Salsa, Salsa and More Salsa!

Highlight of our trip
November 19, 2023
What a day! We had the best time making salsa with chef Angel! Delicious and learned a few new tricks to make Salsa. Drinks we excellent, facility was beautiful! Everything was so clean and inviting. We will definitely be returning to Playa Mia!
Reviewer: Cindy
5 Stars
Cozumel Salsa and Salsa
October 29, 2023
My niece and I enjoyed a great time with Chef Angel/Dance Instructor and his assistant, Jonathan along with the other wonderful staff. The Salsa we prepared was perfect, the drinks delicious and the Salsa instructions entertaining. My thanks to Jonathan for patiently tolerating my attempts. The resort was very neat and clean as well as in a perfect setting. We would go again when we return.
Reviewer: R Dittmar
5 Stars
June 23, 2023
We had a blast! The resort was great and then the salsa salsa salsa was better than I imagined. The people were so friendly and fun! It was the best excursion I’ve been on in years!! Highly recommend
Reviewer: Brent Young
5 Stars
Salsa & more salsa
May 16, 2023
Very Good. Nice & very clean. The guy that held the class was lots of fun. Beach & waiters were awesome. Thank you for a memorable day. Buffet had lots of choices & was very good. It was a plus+++.
Reviewer: Frances Gentile
4 Stars
If you don't do any others, do this one!
April 28, 2023
We had zero idea what to expect but this was excellent! We made 3 kinds of salsa and learned to dance too! This takes place at a public/private beach access and it includes drinks, food and access to the beach! Chef Angel made it lots of fun no matter your skill level or reaction! Highly recommend!
Reviewer: Tim Davis
5 Stars
So much fun.
April 28, 2023
This excursion of making pico de gallo, Smokey salsa and guacamole was so much fun and delicious. Drinks were included and we ate our creations with chips and quesadillas. The salsa dancing was only about 20 mins and wished it would have been a bit more. Overall a great experience.
Reviewer: Chad
5 Stars
So Fun!!
March 21, 2023
The day starts off with a few hours at the beach club then we had salsa making class and a brief salsa dance lesson. Our Chef was AMAZING!!!! Great day off the boat in Cozumel.
Reviewer: Rachel Kerr
5 Stars
Great time
February 22, 2023
Beach location was beautiful food was good. The salsa making demo was fantastic! The teach was so entertaining we really made this whole excursion worth it. Really appreciated all the knowledge he shared. We finished off the tour with learning how to salsa dance. It was a nice touch.
Reviewer: Rachelle Anderson
5 Stars
We had the best time!
November 28, 2022
This was the perfect escape from the ship. We spent 3 hours enjoying the pool, slides, and beach before being treated by Lalo to the most fun time making 3 salsas and learning the basics of the Salsa dance.
Reviewer: Maude
5 Stars
Exceeded all expectations
April 08, 2022
There were seven of us on this salsa & salsa excursion and everyone said it was one of, if not the, best excursion they had been on - and there were platinum level cruisers in our group. The Playa Mia folks were welcoming and attentive, from the kiosk guys who got us on our way to the host at the site and the chef, bar crew and our salsa instructor. Several of us are experienced cooks and we agreed the recipes and cooking chemistry demonstrated were new and valuable. We got history and cultural lessons that brought a lot of depth to the class. The margaritas, especially the tamarind ones, were fantastic. The dancing class was a riot. Great music, a fantastic instructor and so much happy laughter. Playa Mia is a perfect venue. Lovely staff, great shopping and exceptional facilities. Here's the most telling thing I can say: it was as lovely, if not more so, than the website. The staff at Playa Mia are pros - we felt like welcome friends the whole day.
Reviewer: Vicki Walters
5 Stars
We had it all!!!
February 11, 2022
2 hours on the beach enjoying the sun, the open bar and all the amenities of the resort before we started our salsa making class and salsa dancing. We lucked up and had the class all to ourselves so we got some special treatment with dancing and drinking. Our instructors we all wonderful and we would do this excursion again !!
Reviewer: Lisa Scimeca
5 Stars
Angel and Ruben are Awesome
December 18, 2021
We booked this trip last week as my parents who are avid cruisers had done it before and had always loved it. And it did not disappoint!! They were very accommodating and went out of their way to make sure that a good time was had by all. The mango margaritas were fantastic and Angel is a great teacher of both making salsa and dancing it! Thank you to everyone there for giving us a wonderful family memory that we will always cherish.
Reviewer: Kelly Hammack and Julie Poncar
5 Stars
Salsa, Salsa and More Salsa!
February 24, 2020
My husband and I had a BLAST at this excursion - instructor was very entertaining, the salsa we made was yummy - the drinks were excellent! The dance move instruction was hilarious but FUN! Highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: mkb
5 Stars
Salsa, Salsa and More Salsa
January 15, 2020
This excursion was lots of fun. Loved making the salsa and enjoyed the dance lesson and drinks. The beach was great. So glad we did all three excursions.
Reviewer: Ricki Cranford
5 Stars
Salsa, Salsa, Salsa
December 26, 2019
We really liked this excursion. It was so much fun making salsa with everyone. The beach was a lot of fun too. I just wish the instructor would of said something about buying pictures because we would of.
Reviewer: Clyde & Deborah Todd
4 Stars
December 10, 2019
Nuestro Tour nos parecio muy Bueno y divertido, la manera en que los chicos lo llevan acabo es agradable, nos enseñaron a preparar 3 tipos de Salsas, muy buenas por cierto y a la hora de aprender unos cuantos pasos de salsa, la pasamos bien. No se diga que temenos el Bufett disponible y esta super completisimo, comimos hasta satisfacernos y mas. Hasta tuvimos tiempo de disfrutar la playa. Se sacaron un 100 con este Tour.
