Cozumel Reef Snorkel with Playa Mia

Best snorkeling
November 22, 2022
This was the absolute best snorkeling experience. The crew was great and the ride to the reef was beautiful. We went to three spots. Each was as breath taking as the next. If you are snorkeling in Mexico choice Playa Mia in Cozmel. You will have a once in a lifetime experience.
Reviewer: Debera Doyle
5 Stars
Not recommended for kids
July 13, 2022
the staff is very friendly and helpful. they made the logistics very easy. You will see the staff after you get off the cruise. the downside is that the sea was very rough on that day and we had a bad sea sick. There is also not much to see except some stingray and star fish. Not recommended for kids.
3 Stars
July 07, 2022
We went on this excursion in October 2021. At first we were a bit worried because the meeting point was a bit of a walk from where Carnival ships dock and there was a van ride and another wait at the ferry pier, but once we got going on the Aqua Dream catamaran the boat crew made sure we were comfortable and we had a scenic sail back past our ship and towards the southern end of the island. Each of the snorkeling stops was a completely different and breathtaking scene, from the deep reefs with barracuda and turtles to shallow beaches with giant starfish. We only were able to have a limited lunch at Playa Mia but it tasted delicious after a few hours in the sun and snorkeling. Now I am looking forward to visiting Cozumel and visiting Playa Mia again!
Reviewer: Roger C
5 Stars
Wonderful Tour
July 05, 2022
Except for waiting almost 2 hours from when we ported and leaving for the tour, this was a wonderful excursion. We have used this tour group last year when we were at a resort in Mexico and they did not disappoint then or this time. Would definitely book through them again!
Reviewer: Jana Veit
5 Stars
Another fabulous visit to Cozumel
May 19, 2022
We have been to Cozumel many times and it's always a wonderful visit. The people are so kind and friendly and the scenery and culture is so beautiful. We have used Shore Excursion Group many times and they never disappoint. We had a great time on the excursion. They took us to multiple snorkel spots and we saw lots of sea life and then even went to a nice resort, had a great meal, open bar and ocean toys what more could you ask for. Thanks for the great time time!
Reviewer: Misty
5 Stars
Fun snorkeling and food
January 28, 2022
We went to 3 different stops to snorkel in November 2021.I’m a very good swimmer having swim competively in high school. Although that was quite awhile ago I still am a pretty good swimmer. When they required us to wear life jackets I was somewhat skeptical but complied. Our first stop was out in tge Ocean and the swells showed that one definitely needed the life jackets. After the fun and enthralling snorkeling we had a wonderful time at the Playa Mia resort, which we hope to visit solely next time in Cozumel. Wonderful food and amenities. The snorkeling guides were wonderful and fun and provided great rum punch.. Highly recommend but be prepared for strong water swells and a workout.
Reviewer: Chuck S
5 Stars
Fun trip
January 12, 2022
This was my 1st time snorkeling and I fell in love with it! The reason for 4 stars was because after 2 amazing snorkel locations, we were dropped off in shallow sandy water for about 20 minutes and there was nothing really to do there. I'd much prefer to have an additional 20 minutes snorkeling or actually at the beach where we had lunch. Rum punch and margaritas flowed freely on the return trip. Yum!
Reviewer: Beth BromundBet
4 Stars
December 07, 2021
This is my very first time at this! The crew was great translating between English and Spanish, so no one would be left out or misinformed as to what is required. I cannot swim and the guide was right by my side until I felt confident to let go and he stayed closed by even though my husband was also by my side. There were 3 areas to snorkel; the 1st and most beautiful was the best you see all colors and various fish around; 2nd was just “all-star fish” and could have been the shortest stop; then the 3rd where you were able to go in standing clear beautiful waters to take picture and have some sting rays swim around you. Then back on board you get some drinks and taken to the spot of lunch. Lunch was delicious, you get 3 options of meat and all you can drink. The drinks are pretty STRONG I would recommend this one!
Reviewer: Bridgette Jardine
4 Stars
Amazing excursion for the money
March 25, 2020
This excursion was fantastic. We received a paid taxi ride from our port to the boat that was taking us to go snorkeling. When we arrived on the boat the crew was nice and informative. They also had snacks and drinks. Both snorkels were amazing and the staff was great for first time snorkelers. They also each lasted about 25 mins. After the second snorkel we got back onto the boat where we were told we could have as much rum punch, margaritas, and beer as we wanted. They also got some of the boat to dance and have a good time to the music that was playing. The final boat ride took us to a nice resort where we had a provided buffet and another open bar. They also had a water park and a nice beach with things like paddle boats and snorkeling that you could do there as well. We had about an hour and a half at the resort before we needed to catch our last provided taxi ride back to the port where our ship was. We arrived back at the ship with plenty of time to spare.
Reviewer: Bailey Hamblin
5 Stars
excursion with Paya Mia
March 14, 2020
We enjoyed the boat, snorkeling and personnel on board. This was a great excursion that anyone would love.
