Cozumel City Tour by E-bike

So FUN!!!
June 08, 2023
Lots of fun!! Absolutely enjoyed everything about it!!
Reviewer: Sandy Phipps
5 Stars
Cozumel E-bike tour
March 17, 2023
We arrived by taxi to our destination easily and within 10 minutes were ready to start our tour. Luckily for us it was a private tour! Our guide, Jonathan Acevedo, was amazing! He took us to so many sites and explained their origin and use, talked about the local community and people, and history of the area. Half way through the tour we had a delicious lunch at a local taco business. We continued our tour to the airport and military base gate, where Jonathan gave us information about both. We concluded our tour by riding along the beautiful waterfront back to our departure point. The streets were very safe and clean, filled with friendly people and drivers. We definitely would recommend this tour to anyone of any age!
Reviewer: Rochelle Ghan
5 Stars
E-bike tour
March 06, 2023
One of the best tours we have ever done. Chalo was an unbelievable guide. His Knowledge and concern for our safety was excellent. Someone on our tour got a flat tire, within minutes they had a new bike for them to use. Highly recommend the E-bike tour.
Reviewer: Marvin Collier
5 Stars
January 29, 2023
This was a pleasant way to see Cozumel, especially if you want to experience real people and daily sights. The guide was pleasant and knowledgeable, which made the experience fun. I would recommend.
Reviewer: Annette
4 Stars
Felt Like A Kid Again!
January 18, 2023
I haven’t ridden a bike in forever! I was super concerned that I would not be able to handle a motorized bike. Boy was I wrong. Because of our guide’s great leadership I rode like a pro. Probably the most fun on the whole cruise. This is an excursion I will absolutely be booking again.
Reviewer: Alotha Mayes
5 Stars
Fun tour
December 29, 2022
Exactly as described. We had a small group (4) and enjoyed seeing the city and learning about the culture. The tour was all on city roads, so crossing streets can be adventurous! Barbara A
Reviewer: Barbara Ames
5 Stars
Zooming through town
December 16, 2022
the tour guide was very knowledgeable of the city and was our very own photographer. The most fun part for me was using the electronic part of the bike as i would intentionally fall back and zoom up to catch up with the group. the tequila highlight was tasteful.
Reviewer: areba
5 Stars
E-Bike Adventure!
December 04, 2022
Highly recommend this interactive and fun way to tour Cozumel! Try it, you will not be disappointed.
Reviewer: Allison DeVaney
5 Stars
October 10, 2022
Highly recommended
Reviewer: AMANDA Valdez
5 Stars
So much fun
March 08, 2022
Started off a little strange as we were responsible for taxi ride to Hooters to meet the guide for this excursion. He was late, there was no sign to help and we were worried but once he got to us Alberto took great care of us. We were fitted to the bike and helmet and off for a tour of the city. He stopped and told us about four different stops. One was a church, market where we ate small tacos, tequila tasting, and a Mayan ruin replica. We had a blast getting to know and use an e-bike and are looking into buying one ourselves. The tour had an element of fear as we navigated Mexican roundabouts and multi-lanes of traffic but overall, had a great experience.
Reviewer: S Arnold
5 Stars
Fun and interesting tour
December 08, 2021
We took the Cozumel City Tour by e-bike on October 26. It was fun, relaxed, and interesting. This was our first time on e-bikes, but we were the only two on the tour, so it was easy to stay with our guide. We were interested in seeing local areas instead of tourist areas, and this fit the bill. Our guide was the normal diving guide, but filled in that day. I think his name was Carlos. He certainly knew the city and took us past the downtown area, residential streets, the pretty yellow church, monuments, landmarks, and parks. We enjoyed seeing the local market and having lunch at La Mestiza. The tour ended with tequila tasting. It was an enjoyable time. The only negative is that our ship docked at Puerta Maya, so we had to take a taxi to get to the meeting point. Our ship got in later than planned, but the tour time didn't change. We had to rush to make it on time, and I think we paid more for the taxi than we should have. I would still definitely recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Barbara Stroud
5 Stars
Fun Tour
March 11, 2020
Went on the ebike tour in Cozumel with husband, sister and nephew and we had a blast! My sister said that it was the highlight of the cruise. First time on an ebike and it was so much fun and easy. Our guide took his time with us and was very knowledgeable about the different historical places we stopped. He took us to a little local restaurant for some tacos which were yummy. Everyone was super nice and we totally enjoyed the excursion and would recommend it.
