Power Scooter and Taste of Mexico

Excellent Choice!
June 20, 2023
Our guide Emilio was so very kind and gracious. He drove us to the reef site (Sky Reef) not far away. The power scooters are so much fun, and easy to use... makes traveling the water much easier. The beach area is very nice with lots of chairs and umbrellas, a nice little outdoor restaurant, snorkeling equipment rental, and a stand to purchase souvenirs. Emilio made us home-made guacamole (and another dish) and I have to admit, we had the BEST fish tacos!! The restaurant's food is Excellent! Then there is the tequila tasting! My only regret is that I didn't think of just staying there all day and taking a taxi back to the ship later. This excursion is awesome, and if you just want to chill with very few people... this is the excursion to pick!
Reviewer: Diana Walsh
5 Stars
Great time
February 24, 2023
We were lucky to have Jorge as our Khufu’s for the day. He was super informative about about everything. He also was very fun and was the perfect guide for the day. The power scooter is the best way to go if you are not a super strong swimmer. It makes the time in the water more enjoyable.
Reviewer: Jason
5 Stars
Sooo much fun!
February 24, 2023
Tis was the best snorkeling excursion we have ever taken! The power scooters were so easy to use and let us snorkel far longer than we could ever have under our own steam. Jorge was extremely helpful and took care of everything and was an excellent guide. The lunch afterwards was delicious and Jorge made homemade guacamole which was the best I've ever had. I would recommend this tour to everyone!
Reviewer: Cathy Braun
5 Stars
Power scooter and taste of mexico
January 04, 2023
What a wonderful excursion! There were four of us in our group and we had the attention of the 2 guides to ourselves. They provided excellent instructions and took very good care of us. Took pictures for us and pointed out all the coral reefs, fish as we went along. One of our group was a little apprehensive during the excursion so one guide took her individually to a shallow area and spent time with her so she could enjoy the day better. Very personable, accommodating and friendly. The scooters were so much fun to use, equipment was well taken care of, and the guides helped us enjoy the tastes of Mexico in the restaurant afterwards. Food was excellent, the guide made fresh guacamole at our table, and we even had a tequila tasting afterwards. We bought several bottles and all were packaged so as not to have any breakage once back on the ship. Wonderful day in Cozumel. Recommend to all.
Reviewer: Kathy m Mosteller
5 Stars
Excellent Excursion with Clemente
December 15, 2022
We are snorkelers, but had never used power scooters before. Clemente met us near the harbor and took us to the Skyreef Resort. On the way, he explained the history of Cozumel. Once we were at the resort, we sat in the restaurant on the beach and he explained our lunch options. After instructions on how to use the power scooters (quite simple, as long as you have two thumbs), he guided us over the reefs, first in shallow water, then in deeper water. Then, we came back to the restaurant and he prepared the best guacamole table side. We enjoyed the fish tacos and the jalapeño margaritas were amazing. I would say, the excursion was good value, the food, drinks and the location were wonderful, and the host was friendly and gracious. I would highly recommend Clemente and the scooter tour.
Reviewer: Kelli Maw and Dave Casey
5 Stars
Great, Fun Adventure and Outstanding Guides!
December 07, 2022
These guides are very patient and knowledgeable! The training and support was exceptional! The water, reefs, food, and Tequila tour and samples all exceeded our expectations, which were pretty high to begin with! Small groups, so lots of individual attention! I highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Sarah Bridges
5 Stars
Awesome People and Excursion
September 04, 2022
Clemente took very good care of us! He text me the week before verifying time and meeting location. Instructions were clear and we found the meeting spot easily. We jumped in the Jeep with Clemente and his lovely wife Isla and headed to the Sky Reef Club (small, not crowded restaurant/ beach hangout with great service, drinks and food)while learning all sorts of history and interesting facts on the way. Scooter instruction was a breeze. He pointed out fish & coral along the way. Then we ate fajitas while Clement made us homemade guacamole & salsa (perfectly spicy and delish) and then served us a huge plate of fajitas with the best corn tortillas ever. We followed that up with a tequila tasting and he told us the history of tequila and taught me the proper way to consume it which had me hooked and we purchased 2 bottles. Isla took us back to the ship while we and we chatted the drive away. Will definitely schedule with Clemente and Isla again! They were the best!!!
