Diving with Dolphins

Bucket List Checked Off
November 06, 2017
What an amazing experience! I have always dreamed of being a dolphin trainer and this fulfilled all my expectations. I am a certified PADI diver so I didn't need the hour and a half of instruction. We just did a short dive from the dive shop over to the dolphin enclosure where we got in the ocean for my experience. See my video here: https://www.youtube.com/endscreen?feature=vm&v=40iXZ8qNKN4. My pictures are here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/855GR8TRIP/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10155803526714293
Reviewer: Lainey Melnick
5 Stars
Diving with Dolphins - July 8, 2016
August 01, 2016
An amazing excursion, a once in a life time adventure! Even if never drove before. Dive masters were great educating small group of 8, making sure everyone is comfortable in equipment. Meet at noon. Were fitted with equipment. A class lesson on equipment and what to expect. About 1:30 took to the shallow lagoon (10ft) to get comfortable diving. Then scuba'd over to the dolphin area. After a 30-40 minute break, into the dolphin tank with Apollo. Kneeled on the ocean floor at ~19ft. Apollo did barrel rolls, hugs and kiss each participate. Jumping back in the lagoon, scuba'd back to the dive shop. Pictures were available for purchase, a reduced rate from Dolphin Discovery prices paid in past and an email link sent to us, should the DVD get damaged on way home. The only con, if you are on a ship with a 4:30pm ALL ABOARD, it is EXTREMELY tight gettig back to the dock in time - too tight in our opinion. I would love to do this again when schedule is not so tight!
Reviewer: Deena Bryce
5 Stars
Amazing Experience
December 03, 2013
Because we ended up being the only ones doing this excursion we got a private diving lesson and individual attetion. It was the scariest and most amazing thing I have ever done. The fish in Cozemel are beautiful. It was such a great day
Reviewer: LIZS
5 Stars