Day at a Small Beach Resort

Day At A Small Beach
March 06, 2020
This Beach is a Great Place. The Staff is very friendly, the beach is very tranquil, & the food is Excellent!!!! I recommend this shore excursion to all. You will really enjoy it.
Reviewer: James DeLeon
5 Stars
Day at small beach
February 20, 2020
Had a nice day! Food was excellent ! Friendly atmosphere .
Reviewer: John Bellay
5 Stars
Wonderful !
February 13, 2020
This is a great shore excursion+ Beautiful quiet beach. Comfortable beach chairs. Shade from trees available. Lovely breeze. Very good lunch with fabulous rum punch. Would definitely do this again. Price wise this is a very good deal. My favorite excursion on this whole cruise and a good way to get away fro the crowds..
Reviewer: Linnea Nystrom Masson
5 Stars
February 09, 2020
This resort is a very cute place to stay. Loved the owners, very friendly. The food and drinks were very good too.
Reviewer: Karen Hyser
5 Stars
Loved it
February 09, 2020
this resort was a very quaint, cute place. The owners were VERY friendly and the food and drinks were very good.
Reviewer: Steven Hyser
5 Stars
January 24, 2020
Beautiful resort & breathtaking scenery! Would do/go again!!
Reviewer: TRS
5 Stars
Beutiful Beach
January 20, 2020
Beach was great Food was good Sun was hot
Reviewer: G Heath
5 Stars
Bohio, Gorgeous beach
September 14, 2019
This was our favorite excursion of all, the beach was simply gorgeous. The food at resort wasn’t great. It was worth swimming and spending time in the clear waters.
Reviewer: P Johnston
4 Stars
Private Beach Was Nice
September 01, 2019
For the price, this seemed a little costly for what you get. However, when you are on these ships, there are always people EVERYWHERE. So if you like a little solitude or a smaller crowd, this excursion is for you. The resort was nice and we could use their free Wi-Fi. Price included a yummy lunch there at the resort, one cocktail, access to the beach and a lounger. Transportation is not included, but when we got off the ship, the taxi drivers knew right away where we wanted to go. Cost was $8 per person each way. We had 10 in our group and we got in one van. The water was beautiful and the beach had a little shade, which was welcome relief. Probably would do this again.
Reviewer: Sara K Roach
4 Stars
Small beach
August 27, 2019
Highly and seclusion all wrapped up in one.
Reviewer: Dominique
5 Stars
Day at the small beach resort
August 03, 2019
We had fun!
Reviewer: Ruby Balbido
5 Stars
Relaxation at its best!
July 31, 2019
This was the perfect excursion to end our cruise with. Short ride from the dock to this small resort! Friendly staff. Lunch was wonderful! Highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Becky Celano
5 Stars
Nice and relaxing
July 31, 2019
The resort staff was very welcoming. The food was great. The beach was clean, inviting, and great for swimming or just lounging. I would not think twice of going back there.
5 Stars
Beach Excursions
July 17, 2019
This was by the best beach Excursion I had even my driver said it was one of the best best beaches and the best thing about it is even when it got busy it was still only like 20 people in total there it was so private, the service was amazing we chose our meal time and the food and drinks were great and free it was not a additional price. We did have to pay 8 dollars a piece for the taxi but it was worth it because carnival excursion can be so packed you can barely enjoy it. So I definitely recommend this excursion for families or just a couple. If was PERFECT and CHEAP.
Reviewer: Mayah
5 Stars
Loved it!
July 02, 2019
We selected this excursion so we could have a nice, relaxing day at the beach & that's exactly what it was! Much less crowded than the beaches when you first get off the cruise ship. The lunch & smoothies were delicious, but most of all, the beach & water were the most beautiful thing we saw on our trip! The only negative is that the transportation to the resort isn't included.
