Cozumel Shore Snorkel

Snorkeling excursion
March 18, 2019
Myself and my daughters had such a wonderful experience snorkeling. One of my daughters was nervous but our guide swam and pulled her around with us which put her at ease. The fish were beautiful to see... we took underwater videos that look great. Highly recommend. Have lunch there afterward. Amazing food.
Reviewer: Diane Amico
5 Stars
February 10, 2019
We had a great time exploring with the guide. After an hour we were able to explore on our own! Lockers for your belongings provided.
Reviewer: Donna Sheaffer
5 Stars
Best of both world
November 29, 2018
We really enjoyed our Snorkeling excursion. This was the first time our family of four tried snorkeling. The guided portion was exciting as we saw a variety of ocean-life! Once our guide finished the tour, he told us we could explore on our own as well. Great family experience!
Reviewer: Alicia Byrd
5 Stars
March 09, 2018
We are not good swimmers and so our guide went very slowly, starting out closer and more shallow first. He made sure to stop and let us rest and really made us feel safe. Fantastic service.
Reviewer: Kevin Bennett
5 Stars
Cozumel Shore Snorkel
November 28, 2016
Excellent. Our tour guide was fantastic - very helpful.
Reviewer: ruby fournier
5 Stars
Excellent tour guide made for a great experience t
April 27, 2016
Wasn't really expecting such personalized service and attention but it certainly enhanced our experience. I am not a very good swimmer and the guide picked up on that and made sure that I was comfortable and provided assistance as needed. He also went out of his way to point out various things to look at. Kids got tired toward the end and the guide helped pull them along back to shore. Very professional and well organized. Only negative is that the area where you get in the water is quite rocky and uneven and it was difficult to get fins on there without falling over but luckily we all managed without incident. Transportation to/from the ship was very straightforward and price was exactly what was advertised.
Reviewer: Larry
4 Stars
Good fun
April 06, 2016
Enjoyed the excursion
Reviewer: PM
4 Stars
A Great Experience!
March 25, 2016
This was our introduction to snorkeling. Our guide, Geronimo, took plenty of time with us, showing and helping us with the equipment, He explained and demonstrated what to do. We had a buoy to hold onto, as he took us in the water. We saw beautiful fish just off the shore! When he asked us if we could swim, which we could, he took us into deeper water to see a multitude of beautiful fish. He constantly checked on us to see how we were doing, This was just a wonderful experience! Many people were diving from the same location, and others with experience were also snorkeling. We loved it!
Reviewer: snorkeling novices
5 Stars
The guide was very helpful
March 09, 2016
Our guide was very helpful and accommodating. My husband and I enjoyed this activity. We saw lots of fish but the rocks leading us into the water were troublesome. I also had problems with water getting into my mask. Other than that, we enjoyed our trip. The woman behind the desk was quite helpful as well. This is a great experience for a beginner.
Reviewer: Retired couple looking for adventure.
4 Stars
snorkeling from beach
February 15, 2016
* easy taxi ride from pier * people friendly & organized * fresh water showers free
Reviewer: joan
4 Stars