Reviewer: Alma Martinez Vazquez
5 Stars
GREAT excursion
December 10, 2019
Great excursion for anyone in Cozumel. Learn how to make a variety of salsa while the margaritas are flowing freely, followed by salsa dance lessons. By the time the dancing starts, you no longer care if your look stupid, you just have a great time. The rule according to Pita, the instructor, is that it only counts as one margarita if you keep filling the same glass.
Reviewer: Jim Calamis
5 Stars
An Amazing Fun Excursion
December 06, 2019
We read all the reviews prior to booking this excursion, and they were right on the money. We had such a fun time. Chef Lalo was very entertaining and kept the party atmosphere going the whole time. Depending on what cruise line you are on and what port you coming in there is a walk to the meeting place. We came in on Carnival and it was about 6 city blocks. Class starts with learning how to make the different salsas. don't worry about if you do not like spicy.. you get to choose how little or much you would like. Yes there is drinking, but you can also choose water, soda, juice, etc. Salsa dancing is nothing to "major" it was 5 different moves and then putting them together. We had fun with our group and starting making up our own moves. After the classes you have time to soak up the sun, pool, more food or they will get you a taxi back to the port for shopping. This is a great excursion and highly recommend!!!!
Reviewer: tabitha
5 Stars
Loved our salsa, salsa salsa!!!
December 02, 2019
Our teacher was amazing. Was tons of fun and extremely personal. The beach was nice. Pool looked very relaxing 😎. Food was fantastic, and the teacher was A+!!!! Highly recommended!!
Reviewer: Christina
5 Stars
Best Excursion Ever!
November 16, 2019
This was truly the best excursion I've been on while cruising! Scuba diving, snorkeling, whale watching, city tours, ruins, all were great, but this was my favorite by far. The resort was fantastic and the salsa making class was so much fun. Lalo was so engaging and made this such a memorable time.
Reviewer: Sandy
5 Stars
Great time, lots of fun
November 03, 2019
We really enjoyed our excursion. The food, drinks, and location were all great. The staff at the resort were friendly and helpful. The instructor / guide was very friendly and made the event fun. Would not hesitate to do it again.
Reviewer: Sumner William
5 Stars
Salsa was Awesome!
September 24, 2019
This was a great tour! We had a group of about 18 and the chefs were wonderful. The food was delicious, dancing was fun and then had beach time! I would definitely recommend this as it had variety. I would do it again!!
Reviewer: Maria Booth
5 Stars
It was fun
September 24, 2019
The hosts were fun, entertaining and made this a real good time for everyone. The food was great and drinks were unbelievable. I enjoyed the whole time I was there.
Reviewer: Christopher J Williams
5 Stars
The best!
September 22, 2019
This was the highlight of our cruise! Great fun with Lalo and his team. Watch out for the Salud game!
Reviewer: Steve Eskew
5 Stars
Fantastic fun!
September 18, 2019
Awesome excursion! Oddly, nobody else signed up, so we had a private class. The 3 salsa recipes were simple and delicious and not only did we learn HOW to make the recipes, we learned WHY each step was done that way. Our teacher, Lalo, made the class. He was such fun and we really enjoyed talking and laughing with him. We were given extremely tasty margaritas during the class, which were a special kind not available at the other bars at the beach club. But after the class, we were still free to stay at the beach club as long as we liked and partake of the open bars. The food bar was only so-so, but the food we ate in the class was excellent, so we were full anyway! I recommend bringing a beach towel with you since you have to pay to rent them on the beach. Also, be aware that you are asked not to wear sunscreen at the beach to preserve the coral, so pack accordingly. There are also pools, water slides, etc, if you prefer fresh water. All in all, a fantastic day at the beach!
Reviewer: Heidi
5 Stars
Muy divertido
August 30, 2019
Esta es sin duda nuestra mejor experiencia. Fuimos recibidos con esmero, atendidos con prontitud y el sitio ("Playa Mia"), maravilloso. La actividad muy divertida y realmente aprendimos a hacer salsas y bailar salsa. Al contrario de los lugares anteriores, este es un sitio en el que nos sentimos seguros y con una esmerada y muy inteligente atención que incluye hasta la cortesía del transporte de regreso que nos ofreció tomarnos unas lindas fotos sin aceptar propina luego. Aquí queremos regresar.
Reviewer: Daniel Dreifuss
5 Stars
Salsa, salsa and more salsa
August 30, 2019
This was the most fun activity we had the entire seven days on the cruise! We loved every bit of it. The club was beautiful and the beach quite clean. I would do this all over again.
Reviewer: Naa Awa Nelson-Appiah
5 Stars
fun excursion!
August 22, 2019
Our family of 6, all adults, had a great time! My grown children were hesitant about this excursion and it turned out to be their favorite of the cruise! Would highly recommend.
Reviewer: Karen Folsom
5 Stars
Great price, well organized and managed!
July 24, 2019
Our group was 8, my husband, myself, 3 adult kids & spouses. Directions were clear, transport, schedule ready. Van to Playa Mia, greeted by contact Luis, showed a bar (drinks included), beach, pool with time before class. Small fee umbrellas, short wait for life vests, swam to inflatables, more strenuous maneuvering than expected but FUN! Met chef Lalo, sat in pairs, put on aprons, name tags. Adults started with tequila shot “Salud”, agreed to play a game (with a hangover, bartender made me “suaro”). If you drank, you toasted “salud”, everyone followed, If you forgot, you took a shot. The bartender kept margaritas and cervasa coming. We made pico, roasted vegetable salsa, guacamole. Lalo was entertaining. A break then returned to dance. Lalo walked through basic steps, counted. Learned 4 steps and put to music! After dancing we ate our salsa with fajitas, tacos, quesadillas served from the downstairs kitchen. We went shopping, shuttled back. Recipes were shared! Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Jerri Ann Longlet
5 Stars
Best part of the trip!