Reviewer: Emily Hansen
5 Stars
Beautiful intimate resort
May 27, 2019
My wife and I came here for a day trip while our cruise ship was in port. The resort was very nice, the staff super friendly and helpful. The lunch was the absolute best meal I had all week. Fresh seafood! Loved the konch fritters! I would recommend this resort to anyone.
Reviewer: Robert
5 Stars
Day at a small beach
May 09, 2019
Very nice private beach, Beautiful scenery, the food was delicious, the service was great. was able to sit by the beach in the sand under an umbrella, the water was beautiful and there were donkeys walking around the beach. they had water sports available for an additional charge. It was just a little bit pricey for what was included.
4 Stars
Enjoyable Resort
April 18, 2019
We enjoyed the day at the small resort. We were taken to a reserved part at the beach with chairs and a umbrella. As part of our day, we were treated to a delicious lunch of the local seafood. We thoroughly our day and would go to this resort again.
Reviewer: Sandra Shumaker
5 Stars
Fun in the Sun
March 28, 2019
The resort was small but the service and the beach were excellent. The ride to the resort from the pier gave us a quick peek at the island.
Reviewer: Chuck Miller
4 Stars
Relaxing beach with shaded sitting
March 28, 2019
We enjoyed the vast beach and clear waters. The half clam-shell shaded seating was well worth the little extra amount to allow for comfortable resting on the beach. Great spot for taking pictures with our cruise ship in the background.
Reviewer: Mike Farrell
4 Stars
private beach and lunch
March 25, 2019
Quiet resort, lovely beach and water. Some shade. Good lunch provided by friendly staff.not much to see on the way there. Still visible hurricane damage from 2018 so please support the community.
Reviewer: Peter Handy
4 Stars
Day at a Small Beach Resort
March 12, 2019
Lovely Beach....not crowded. Our lunch was excellent, sitting on a covered porch overlooking the ocean ...rum punches hit the spot. Staff was friendly and service was excellent. We enjoyed our day there. Will do this again when we return to Grand Turk.
Reviewer: S Jean Burnett
5 Stars
Highly recommended!!!
March 09, 2019
The whole tour was very organized from the beginning. The meet-up place was very easy to find, the taxi driver was so knowledgeable, and friendly. The food at the resort was excellent, the water was gorgeous, and best of all, it wasn't very crowded. Would highly recommend and would definitely do again!
Reviewer: Aresha Robinson
5 Stars
Awesome excursion
February 28, 2019
It was wonderful to get away to this private beach for the day and enjoy the awesome lunch and drink provided. I would highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Heather Daigle
5 Stars
Turks Resort
February 16, 2019
The staff was friendly and accommodating. The meal was excellent and large portions. Pristine water and a clean private beach.
Reviewer: Terry Thomas
5 Stars
day at a small beach resort
January 24, 2019
very relax and less crowded at this beach resort! It would be easier if tour also included the taxi/shuttle to this private beach.
Reviewer: s chotiwani
5 Stars
Secluded Beach
October 27, 2018
Good tour away from the crowds with great food and service.
Reviewer: Mani Lopez
4 Stars
July 23, 2018
we had a beautiful day at the beach I had approx. 28 people on this excursion and we all had a great time beautiful beach picture perfect
Reviewer: Margarita Sanchez
5 Stars
Day at small beach resort
July 09, 2018
It was amazing beach, water was wonderful. staff very nice . and saw donkeys, cute ones.
Reviewer: Sefali Ghayal
5 Stars
Ultimate Relaxation
July 09, 2018
While our day at a small beach resort didn't include any frills, it offered enough to make this day one I'd repeat without question! The resort and beach are clean, there are clean facilities available for use, a bar is onsight for whatever your thirst requires (at cost), and there are numerous water activities available for a fee. Lunch is included with this excursion, and the portions are crazy large. You will not be hungry! While the pool and nice beach loungers and umbrellas are only for the resort guests, they do provide a not-as-nice lounger for the excursion guests, even though I'm not sure I ever saw a resort guest using the nice loungers. Regardless, I would definitely do this again! I could even consider making a reservation for this resort as a guest.
