Sea Lion Encounter and Chankanaab Park

Sea Lion Encounter
March 07, 2023
Well worth the money...lunch and beverages were included and the beach was clean. The sea lions were adorable!!!
Reviewer: Darlene Krauss
5 Stars
November 29, 2022
The venue was beautiful, and the staff was so friendly. We loved our interaction time with the animals. This was, by far, the most immersive aminal encounter we've ever had. We highly recommend it.
Reviewer: Jerry Pierce
5 Stars
Sea Lion Encounter was Great
April 28, 2022
We really enjoyed the Sea Lion Encounter. Such a unique experience. We were not rushed and after the fun with the Sea Lions, we watched the dolphins and hung out at 2 different beaches in the Animal Park.
Reviewer: Wendy Mourad
5 Stars
Amazing time with sea lions!
November 02, 2019
Loved the encounter, handler was knowledgeable and clearly cared for the animals. They are funny, sweet and smart! We fully enjoyed all the park had to offer after the encounter. Ruins, snorkeling, beach front. Free lockers and much more. Worth every penny!!
Reviewer: Stormie Sims
5 Stars
October 15, 2019
Guide was knowledgeable. Not rushed at all. Sea lions were well trained. Would recommend.
Reviewer: Chris S.
5 Stars
Sea Lion encounter at Chankanaab park
July 22, 2019
We had a great experience. The sea lion trainer was very good and knowledgeable. It very easy to get to the park from the cruise port.
Reviewer: Lori Hoff
5 Stars
An amazing experience
July 05, 2019
We got so lucky choosing sea lions swimming experience at 1.30. it was nobody except me and my husband. It was so so much fun and it worst every dollar. They are amazing animals! We love it! Photographer did a great job. We bought a package with tons of cool pictures. It was very pricey ( about $130 for pictures plus complimentary buffet and drinks for 2 included in a price). Buffet wasn’t good, no options, plane flavor. Try to get in to the park early, it’s made very well. Clean, nice chairs, not bad for snorkeling. Overall an amazing experience
Reviewer: Natalia
5 Stars
It was okay
June 29, 2019
We were the only ones at the 11 o'clock encounter. We felt that they were kind of rushing through everything just to get some pictures. We only met one sea lion for about 10-15 min. After the encounter we were taken back to the store to look at the 70 pictures just taken. You could tell by the pics that were taken that they didnt care to much about a nice memory. They told us 240$ for the 3 of us. They went down to 165$. We still declined bc out of 70 pics maybe 5 came out good. It was still a nice excursion. We had a good time in the park.
Reviewer: s.
3 Stars
Once in a lifetime
May 20, 2019
This is a memory that I will cherish for a lifetime. The interactions with Luna - the sealion - we're above and beyond my expectations. I learned so much about this magnificent creature and would go back again in a heartbeat!!!
Reviewer: Karyn Krupnik
5 Stars
March 17, 2019
We ended up buying a package which included manatees,food,drinks , all pictures and taxi ride back. If you are offered this TAKE IT!!!Its very much worth it. We had 4 in my group for sea lions. Luna was very playful and maybe a bit sassy lol!! Had a great time. Was worth it. Everyone was super nice.
Reviewer: katie
5 Stars
We had a lovely day at Chankannaab
July 23, 2018
My grandson (13) and I really enjoyed the sea lion encounter at Chankanaab Park. We arrived as soon as the park opened (short taxi ride from the ship’s pier, there were 6 of us and price was reasonable). We spent 2 hours swimming and enjoying the park grounds, thought about renting snorkeling gear but thunderstorms were approaching so we didn’t. Free lockers. there were only 8 others in the group for sea lion encounter. We really enjoyed being in the pool with the first sea lion, a young female who seemed to enjoy the attention and showed off a bit to our delight. We then met a much older sea lion who performed on the stage, giving us kisses and posing for photos. We did purchase a photo package and we were surprised that we were given several upgrades, including a voucher for taxi ride back to the pier and lunch and drinks. Lovely way to spend 5 hours. 3 others in our group did Mayan Lazer Tag and 1 did a dolphin encounter. Everyone had a good day.
Reviewer: Eva McGuigan
5 Stars
Really personal and up close experience!
July 16, 2018
We were a group of 6 in a small pool-sized tank with about 4 feet of water around the sea lion platform. Everyone had a great view, and lots and lots of personal time with the sea lions. Our trainer was Miguel, and our sea lions were Carla and Luna. Miguel was very knowledgeable and spoke great English! The sea lions were so much fun! Carla is a grandmother; sweet and slow. We got to pet her, hold her, hug her, and learn about how she swims and interacts in nature. Luna is her daughter, younger, sleeker, and faster...Luna is a great kisser (and quite the camera ham!). I went with my mother and my kids, and all of us agreed that is was a fantastic experience well worth the money. The pictures the professional photographer took were truly fantastic - some of the best pictures of our entire vacation. It is worth the money to buy the picture pack and not worry about missing any of the experience trying to take your own.