July 23, 2019
Salsa, Salsa, and More Salsa was, hands down, the best part of our vacation. The excursion includes the transportation to and from the resort. The staff were conscientious of our need to be back at the port by a certain time. The cooking class was so informative and so much fun. The dance class was super. And the resort is beautiful. We were so full from the cooking class that we did not even eat the buffet so I can't speak to it. But, the open bar was awesome. The kids really enjoyed the inflatables. Life jackets are provided, free of charge. It was overall a fabulous experience for our entire family.
Reviewer: Monica Loden
5 Stars
Salsa, Salsa and More Salsa! Rocks
July 20, 2019
What a great time we had making Salsa and dancing. The instructor made sure everyone was involved. We got to know the couple sitting next to us best and now have friends for life. We'd do this excursion again.
Reviewer: Rich Lesinski
5 Stars
July 08, 2019
Our hose Lalo was fantastic. He showed us how to make salsa, and the salsa dance moves. I liked the part, if you didn’t say salute when you took a drink, you had to do a shot of tequila. The beach area was amazing. Definitely would go back there.
Reviewer: John V
5 Stars
Salsa,salsa & more salsa
July 01, 2019
Lalo, Moses, and Gonzalo were great. They made this excursion extremely fun. Lalo kept us entertained with tequila shots and margaritas made by Gonzalo. Gonzalo also made virgin margaritas for those underage or choosing not to drink. Moses was the chef and showed us how to make the guacamole and salsa. After the food making and eating we learned how to salsa. I don't dance but Lalo made learning how to salsa a lot of fun. After the dancing we had free time at the water park. My daughter and step son had fun on the huge water slide in the ocean and on the beach. I spent time in the whirlpool. It was great fun and I will take the excursion again next time we are in Cozumel
Reviewer: Donnell Primm
5 Stars
Beautiful Resort!
June 26, 2019
After leaving the Royal Caribbean I walked across the street to the Hard Rock Cafe and was warmly welcomed into a taxi. Playa Mia is a beautiful resort with pools for adults and kids, open bar, international buffet and white clean sand.. Eduardo, our chef, spoke perfect English and was a great person to learn from. I personally chose not to do the Salsa dancing in the afternoon and I do regret not having my swim suit. I enjoyed finding an empty lounge under a palm tree watching the children making sand castles and people on jet skis.. The staff was super attentive and close at hand if you wanted anything.The restrooms were clean and the areas around the pools were alive with green grass and vibrant flowers. There are shopping opportunities too. When I was ready to go I found Julio and was back on a taxi to the Hard Rock Cafe. I certainly will go back to Playa Mia because it was very friendly and I felt like a celebrity on this beautiful resort along the beach with blue clear water.
Reviewer: Laura Torres
5 Stars
So entertaining!
June 19, 2019
We thoroughly enjoyed the Salsa, Salsa and More Salsa!! Lalo was a wonderful host / instructor. The Salsa's we made were delicious and they were kind enough to provide us with the recipes! Highly recommend this excursion!!
Reviewer: Carol M Clause
5 Stars
So much fun!
June 14, 2019
Lalo and the staff were fantastic and made the entire experience so fun! I would definitely do this one again! The food was delicious and the dancing was great!
Reviewer: LaTonya
5 Stars
Great i love it!!
June 03, 2019
We learn how to make salsa 3 types they can was very delicious. He made it so fun and interesting with his co workers. Everyone was so welcome they was very polite. I would definitely come back. I hope this stays around. We learned how to salsa dance to. We have access to everything at their resort so no need to waste you money on another resort. Buffet was so delicious better than the food on the cruise. Recommend definitely for pregnant women althoughyou can’t deink all the free alcohol they give you ugh. But i love it!! Also they provide free transportation at this resort.
Reviewer: Jacci Frank, Kashawn Lenzy
5 Stars
May 31, 2019
This excursion was PERFECT. Lalo and his crew were absolutely amazing. Had an incredible time learning how to make the salsas as well as drinking and dancing! Also, the beach was beautiful and we had our own private area. Access to 2 pools, water park and jacuzzi. OPEN BAR which was great. Bartenders were amazing. Open buffet which was also nice. All in all this made our stop in Cozumel absolutely worth it and I most definitely recommend this excursion! You will not be disappointed!
Reviewer: Lexi
5 Stars
May 16, 2019
This excursion was so much fun. We made salsa, guacamole danced and eat. Edu was very personable and fun. I really recommend it.
Reviewer: Ana Maria
5 Stars
Great Time
May 13, 2019
Totally love this activity... great staff and beautiful place...
Reviewer: Tina Lyons
5 Stars
Salsa,Salsa and More...
May 11, 2019
Fun fun fun great way to spend some hours out of the sun!
Reviewer: JC
5 Stars
Great Fun!
May 11, 2019
We were driven to this beautiful water park with a huge marquee tent over a dining area. The park had a number of brightly painted buildings. We were shown into the bright pink building where we met Lalo and Moses - that’s when the fun began. Lalo instructed us on the ingredients with which we were to make three kinds of Salsas. Following the instructions turned out to be very important. Moses served us beautiful margaritas but tequilas were the penalty drink of the day!!! Tasty Salsas resulted then our lovely lunch after which we learned how to Salsa dance. Had a fabulous time with such a lot of great fun. Afterwards we swam in the large pool before being taken back to our ship. Highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Lin Whitworth
5 Stars
Great value
May 07, 2019
My wife and I were on a cruise and booked the Salsa, Salsa and more Salsa shore excursion. We really enjoyed it. The young gentleman hosting the class was amazing and extremely funny and the food and margaritas where fantastic. We will highly recommend this to our family, friends and coworkers.