Reviewer: Emily & Robyn
5 Stars
Power Scooter Snorkle with lunch
August 27, 2022
Excellent excursion. My wife and I had the whole trip to ourselves. The tour operator and his wife were very attentive to our news especially considering that we are in our mid seventies. This just shows fhat anyone can do it. We saw lots of beautiful fish enjoy a great meal and had fun sampling local Tequila. DO this excursion you will not be disappointed!
Reviewer: Frank S.
5 Stars
Great Cozumel Experience
July 06, 2022
I’ve done several Cozumel excursions and this one has been the best! Clemente was a great guide and took care of our every need. The snorkeling at SkyReef was fantastic! Great food, excellent guacamole, and ice cold beer… as well as a tequila tasting opportunity. Choose this excursion with confidence… you won’t be disappointed.
Reviewer: Bruce Richards
5 Stars
wonderful tour and guide
April 11, 2022
Clemente and his wife were excellent hosts and tour guides. He spent time explaining the use of the scooter and safety issues when snorkeling. Afterwards we had a good lunch and homemade guacamole which Clemente made while we lounged by the water. It was a very professionally run tour.
Reviewer: Jay Grossman
5 Stars
Highlight of our trip!!!
March 23, 2022
Clemente took very good care of us! He gave excellent instructions and made using the scooters easy! He pointed out fish and coral along the way. Afterwards we ate fajitas while Clement made us homemade guacamole and salsa! Delicious!!! I even wrote down the recipe to take home. We had a tequila tasting and he told us the history of tequila. He also answered all of our questions about the history of the area. All of this, including transportation from and back to the port was included! This was located at SkyReef club, which is a small area with a restaurant, bar, and small area for shopping and massages. Very laid back and not very crowded. Will definitely schedule with Clemente again! He was the best!!!
Reviewer: M & M
5 Stars
Great time!!
February 28, 2022
Took a 15 minute cab ride with Isla as Clemente had to wait for 2 other passengers. Once at snorkel location we were fitted with life vest and fins and then into water. It was very easy and much better getting around than regular snorkeling. We saw many fish, a stingray on bottom that Isla swam down to and stirred up and it swam away. We also saw tiny squids which were amazing. After about 45 mins, we then sat at a table on the beach for our delicious feast of guacamole and salsa made at table by Blvadmir and then chicken fajitas and rice. Drinks were additional cost, but very reasonable. We were told there was no time limit to relax on beach and they provided a cab for return to ship around 2:30pm. Both Isla and Clemente are so friendly and easy going and when saying goodbye Clemente said he loved my husband’s new Buffalo Bills AFC Champs hat that we gave it to him and promised Isla a hat when we returned! Will DEFINITELY book additional tours with them as we had a great time!
Reviewer: Christine Gaesser
5 Stars
Awesome snorkeling experience
September 15, 2021
Isla & Clemente were the consummate hosts! They picked us up on time, a short drive later we were at the beach location and promptly got geared up to snorkel. After some brief instruction on the use of the power scooters, we hit the water for a guided snorkel tour w/ Clemente. What an experience, neither of us had ever used any type of power assist in the water before and it was incredibly easy & fun to use. The reef area was abundant in fish life. Afterwards, we were served a delicious lunch of chicken fajitas and scrumptious homemade guacamole prepared tableside for us by Clemente. Soon after, we had a tequila tasting that included the interesting history and taste tips of the beverage. Sadly, we were short on cash and sans credit cards unable to bring home a bottle. :-( Highly recommend this excursion if you want to do something different on your next snorkel trip. This was a great value for your money and the hospitality provided was above and beyond what many other tours provide!
