Falmouth Overview and White Water River Tubing

Fun excursion
September 15, 2022
All of our family and friends thoroughly enjoyed this excursion. Our guides were key in making this fun. Make sure you bring a towel.
Reviewer: Adrian Moss
5 Stars
River Ride
March 28, 2019
What a great way to take in the sights of Jamaica ad learn about the local flora and fauna! Our guide, Kemo, was very knowledgeable about the history and local culture and shared tidbits of information aboutall things Jamaican. We learned a bit of the language while we rode the river. The Rio Buenos can flow gently or move swiftly, but Kemo kept us safe and entertained. Definitely give this a try!
Reviewer: Andrea
5 Stars
Relaxing tubing
May 27, 2018
This was a relaxing time tubing down the river. Everything was great!
Reviewer: Karen Folsom
5 Stars
Great people!
April 09, 2018
Our driver, the tubing guide, and everyone we met during this excursion were incredibly helpful and friendly! The tubing was fun, but it was the people who made this excursion so much more! I would definitely do this again, just to see the people who made this so much fun. Recommended, you can't go wrong!
Reviewer: Pete Marion
5 Stars
Falmouth River Tubing
March 12, 2018
Fun! Fun! Fun! Our group of 8 (all 60 & over) had a blast! Our guides, Rick & Biggie, were great. There were enough rapids to make this a fun ride. Would highly recommend this excursion. Our only complaint was that we were not given any time to enjoy the beautiful beach at the end.
Reviewer: Patty Gallagher
5 Stars
Great Time!
January 30, 2018
We enjoyed the white water river tubing. Our tour guide, Davian was great! We had a lot of fun and he was very knowledgeable on Falmouth and the river. I would highly suggest this excursion, very relaxing and fun!
Reviewer: Kim Robinson
5 Stars
Family tubing
January 17, 2018
This was great fun. The excursion was limited to a small group of people (~16). This was split into smaller groups when we arrived at the river. We had a guide for the four of us (wife and two daughters). This guy basically took care of us and made sure we didn't get hurt. We explored the falls at the start of the trip and he made sure we didn't fall down and bust our chops. The trip down the river was quite fun. Lots of rapids. Our guide had us hold on to the handles of each others tubes and we went down the river together. He was on a separate tube and kept us of the rocks. Very personable and fun. The river flows into the ocean. At the end of the tubing trip we were transferred to rafts and towed to a private beach for transport back to the ship. We spent about 30 minutes there. Local jerk chicken and drinks were available for purchase. The chicken was excellent and I felt safe eating it as all the locals and the guides were eating.
Reviewer: Boyd Shingleton
5 Stars
Enjoyable Tubing Down River
December 18, 2017
This excursion was amazing! It was just our group, and by group I mean couple, so it made it that much more fun. Our guide, Lesley, was amazing! He took us up stream a bit to see some waterfalls and explore areas connected to the tubing experience; he called it an extra tour. That made it that much better because he made it not just about the tubing adventure, but an adventure period. The water was a bit chilly but warmed up rather quickly too. The overall surroundings made the tubing adventure that much more fun. I do wish we had more rapids, but hey, it was still great! The only downside was not doing the rope swing; they don't really want you to do it but will stop if you insist. Afterwards, we were dropped off on a beach and were able to do a bit of swimming. There was a small shop for shopping and grabbing a bite to eat, and they did not hound you to buy anything. Overall, this excursion was very enjoyable and I would definitely recommend it for all ages!
Reviewer: Ashley Hobbs
5 Stars
Fun water tubing
November 24, 2017
This was a fun adventure and I would recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Karen Folsom
5 Stars
Fun Excursion
December 05, 2016
This was a fun excursion, more calm water than rapids. The river was clear and refreshing, our river guide and driver were fun and gave us fun information about history of the area and the river.
Reviewer: Sandi
4 Stars
Fun for the family!
June 10, 2016
We enjoyed ourselves.
Reviewer: Livin' Life
4 Stars
Great Family Experience
April 19, 2016
We Were lucky enough to have Darlin as our guide. He was amazing. He made sure we were all safe. There were 4 of us, 2 kids ages 12 and 15. We all enjoyed the excursion so much and would absolutely do the same one again next time. It was just the perfect amount of small rapids for our family. The lazier sections were also so nice. So nice to have such a small group, just our fam of 4 and the guide.
Reviewer: Traci
5 Stars
We had a great experience
April 18, 2016
My nephew is still talking about the trip
Reviewer: Kevin F.
5 Stars
February 24, 2016
If you're looking for something wild - this is not it. Good for a very moderate activity. But it was still fun.