Reviewer: Monica Roberts
5 Stars
What a wonderful experience!
May 07, 2018
Our time with Carla and Luna, the sea lions was a wonderful experience!! We learned a lot and had a great time taking pics with them! We would do this again!!
Reviewer: Becca
5 Stars
Sea lion encounter
October 16, 2017
This was an amazing experience at a great price. I would Do this again if I return. I will continue to use shore excursions group to purchase all my excursions as they save me thousands of dollars with a group of 12 last year and 9 this year on our vacations.
Reviewer: Ronald Gardner
5 Stars
outside the box
July 13, 2017
Using Shore Excursion Group instead of booking through the cruise ship, worked out greatly in our favor. As our cruise didn't offer this excursion; it ended up being a private show for my wife & I . The Park is nice, with 2 pools, beach & gulf access. Can watch the Dolphins, and the Sealion encounter was fun! The only down side is the 'photo(s)' shakedown $35 for 1 pic or $100something for a disc of all the pictures they took (good & bad) also taxi costs $12 each way (for up to 4 people)
Reviewer: brandon & staci
5 Stars
Lots of fun
June 24, 2017
3 of our 4 family members really enjoyed this day. The park was really nice, however one of our family was unable to participate after being injured during the Wave runner excursion.
Reviewer: Robert Adelaar
5 Stars
May 02, 2017
This was the highlight of my cruise! Barbara was very knowledgeable and the overall experience was unforgettable. The pictures where great. I will defiantly be bringing my Grand kids back when they are tall enough.
Reviewer: Tricia Carmicheal
5 Stars
Sea Lion Encounter and Chankanaab Park
April 25, 2017
Facility was great Staff extremely helpful. It was the best excursion we have done on Cozumel.
Reviewer: Nancy Fehrenbacher
5 Stars
Sea Lion Encounter and Chankanaab Park
December 13, 2016
This place was fantastic. Location was not far from cruise terminal. Next time we will plan to stay the entire day. There is so much to do there. For an extra $30 a person we were able to add on an encounter with dolphins and manatees. We didn't do the Royal dolphin swim but will be on the list for next time. Better experiences than other parks that offer similar encounters.
Reviewer: Nancy Fehrenbacher
5 Stars
Sea lion encounter
November 25, 2016
Let me start by saying the Sea Lion adventure itself was great. That being said, it's a typical excursion trap. They don't let you bring any cameras in with you and then when the tour is over, they want to change you $150 dollars for pictures of your family. It was very disappointing.
Reviewer: Joshua
4 Stars
Totally worth it!
September 28, 2016
The price of the excursion was not bad at all and we had such a blast with Luna the sea lion. It's a great excursion for couples because you get that one on one time with the sea lions. It's truly a memorable experience and I highly recommend it. The only thing that I disliked was how you pretty much have to buy their own photo package which is about $140 but other than that it was totally worth it and I highly recommend it!
Reviewer: Zach
5 Stars
Sea Lions & Park were great, photo prices NOT!
August 31, 2016
The park itself is nice, clean, well kept. Free lockers. Sea lion show was excellent & afterwards you could go up & get a kiss from one of the sea lions. No cameras allowed as they had a photographer, but we took some from the seats. Saw the crocodile exhibit & walked along the shaded trails. At sea lion encounter, trainer was friendly & informative. We had 30 mins with 2 different sea lions (one at a time). We pet them, held them, got a kiss! Amazing experience and personal-just 8 of us. Worst part: the photo prices, $340 for all, even with multiple negotiations, the most they came down was $200 PER FAMILY. No go. Ate lunch at the main indoor restaurant. Buffet was not great (my son got sick afterwards) but those of us who ordered off the menu were fine. Pool was very crowded, so we went to the beach. The snorkeling was good, but deep so difficult for the kids. We snorkeled in the lagoon area too - shallow & protected so was good for kids.
