Jamaican Beach Day

A Nice Day!
June 23, 2023
We had a great time on this excursion! Our driver and guide were friendly and helpful. We did a little sightseeing - I partcularly enjoyed the scenic views and visiting a very old, lovely church. I had thought the tour included more of the main downtown area, but perhaps I had misunderstood. No worries, though, the day was just great! At the beach club we were escorted to a quiet, pleasant area in the shade that overlooked the swimming area. Getting in and out of the water was easy, and we liked relaxing in the water while enjoying the DJ on shore. The music was fun but not overdone.
Reviewer: Rhonda
5 Stars
Perfect Weather
March 26, 2020
Our tour guides, Owen and Victoria, were great. Victoria was new, but was very professional and very informative. She and Owen seemed to work seamlessly together. My boyfriend and I really enjoyed our visit to Montego Bay beach. We were able to gather history and enjoy enough time on the beach as well. Out of our 3 excursions, I think this one was the best.
Reviewer: Carol F.
5 Stars