Exclusive Supreme Snorkeling

Stingrays and snorkeling were the best!
January 08, 2024
Very nice staff, service and an excellent itinerary. This excursion made the whole cruise worth it. The only thing that could have topped this, would be to stay longer in the beach where the stingrays are.
Reviewer: Nicole da Costa
5 Stars
Had a blast
November 18, 2023
This was an awesome excursion! The 2 men on the boat were so funny and friendly, we had an awesome time snorkeling, they even got my mom to go in the water which is hard, had some rum punch, visited a private island and played with a stingray, and the conch diving was canceled just because of the foggy water and couldn’t see down below to try it. Still they made sure we enjoyed ourselves! Even took us out for lunch/dinner after!
Reviewer: Kathleen Meyer
5 Stars
Best Tour ever!
September 24, 2023
Best tour ever! We loved the captain and crew. They were both so funny and took great care of us. They had everything we needed. Plenty of masks and all sorts of fins, and every size possible. They had lots of rum punch to give. And the conch salad is actually prepared on board! We went snorkeling and them after we went to an area where our guide dove and collected conch shells then took us to a private island where he showed us how they cut and prepare conch. Then, we got lucky because a stingray swam up to shore and we got to hold, kiss, and pet her. They let each couple on our excursion take home a conch shell from our lunch. The spot they took us to was beautiful! Lots of fish and wildlife to see. The snorkeling was not an issue because they took their time with us. Money well spent! Definitely do this excursion! Loved everything about it!
Reviewer: Kim Schultz
5 Stars
Snorkeling and stingy ray interaction
August 22, 2023
Best part of the trip string Ray interaction
Reviewer: Vanessa Sarria
5 Stars
August 17, 2023
We loved every minute of this excursion. It was very private , we had about 12 people on board, which made the whole experience VIP. Captains were very friendly and accommodating. They took us to the reef to snorkel and then to the private beach, where we were able to enjoy the most spectacular beach while captain was cooking conch ceviche. Amazing experience. The only thing we were missing is we didn’t get to snorkel next to the famous drop. Other then that - amazing experience. Would definitely come back.
Reviewer: Anna
5 Stars
Exclusive Supreme Snorkeling
August 10, 2023
We had an amazing experience! Plenty of time to enjoy beautiful fish! Enough time to enjoy the quiet beach while one of the captains was preparing ceviche and another caught the stingray so we all had a chance to take pictures! It was so worth it, I will definitely be going again on my next visit!
Reviewer: Olga
5 Stars
Snorkel review
August 09, 2023
Clay and Xavier were great! We had such a fun time and hope to come back.
Reviewer: Michelle L Shealy
5 Stars
Amazing!!! Book This Excursion!!!! :)
July 19, 2023
We had an amazing time on this excursion!! We had Captain Clay & first mate Mackey!! They were not only knowledgeable & informative but also fun and entertaining! The private small boat with only max 12 people compared to the cruise line booking boat with more than 40 people & more $…… soooooo worth it!! Clay greeted us on the beach & took us to check in at the green house! The snorkeling was awesome, Clay dove for the conch shell as the waters were a bit rough for us to dive, but it was cool to watch him! The private beach with the stingray all around us like puppy dogs rubbing against us in the wild was Awesome!!! Then Clay held a very large stingray for us to pose with pics & kiss! We also got a demonstration about the conch before they made it into our lunch!! The conch salad was delicious & the rum punch was even better!!! It was an amazing day with amazing people!! Thank you again Clay & Mackey for an incredible experience!
Reviewer: Andrea Rice
5 Stars
10/10 WillGo Again
March 30, 2023
This was an excellent snorkel excursion! The locals were very knowledgeable about the marine life. When diving for conch, the diver also brought up sand dollar skeletons and a giant orange sea star! Once we were done with the sea star they threw him back in the same area they picked him up. It was rough seas on our excursion day and we weren't able to go to the deep drop off. They took us to a different part of the island that was calm and we had extra snorkeling time! They made fresh conch salad and everyone was able to bring back a conch shell. Cleaning out the conch for the salad attracted wild stingrays, and we were able to swim with them! It was all very cool. We were back to the port with several hours to spare before our ship disembarked so we even had some time to shop around! If you're on the fence about this excursion, don't be! It's well worth your money!!
Reviewer: Catherine Patterson
5 Stars
What a great time
March 12, 2023
Appreciated the small size vs the ships excursion. Crew was great, lots of fish, beautiful water. The conch lunch was a nice touch. Highly recommend!
Reviewer: Tom
5 Stars
February 23, 2023
Snorkeling on this excursion was great. We had a great time and enjoyed Vosco and Clay.