Reviewer: Patty Heller
5 Stars
Great snorkelling
March 12, 2020
Guide was good and thorough. Very safe and comfortable. Had drinks after snorkelling. Then went to Playa Mia where we could have had more time but a bit rushed. Food was ok but not great
Reviewer: Bev Sagert
4 Stars
Great time!
March 05, 2020
This is the 2nd time I've booked this tour, and both times were great. The crew were friendly and knowledgeable, and the first snorkeling stop was great. I would have preferred 1 longer snorkeling stop and then go directly to Playa Mia than have 2 short stops. Also, both times I've booked this there were passengers that were very late and everyone else was made to wait at the dock. We've always been warned that the tour will leave without us if we aren't on time, so I'm not sure why so many passengers who are on time are made to wait for a few people that don't bother to show up on time (and not even close to being on time).
Reviewer: David Whitecross
4 Stars
Girls Trip 2020
February 26, 2020
First off the water is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Juan and his crew were amazing at making sure our every need was met by offering us cold drinks. He also made me very comfortable as I never go more than waist deep in the shark's house. He was extremely informative and made sure everyone understood the rules in order to keep everyone happy and safe. Playa Mia was a very clean resort. The food and drinks were wonderful after an exciting snorkel. Only suggest would be to maybe limit the snorkeling to one place in order to spend a little more time at the resort, otherwise a very good deal for your dollar!!!!
Reviewer: Roberta Goedecke
5 Stars
Spectacular Excursion!
February 24, 2020
This was one of the greatest adventures of our trip! Thank you to the crew for keeping us safe and showing us the beautiful reefs; not to mention the food and drinks included in the package were awesome!
Reviewer: Jim S
5 Stars
Cozumel reef
February 21, 2020
We really enjoyed this excursion! The staff was great! We went on an excursion with Royal Caribbean 2 days before that was the worst. We will book with cheap Caribbean from now on. Thanks
Reviewer: Donna Jacobs
5 Stars
Fun excursion
February 09, 2020
Our group enjoyed this excursion immensely. Well priced for what you get. Highly recommend!
Reviewer: Suzanne Rummell
5 Stars
Amazing excursion
February 07, 2020
We had a great time with the 2 different snorkel spots and then the lunch afterwards. All transportation to the pier and back to the ship were included with the price. We have done a similar shore excursion such as this one and will probably repeat it again next time we come to Cozumel.
Reviewer: Albert Li
5 Stars
Loads of fun!
February 06, 2020
We docked at Punta Langosta pier and the Playa Mia rep met us right at the end of the pier. Arrangement from ship to catamaran was smooth. Crew was very friendly and safety focused (no alcohol until after snorkeling). Very helpful with those who haven't snorkeled before and constantly made sure the group snorkeled together. After snorkeling, the drinks flowed freely and then we had a complementary lunch/more drinks at the Playa Mia water park. We would have loved to stay longer at the park but we needed to be back at the ship. Highly recommend!
Reviewer: Rich
5 Stars
Reef Snorkeling Excursion
February 03, 2020
I had heard the reefs were spectacular in Cozumel. They are! Two great snorkeling destinations in the Cozumel Reffs National Park were amazing. The waters were crystal clear, filled with inquisitive tropical fish, warm and wonderful. The guides were knowledgeable and very helpful. I had spf50 clothing so not wearing sunscreen was not a problem. Thanks for a great day.
Reviewer: Annie Lund
5 Stars
Great snorkeling, not so great beach
January 25, 2020
The snorkeling was amazing - we saw turtles and rays, and the water was very clear. The boat ride was really long and rough, so be prepared to get wet (along with all of your stuff). We weren't very impressed with Playa Mia - the food was only ok and the beach was crowded and not the greatest.
Reviewer: Emma
4 Stars
Fun trip
January 18, 2020
The trip was fun, weather was awesome, but the jelly fish stings were not what we were expecting. Lot of folks on this trip got the stings. The snorkeling itself was really good. We saw only a few schools of fish and an eagle ray, barracuda, and a sea turtle. The ride to the spot took close to an hour but was fun. The drinks on the boat after the snorkel were very refreshing. We were dropped off at the resort (included in the trip) after the snorkel. The buffet was much needed after two 45 minute snorkels that really required you to exert a lot of energy.
Reviewer: Prasoon
4 Stars
Cozumel Snorkel
January 17, 2020
We had a great time on our snorkel excursion with Playa Mia. It was easy to find our guide, conveniently located at the plaza. They provided transportation to the boat. Our guides were extremely knowledgeable and funny. They took us to amazing reef locations. Beverages flowed freely afterwards. The lunch was amazing.
Reviewer: Jacqui
5 Stars
Excellent Tour
December 20, 2019
This was an amazing tour for our group of 7 - The crew on the boat were great - everyone had a good time and the food we got to the beach was good as well. Can't beat the price.
Reviewer: Trisch
5 Stars