Reviewer: Becky Johnson
5 Stars
Nice, quiet beach day
January 23, 2018
We wanted a quiet beach day away from the hoards of cruisers, so we decided to splurge for this excursion. The owner greeted us, asked when we wanted to eat lunch, and allowed us to choose where we would like our beach chairs set up. There was one extremely loud family nearby, but that's not the hotel's fault. Overall, it was a nice day. The only complaint I had is about the food. As a vegetarian, I don't expect my meal to be equal in price to a seafood sampler, but it would have been nice to be offered more than just a salad. For this price, I expected a little more for the meal. Keep in mind that transportation is not included and the cabs there are shared rides, so you may have to wait a bit before leaving.
Reviewer: Lianna Purjes
4 Stars
Excellent excursion
August 28, 2017
This beach was perfect for a relaxing day away from the crowds near the port. When we arrived around 10am, we were the only ones on the beach. By 1pm, only about 20 people had shown up. Beautiful sand and waters. The seafood sampler was very good and the snorkeling was fun. The management at the hotel was very friendly and helpful. Only about 10-15 minute cab ride from the port. If you want to avoid the crowded port beaches, this is the place to go!
Reviewer: Eric
5 Stars
May 19, 2017
Upon check in at desk, we selected our lunch time and meal, table was reserved for us at that time. Staff took us to beach along with a lounge chair and gave us the choice of where to set up, great! White sand was very fine and beautiful. Water was so calm to walk in or swim. I was not thrilled with the half dozen large dogs that strolled around and visited us while on beach and eating.
Reviewer: Linda Rentz
4 Stars
Beautiful Beach!!!!
April 24, 2017
We enjoyed the beach and lunch that was provided!! Portions were huge.... Didn't realize that transportation was not included in package
Reviewer: Alie
5 Stars
March 30, 2017
This private beach was absolutely beautiful. It was a great place to sit and relax on the beach or to snorkel or scuba dive. The water was crystal clear! The service at the resort was extremely friendly and the food was delicious!!
Reviewer: Stephanie
5 Stars
Nice Beach
March 24, 2017
The beach was very nice, about what we expected. Since our stop was short, we didn't have any chance to compare it, but our goal was to get away from the crowds and relax at the beach. We accomplished that. We did some snorkeling (brought our own equipment) and the kids had fun. They set out chairs for us, and we found a spot with both sun and shade (it did start to fill in quite a bit within a few hours but was never really overcrowded). Lunch was average. Most of us didn't finish it. One didn't like seafood, so the only other options were a salad or a burger. A lot of the food was deep fried. The drink was nice, but you only get one. Overall, we liked the trip, however we likely wouldn't do it again. It's quite expensive for what you get, and you're still paying to get there and back.
Reviewer: Paula
4 Stars
Grand Turk
March 23, 2017
We spent the day at this lovely little beachside resort in February 2017. The beach was absolutely beautiful and uncrowded when we visited. When we arrived we were greeted by a friendly hostess who got us set-up for our afternoon beach day and explained how the day would flow. We brought towels from the ship our own snorkels. We didn't venture too far out, yet we still saw some pretty fish. When we were ready for lunch we walked over to the restaurant and had a really delicious lunch; I had the seafood sampler and my husband (the carnivore) had the cheeseburger. Both we very good. Our waitress was very friendly and accommodating. There's also an outdoor shower you can use to rinse off before you head back to the ship. If you want to avoid the crowds at the port and experience a slower, relaxing day, this is the excursion for you! We took a shuttle from the port ($8 per person) and the ride took approximately 10 minutes. I would highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Diane
5 Stars
Grand Turks Resort
March 23, 2017
Absolutely fabulous! Where else can you be greeted by donkeys and spend some time on a beautiful beach while having a fantastic rum drink. Definitely well worth every penny. You will not be disappointed!