Reviewer: Stephanie
4 Stars
Fun in the Sun
May 10, 2016
We booked this because we love animals and snorkeling. It was easy to get a taxi to and from the park and we took our own snorkel gear. The people at the park were helpful and spoke both English and Spanish. There are several places with lockers at the park and at least one with showers as well. Make sure you allow enough time to enjoy the self guided tour through the Mayan ""ruins"", the Mayan house and even a sweat lodge if you're so inclined. There's a small pond for kids to play in but an open beach for snorkeling with easy entry and exit to the ocean with stairs. Of course there are gift shops and small eateries with a variety of foods and prices to meet your needs. The highlight was the time we spent with the sea lions as you'd expect. The size of our group was limited to provide each person with enough time to interact with the sea lions up close and personal. Our guide and the trainers did a great job of helping each participant to get the most out of the experience while providing us important information about the animals. A photographer took a variety of pictures which you could review and choose to purchase or not. There is a ""package"" deal but if you only want/like a few pictures they will make a ""special offer"" for you so that you can get just the ones you want.
Reviewer: Up For Anything Fun
5 Stars
Even Better Than The Dolphins
April 13, 2016
We had done the dolphin encounter the last time we were in Cozumel so we decided to do the sea lion this time. It was even better than the dolphin encounter, in my opinion. There were only 7 people in our group and we each got to spend a lot of time with Lulu the sea lion. We were able to pet her and we took photos kissing her, holding her, smiling with her, and sticking out our tongues. The park is great and there is so much to do when you are waiting for the excursion. The only reason I gave this excursion 4 starts is because of the price of the photos. They cost more than the excursion itself. One photo is forty dollars per person or you can buy all of your photos for eighty dollars. We shelled out the two hundred and eighty dollars for our groups (4 people) photos, but it killed me to do so. There were just too many great photos though to choose just one per person.
Reviewer: Florida Cruisers
4 Stars
Enjoyed very much but they get you in the end
April 05, 2016
The Sea Lion Encounter was a lot of fun and informative. The trainers and guides were exceptional. But, if you are expecting to be able to take your own photos of the experience, think again. They do not allow cameras in the area, but they have their own photographers taking pictures of everything that occurs. Once the fun is over, they escort you a kiosk in the gift shop where they allow you to view all your photos that they took, and select the ones you want. They even took a group photo of the family together before we started, but all other pics are individual. They will sell you a single photo of a single person for $40. They offer a CD of all the photos for $210, and a print plus CD for $240 (you save $10 buying the package). They won't sell you the family photo unless you buy the package. After we spent nearly $200 just for the 3 of us to spend 30 minutes petting a sea lion, the cost of the photos was just too much. When I declined, the girl followed me outside and said she could get me the package for $180, then dropped to $150 and finally $120. After declining all these offers, she asked me what was fair, I told her I thought $50 was fair, and she said thanks but no thanks. We parted ways without me buying any photos. All in all it fun for us even though we didn't get a picture. I would still recommend it, but expect to be gouged for the photos.
Reviewer: Robert P
4 Stars
Fun for the family
January 18, 2016
We had done a dolphin swim in the states so we signed up for this for a little change of pace. It was every bit as good as what they do in the states, even better. We arrived a little late due to the ship arriving a little late. It was no problem, they just switched our appointment to a later time. While we waited we rented snorkeling equipment (bring your own) and snorkeled off a really pretty beach - this was really fun. We had a nice lunch with good food at a little cafe while we watched people swim with the dolphins and then it was time for our appointment. We were surprised to find out that it was only going to be our family and that we were swimming with the sea lions in the same place they do their show. It was just my wife, me, my son of 11 and daughter 9. We had a great day!
Reviewer: The First Family
4 Stars
January 08, 2016
We loved it! Well worth the money!
Reviewer: Smith
5 Stars
Such a great time!
January 04, 2016
We swam with both the sea lions and the manatees on this excursion. There were no crowds, we were served promptly, and the trainers were great. The sea lion was fun, but the manatees were really special. They play with you and you get to touch them and swim with them freely. The price was fine, but the photo packages are a fortune. They will bargain with you, so try to get them to come down on the price.
Reviewer: Jen the middle of nowhere-er
5 Stars
i would do this activity again or one like it
January 01, 2016
Great Excursion, very enjoyable, once in a lifetime, strongly recommend it
Reviewer: sully
5 Stars
Highlight of our trip
December 01, 2015
Getting in the water with a sea lion and touching it was the highlight of our cruise. The con was finding our own transportation to the site We did not encounter a problem, but nonetheless was a worry that we would not make it back to the ship in time.
Reviewer: cinderlou
5 Stars
Love Sea Lions
August 13, 2015
Sea lions are so smart and I loved the kisses they give you.
Reviewer: Bridgette
4 Stars
Fascinating and Fun
March 27, 2015
Knowledgeable young man introduced us to the sea lion and taught us how to interact with it both out of the water and in the water.
Reviewer: SRL
4 Stars
Best Excursion Ever!!!!
March 16, 2015
The Sea Lion Encounter we went on was by far better than any of the others available (Dolphins, Sting Rays). We had a much smaller group and it was very personalized to us. No better excursion out there.