Reviewer: Brent Bautel
5 Stars
Salsa, Salsa and More Salsa
April 29, 2019
What a great learning experience. The instructors made the class very entertaining and fun. I highly recommend the class and the beach location.
Reviewer: Paul
5 Stars
Excellent day in Cozumel.
April 26, 2019
We real enjoyed our port day at Playa Mia in Cozumel. So different from the normal beach excursion. The morning was spent making our salsas and guacamole with our chef Lalo , followed by dancing lessons, then lunch with our creations. Beach afternoon with open bar and buffet. Great well organized experience for the reasonable cost. Recommended!!
Reviewer: Jack Hager
5 Stars
We had a great time!
April 20, 2019
We had a lot of fun. Chef Lalo was a great host. Made salsa and guacamole, drank excellent margaritas and learned basic Salsa Dance steps. Best 51st birthday ever. Afterwards we enjoyed the beach and had access to the bar and food buffet. Beach was gorgeous.
Reviewer: Manyab
5 Stars
One of the highlights or our cruise
April 19, 2019
My wife loves cooking classes and I usually tag along. However, I loved this class. Very informative and very fun. A step by step course in making 3 different salsa's while having mango and tamarindo margaritas served fresh from the bar. The room is air conditioned for a brief escape from the sun. After the margaritas and salsa making, it's time learning the dance. Afterwards, there is beach or pool to lounge, buffet, and open bar. Lalo and staff are very informative and make the experience very pleasant. Salud!
Reviewer: John
5 Stars
More than we had expected.
April 18, 2019
This excursion was so much fun. We had a party of 10 family members and it was a time of laughter, learning, dancing and eating. I would would do this one again. Well worth the cost.
Reviewer: Bonnie Sentman
5 Stars
April 16, 2019
Salsa, Salsa and More Salsa! This was so much fun, the food and drinks were amazing! I would recommend doing this next time you are in town!!!
Reviewer: Brandi Sillavan
5 Stars
Fun day
April 12, 2019
Good food, lasted just a little too long
Reviewer: Rebecca French
4 Stars
A Great Alternative!
April 12, 2019
This excursion was a great alternative to the sun, sand, and water excursions. We learned how to cook three different salsas, drink different margaritas and learn salsa dancing. Lalo, the instructor was so much fun. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Gina Newell
5 Stars
So much fun
April 06, 2019
Wasn’t to keen on the salsa dancing when friends wanted to do this excursion, but all in all it was fun. You start out with a drink and then make 3 different salsas then learn a few salsa dance steps. It was a good experience. The salsa was sooooo good and I don’t really like guacamole but fresh is fabulous. Lalo was so fun great guide..
Reviewer: Michelle
5 Stars
Amazing Value
April 06, 2019
We couldn't believe how much this package came with. Salsa and guacamole cooking lesson, unlimited Mexican taco bar, unlimited alcohol and open bar, made-to-order frozen margaritas!! And it was a fun, easy to follow salsa dancing class. So fun and great memories plus photo opps! Would go again.
Reviewer: Alyssa
5 Stars
The very best excursion.
April 04, 2019
This shore excursion had proved to be the very best one yet. Very professionally done everyone was enjoying themselves and we got to meet and interact with several new friends. Can't say enough about this most enjoyable excursion. Don't miss it.
Reviewer: Roger Many
5 Stars
April 04, 2019
Best Excursion EVER!!
Reviewer: Livia
5 Stars
More fun than expected
March 27, 2019
Maybe it was the tequila, but we had so much fun letting Omar and friends not only teach us how to make authentic Pico de gallo, Mayan salsa and guacamole, but also give great instruction to some pretty toasty people on how to Salsa dance. The fun kept going as Omar was a witty, and very entertaining host. He needs his own show on Food Network.
Reviewer: Bruce Verrette
5 Stars
Fun, fun and more fun
March 26, 2019
I had so much fun. From the beginning, everyone made us feel at ease. Of course, the margaritas helped as well. Our instructors were amazing! Great tips for salsa and Salsa!!
Reviewer: Beverly W.
5 Stars
One of the best excursions ever!
March 25, 2019
We had so much fun on this excursion! Everything was perfectly and efficiently planned out. The chefs that taught us to make guacamole and salsa were very nice and knowledgeable and the non-stop margaritas and tequila shots were great. After cooking and dancing, we lounged in the pool and by the beach the rest of the day, partaking of the open bar and endless food buffet. This is by far one of the best excursions ever!
Reviewer: Mindy Pheterson
5 Stars
Salsa and sun fun!
March 21, 2019
Really enjoyed this excursion. Expected it to be good, but it was GREAT! Transportation was easy to find, Lalo was a FANTASTIC chef instructor plus bonus dance instructor. Thirteen y.o. girl felt completely at ease with everything, as did I, her mom. Resort and beach area exceeded expectations. Would do it again if in Cozumel!
Reviewer: Julie
5 Stars
Amazing experience- 5 stars
March 19, 2019
I was a bit apprehensive to book an excursion outside of the cruise line but this was the best decision! Everything was well planned and organized from the moment of check-in to the moment we arrived back at the ship. The chefs were so much fun and everything was delicious and interactive. We weren't totally sold on the salsa dancing in concept but it was a blast. Everything about this excursion was top notch, especially the price! And, not only was this significantly less expensive than through the cruise line, but they allowed us to leave whenever we wanted and just put us in a paid cab back to the ship. The cruise line excursion had set departure times or you were on your own. The beach was lovely and the facilities were clean. Service was A+. Highly recommend!!
