All You Can Eat Beach Break with Transfers

Great choice!
November 13, 2023
The service was outstanding. Beautiful property and delicious drinks
Reviewer: Michael D Richardson
4 Stars
Beach Club in Cozumel
December 15, 2022
Five Star Beach Club with everything you would want or need. Fun day!
Reviewer: Steve
5 Stars
November 08, 2022
We had a great day at this facility.
Reviewer: Charlotte Swinburne
5 Stars
Loads of Fun
September 14, 2022
Beach Day and Buffet at Playa Mia with transfers was great. The company accommodated my large group of 50. Got us all there and back safely and on time. The beach and pools were great. Plenty of chairs and umbrellas. Fun for all ages. The kids loved the childrens pool and slides. The food and drinks were tasty. I would definitely do this excursion again.
Reviewer: Angela Crankfield-Edmond
5 Stars
Very nice facility and staff!
July 26, 2022
I got a recommendation about this location from my agent. The beach club is big! Plenty of chairs, you have to put a deposit for the umbrellas when you get there, and they will come to chairs to put them up. The buffet had fresh and well-cooked food! Kids have a super fun time in the inflatables! We enjoyed our time resting, swimming and snorkeling.
Reviewer: Vanessa
5 Stars
April 10, 2022
Everything about this excursion was perfect. Playa Mia was a perfect beach getaway where the staff was courteous and really seemed to care about their guests. Booking through Shore Excursion Group was easy and affordable. We will definitely book all of our excursions through them in the future.
Reviewer: Jerald Pierce
5 Stars
Good day in Playa Mia
February 09, 2022
The beach was not the best sand and alittle rocky. But the staff there was great and the food was good.
Reviewer: Ally Cross
4 Stars
Beach Day and Buffet at Playa Mia with Transfers
March 27, 2020
This excursion was amazing, Mary Dell and Lucille Ryan were treated with wonderful courtesy and kindness.
Reviewer: Lucille Ryan
5 Stars
Playa Mia
March 05, 2020
It is clean and beautiful. There is shopping and all of the food is excellent. We went in Feb with our 7 year old grandson, and he loved it. Plenty for everyone to do.
Reviewer: Jackie J Rohrman
5 Stars
Super Option for Special Needs
January 17, 2020
This excursion was superb. I have limited mobility and use a walker/rollator. At each juncture, the staff responded immediately and sometimes overwhelmingly to my needs. The facility has many family-friendly options for fun. Playa Mia is also among the most economical and cost effective excursion options.
Reviewer: Ann
5 Stars
Fun day at Cozumel
January 11, 2020
We traveled as a group of 7 families together from Tampa to Cozumel. We liked the idea of pool, water slides, beach activities and lunch buffet together at one place that this resort offers. Everything went well and everyone in our group thoroughly enjoyed our port day! Place is clean, safe and lots of activities to do.
Reviewer: Vinay Basuru
5 Stars
Play Mia is AWESOME
January 04, 2020
Had the best time - food & drinks was delicious. The staff was friendly & hospitable. Definately recommend this tour for the whole family. My kids enjoyed the pools & water slide along with the inflatables inside the ocean. We would love to go again.
Reviewer: Arleen K Mendez
5 Stars
Great day at the Beach
December 26, 2019
with the cab to take us to Playa Mia (included in the excursion) we knew it was going to be a great day in Cozumel. We were treated as guests and had a personal attendant to attend to all our requests.Our attendant made sure we got to the beach safely, which was even more noteworthy because my wife uses a mobility scooter.. Then after a while playing in the Caribbean, we headed to the pools and enjoyed the pool along with a bucket of cold brew. Again our attendant handled everything, then made sure we got to the lunch buffet which was excellent and filling. Great tour and greater fun!. Shore excursions did well in provided on time back to the ship, Thank you.
Reviewer: John Credelle
4 Stars
Great Day
November 22, 2019
After a short ride to Playa Mia we arrived. There are pools, and a beautiful beach. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the buffet. You will not be disappointed.
Reviewer: Susan Odell
5 Stars
Great place for everyone
November 12, 2019
We really enjoyed our day at Playa Mia - great place for kids of all ages we had them from 1 years old to 60 years old. Food was good and the transfers were easy.
Reviewer: Karen Warnock
5 Stars
Beautiful beach area
September 14, 2019
This was a very relaxing day. The beach is beautiful, so many activities, grab a chaise and kick back! Eat all you want, have a few drinks and chill! This is what vacation is all about. We will definitely return!
Reviewer: Glenn Joseph Schmitt
5 Stars
Beach Day @ Playa Mia
August 15, 2019
Fantastic excursion for our family - 2 adults, 3 children - 12, 9 and 7. Plenty to do for everyone, buffet was good. Only con - the transfer from the port to Playa Mia was a little difficult to find. Transportation split up my family into two vehicles (Mum and kids in one, Dad in another)
Reviewer: Sarah Reilly
4 Stars
Rocky floors
July 03, 2019
All were good with transportation, food and drink. Just need to be careful with rocky floors inside the waters. They may hurt you.
Reviewer: Venky Pandey
4 Stars
Beach Day
May 06, 2019
Even though it rained the beach was very nice and enjoyable.