Reviewer: Xomadmanox
5 Stars
nice time great for kids
February 27, 2015
we were so happy with this because there were 400 people that signed up for swimming with the dolphins we were the only 2 that signed up for the sea lions. we had a blast
Reviewer: smalia
4 Stars
I'd do this again.
February 12, 2015
this excursion was great interaction with the sea lion not only in the water but out of it also.
Reviewer: Kathy
5 Stars
Photo's price was more than the encounte
April 25, 2014
The interaction with the seals was wonderful, informative and we would do it again. But you are not permitted to take your own pictures, they had a photographer there who took beautiful pictures that were not in a typical family's budget. $50. For a picture is just crazy.
Reviewer: Kay
4 Stars
Great fun, would do it again!
December 03, 2013
The sea lion adventure was great fun, and educational, as well. The trainer was very good, and explained alot about sea lions and their habits. I would definitely recommend this activity.
Reviewer: em
5 Stars
Great Sea Lions but no Beach
October 20, 2013
BOOK THIS THROUGH THE CRUISE LINE. The biggest con for us was having to make our own transportation to Chankanaab Park. The cruise lines always have transportation included. My husband and I were the only ones in our group. We were okay with that since we got more time with the Sea Lions. Everyone does the dolphins, so if you've already done that, go with the sea lions. You can watch the sea lion show before going in so you know a little of what to expect. My biggest con was having to pay such a high price for pictures. you can't take any pics on your own camera while interacting with the sea lions. 1 picture was about $35, so we bought the whole DVD of pics for $75. Don't expect this to be like a zoo either. This is a Natural Park. So you get to walk around and see replicas of statues and what not. they have some Crocodiles, and then the dolphins and sea lions. We went to the ""beach"" but the sand meet a wall of rocks down to the water. There were stairs, but the water was too rough to feel comfortable snorkeling on our own. You can pay for a guide, but we just waited for another port for a better beach.
Reviewer: two bucks
4 Stars
Would do again
October 11, 2013
This was amazing. Had so much fun interacting with the sea lions. Got to spend a lot of time with them doing tricks and interacting. Wonderful experience that I would recommend to everyone. Pictures were a little pricey and you were not allowed to take pictures yourself, but other than that it was a great experience.
Reviewer: beach lover
5 Stars
Fun for the kids at Chankanaab Park
June 19, 2013
Enjoyed the Sea Lion Encounter. The swimming and learning about the sea lions was nice and the price includes park admission to Chankanaab. The sea lion pool was cool and a little bit dirty but the kids didn't mind. The beach in the park is very nice but rocky in edge of water. You can rent gear and snorkel there. Beautiful water and lots of fish. The bad thing about the Sea Lion Encounter was the price of the picture, so take a lot of cash. Same for the dolphin photos. Over all it was a good excursion and we enjoyed it. We did buy the pictures and they are really good. Someday we would like to go back to Chankanaab Park. We took a Taxi to the park, it is not included in the Sea Lion encounter but it was easy to get a taxi there and back. The people who work at Chankanaab are very nice and helpful. There was not as much to see in the park as we had expected but we enjoyed the beach while waiting for our Sea Lion Encounter.
Reviewer: Mawmaw T
4 Stars
Very Fun
January 18, 2013
Most people go for the dolphins but after a few times that can actually get old. Instead we opted for the sealions. The guide was very well informed about sealions and actually learned a thing or two. With it not being so crowded we actually got a more ""personal"" experience than you could with a huge crowd. Very enjoyable. The only downside was that there were 6 (I think) cruise ships in at the same time making it a bit hectic at times but no fault of the facility.
Reviewer: Bob
5 Stars
Cute eyes creature,Sea lions
January 03, 2013
It really was great way to spend a day in Cozumel,park was beautiful and sea lions are so cute.
Reviewer: Nickie
4 Stars
A very enjoyable experience
December 31, 2012
The photographer took 79 photos and wouldonly sell them as a package. Some shots were very poor. As a rsult we did not have any picture to remind us of the sea lions.
Reviewer: Bill
4 Stars
Awesome Experience
March 12, 2012
My family had the best time. It was amazing to be that close to the sea lions. The water was a little cold, but you got used to it quickly.
Reviewer: Alysmile880
4 Stars
Lots of fun in the water!
September 02, 2011
So much more time in the water w/the sea lion than I expected! Also, completely in the water, not just standing waist-deep on the edge. Everyone went w/the dolphins....Only us and one other father-daughter group were on this tour which made it even better! Then, afterward, we had time to snorkel and swim in the ocean (snorkel gear extra). Unfortunately, the ride to the park wasn't included...but still a great excursion!
Reviewer: Christy
4 Stars