5 Stars
Experience Cozumel
February 11, 2020
There are two ports. We had to take one of the taxis-they are lined up at both port's shopping malls.- imagine that! It was a flat $8 fare. At 77 we had never been on an e-bike - what fun! The vendor's place was a storefront in the mall & easy to find. We were taken to their beloved church & not just for a drive by, but had a personal tour. We also stopped by a market where the locals shop- again our guide walked us through giving us good information. Other stops were also included. We had a delightful, informative afternoon with our personable guide.
Reviewer: Laura
5 Stars
February 11, 2020
Albert our very friendly guide and points of interest are good!
Reviewer: LARA RUTH
5 Stars
Amazing tour of Cozumel!!!
January 23, 2020
We booked this tour but we still alittle skeptical because we weren't booking it through our cruise line but it was the best decision we ever made. The tour and our tour guides were amazing as well as the electric bikes. We saw some many things on the tour. The first church of Cozumel, a marketplace where we enjoyed lunch, a beautiful overlook and last but not least the tequila tasting! Don't look over this tour because you will regret it!
Reviewer: Jennifer Kinahan
5 Stars
Bike tour
December 03, 2019
Good safe.tour excellent guides
Reviewer: Barry Cook
5 Stars
A real look at the Island
May 24, 2019
Our E-Bike tour was a great look at a slice of the Island. Our guide made sure to take us on lightly traveled streets. He took us to a food and grocery market were the residents shop, not were the tourists are usually taken and that made the tour extra interesting. I was feeling sluggish that morning but the amazing power of these bikes did all the work for me. Really nice tour, you won't be disappointed.
Reviewer: John Garcia
5 Stars
Amazing E-Bike Tour!
May 03, 2019
My family and I did this tour and it exceeded our expectations! We visited a church, a Mayan replica, a beautiful rocky shore line, and even the biggest food market on the island (where we had a tasty lunch with our group). Lastly, to our surprise, we went to a place where organic tequila is made, and were able to taste-test many different drinks. It was so much fun. We want to go to Cozumel again and make sure to do this tour again!
Reviewer: Kim Russo
5 Stars
New Perspective!
April 10, 2019
Having been to Cozumel a few times before, the City Bike Tour gave us a new perspective of this vibrant island. We explored areas off the beaten path and biked into the heart of where the locals, shopped, ate and enjoyed their leisure time. Our guide "Alberto" was wonderful providing us with a wealth of history and general information. A very worthwhile adventure!
Reviewer: Victoria
5 Stars
Cozumel City Tour by E-Bike
March 28, 2019
Lived the tour and was VERY impressed with the knowledgeable and very safety conscious guides. We really got to experience the flavor of Cozumel with its many beautiful sights and friendly people. Felt the tour was an exceptional value for the price. Would definitely recommend this tour to any and all!!
Reviewer: JoAnne Jerina
5 Stars
March 16, 2019
had a great time with our family and the guides were grrat!! saw lots of Cozumel and even had some really good ice cream.
Reviewer: Laura Bass
5 Stars
Bike Tour
March 07, 2019
Great tour! Wonderful way to see Cozumel. We especially enjoyed the Tequilla Tour and tasting
Reviewer: Teresa Hopkinson
5 Stars
Biking is always fun
February 15, 2019
This was amazing. Biking around the city and getting to see the community first hand was better than sitting in a vehicle. It was safe. We stopped at some historical sites, took some beautiful pictures. There is a surprise at the end of the trip which I really liked.
Reviewer: Mellissa
5 Stars
Fantastic tour with a great Guide & Team
January 11, 2019
This E-bike tour gives you one unique opportunity to look around the Island, to get the real 'taste' of life in this part of Mexico. The tour guide we had, was really amazing, very talented Man, it's well done! Thanks for this unforgettable and pleasant day! (Note: if remember well, his name is Carlos ...).
Reviewer: Joe & Krisztina Bodnar
5 Stars