Falmouth Dunns River Falls and Area Highlights

Great Tour
November 21, 2017
We had a great guide. She talked to us the whole time and kept us entertained. We enjoyed all the stops for spices, shopping, and jerk chicken!
Reviewer: Matthew
5 Stars
May 22, 2017
The falls guides made sure we were safe, as this was a rushing-water experience. glad we did it! We gave our guide $10 since he was so careful, even though he could do the falls barefoot! It stretched our comfort zone but I would do it again. Then Darryl took us around the area in his van and masterfully drove nar---row roads without an accident! Can't forget our tour guide who loved Jamaica so - Alicia was very knowledgeable. The one thing hard about this tour was FINDING IT! We almost lucked onto finding Alicia; it wasn't well marked, or else we were blind.
Reviewer: Donna Deifel Smith
5 Stars
First Time To Jamaica
January 14, 2017
Very wonderful experience. Dunns River Falls is a must. Climbing up the falls and seeing all of the beautiful foliage was an experience everyone must do. The guides at the falls were very helpful and took a genuine approach to everyone's safety and well being while climbing the falls. After the falls, the sightseeing was great as well. We had our own personal tour guide so everything was laid back and we were able to take it all in without being in a rush to get back to our cruise ship. Radcliff was wonderful in taking us on a fabulous tour and showing us things off the beaten path. Thank you for such an enjoyable time while in Jamaica.
Reviewer: Mike Miller
5 Stars
Good variety
January 08, 2017
This was a good overall variety of Ocho Rios and the Falls
Reviewer: Faith Santiamagro
4 Stars
Excellent guide
December 14, 2015
Dunns river was good but extremely busy.guide was excellent n brought us to several different other places. Nice but ate lunch at 4pm, we were starving by then.
Reviewer: Na
4 Stars
Our Favorite Excursion
November 13, 2015
The Falls were a blast!
Reviewer: Deb & Larry
5 Stars
I will recommend it again and again
November 11, 2015
This was the best excursion I had while cruising. The guides were knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. We had a lot of fun. Will do it again in the future.
Reviewer: Lucy
5 Stars
Great tour, driver made sure we made the sail away
November 04, 2015
Great value. Dunns falls was a worthwhile trip
Reviewer: Dave
4 Stars
October 16, 2014
I was a little fearful at first about the Dunns Falls, but the guides made it a fun and exciting climb. Truly a must do. The highlight tour was made wonderful by our guide as well. We love Jamaica and no tour has ever been bad.
Reviewer: Pam
5 Stars
Unusal, but fun experience
October 09, 2014
This is quite challenging, but the guides are very helpful.
Reviewer: Carolyn
4 Stars
Great Excursion!!!
March 19, 2014
This is an experience we will never forget!!! Everyone in our family enjoyed it, from 6 years old to 47 years old. Though the falls were very crowded the day we went it was still an awesome climb to the top. Take your own camera!!! The guides will hold it and take pictures at each stop or wrap it in a plastic bag. They try an sell you on the video which is nice, but for 45.00 all you get is very close up images of your group and not the falls themselves. ALSO BEWARE---LOTS of tips needed!!! We were not prepared for all the tips. First you have two guides who pick you up at the ship, then they pass you off to two different tour guides at the falls (all wanting tips). Then when we went on the Highlights tour we had a different guide (another tip) and then each stop we made they too expected a tip. Though Denise the Spice men is very nice and we loved the experience of seeing all his spices. You can buy the spices or give a tip. Then when they take you to the pottery shop they too expect a tip! We really did love the personal guide and seeing the true Highlights of the area, we just did not expect all the different people we had to tip. All in all it is an awesome experience!!!!! Tour says it is only 3 hours long, we did not get back to the ship until 3:30 for the 4:00 departure.
Reviewer: Hocked on Cruising
4 Stars
Dunn river falls
December 05, 2013
You are able to choose the climbing path throughout the falls. Easier or more challenging. You would be able to do this several times. It would never be the same even when repeated!
Reviewer: Gail the gadabout
4 Stars
Amazing Experience!
November 18, 2013
Our tour guides made this trip amazing! They took us away from the tourist areas and showed us what the real Jamaica was all about. We got real fresh spices, true Jamaican Jerk Chicken, got to talk with the locals; all while our guides kept an eye on us and the time. Everything was perfect. Climbing Dunns Falls was amazing! Wouldn't change a thing!
Reviewer: Honeymooner034
5 Stars
Fun Time Had By All !!!
January 17, 2012
Had a great time at the falls.It was very thrilling climbing the rushing water feeling your way up the the steep incline.Would recommend if you have small children to put on life jackets and for everyone to wear sneakers ,the rocks are very slippery.And also if you have any elderly family with you to help them along with you. Between the rushing water and slippery rocks accidents can happen and probably will!!!
Reviewer: Chef Patty O
5 Stars
Perfect Excursion
December 13, 2011
This was so much fun. Climbing the falls and then being escorted to Spice Mountain and meeting Dennis. Tasting fresh sugar cane and spices. Fantastic.
Reviewer: Carolina
5 Stars