Reviewer: Lauren
5 Stars
Salsa, Salsa and More Salsa!
March 14, 2019
This was one of the best excursions we have ever had. The resort was beautiful and Omar, who taught us how to make the three salsa's was great. He was very funny and knew what he was doing. He was also very entertaining. It was fun learning the moves to the salsa dance also. The lunch buffet was very good and the margaritas were delicious. I would highly recommend this excursion .for a fun outing.
Reviewer: William Blow
5 Stars
Lots of fun
March 14, 2019
Our chef was entertaining and actively engaged everyone in the class. Tequila flowed freely. And the various salsas you make were great. The quick salsa dance lesson was a nice touch. Definitely recommend.
Reviewer: Tom Salley
5 Stars
March 11, 2019
Everything was really great and we had fun
Reviewer: Debra Meadows
4 Stars
Memories made with salsa
March 08, 2019
We have travelled to Cozumel many times on cruises. To the point we seemed to be bored with getting off the ship. I decided to try this excursion as it was a little different. My husband and I had a blast. At first everyone on tour was quiet on the shuttle to the location. Soon we were escorted to location and introduced to our host. He taught us how to make salsa and guacamole with know how and tons of humour. By the end of the excursion we had new friends, that were both the hosts and the others on the excursion. Facility was very clean and good value for money. Will do again next time in Cozumel.
Reviewer: Cathrine Freeman
5 Stars
Salsa Tour
March 07, 2019
Another great tour! It was so much fun making the salsa with Omar. After we finished making our 3 different kinds of salsa, we got to enjoy it with some treats and then it was on to the dancing lesson. This tour was the best of all our tours! A must if you go to Playa Mia!
Reviewer: Shari Barham
5 Stars
Fun and different
March 02, 2019
A fun and different tour. Short walk from cruise terminal to sign in. Well organized and we were soon on our way to nice resort area. Class was a kick, gave us all the preparation materials and made a couple of salsas and guacamole. All the while the interesting and funny instructor was making sure everybody had plenty of tequila shots and margaritas. Afterwards we all learned the salsa dance, some better than others. Following the class and dancing we were free to enjoy the resort as long as we wanted and return as we wished by provided taxis to the ship. Very fun and nicely done, highly recommend.
Reviewer: Ray
5 Stars
March 01, 2019
didn't like salsa, didn't like now. fun time the guide was funny fun class. relax on the beach after. mango margaritas galore. awesome time.
Reviewer: kyle
5 Stars
February 26, 2019
So much fun! Delicious food, learned how to make salsa and guacamole, and the dancing was great! The resort was a perfect touristy day on the beach, exactly what we were looking for.
Reviewer: Ellen
5 Stars
A must do
February 26, 2019
Great food, unlimited drinks, very clean facilities. Our class was entertaining, the chef was engaging, talented, funny and professional, our bartender was attentive and fast when it came to refilling the best Margaritas I’ve ever had. Our Salsa dance instructor together with the Chef made a great team. Delicious food, awesome service, fun time. What else would you want in an excursion? All inclusive!
Reviewer: Estela
5 Stars
Great day, great salsa!
February 12, 2019
Making salsa at Playa Mia was delicious and fun. The chef d’jour gave great direction cooking and dancing. Getting to and from the beach was a breeze and the location was beautiful. We also enjoyed the open bar! It was everything it promised.
Reviewer: Blasko
5 Stars
I just might go again! Amazingly fun!
January 28, 2019
What sounded like a simple outing turned into what might be the highlight of our whole Celebrity Cruise. Every detail from the moment we met in front of the Hard Rock til we left was carefully orchestrated and the fun never stopped. Come prepared to Drink, Laugh, Drink and Make Salsa and Guacamole, eat and Drink...Then Dance! Each and every person involved did more than you can imagine to help make this the "high"lite if our vacation. We were a group of friends (9) and we cant wait to do it again! DO NOT MISS THIS ADVENTURE! They give you time to use the entire facility afterwards and enjoy the buffet served in a beautiful setting and there is even a place for the little guys...but the Class was more than enough fun for us! Salsa Salsa Salsa Salute to you!
Reviewer: Larry Berfond
5 Stars
Great resort
January 16, 2019
When we booked this we did not know it was taking place at a beautiful resort on the beach. There was a lot to do and see. A large covered patio (fit 100 or more people) with an open bar and buffet. There was a floating playground with slides, ping pong table, and more. We could leave whenever we wanted. This is how we spent Christmas day and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Reviewer: Lenisse Lippert
5 Stars
Great Day!
January 12, 2019
Omar was the best. We had so much fun making the salsa, drinking, and dancing. Don't let the dancing stop you from doing this it is the very basic salsa steps and they make it very easy. We would do this excursion again, it was a blast.
Reviewer: Fay Allison
5 Stars
The absolute most fun ever on any excursion.
January 11, 2019
From the moment we found the easy to get to kiosk right in front of Hard Rock....literally everything from transportation to the smallest of details were carried out in absolute amazing ways. The introduction to the open bars, the buffet and their beautiful facility were only topped by our fantastic Salsa Class. I didn’t think it possible that my group of friends could ever find a more enjoyable time anywhere. The chef, his assistant and even our paparazzi photog meshed in a way to be a wild and crazy afternoon of fun, with three recipes including salsas and guacamole...topped off with both amazing drinks and shots that kept on coming. We never made it to the beach and one of our group needed wheel chair assistance to the cab, but even then...smiles and fun were served to the max! Don’t miss this trip! It beats “ANYTHING” Disney ever put together! Gracias to the whole staff there!
Reviewer: Larry Berfond
5 Stars
December 21, 2018
We had a great time here. Plenty of food and drink. A very attentive and friendly staff. Loved learning how to make salsa and pico de galo. Don't miss this excursion!