Reviewer: Karista
4 Stars
October 21, 2015
Water was very cool. Guide was very helpful.
Reviewer: Cookie
4 Stars
Fun and relaxing
July 15, 2015
We went down the river as a family 4 of us and 1 guide we saw many groups of 10-12 people we had much more personal service
Reviewer: Rick
4 Stars
relaxing excursion that will cool you down
May 14, 2015
Our guide Marcus, was easy going, informative, knowledgeable and fun. We meet him inside the Falmouth, Jamaica port and he proceeded to take us on a driving tour of the highlights of the area in an air conditioned van. He pointed out all the native plant, animal life on the island and gave us a short history of Falmouth. Our river guide fitted us with life vests then escorted us and another couple on a five minute walk with our inner tubes up to a landing spot. He gave us detailed instructions as what to expect on our ride. We floated down the river rather peacefully until we encountered at least five rapids on the way down. At one point a small boat meet us and which we transferred to and was taken from the mouth of the river into the ocean and then onto the beach. It was so relaxing, calming and fun too!
Reviewer: Couple #2
5 Stars
Fun time
April 08, 2015
Guide was great
Reviewer: Dave
5 Stars
Tubing at its best!
February 14, 2015
Our guide, Errol, made this trip totally awesome. He made us feel safe at all times and we were very impressed with all his knowledge about the river. So much fun! The picture we purchased is a favorite and they did a terrific job of taking photos while we floated. We recommend to take some cash for local souvenirs. Great jerk chicken at the end of the float. Top notch.
Reviewer: Adventurous Old Folks
5 Stars
Everything and more!
February 12, 2015
I was a little concerned that it would be too rough - it was just right. Perfect, sure a little bumpy but to show you how easy it was, my niece and I were snapping photos and taking video. Of course, I was like, ""That's an $800 IPHONE"" still we got through and stopped at a charming beach. I wish I had bought the pictures they were selling and did not photograph myself! The guides were terrific, funny, pleasant and really caring.
Reviewer: Victor travels with Niece
5 Stars
Personalized tour
January 29, 2015
Small group excursion. It was great.
Reviewer: Monica the traveler
4 Stars
Really fun and excellent staff!!!!
November 29, 2014
The staff was very friendly!!! and we felt our stuff (purse, backpacks, etc..) secure while the excursion... the price for this excursion its really good!!!!
Reviewer: Junito
5 Stars
Good fun!
June 10, 2014
Our family of nine did this excursion, ages from 58 to 10. Our ship got in pretty close to excursion time, but our excursion representative was waiting patiently for our group. He was so friendly and shared so much about the country and culture, very informative. We had a 20 minute drive to river and there were met by the river staff who geared us up with life jackets & hats and tubes. Two guides went on their waterboards alongside us to keep us safe and entertained us along the way. There were a few white water areas that made the float great fun. A place along the way to relax, swim, float and/or swing out on a rope into the river. Close to end met a boat that pulled us on a raft to the beach where we could purchase food & drinks and use restroom. The guide then took us back stopping at good picture points and historical points. You won't be disappointed.
Reviewer: Lynn the watergirl
5 Stars
Great Fun! Small Group!
April 20, 2014
We had a great narrated tour of the town and part of the island. We then went to a very well organized, well equiped rafting/tubing company that showed us a fun, exciting trip down the river Columbus discovered! The guide was fantastic! The pictures they took were a highlight of the cruise. This little adventure should be one of your big recommendations!
Reviewer: Steve B.
5 Stars
Nothing but fun!
June 19, 2013
A fun thing for anyone. Kids and all! My 4 year old and 13 year old had a blast. All of the tour guides were amazing.
Reviewer: Law Mom
5 Stars
Great fun!
April 04, 2013
I liked that this was organized on a local basis. It gave a much more authentic flavor to the experience than cruise line-based. Yet it was extremely well organized and seemed safe.
Reviewer: Judy
4 Stars
Great Excursion and Company
February 01, 2013
My husband and I really enjoyed this excursion on a recent cruise. Very professional and friendly staff. After leaving the port area, we traveled for approximately 30 min to the river with a stop for a great view of the ocean, including the end of the river where our tour would end. The river and surrounding is beautiful...lush greens on the sides. We did the tubes down the river which was thrilling with the rapids and relaxing in between. At the end, transferred to a raft to be puled by a boat into the bay and beach area. Very beautiful. If you want more adventure try the body boards...they looked like a lot of fun.
Reviewer: CLR
4 Stars
Better than Expected Fun
December 19, 2012
Wonderful time in the river. Enjoyed the drive there also to see some of Jimaca.
Reviewer: Boots
5 Stars