Reviewer: Jan Gaynor
5 Stars
Very good excursion
February 23, 2017
We really enjoyed this excursion. The accomadations were good and the resort owners were very friendly. The lunch was lovely. Taxis were easy to get to and from. Overall.....very pleasant
Reviewer: Debbie Senft
4 Stars
Beautiful Beach, Nice Resort
January 14, 2017
My family booked this excursion in December when we were on the Carnival Magic. You have to take a taxi to the resort, but it is very organized at the port and easy to get a cab. It is 8 dollars a person one way so that adds to the expense. We were greeted when we arrived and asked what time we wanted lunch and given beach chairs. Staff was very helpful. Lunch was really good and they were really accommodating to allergies and kids. Renting the equipment seemed a little expensive but we brought our own snorkel and went ahead and rented a standing paddle board for my daughter to try. I wish we would have had more time there, but that was not the resorts fault it was our time in port.
Reviewer: Alexa Maxey
4 Stars
Quaint, quiet island and beach
January 08, 2017
Transportation on our own was readily available with mini-vans charging $8.00 a person. The resort was busy enough to make finding a ride back to the ship easy enough. The resort lunch was very delicious! Excellent fish and lobster and rice and plantain!. The beach and water were beautiful. Nice bathroom facilities available. We would recommend this for a quiet excursion.
Reviewer: Cindy and Paul
4 Stars
January 02, 2017
Loved the entire trip. We enjoyed the resort we went to. The owner was very accomodating. The lunch we had was delicious! Very pretty ocean views. Only complaint is the ride to and from the ship should have been included! For us as a couple that was an extra $40 with the tip.
Reviewer: Theresa Fiala
4 Stars
The best
December 21, 2016
Everything is fantastic. The included lunch was amazing. The beach and ocean were clean and beautiful. It's quiet and not crowded. Taxi from port was $8 each way. We like this place so much, we plan our cruises to be sure to go to Grand Turk. We missed our visit this cruise cause ship got in late and we didn't have a package so we didn't go. Go there. You will not be sorry
Reviewer: Sherry Wyskida
5 Stars
Great Day!!
December 13, 2016
Had a wonderful luncheon of fresh sea food. The beach was lovely; walked and collected a lot of beautiful shells. Only problem...... the ship would not let us bring the shells back on board so we didn't get to keep them...
Reviewer: Larry R Shaw
5 Stars
Great Small Beach Resort
November 30, 2016
We had a great time at this small beach resort. Beach wasn't crowded, people at resort were very accommodating and nice. Fresh seafood lunch was fabulous! Fresh snapper and wonderful crab salad - best meal we had. Waves were high the day we were there so older folks need to be careful or will be knocked down, but we had a great day at the beach. Wish transportation was included, but not too expensive via cab. I would recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: M Huffman
5 Stars
Bohio Dive Resort
November 23, 2016
Great choice we made. Very secluded, clear pristine waters and initially we were ones of the few that came first and enjoyed the beach topped off with a hearty lung. Great rum punch! Very pleasant staff. Highly recommend!
Reviewer: LouisD
5 Stars
November 19, 2016
This excursion was very relaxing and a great value. The beach was so beautiful and tranquil; and the lunch included was delicious. I would highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Kim Parker
5 Stars
Excellent beach
November 11, 2016
We really enjoyed this resort and the very friendly service/people. They treated us like we were staying with them. The beach was beautiful and the lunch was very good. We wish we could have stayed longer as the time flew by.
Reviewer: Anonymous
5 Stars
Wonderful and relaxing excursion!!!!
September 28, 2016
I had a great time on this excursion. The area was beautiful and there were fewer people on the beach loved it!!!
