Introduction to Scuba

Bucket List
July 02, 2022
Interesting and could be “challenging” for some. Instructors were very thorough, safe and patient. Not everyone in our party could participate, so that is the only reason this excursion was not rated “excellent”.
Reviewer: Al
4 Stars
Incredible experience
December 10, 2021
This is a Discover Scuba Diving PADI course. We started out by watching a video (in English), filled out paperwork, then practiced with the gear (tank, vest, weights, flippers, goggles, wet suit) in a pool before taking a boat out to the ocean. My instructor Daniel was outstanding! I was nervous since I've never swam in the ocean before, & this was only my second time wearing all the scuba gear. Water was a perfect temperature. During the dive not only did we see some beautiful coral & fish, but also an eel. We also saw rainbow parrot fish, snapper fish, trigger fish (a few types), trumpet fish, yellow stingray, a few puffer fish (that was a fun surprise spotting those), & bar jack fish. Went about 20 feet deep total & definitely hope to go back! FYI: my ship docked at the port that was further from the shop. However, it's still only about 2 mi. away, & there's a sidewalk the whole way if you want to walk it vs take a taxi (I felt safe walking it)
Reviewer: Libby
5 Stars
Outstanding instructor
March 08, 2020
I can’t possibly say enough wonderful things about our instructor, Andrea, from AquaSafari. She was knowledgeable, positive and a joy olive with. She went out of her way to make us feel great about the experience.
Reviewer: John
5 Stars
February 27, 2020
I have been scuba diving before but never outside of the US. I wanted to do this excursion for my teenage children. It was amazing. We had our own dive instructor who really focused on us. I felt so comfortable knowing my kiddos were in good hands.
Reviewer: Carolyn Pierce
5 Stars
Absolutely worth it!
December 26, 2019
This was definitely a bucket list item that I was hoping my wife would love. I have been looking for something the wife and I could do together. Let me say, Vanessa was amazing. She recognized my wife’s fears right up front and she focused her attention on ensuring her of her own abilities and comforting her while calmly coaching her through her fears. My wife did great in the pool… but at the dive site, a bit of panic set in and Vanessa calmed her and coached her down. The reef was amazing and teaming with life. We were the only two people Vanessa and she made it a memorable. Fish, lobster, eels and rays… so much color and beauty. My wife surfaced and said… “I don’t think I can ever really enjoy snorkeling again after that! When can we do this again?” Vanessa, Thank you! Victoria… you also did an amazing job of capturing the dive for us in pictures and video. Those are our little treasures now. This is a fantastic experience and we highly recommend it.
Reviewer: Michael S. Falco
5 Stars
June 01, 2019
This was definitely a bucket list for me! We were in a small group of 4 people. Our instructor was great! Very knowledgeable and patient with everyone! We had a photographer with us that we ended up with some breathtaking photos for memories to cherish. I highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Nicole
5 Stars
April 30, 2018
I believe the instructors name was Andrea? I’ve been home now for a couple of weeks. Regardless, I went with Aqua Safari at the Palace Hotel in Cozumel. Professional, smart, patient, easy to understand, knowledgeable with her trade and region, and so many other great characteristics. The dives were so fun and there was a ton of wildlife to see. She was so attentive, and really watched for our safety. She also did an amazing job pointing out fish we wouldn’t have seen ourselves. My family and I are going back to Cozumel and we will definitely be doing this excursion again. Overall, this excursion is more than worth it!
Reviewer: Ken Barkhuff
5 Stars
An Excellent Dive Experience
December 01, 2016
This was an excellent experience for a first time SCUBA dive. Cozumel has some great coral reefs and this dive proved to be full of adventure. I'd suggest having some snorkeling practice prior to trying SCUBA for the first time. Breathing under water is more mental than physical. If you can conquer breathing through a snorkel, you'll do great!
Reviewer: Dan Corey
5 Stars
Really great scuba experience
May 17, 2016
Vanessa the instructor really made the experience great. She was very knowledgeable. She helped my girlfriend really enjoy the experience since my girlfriend was a little nervous about diving.
Reviewer: Mike
5 Stars
Money well spent for first time divers
January 08, 2016
It is great to find a dive training shop when you are out of your home country that you can trust - this is one of those places. With PADI as the governing body over this shop you are confident that your safety is just as important as your experience. And dollar for dollar, well spent money and very reasonable. Greatest part is you get to see amazing fish and corral with very little effort.
Reviewer: Skruph
5 Stars
What a great experience!!
June 19, 2014
I can't recommend this excursion enough. If you love swimming and want to explore the under water depths, you MUST do this! I think I might want to get certified now. It was so much fun! The guides were great and the equipment was top notch. I never once felt unsafe. I honestly have no complaints.
Reviewer: HotRodASU
5 Stars
May 29, 2012
This was a great experience. There were 4 people in our group, myself, my husband, sister, and her husband. My sister had never been scuba diving before and had a hard time at the beginning, but our guide was amazing. He talked to her, did everything he could to make her feel comfortable and she ended up doing just fine! As we were going deeper in the water, I was experiencing trouble clearing my ears and the guide, again, kept checking on me and helped me. We brought an underwater camera and our guide would take pictures of us and anything we saw that was cool looking. Of course the best part was swiming witht he fishies! It was so fun and we saw a lot of different fish. This was a good company to work with and I felt safe and comfortable (kinda important when you're in a different country). I would use them again. And I felt the price was VERY reasonable!
Reviewer: J*J
5 Stars
Great Experience- I recommend it!
April 21, 2012
Aqua Safari dive shop and my instructor, Gabriel, were both worth the price. I had no SCUBA experience, and for less than $100, I received instruction, equipment, practice in shallow water, and a 1-tank dive down to 30 feet in one of the top SCUBA places in the world! Total experience was about 4 hours. You can't beat that. The shop protected my personal belongings while I dived (very important since no lockers), and Gabriel was a great instructor- knowledgeable, patient, upbeat, friendly, you name it. My 1-tank dive lasted almost an hour, which is amazing for a novice, and was very exciting, filled with colorful reef and creatures including lobster, barracuda, squid, sting ray, parrot fish, many other types of fish, sea fans, coral, sea anemones, etc. Highly recommended for a beginner.
Reviewer: Mace the Ace
5 Stars