Reviewer: Al Alvord
5 Stars
The best
December 10, 2018
This excursion was the best we have been on. The transfer went perfect, met at the Hard Rock to catch our taxi. Got to Mia Playa and our representative met us at the office. The resort was nice and the open bar was great. Very clean. Making salsa was fun and the group had a fantastic time. Margaritas and tequila were unlimited. Then we tried to learn to salsa. We have told all of travel agent friends about this excursion. we are going back again next August
Reviewer: Frank Wagner
5 Stars
Salsa, Margaritas and More
December 08, 2018
A fun time at a very nice facility. We learned to make 3 types of salsa while drinking amazing tamarindo and mango margaritas; and don't forget the tequila shots. We also had chips, cheese quesadillas, and taquitos the enjoy the salsa we made. The staff were excellent. Afterward we access to all of the facilities at Playa Mia including open bar and buffet. I highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Dan Fitzpatrick
5 Stars
Awesome time
December 05, 2018
Loved making salsa and drinking mango margaritas. Our instructor was so personable. The salsa dance lesson was great fun. Wish the day had been longer because we never got to use the waterpark of beach. We're going back in a few months to try the rest of Playa Mia
5 Stars
December 05, 2018
the resort that Salsa, Salsa and More Salsa is at is beautiful the food they had was tasty and the drinks were good, the beach are was inviting and they had a pool too. the food prep area is well designed and the Chefs were friendly and explained the steps well Go you'll have fun
Reviewer: Evelyn Brady
5 Stars
So much fun!
November 09, 2018
My daughter and I did this on my birthday cruise and because her bucket list includes taking cooking classes around the world. We were the only ones signed up that day so we had private lessons! It was a blast! Omar and the team were professional and so much fun! They celebrated my birthday and made me feel special.
Reviewer: Patricia Roberts
5 Stars
More Than I Imagined
November 02, 2018
I took this excursion a month ago and thoroughly enjoyed it! I've been to Cozumel a few times and I wondered what type experience could be different on this trip from ones in the past. My client actually found this one and it certainly fit the bill. Luis was our "master chef" and taught us how to make 3 types of salsa. Fun, fun! We had plenty of "adult beverages" to wet our throats while we worked. We also had salsa lessons and as a person with 2 Ieft feet, I wasn't the best dancer but still had fun. I attended with a friend group and we had the whole space to ourselves. There was plenty of room for the 14 of us and then some. We didn't have a lot of time for the beach, but it was also nice. Be careful of the Mexican sun and use plenty of sunscreen. Lockers are available if you'd like to use them to keep anything safe. Finally, the walk from the cruise pier is more like a brisk 10 min walk so allow plenty of time. Drop off after the excursion is closer and convenient.
Reviewer: Andrea
5 Stars
A MUST do!
October 23, 2018
This was a blast! Learn some fun things, eat, dance and drink unlimited great margaritas. What more could you ask for! Louis was a doll! Thanks for a fun time!!
Reviewer: Julia K Thayer
5 Stars
salsa, salsa very enjoyable
October 19, 2018
I would recommend this excursion, it had a little bit of everything, a day at the beach, food and drinks included, making salsa and salsa dancing, also not making the reservation with the cruise line saved me money
Reviewer: laura kobayashi
5 Stars
Salsa salsa and more
October 17, 2018
What an awesome excursion!! Learning, with a lot of fun and Tequila, how to make Salsa then learning to dance Salsa (with lots of Tequila in your system ) was hilarious!! The resort staff were AMAZING!! The beach and amenities were first class and I would absolutely recommend this tour to EVERYONE!!!
Reviewer: Julie Hurley
5 Stars
Good time had by all
October 10, 2018
This is a must do. We had a wonderful time. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. We made 3 different salsa/guacamole and drank the best margaritas. If you're worried abut the dancing don't. It was simple and fun. The resort/beach area was amazing. We will return on a future cruise.
Reviewer: Larry T
5 Stars
Salsa, Salsa & more Salsa!
September 25, 2018
"FANTABULOUS!!!" ;) Preparing the variety of dips was tantalising to the tastebuds!!! Learning the Salsa dance steps.....pulsating to the body!!! The ambiance of PLAYA MIA - AWESOME!!! From the water park slides to the open beach access and water activities.....a beach person's PARADISE!!!
Reviewer: Rashi
5 Stars
Fun & Unique
September 10, 2018
What a great time! This one our favorite excursion of the cruise. Tequila, Delicious Mango and Tamarin Margaritas, Salsa, Guac & Quesadillas, need I say more? The cooking class was a blast. The guide really incorporated fun aspects throughout. The dance portion was very basic, which I'm ok with! Afterwards we had hours to explore everything else Playa Mia has to offer, pools, all you can eat-drink, beachfront, inflatable obstacle course, water slides, and more. I would absolutely do this again!
Reviewer: Mike Zecchino
5 Stars
Fantastic time
September 10, 2018
My adult kids were very skeptical of this excursion but it ended up being the most favorite thing we did on our 1 week cruise! I loved making and eating the salsa we made and the margaritas very out of this world. Highly recommend this as long as you don't have young children.
Reviewer: Karen Folsom
5 Stars
Just Amazing
August 27, 2018
Upon arrival we were all greeted by the staff everyone in the group was asked to wear a name badge. We were asked what cocktail we wanted a choice of mango or tamarind. I picked tamarind....what a drink it knocked the socks off cocktails I’ve had before.... you didn’t just get one you got refills. The food preparation was excellent, I now know how to make authentic salsa. You were also given the email address to get the recipes. What made the event was we were all told every time you went to sip your drink you had to say ‘salute’ so you can imagine in the heat and getting caught up in talking you would forget, well the penalty was a tequila shot and the ensuing laughter of the group. We then had a short salsa dance lesson to end the day ( having had lessons before it was nice to brush up) the leader was excellent going at a slow pace for everyone. I have never laughed so much. If I ever visit Cozumel (I’m from England) again via a cruise this shore excursion would be it for me.