Reviewer: Robert Miller
5 Stars
Turks beach
August 27, 2016
Gorgeous beach, and a very friendly resort personnel. They took care of us and made sure we had a great time while there. The beach is awesome
Reviewer: Jose Amado
5 Stars
Beautiful beach, great lunch, but overpriced
August 24, 2016
So you need to pay for your own transportation to get here - it was about $20 (for three) each way. It's a very small resort, probably less than 20 rooms, but it's right on a gorgeous beach. There was a small pool, but it was unclear whether we could use that or not. We got beach chairs but we had to bring our own towels (would be nice if these were included). My wife raved about the lunch. It was very very very good. The best thing: gorgeous beach and SECLUDED. After being on a ship with 2000 people for 2 days, it was nice to be on a beach where there were maybe 20.
Reviewer: Adrian Goldszmidt
4 Stars
fun day
August 07, 2016
Our day at the beach was perfect. The resort was beautiful, staff very accommodating and the lunch was delicious. The only disappointment was that we had to get back on the ship at 2:30 so the time spent there was limited.
Reviewer: Lorraine Mazzola
5 Stars
day at the Beach in Grand turk
July 14, 2016
The beach was very nice the food was excellent and everyone was very pleasant. The driver was very friendly and knowledgeable. We had a great time. Would have liked to stay longer but our ship left mid afternoon.
Reviewer: R. Bligen
5 Stars
June 10, 2016
everything about this excursion was awesome......went with my im bringing my son in jan!
Reviewer: mike
5 Stars
Very nice beach. Everyone very nice.
May 08, 2016
Beach very nice
Reviewer: Rachel
4 Stars
April 20, 2016
After being on the ship for our first day, we welcomed the shade the Palm Trees provided. You do have the option to lay closer to beautiful CLEAN beach and get some rays as well. The seafood sampler was one of the best meals during our cruise. The overall ambiance was so beautiful and the staff was very friendly. We would go back just to stay at this resort.
Reviewer: Amy
5 Stars
Great relaxing fun
April 20, 2016
Great relaxing fun. Quiet. Lovely quaint, friendly staff. Great food. Would most certainly return to do it again.
Reviewer: Rudy 1014
5 Stars
Wonderful & Relaxing
April 01, 2016
Very nice resort. Food was exceptional. The rum punch was too strong, but that's a personal preference. The beach was beautiful, and the staff was friendly. Could stay as long as we wished, it was our choice to leave early to get shopping in, but wished we could have stayed all day!
Reviewer: The Kisnters
5 Stars
Incredible little resort
March 29, 2016
We booked this excursion during our February cruise. We had an incredible experience on a beautiful and relaxing beach. The second we arrived we were greeted by our host who catered to our needs which included a delicious lunch. My wife and I had the seafood platter and the kids had chicken fingers. The beach was very clean with the bluest water I have ever seen in the Caribbean. We absolutely loved our time there and would definitely go back to the resort when we could stay longer.
Reviewer: Goodcop17
5 Stars
I would buy this product again
February 17, 2016
We had a great day!! The kids enjoyed the waves we had that day.
Reviewer: Family Fun
5 Stars
Nice Day
February 16, 2016
The food was fantastic. So was the rum drink. I'd give it 5 stars if they'd include transportation in the cost. This is a third world country, why would they charge so much?
Reviewer: Ringo
4 Stars
Great Excursion!!!
February 12, 2016
The beach was BEAUTIFUL, the resort was AMAZING, the workers at the resort were WONDERFUL & the food was DELICIOUS
Reviewer: Peter The Cruiser
5 Stars
A perfect day in Grand Turk
January 28, 2016
This was a great location with a beautiful beach. Lunch was an added bonus.
Reviewer: The Traveler
5 Stars
Boho Resort on Grand Turk
December 28, 2015
Holland America uses the beach at the end of the dock in Grand Turk. We loved getting away from the crowds and sitting on the beach at this small quiet resort. There were trees along the beach so there was no need for umbrellas. Our cab driver there and back was friendly and gave us a good description and history of the island. Ginny, one of the owners of the resort, was welcoming and asked us what time we would want lunch. It was by far one of the best meals on our cruise! We didn't snorkel or dive but there was equipment to rent if we wanted to. Not sure there would have been time to dive.We would have loved to stay there longer.
