Dolphin Royal Swim and Turtle Farm

February 27, 2020
This was a wonderful excursion. I’ve done a dolphin swim before in Jamaica but this one was much better.
Reviewer: Carolyn Pierce
5 Stars
Dolphin Royal Swim and Turtle Farm
January 21, 2020
Our family had a wonderful time both at the Dolphin Royal Swim and Turtle Farm. Staff was excellent and created memories we will never forget.
Reviewer: Kathleen Orsi
5 Stars
August 23, 2019
The best excursion on my travels! Get the best package its worth it for the experience and smaller group.
Reviewer: Tim Babe
5 Stars
Dolphin Royal Swim and Turtle Farm
April 18, 2019
This was incredible! It is definitely worth getting the royal package for the foot push!
Reviewer: Laura Morgan
5 Stars
Highly Recommended
February 09, 2019
Awesome excursion - lots of time in the water with the dolphins. Great facility... plenty of room and space for those not participating to get great pictures.
Reviewer: Harry Hoff
5 Stars
Dolphin Royal Swim and Turtle Farm
March 13, 2018
This excursion will not disappoint!! You will have an experience of a lifetime. The dolphins were amazing!! To be able to be in the water with them and interacting with them on such a personal level was truly unforgettable!! The group was small (our family of four and another family of five) and the instructor/trainer was super knowledgeable and friendly. You even have your own paparazzi assigned to your group for photos!! far as the Turtle Farm goes...we chose to by-pass that and headed to the beach for some snorkeling...although we did hear from others that the turtle farm was fun!
Reviewer: Leigh Ann Stephens
5 Stars
Dolphin Royal Swim and Turtle Farm
February 21, 2018
It was the first time I ever swam with Dolphins and I loved it! I'm not a swimmer and I had no problems in the water, thanks to the life vest. Great experience! Would do again! I didn't get a chance to visit the Turtle Farm.
Reviewer: Monica Reynolds
5 Stars
Dolphin Swim Fantastic!!
December 19, 2017
We did the Dolphin swim and stingray package and it was absolutely the best excursion of the whole cruise. Recommend the swim over the encounter package. Our group was only six people and trainer Annie was great and very informative. Encounter groups were much larger and less interaction with the dolphin. Photo package pricey but using your own camera not permitted. Highly recommend!!
Reviewer: Terry Ryckman
5 Stars
Excellent time with the dolphins
April 13, 2017
This was a fun, professional, interactive excursion that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Thanks for the memories
Reviewer: Colleen Jerger
5 Stars
March 10, 2017
Wonderful Host/Leader-Carlos! He was very helpful, fun, informative & I love the pictures I came home with...the turtle farm seemed sad, but maybe turtles don't need so much room to have a good life? I could have enjoyed a talk about them, but that didn't seem to be offered.
Reviewer: Alison
5 Stars
Lots of fun
December 05, 2016
There are groups of people coming and going all day. We purchased this excursion prior to boarding the cruise ship. The group that signed up after boarding had 15 people, while we only had 4. Both groups had the same amount of time, so having only 4 in our group allowed us mush more personal time to be with and Play with the dolphins. We had a great time. They we really good with a handicapped guest from another group. Two thumbs up here!
Reviewer: Tim & Barb Kotesovec
5 Stars
wonderful experience
August 19, 2016
What a wonderful experience. As we exited the boat there were taxi/buses who took us to the facility. once at the facility we were treated to a most memorable experience. we swam in the infant pool with precious dolphins. the sea turtles were very impressive. and right across the street.
Reviewer: Kathy Powell
5 Stars
March 17, 2016
Memorable could have used more time
Reviewer: Paul
5 Stars
Great time with the Dolphins
March 16, 2014
This was really fun. The small group of four was excellent. It was only an hour, but we were with the Dolphins the whole hour, usually two or more or them. Pictures were available, but no videos. The best transportation are the local ""bus"" service. You will find them outside the fence, on the road, after leaving cruise ship. $2.50 per person instead of $25 for a taxi. They look like mini vans and have colored circles with letters on front or front bumpers. they beep when they see you on the sidewalk. Tell them were u want to go. They pick up many passengers. It is worth the price just to be around the locals.
Reviewer: Bob the Dolphin lover
5 Stars
Amazing Experience
January 09, 2013
I had a great time, it was a once in a lifetime experience. Along with being very exciting it was also very educational and it is amazing getting to see how smart the dolphins actually are. A little on the expensive side but it was a great experience.
Reviewer: Jamie
5 Stars
January 03, 2013
We have done dolphin swim before but this time was with 2 dolphins and they provided us more than twice much fun,in fact more than I expected! My 8 years old daughter loved it! The most fun fun part was standing on the nose of 2 dolphins! We were 8 people in the group but only 3 of 8 were able to stand on the dolphins nose.i was lucky to have lady instructor helping to position my knees in the right way,and stayed close to me. My 8years old daughter couldn't stand up,I wished she got more guidance by instructor.The tric I found was to lock your knees and squeeze your butt tight at the same time.
Reviewer: Nickie
5 Stars
worth every penny
June 11, 2012
This was something on my bucket list and it far exceeded our expectations...we ended up buying the cd with all the pics of the day of us having a great time with the dolphins...and the dvd for around 130.00///so glad we did ...our family and friends after seeing the pics and movie want to go too....tip..if you go outside the fence after leaving cruise ship there is very reasonable transportation to the dolphin adventure...look like mini vans and have diff color circles with letters on front or front bumpers...they will beep when they see you on the sidewalk walking..or standing...and tell them where u want to go...they pick up passengers and drop off many people on the way to or from..many are people who live and work on the island but they only charge $2.50 per person to and from..much cheaper than 25.00 taxi one way...most travelers dont realize this is available ...the taxi drivers sure dont want you to know...but the drivers were so nice and always available ..and was nice to meet people that live and work there in Grand Cayman..
Reviewer: MiMi the nurse
5 Stars
Experience of a lifetime!
April 23, 2012
Been to Sea World many times but this time all eleven of us were IN the pool with the Dolphins. Our group was grandparents, parents and kids, all the way from 65 to 4, we all had a wonderful time. Not rushed, instructor was patient, knowledgable and fun. Loved this!!
Reviewer: Nanc
5 Stars
A Fantastic Experience
April 18, 2012
A good experience all around though smaller groups would enhance the overall experience.
Reviewer: Peg
5 Stars
Truly worth the cost, a great time!
February 07, 2012
Great experience. I went because my wife wanted to and ended up having a great time. The trainers were very knowledgeable and helped up understand what they were doing with the dolphins. Getting to interact with the dolphins was a wonder. Feeling their power as they pulled or pushed me through the water was thrilling.
Reviewer: Joe
5 Stars
Awesome Adventure
June 28, 2011
This was a great adventure. Just a thought about how dolphin discovery cove sells the pictures........ They made us a ""deal"" for [$] they would give us all the pictures we took which was 125 pictures that they snapped of the adventure and they made it seem like adding the video was a big value when in fact the video was only 4 MINUTES ..... that was a big disappointment. Other then that, the experience itself was wonderful. My 12 yr old son, myself and my husband all participated in this excursion.
Reviewer: Lee
5 Stars