Reviewer: Sylvia Cleary
5 Stars
The absolute best excursion
August 20, 2018
This was one of our best excursions! The staff were wonderful and very attentive. The salsa we were taught to make was very tasty and so fun to make. They were kind and patient with the dance lessons as well - which we needed. Definitely a fun day and one of the highlights of our trip!
Reviewer: Liz Alons
5 Stars
Great Time
August 20, 2018
This was the best excursion that we booked the whole trip. Everyone Is nice, and helped us out the entire time. The tequila is smooth, and unlimited. You never run out. Food is good too.
Reviewer: Roy
5 Stars
Great Time!!
August 06, 2018
This was an excursion that was worth the money!!! It was a group of 9.. 5 were strangers, we paired well with them. Our instructor and his assistant were awesome. I want to go back to Cozumel just for the excursion... Gray Job!!!
Reviewer: Rhonda Alston
5 Stars
July 30, 2018
This excursion was so much fun. I would do this one again.
Reviewer: Deb Manthey
5 Stars
Wonderful eperience
July 16, 2018
Excellent. Coulnd't have raved any more about the great cook, his dishes and then the salsa dancing. A great opportunity.
Reviewer: Sandy Castellano
5 Stars
loved this one!
July 16, 2018
Cant begin to tell how much fun this excursion was. From Mango Margaritas to all the salsa we made and ate and to the salsa dancing we learned it was so entertaining by the hosts This is a must!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: L R
5 Stars
Really fun!
June 18, 2018
Really great time! Nice park with good beach, good buffet, good bar. Salsa salsa was really fun! Salsa, guacamole, tequila and salsa dancing....would highly recommend!
Reviewer: Robert tupper
5 Stars
Lots of fun!
June 11, 2018
This was a wonderful and fun filled excursion! We started the excursion with a buffet. Then we learned how to make salsa and guacamole. We were taught the basics of salsa dancing. There is a beautiful beach area and places to shop.The only suggestion is they should have shuttles closer to the port. The price included transportation to and from facility.
Reviewer: Patty
5 Stars
June 11, 2018
My daughter and I chose the Salsa Salsa and More Salsa excursion for our first cruise event. It was really good. Louis, the chef, did an outstanding job in the cooking lesson and our dance lesson was just as good. We had a great time and enjoyed our stay at the Resort. Really worth the time and money!!
Reviewer: Sue Todd
5 Stars
Had a great time!
June 01, 2018
Had no problem finding the excursion meeting point, excursion personnel were friendly and got us a taxi right away. The Playa Mia Park is beautiful with lots to do. Salsa, Salsa and More was a great fun time by all. We would do it again.
Reviewer: George Jones
5 Stars
Loved this Excursion!
May 14, 2018
We quickly located the contact point and was greeted by friendly people. We were personally taken to the taxi area and placed into a taxi (just the 2 of us). When we arrived, we were greeted and assisted as to what we would be doing. Omar and staff were friendly, drinks were plentiful, the salsa we made was yummy, and by the time we started to learn salsa, we were feeling very happy.
Reviewer: Lisa Young
5 Stars
Salsa and Salsa excursion
April 30, 2018
This was a great excursion. Worth the money! The chef was excellent and the location was great. I truly enjoyed the event and will recommend it to my clients.
Reviewer: Renee Wheeler
5 Stars
Very Fun For the Whole Family
April 30, 2018
This excursion was a blast. The kids had a great time. Chef and bartender were hilarious and great with our boys. The adult drinks were great and endless. The beach was fantastic.
Reviewer: Jason H.
5 Stars
Wonderful day
April 09, 2018
Began with a class preparing Salsa, led by Luis. This was well organized and very informative; then we got to enjoy the flavors. Of course, this began with the serving of incredible margaritas; mine was Tamarind. The dance instructions were easy to follow. Then the beach was a great place to relax prior to return to ship. Beautiful, colorful resort.
Reviewer: Tim
5 Stars
Fun, Fun and More Fun!
April 09, 2018
If you want something different, rather than sitting in a van, or getting dumped off at some beach resort that doesn't have enough chaise lounges for everyone, then do this! Our leader/chef/tour guide was great and we made the most delicious salsas. And learning to dance salsa after 90 minutes of eating drinking was a bit hilarious, but fun. The resort itself was well attended and there were plenty of facilities, chairs, etc. for everyone.
Reviewer: Karen Losin
5 Stars
March 24, 2018
Highly recommend this excursion! It was super fun and, most importantly, I felt safe and like the people at La Playa Mia had everything under control at all times. We had only one other couple with us in this salsa-making and salsa dancing lesson, so it was a fun, personalized time -- not awkward at all. Then, we had the freedom to continue to drink as much as we want and use the resort's water toys and water obstacle course, all to our hearts' content. We had an absolute blast. This served as a great option for us to indulge in Mexican tequila, as we chose not to pay a fortune for the drink package on the cruise.
Reviewer: Blaire Wilson
5 Stars
Ready to go Again
March 07, 2018
Wonderful day trip. We got off the ship and walked to the end of the pier. We met the person who gave us instructions. He took us to the taxi.We then were met at the resort and shown around and told the time we needed to be at the class. At that time, we were met by the chef and dance instructor who took us to the classroom along with the other 2 participants. We started laughing, drinking, cooking immediately. We made and sampled 3 different salsas. Then were also given more food to eat. Had the dance class. We had a photographer snapping away, as well as our own cameras. We laughed and enjoyed the whole class. After the class we were told to enjoy the park, the food, the drinks until a certain time. When we were ready, they got our taxi back to the pier. It was a fabulous day and we hope we can go back and do it again. the price was great. The cost of the taxi to and from was more than we paid for the whole day. I will definitely use Costco for more tours.