Reviewer: John Wade
5 Stars
Awesome for kids and families
April 26, 2019
Our 4 year old had a blast! He’s an adventurous guy. He loved the water slides and splash area, as well as, kayaking and the jungle gym in the ocean. Food was decent for Mexican buffet and frozen drinks were good. Beer was a little flat. The only downside was that our son wanted to ride the big bikes in the ocean, but we were told he was not old enough. Something to look forward to next time!
Reviewer: Candice Perry
5 Stars
A great day!
December 02, 2018
Our family really enjoyed this excursion. The directions to get to the booth were very clear. The ride to Playa Mia was easy. They gave us a name of a person that would handle any questions we had including getting our ride back to the port. The beach was beautiful, the whole area was very clean. Everyone found something on the buffet to eat and the drinks provided were great. We had a great time as a family of six as there was something to do for every age level. We would definitely go back again.
Reviewer: Victoria
5 Stars
Playa Mia is beautiful
August 20, 2018
We had a great time and lots to do for kids also!! Service and food was amazing. Would definately go back and recommend to everyone!
Reviewer: Danielle Lawless
5 Stars
Great Excursion for families
July 09, 2018
We loved everything about Playa Mia. The tour people were very organized and explained everything to us. My three kids (9,7,3) had a blast. The food was yummy and the people were great. Amazing customer service. Chikis was at Playa Mia and he made sure we got our transfer on time and felt safe.
Reviewer: Jessica G
5 Stars
beach day
December 24, 2017
we were the first ones there off the bus.....and no one talked to us. We had no idea what we had access to, did not get a tour or brief, so we just went to the beach until other people came and we figured it out. The event itself was awesome
Reviewer: scott
4 Stars
December 18, 2017
I loved the resort and the lunch was nice. I just wish more longe chairs were available. The tour company was very organized.
Reviewer: Dawn Lane
4 Stars
Fun beach day
April 14, 2017
Loved the beach day at Playa Mia, the amenities are great. Kids enjoyed the splash pad and friendly staff. Water slide lifeguards were bossy, did not let that ruin our day. Buffet was pretty good too. Would definitely recommend, cost is better on location.
Reviewer: Jennifer
4 Stars
Beach day at Playa Mia
April 06, 2017
Playa Mia booth was easy to find and they were very professional. They explined how we would be getting back and forth and who would be taking care of us on the other end. We felt very comfortable and had a great time.
Reviewer: Linda Hodgin
5 Stars
Play Mia beach day
March 17, 2017
The facility is very nice - clean and well kept. Plenty to do for the kids. Buffet was just ok.
Reviewer: Edward Miller
4 Stars
Fun place for family
December 22, 2016
Our kids enjoyed this excursion. We had fun on the beach and used the kayaks and small hobbie cat. We also swam out to the inflated playground. We brought our own snorkel gear and snorkeled around too and saw some fish.
Reviewer: H Abercrombie
4 Stars
November 01, 2016
Great beach and not a lot of people I would definitely go back
Reviewer: Sarita
5 Stars
Beach Day and Buffet
August 24, 2016
The Beach was fantastic, when we got there we were the only ones on the beach, so we had our pick of where we wanted to sit. Loved relaxing in the ocean! I was a little disappointed in the Buffet. I was expecting authentic Mexican food. They did have a few authentic Mexican dishes, but they also had American food which was not what we were looking for on this trip. We did enjoy watching the birds try to get some food!
Reviewer: Peggy Coppernall
4 Stars
August 05, 2016
We had a blast! The children's area was more geared toward the under 5 age, but my 7 year olds had a good time. Get a massage while there - it was awesome and much less expensive then the cruise prices. Fun games, great beach....meal was okay, but food wasn't our primary concern.
Reviewer: Kari Manning
5 Stars
I would buy this again.
May 13, 2016
lovely time
Reviewer: sherieg4
5 Stars
I would book this excursion again!
April 05, 2016
We had a great time and were very impressed with how clean the facilities were. We would definitely book this excursion again.
Reviewer: WiseFam
4 Stars
Great day and fun for all
December 19, 2015
Something that was enjoyed by young and old alike
Reviewer: Judy
4 Stars
Great Excursion
December 15, 2015
The amenities were great. Our family truly enjoyed the water slide and the blow up obstacle course.
Reviewer: Kristina
5 Stars
Beautiful Place!!!
July 24, 2015
This place was perfect for us. We had a 1 year old and a 17 year old. There was plenty for both of them. The directions from the ship to the pick up point was a little confusing but once we found that everything was fantastic!!
Reviewer: Lisa
5 Stars
Great experience
December 04, 2014
Over all excellent place :) we have a lot of fun & they had a lot to offer , anything from hair raising kayaking pedal boats but the best of all was the floating bounce house :) only thing was it was a far swim to get to it & I was very difficult to climb on to it ;( maybe a ladder of some sort would help but there were employees helping to get you up ! My husband & the kids as well as other family had the best time ever on that thing !!!
Reviewer: Heather
4 Stars
Nice day at the beach
November 29, 2014
The location was amazing and lots of fun activities. However make sure you eat before you go, the foods better at a local taco bell.
Reviewer: Bob
4 Stars