Reviewer: Mike Kucera
5 Stars
Fantastic Experience - Fantastic Tour Guide!
March 27, 2020
December 2019: We were so happy with the entire, personalized experience. Our guide was fantastic and felt like a friend sharing his experience and love of snorkeling & good food! He was by far the best tour guide I've had and we've been on dozens of tours. Do yourself a favor & book this tour. Kids and adult kids all loved it!
Reviewer: Kelly Toman
5 Stars
The absolute HIGHLIGHT of our trip!
February 27, 2020
If you EVER go to Cozumel contact Clemente for anything you need. We originally booked an excursion to do underwater power scooters/snorkel but due to the choppy water and us all being first timers he presented us with an alternative that he felt would be safer and ended up being much better than our original plan. We did an hour regular snorkel. He went the extra mile for us to feel comfortable and go through all the extra safety measures which was great! We then had lunch by the beach we had tacos and fajitas. However, Clemente took it a step further. He brought his own local ingredients to prepare guacamole for us at our table during lunch and give us a lesson on how to make it the way his mother taught him. It was delicious by the way. Finally he finished our afternoon by renting a Jeep for us at no extra cost, he showed us all the local spots and had such a knowledge of the island. We couldn’t have asked for a better tour guide! We truly left feeling like family.
Reviewer: Shea Redmon
5 Stars
January 17, 2020
Unfortunately my son and husband who were booked this excursion were unable to do power scooter as the weather was windy and water was rough. Tour Guide Clemente was gracious to offer us a refund or a private island tour and advised that I could join. We had a private island tour, tequila tasting tour, authentic Mexican lunch (which Clemente paid for all three of us), stopped at a private beach for a swim and then another private beach where we were treated to some awesome Mojitos. This tour and time spent with Clemente was more than we expected. Clemente went above and beyond any tour guide. We are truly grateful for him and our experience on Cozumel.
Reviewer: Noreen Robichaud
5 Stars
Excellent Adventure
November 01, 2019
Isla and Clemente were great guides. Pickup was prompt from the meeting place and the drive to the snorkeling location was scenic and short. It felt like a private tour since it was just me and my mom. She said that she’ll never snorkel without a power scooter again! The reef was beautiful with more fish to see than I had imagined. After getting out of the water, Clemente made us traditional guacamole and gave us a history lesson in local cuisine. The fajitas were very flavorful and a great companion to the guacamole. Next up was a tequila tasting. There were 8 different samples to taste along with an educational lesson on the history of tequila making. Finally, there was a free 5 minute chair massage under a canopy on the beach. What an amazing experience!
Reviewer: Ryan
5 Stars
Power Scooter and Taste of Mexico
October 16, 2019
This tour was amazing. Both Claemante and his helper were wonderful!! They made sure everyone was comfortable and confident before we started off. They were constantly there to help and guide. The food was delicious and Clemente makes a great guacamole. The tour suggests that you wear your swim suit, but there was a place and time to change. They also have lockers and towels to rent. Lockers were $5 and towels (decent size) were $3. I would definitely recommend taking this tour.
Reviewer: Suzanne
5 Stars
Excellent experience!
September 19, 2019
The price and what was included was SO worth it. The staff at the location and the snorkeling instructor were friendly and professional! I would definitely recommend this excursion and company!
Reviewer: Sabrina Margarita V
5 Stars
Wonderful experience with personalized attention
July 31, 2019
Clemente our tour guide was excellent! My 9-year-old who isn't a confident snorkeler told me to give them a million stars! Our tour was private and only included the 5 in my family (my wife, myself, and our 3 boys.) We swim and snorkel at different levels of experience and comfort. Despite the fact that some of us chose not to use the scooter, Clemente provided us with enough help so our group could have fun regardless of level of comfort. The authentic Mexican food provided at the end of the tour was of course delicioso! If I drank tequila I would have taken advantage of the free tastings also offered as part of the excursion.
Reviewer: G. Auguste
5 Stars