Certified Grenada Two Tank Dive

scuba diving
February 12, 2019
Great dive, really liked the sculptured statues underwater. Schooner wreck was full of lots of fish. Reefs were colourful and healthy. Staff did a great job as well.
Reviewer: Linda Andress
5 Stars
OK Expierience with Eco Dive Grenada
February 24, 2018
First dive site was a healthy reef. Second site was the sculpture park, which was OK, but not something I'll go out of my way to see again. Eco Divers is a small shop, which was part of the appeal when I dived with them in 2015. This time, the crew seemed indifferent, not bad, but not engaged either. I would dive with them again, as it's convenient from a cruise ship, but I would look for other options first.
Reviewer: Steve Pratt
3 Stars
Good Diving experience
March 17, 2017
I enjoyed diving in Grenada. The areas selected were good with a max depth around 60'. The last spot had the famous underwater statues to see and photograph. The captain of the boat and the dive master were good but were very "hands off". There was no safety brief from the dive master which I thought was strange. The crew also didn't really help with the gear, whether it was rental or your own. But overall is was a good experience.
Reviewer: Chris Howe
4 Stars
I would definitely use Shore Excursions again.
February 20, 2016
It was a great dive. Ive used this company before. Will continue using them. Would prefer smaller group that does not include snorkelers.
Reviewer: Kyle
4 Stars
So much fun!!!!
December 26, 2015
After spending a week scuba diving Granada the year previous took us to points we had not previously seen. They were extremely helpful in helping us get the most out of these dives.
Reviewer: Michelleing
4 Stars
Great Dive Experience
December 23, 2014
Great Guides and Excellent dive site at Flamingo Bay. Would do it all again.
Reviewer: Seminole in Crimson Tide Territory
5 Stars
Great Diving in Grenada
February 12, 2014
A great group of people and really fun diving
Reviewer: Grand Omnipotent Stomper
4 Stars
Great dive. Love Grenada
February 14, 2013
Do not hesitate . Great dives. Want to go back! Crew great
Reviewer: Joy is a mermaid
5 Stars
Grenada was GREAT!!
February 06, 2013
Guides were very experienced and they took their time showing us all the interesting sights we saw in the waters. Unique underwater sculpture park there too.
Reviewer: VJ the diver
4 Stars
Great dive
December 12, 2012
Great diving, water and weather was great. Guides were friendly and helpful. Would definitely go again with this company.
Reviewer: donnaml98
5 Stars