Reviewer: Jim
5 Stars
great experience
December 22, 2015
Great experience, great people, great food. Only issue was water was little rough from recent storm so snorkeling was so-so only.
Reviewer: Maureen
5 Stars
Great Family Swim/ Snorkel, and Dive Grand Turk Sm
November 30, 2015
What a delightful, small charming resort with an open air covered porch restaurant that has exceptional food for its location on a quiet, residential island! The hotel accommodations looked nice. Talked to someone who comes there just to go scuba diving, and they were very satisfied with the hotel. No glitz or high rise buildings here. Beach was beautiful, clear of coral and rocks in swimming area,the water azure blue/green and the sand like sugar! Enjoyed just sitting on the beach. Had fresh fish, beans, and rice, island style, for lunch. Delicious!
Reviewer: Captivablis, Island Lover!
5 Stars
Exceeded Expectations
November 21, 2015
Bohio Dive Resort a hidden gem. We had a fabulous day, and hope to go back some time.
Reviewer: Serenity1
5 Stars
Beautiful beach & relaxing day
August 18, 2015
Food was good and the water beautiful. They have paddle boards and snorkeling equipment.
Reviewer: Brentwood Lady
4 Stars
Good Value
August 06, 2015
Highly Recommended
Reviewer: DobroPlayer
5 Stars
Great gift for the wife/girlfriend
June 18, 2015
I went divin g, I go this for the wife, so she can relax by the beach. This was a big score , she loved it, the nice big drink and the food and service were exellent . Guy sgeat this trip you won't go wrong , and you may get a nice thank you back on the boat:)
Reviewer: ninjadoc
5 Stars
I would definitely purchase this again!!
June 12, 2015
This was an absolutely wonderful day...spent a relaxing day on an uncrowded private beach, had a great meal. So thoroughly enjoyed the day that I have been thinking about an extended stay at this hotel at a future day.
Reviewer: Beach Lover
5 Stars
Tis is a home run for the wife or girlfriend
June 02, 2015
I got this for my lovley wife since I was going diving, she LOVED IT (and I was rewarded :), the food was plentiful ands grat and she had to take her time on the huge rum punch the staff were attentive and she was treated liek a queen ( casue she is :).,so guuys do this for your honey for the last day befoere heaidng home , you will be happy and she will too
Reviewer: ninjadoc
5 Stars
I would buy this producy again
April 15, 2015
Very relaxing
Reviewer: cool running
4 Stars
Fantastic Resort A++++
November 13, 2014
The Bohio Dive Resort was a fantastic place to spend the day. After leaving our Cruise ship, we took a taxi to the resort. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The beach and the water were beautiful. My wife and I spent the day snorkeling and relaxing at the beach, and our included lunch was excellent. We would absolutely return to the Bohio for another adventure.
Reviewer: Scott and Penny
5 Stars
Fantastic deal
August 28, 2014
Everything was set up for our arrival - the table for lunch - either inside or out. The chairs already in the shade on the beach. The food and service were more than we could have wished for. Would highly, highly recommend this trip, although be forewarned that it will cost an additional $16 per person for the taxi to get to the resort. .
Reviewer: Happy Family
5 Stars
Very quiet and lovely beach & ammenities
July 31, 2014
The manager of the resort was very nice & made our experience fun!
Reviewer: Mag
4 Stars
Very nice beach day
July 19, 2014
Attentive service, beach not too crowded, yummy lunch
Reviewer: Cruisegal
4 Stars
best thing I did
July 17, 2014
Great place to put on the suntan lotion and just sit back and relax. Lunch was great and fresh and the drinks were a bomb.:)
Reviewer: solo travelar
5 Stars
Beautiful Beach!
