/C would have been nice, it was a lot of fun to go rugged. Back home I am used to my air conditioned seats (yes air conditioned seats, it's the ""in thing"" for 2011) and my climate comfort zones so going to the extreme opposite was awesome. Don't expect anything like an iPod dock, GPS, or any of the standard luxury items you expect when you purchase a new vehicle in America. First you drive to the other side of the Island about 45 minutes – 1 hour. The second half of this leg of the journey is on dirt roads which were quite bumpy. First we got to a swamp observatory where we saw plenty of alligators and iguana's roaming around. Then a short walk to the Mayan ruin which, let's be honest, wasn't much to crow about. It was ok and I did learn some things about the Mayan's but it wasn't much to look at. Then another drive for about 20 minutes, again along bumpy dirt roads. We got to a lighthouse at the bottom-tip of the island where we stopped for a bathroom break. You could walk up the stairs of the lighthouse or look in the museum. Some people sat in hammocks on the beach. I chose to go down to the water where waves crashed over large boulders and made for a great photo-op. Then we drove for about 30 minutes, again along dirt and even bumpier roads, where we finally arrived at the snorkeling spot. It was a quiet beach with a bar, bathroom facilities and plenty of umbrellas and places to relax. I had been snorkeling before but other people in the tour had not and they got annoying. Some twink swam right into me and slapped me with her fins. What really amazed me was that the tour guide actually CAME WITH US snorkeling. Everyone expected that he would stay on the beach but NO, he came with us in the water and toured us around the reef. The snorkeling lasted about 1 hour. Afterwards we showered off, had some water and got back in the Jeeps to drive back to the cruise terminal / port. We did not go the route back and so at no time did the driving seem boring or cumbersome. We arrived back at the starting point where we then walked across the street for our lunch. It consisted of tacos but not drinks. No problem though, a beer cost $2 and I knew that back on the ship I would replenish my dehydration. The setting was a resort hotel next to the cruise terminal and although it was outdoors the restaurant was completely covered and in the shade. Beware though… this is Mexico after all and when I went to the washroom there was no ""Watch Your Step"" sign. I stubbed my toe. And although back in America we think all those ""Watch Your Step"" signs are a bit silly and excessive, I guess they actually work! After everything was finished we had but a short distance to walk back to the cruise ship terminal and to the ship, less than 5 minutes. I would definitely recommend this tour. It was quite the adventure and considering the price of gas these days, the cost wasn't so bad for the value of the tour.
Reviewer: Elliot the Beach Bum
5 Stars
A truly fantastic, crowd-free excursion!
June 06, 2011
I am so glad we didn't book our excursion through the cruiseline onboard, and chose to use our discount with Cruises Only. Everyone from the ship was lined up for their excursions right at the pier ... and we were able to leave the crowd, walk a short distance to the El Cid resort to meet our tour guide for a fabulous day of Jeeping and snorkeling! The only negative was that our tour guide was late and we had to call from the resort to verify our reservation. But once he got there, we were on our way! In fact, we were the only people on the tour, so it was a very private day, and something we'll never forget! The view from the lighthouse is fantastic. And the snorkeling was great. It was our first time, and the guide was very helpful. I highly recommend wearing a hat and bringing a towel or something for your seat in the Jeep ... it got really HOT (and dusty). There is plenty of room in the Jeep for backpacks, etc. The lunch at the El Cid resort was delicious. I was so glad this excursion offered a full lunch and not just chips and salsa. We had the most delicious mango margheritas ... at an additional cost, but well worth it! We never felt rushed. Our guide let us take our time to walk, swim, relax, and we followed in our Jeep at a very nice pace to see the island.
Reviewer: Chris the Sun/Sand Seeker
5 Stars
long excursion
June 01, 2011
Our tour guide was very friendly & we only had a total of 6 people in the excursion group. I am fair skinned & burn easily. I had applied 70spf sunblock several times & still got burned. The jeep does NOT have a/c and I had to put up the top on the jeep after getting burned on my head/shoulders from the sun. The tour took you along beautiful beaches & we saw crocs & a light house. I got so hot I thought I was going to pass out & that ruined my adventure. There was no a/c anywhere we went & I had to finally stand under water at the beach to cool down. My son enjoyed the snorkling & that was his favorite. We spent 1 1/2 hrs at the beach & you could swim/snorkle/lay in hammock. The lunch was very good with the chicken fajitas & was within walking distance to the pier where our ship was docked. It was hard to find the office, even though it was close to the ship dock. We had to ask directions to find it. This was a great value for the $ and you got to do alot. Just be sure & wear sunblock & bring a hat unless you want your head burned. I don't do well in extreme heat & thought I was going to be sick to my stomach several times due to heat.
Reviewer: nennypaige
4 Stars
""This was an awesome experience""
May 08, 2011
We had an incredible time and would definately recommend this to others. Our entire family loved the experience - from grandma all the way to our 10 yr. old. The team of guides were great - very well organized and a lot of fun! This was the best part of our cruise. The only thing we would have liked was more time at the beach - we felt a little rushed. It was a great time!
Reviewer: Adventurous Potters
5 Stars
Best Excursion of our Cruise!
April 30, 2011
Great time! My son got to ride up front and just had a blast. We got to see the real Island..not just the shopping area. We've been on several cruises, but this was one of the best shore excursions! Great guides. Great day!
Reviewer: The Gogos
5 Stars
Amazing excursion
April 10, 2011
Although we had a little difficulty identifying the tour office, our day was incredible! We experienced so much in the 4+ hour tour! We had a small group of 7. So, we were able to go at a nice pace. The ecological preserve was very rustic. The tour guide helped us spot crocodiles in their natural habitat, very quickly. And he was very informative about the small Mayan temple there. The Punta Celarain lighthouse had an absolutely, amazing view from the top. The waves crashed onto the rocky shore, sending sprays of water into the air, everywhere!It was gorgeous. Then we moved on to another beach. I had never been snorkeling before. Our guide gave good, simple instructions, and made sure we could do it, before taking our group out to the deeper waters. I loved it! I wish we could have stayed longer! Lunch was delicious and all too soon, it was time to go back aboard the ship. Just... AMAZING!
Reviewer: Missy H.
5 Stars
I love Jeep excursions!
February 23, 2011
This is a great Jeep tour. I gets you away from the shopping district of Puerta Maya and takes you to a national park which has a nature preserve, lighthouse that you can walk up, a nice beach with sun, shade and hammocks and Tiki bar. Tour guide and lunch were great. We have been on several Jeep tours in the Caribbean and this was a good one. The tour office was difficult to locate, they need better signage.
Reviewer: Rieba
4 Stars
This Excursion Was JUST RIGHT!
February 19, 2011
Our guide was handsome and happy! He kept the tour going but let us have a lot of freedom to set the pace and direction. Being able to be in a topless jeep and drive the shoreline and thru ""light"" rain forest areas, seeing cultural, historic and natural things of interest was exactly what we wanted in an excursion. It felt REAL.
Reviewer: Ginny
5 Stars
February 19, 2011
This was the icing on the cake of our cruise to Cozumel. Our guide was WONDERFUL! We loved every stop and felt like we really got to experience Cozumel fully in a short amount of time. I would do this again and again! There can't be a better way to enjoy Cozumel in one day!
Reviewer: Rosa
5 Stars