Beach Horseback Ride and Falls

Beach horseback ride & falls
March 08, 2019
This was a fun adventurous excursion. We had our 3 girls with us & they loved it! It was a fun way to see Jamaica.
Reviewer: Elaine Niskanen
5 Stars
Fantastic excursion
March 14, 2018
The horseback ride was nice. Not very long, but nice. We learned about some of the trees along the way and our guide was very nice. They had ppl at the beach that were selling local wares. It was a bit awkward as we were they only ones there and we don’t buy trinkets. The Falls was the highlight of our cruise. I would highly recommend this and I would do it again. The ppl who took us from the horseback ride to the Falls were amazing. Very prompt, fun to talk to and still professional. It was a great experience!
Reviewer: Carol D
5 Stars
Great experience
May 12, 2016
The tour guides were so knowledgable and so nice. They answered all of our questions. We had so much fun in the ocean with the horses. It was defiantly a once in a lifetime experience! Dunns river falls was so much fun. Climbing up the waterfall hand in hand with your group was exhilarating !!
Reviewer: Nicole
5 Stars
Horseback riding
April 15, 2016
Ours guides were the best that you could ever want!
Reviewer: Cj
5 Stars
Such a wonderful excursion
March 24, 2016
We loved the experience, it was truly a thrill of a lifetime!
Reviewer: Jeff
5 Stars
Amazing Experience
March 24, 2016
This experience is not to be missed. My husband and I still talk about the horseback riding (you actually ride the swimming horses in the water, not just a ride along the shore!). It was an amazing, once in a lifetime experience! The falls were beautiful as well - a lot of fun! The guides and drivers were all great, and the drivers were VERY informative about their country. We really appreciated them!
Reviewer: Kim W.
5 Stars
Awesome horses and falls
February 21, 2016
Make sure you bring a water proof camera to capture the fun! No need to wear long pants for the horseback riding, you can just use a towel to protect your legs. The ride on land is kind of short but the ride in the ocean was unique and fun. Climbing the water fall was a lot of fun, be prepared to be wet! The only annoying thing was that they tried to make us all hold hands a bunch which made climbing awkward at times. There were a lot of groups though so I'm sure it was to keep us all together. But the guides do a good job of helping you take photos so you won't only have close up selfies.
Reviewer: Super j
4 Stars
if we had had more people it would have been more
February 19, 2016
I think it would have been funnier, and more exciting with additional participants. We both managed to stay on our horses that did gallop through the water, definitely unique. From the ship, we had some difficulty finding the tour van, and then the other 6 people were doing different excursions than we were. So we were dropped off and later picked up for trip to Dunn's river falls that the others did while we were riding horses. We were then dropped off at the Falls, nothing but our swimsuits, no wallets, towels, change of clothes. The van was late retreiving us and I got cold and worried. Falls were fun, because we met friends for the climb.
Reviewer: Nancy
4 Stars
Great value with this excursion
January 21, 2016
The horseback riding experience was great. We had a good guide who pointed out the remnants of a historical plantation as we rode through on our way to the ocean. We had a bit of a wait at the shore, but were entertained by the stories of a few locals who had some wares to sell. The woman who waded out into the ocean to take pictures of us riding by on our horses got some great shots. The pictures were extra, but well worth the price of $15. The horses looked well-kept and the grounds were in good condition. There is a only a porta potty available at this site. After riding the horses we drove another 10 miles to the Falls, but due to highway construction there was a massive traffic jam and it took us an hour extra each way to and from the Falls. Our trip guide got us out to the Falls quickly and our guide at the falls was helpful and knowledgeable. He often took pictures of us at various scenic points with our camera if requested. There is also a videographer sent along the falls with each group and you are able to purchase the video at the end of the climb for $40. I enjoyed watching my video and would say that this purchase is worth it also. The only disappointment was the lack of time at the end of the trip to do any shopping in Falmouth. Because of the traffic delays our entire shore time was taken up with the beach horseback ride and falls trip.
Reviewer: traveler
5 Stars
Awesome Ride
August 13, 2015
Beautiful horses, great experience
Reviewer: Bridgette
4 Stars
Couldn't of been better
June 21, 2014
The whole trip was great!!! We all had a great time. It was our 13 year old sons first time on a horse and he loved it. They were very accommodating and helpful. It was very nice getting to go on this excursion with a small group. We only had 6 in our group and had very attentive guides. They pointed out some interesting facts as we rode through the countryside then took great care of us as went in the water. On the way back we went by ruins of an old sugar mill. I feel like I learned more about the history of Jamaica. That's a terrific way to have a history lesson. :) The falls were beautiful and we all enjoyed climbing them. It was a wonderful day. I would love to do it again. We did a tour like this many years ago and never thought we would be able to do both the falls and horseback riding in the water again. We really wanted our kids to be able to do this. Thanks for giving us the opportunity and doing a fantastic job!!!
Reviewer: Bob and Kim
5 Stars
Good stuff
May 19, 2014
It was a good excursion. I thought it would be more adventurous. The horseback riding was fun but too slow for me. The group was a bit too big and because of that we kept stopping often. Also, there were two kids (under 10) that slowed our horseback riding experience. They did not really have an adequate snack for us though...we got a few chips of plantains that they asked us to share with each other. And a small cup of juice. The snack was was dried fish and fried plantains..i just wish they gave each person a small batch and not a small batch for like 4 people. The waterfall was awesome! But it was crowded...yet we still had fun. The guides were very enthusiastic. Buy your own water shoes at home though because it's much cheaper to buy them for like $8 than rent for more.
Reviewer: Anna
4 Stars
Great Excursion .....
December 31, 2013
The horseback ride was great....The group was very small (4 guests and 2 guides) so it was personalized. The guides gave a lot of history of the area and some ruins that you pass. The guides had an accent that was hard to understand sometimes. Compared to a similar excursion offered through the cruise line we were in the ocean much longer because we had a much smaller group. We enjoyed Dunns River Falls as well. Our guide Wilson was great. You walk up the falls holding hands with the person to either side of you. The only bad part about this was while walking out you are pressured into buying trinkets that you may not want. We found that they leave you alone if you tell them you have no money.... We were disappointed that there was no lunch stop included in the excursion because you leave before lunch and get back at dinner time.
Reviewer: Just Cruisin...
4 Stars
awesome excursion
October 02, 2013
horse part of the excursion was not good for unexperianced riders. Some of the horses did not listen and scared other guests. I had a fun time though
Reviewer: fun with horses and falls
4 Stars
Great experience
April 04, 2013
Staff was excellent.
Reviewer: No problem
5 Stars
Simply Epic!
January 10, 2013
Guides were accommodating and had customer service. Not one thing I could say that they could do differently. You guys are amazing!!
Reviewer: The Coloradans
5 Stars