March 20, 2014
I would recommend this excursion. This is a very small resort so the beach was not crowded, and the food and drink was great. All around a nice, relaxing day.
Reviewer: Di Loves to Travel
4 Stars
Great day at the beach
January 22, 2014
Great time. Food was very good. The beach got really crowded and the bar had a hard time keeping up. Drinks were very expensive, beer was $7 a bottle.
Reviewer: Chesapeake Cruiser
5 Stars
Excellent excursion!!! Great location
June 27, 2013
This was a great excursion for the whole family. The owner of the Bohio was excellent to work with. She made you feel very welcomed. They were very accomodating to my entire party. The seafood sampler was incredible. Don't let the word sampler fool you. One plate is enough to feed 2 people. The rum punch welcome drink is just perfect. The water is crystal clear and calm.
Reviewer: DJ Depoy
5 Stars
Leave all your cares behind and relax!
June 22, 2013
The day was absolutely beautiful, the staff was very friendly, the price was very reasonable, it was a delightful day!
Reviewer: Kathie -- the rum punch love
4 Stars
Nice Rrsort Good food & Drink
May 27, 2013
Taxi ride S/B included in excursion price Resort empty should have been allowed to use pool
Reviewer: Don R
4 Stars
Excellent Customer Service
April 14, 2013
Unfortunately our ship cancelled its stop in Grand Turk. Shore Excursion Group was very friendly and quick processing my refund.
Reviewer: DareTooDream
5 Stars
Very relaxing
March 29, 2013
A great beach that was not too crowded. The lunch was excellent. I'm glad we did this, but next time we will just pay our taxi fare (which was not included in the excursion anyway), and buy lunch on our own.
Reviewer: The Cruiser
4 Stars
A relaxing day at the beach!
December 05, 2012
Peaceful and secluded day at the beach. Easy to grab lunch and a rum punch.
Reviewer: Karli
4 Stars
I would go again..again..again
November 07, 2012
This beach was wonderful and the food was to die for........can't wait to go back
Reviewer: Tangie
5 Stars
Relaxing day!
November 06, 2012
Sharing the beach with only about 4 other people was a wonderful getaway from the crowds on the ship. We really enjoyed ourselves and the staff was very attendant and accomadating.
Reviewer: Deb
4 Stars
Most tranquil setting- a hidden gem!
August 23, 2012
This excursion should be a little secret! The 16-room hotel is a hidden, charming gem, and the beach was like no other. Quiet area, calm crystal water- this was such an enjoyable day. The lunch was served in the open-area restaurant, overlooking the ocean, and was delicious. We had a seafood sampler and a cocktail (included in price), which was a $35+ value. Staff was pleasant, and snorkel/scuba equipment were available for rental. Our group of 10 felt very at home here, and did not want to leave! It's a 10-minute, $8 (pp) cab ride from ship's dock.
Reviewer: Jerseydog1214
5 Stars
August 20, 2012
5 Stars
August 05, 2012
We had a WONDERFUL time, we had a 1 and a 2 year old and they also had a blast, they even made sure that the little ones had food that they liked !! The Island had young kids playing music for us and helped my 2 year old grandson ride a horse in the ocean
Reviewer: DEB
5 Stars
Hidden Gem
May 06, 2012
We would never have found this on our own. Small delightful resort. I had one of my best snorkeling trips ever. Lots of fish, chance to look over the edge of 'the wall'. My wife loved the beach. Absolutley awesome meal. The taxi driver was excellent and very accommodating.
Reviewer: Brian
5 Stars
I would highly recommend this excursion!
March 04, 2012
The food was delicious. The fresh catch of the day of conch, grouper and lobster was served along with a welcome drink of rum punch. We were so glad we booked this excursion because the main beach in Grand Turk was extremely crowded and this beach at the Bohio Dive Resort was private. We did not want to leave.
Reviewer: lillindylu
5 Stars