Reviewer: Pat Kline
5 Stars
March 03, 2018
Had a great time. Good casual fun. Omar and staff were delightful. Nice facility. Good dressing accommodations.
Reviewer: Mark Lindsay
5 Stars
Fun Beach Day
March 01, 2018
Highly recommend this excursion! What a fun-filled day at a beautiful beach that included an open buffet meal, drinks, beach chairs and pools. Great class learning to make 3 kinds of salsa (while enjoying delicious peach margaritas). Then a salsa dancing lesson. Plenty of leisure time to enjoy the water and sunshine at this clean and safe beach. Transportation by taxi provided straight back to the ship whenever you were ready to leave.
Reviewer: Chris Page
5 Stars
February 11, 2018
This is by far the best excursion we have ever taken, and we have taken more than we want to admit.
Reviewer: Joy
5 Stars
Salsa, Salsa and More!
February 03, 2018
This was one of the best excursions we have taken. It was so easy to find the tour representative at the end of the dock and he had us in a taxi right away. We arrived early so got to spend two hours on the beach. We were taken to a private area where a chef taught us to make two types of salsa and guacamole while we enjoyed unlimited margaritas. We then received quesadillas and torquitas to eat with our salsa before we had our salsa dance lesson. We then had more time on the beach and access to a lunch buffet and unlimited drinks. When we were ready to leave we were out in s taxi and headed back to port. Facility was clean, staff was friendly and helpful. A great day!
Reviewer: Darlene Beyer
5 Stars
Salsa Salsa more Salsa
January 16, 2018
Omg such an incredible experience and soooo much fun!! By far the best margaritas. Excellent salsas that we made. Our chef, assistant, bartender and photographer made our experience so entertaining and enjoyable. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Sarah M McKee
5 Stars
Salsa, salsa and more salsa!
January 15, 2018
This was the very best excursion! There were 6 in our group ranging in age from 14 to 54. The margaritas were delicious, the food was fabulous. Our host was funny and the class was engaging. I would do this excursion again tomorrow! Oh, the beach and pools were gorgeous! We needed more time to enjoy the amenities. Only suggestion is to be sure you check to see which port you dock at so you will go directly to the playa Mia booth ( we got a little lost trying to find the booth because we thought we were at another pier!)
Reviewer: Tina Interdonato
5 Stars
Dancing and salsa making
December 11, 2017
Oh my gosh, we had a great time. After making salsa, drinking a few too many margaritas, and learning a new dance we were tired. A good tired! Our chef was great, and everyone working there were very kind.
Reviewer: Cathy Prince
5 Stars
So much fun!!
December 11, 2017
This was one of the best experiences I’ve had on a shore excursions. The chef and his team were delightful. We learned to make three different salsas with fresh ingredients. The music and drinks made the atmosphere more relaxed and got everyone in the group engaged. We laughed, taste tested and had a great time! The dance lesson afterwards made the event so much fun. On the plus, Carnival charged about the same for a similar event; however, the open bar and buffet and access to the resort with this excursion gave us so much more bang for the bucks. The local vendors offered parasailing, jet skis and other activities on the beach. The beach was clean with accessible restrooms and pools. Would highly recommend.
Reviewer: Tanya
5 Stars
Fun, fun, fun.
November 23, 2017
Very friendly people all around. Enjoyed the Salsa making class. Even my wife discover the great taste of salsa's. Small class so, more personable. Got to learn the Salsa (dance). It was fun and I don't like to dance. Playa Mia was a beautiful place. Lots to do and so little time. I was even able to get my wife to go out to the water playground (she doesn't like swimming in deep water). Gorgeous beach. Open bar (even though we don't drink, they did have non-alcoholic drinks). The buffet was different types of food not just Mexican.
Reviewer: Joey and Heather Gambrell
5 Stars
Fun, Fun, Fun
November 09, 2017
We had a wonderful instructor and his assistant helping through out the entire time. made salsa's , drank plenty of yummy margaritas and then even learned how to do the salsa. Had an awesome time. would totally recommend this excursion
Reviewer: lori mccullough
5 Stars
Favorite Excursion
October 16, 2017
We enjoyed this excursion immensely. From start to finish, it was fulfilling and fun. The salsa making class was a blast and the three salsa varieties we learned to make were delicious. The salsa dancing part was fun and we were bummed it went by too quickly. The lunch they served was simple, but tasty. And the drinks? Oh, the drinks were stiff and plentiful...just how we like ‘em. Staff was friendly and engaging and made the whole experience that much better. The time at Playa Mia was enjoyable, as well. Free drinks, food and most recreational activities. What more could you ask for?
Reviewer: Dan Ziegler
5 Stars
Fun Fun And Food
July 21, 2017
Salsa and Salsa was fun and taste for the entire group. Our Chef was funny, talented and engaged the entire group. The drinks were free flowing and that added to the Salsa dancing at the end. This is not the first time we did this kind of tour and we will come back to this one again
Reviewer: J. Carlock
5 Stars
July 20, 2017
Fantastic!!! Made salsa, danced the salsa, and drank margirita's (which made the salsa dancing easier hahaha)
Reviewer: melissa
5 Stars
AMAZING Time with JOSE!!
June 14, 2017
Our group of 14 had an AMAZING time with Jose and his team. The salsa & Salsa dance was a perfect additional to our awesome trip!!
Reviewer: LaTanya Newell
5 Stars