Reviewer: Cody Gumm
5 Stars
A must-take tour
February 22, 2023
This tour was worth every penny. Vasco, our captain, was a great driver and helped us see humpback whales. He also took a few of us conch diving, which is hard but worth a try! He also makes a mean conch ceviche. Clay, the stingray whisperer, made interacting with stingrays special. We also had a great time snorkeling with him and heard whales singing. It was a little hard to find them (we didn’t realize we had to walk down the beach) but it was 100% worth it. Definitely take this tour if you’re in Grand Turk!
Reviewer: Jen Graham
5 Stars
Amazing time!!!
November 14, 2022
I feel terrible because I forgot the two gentlemens’ names. I believe it was Clay and then the captain we had that day. Clay had found my boyfriend and I as we were trying to find the beach shack, so there was no stress there. They were both so funny and took great care of us. They had everything we needed. Plenty of masks and all sorts of fins, and every size possible. They had lots of rum punch to give. And the conch salad is actually prepared on board! The captain actually had caught about three conch shells while we were snorkeling (he free dove) and after took us to a private island where he showed us how they cut and prepare conch. Then, we got lucky because a stingray swam up to shore and we got to hold, kiss, and pet her. They let each couple on our excursion take home a conch shell from our lunch. The spot they took us to was beautiful! Lots of fish and wildlife to see. The snorkeling was not an issue because they took their time with us. Money well spent!
Reviewer: Lauryn Burton
5 Stars
A great day!
September 06, 2022
It was a bit challenging finding where to check in. My email said the representative would have a different colored shirt from the black they were wearing. Turns out they recently got new shirts. Once we found the store front checkin went smoothly. They had a wide variety of fin sizes and they got you all fitted before getting on the boat. The equipment was high quality. Our captain Vasco and first mate Clay were amazing and took safely seriously yet provided a very fun experience. We saw a variety of sea life when snorkeling but the highlights were the dolphin and sea turtles. Seeing Clay dive for conch was amazing. When we stopped for lunch a sting ray came by and everyone got to touch him and pose for pictures with him. It was a wonderful excursion and the perfect length of time. We never felt rushed.
Reviewer: Gail Dieterich
5 Stars
The best
July 19, 2022
The crew was awesome, I would highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Martin Boyd Hammond
5 Stars
Excellent Excursion
February 03, 2022
We loved this excursion. The instructions to find them was spot on. The captain and his mate were fantastic. The snorkel equipment was great. The ocean was a little choppy so we only snorkeled at one place but got to spend longer there which was nice but unfortunately there wasn’t too many fish around (but that’s nature). The island they took us to was beautiful and the captain is truly a stingray whisperer - got to hold & and kiss it and loved it’s back massage. The conch harvest, preparation and salad was educational and tasty. We will be back!
Reviewer: Kathy White
5 Stars
Supreme Snorkeling
January 06, 2022
We had an exclusive tour with just the two of us. Vasko and Ed were extremely professional and so helpful especially when in the water. They point out many different kinds of fish. Really enjoyed the Conch search and ceviche.
Reviewer: Gladys Wigg
5 Stars
Amazing and very professional!
February 21, 2020
We took this excursion in December 2019. It was well organized, and Vasco and the captain did an amazing job at sharing information about the island, ensuring everyone had a great time, safety focused and led a guided tour. We had three stops at a shallow coral bed, the great wall and Gibbs Caye to see the Sting Ray's. It was small group of 16 and we could not recommend this tour enough- it's the perfect day in paradise! Thank you vasco
Reviewer: Jessica Kraus
5 Stars
Excellent Day!
February 19, 2020
Our guides were awesome. What a thrilling day. Two thumbs up!
Reviewer: Kim Scanlon
5 Stars
Great excursion, happy with the 4 stops
February 17, 2020
It's worth it to do this 4-stop excursion rather than the less expensive ones. All 4 sites were unique and fun. Our boat had 10 people - way less than the ones booked through the cruise line. We would do this again if we had the chance.
Reviewer: Karma
5 Stars
Wonderful day at Grand Turks
January 22, 2020
The tour exceeded my expectations! Our guides were wonderful, informative, inviting and went above and beyond to provide a memorable experience . The tour included a few different stops where encounters with different fish as well as stingray were just amazing. I highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Rachel Cote
5 Stars
Exclusive Snorkelling - Grand Turk
January 02, 2020
Small group (6) with two crew. What can I say - best snorkelling I have done. Vasso and Liston made this a wonderful experience. Hubby was not so keen - was nervous - but they looked after him well and he now has the wonderful memory of this experience. He says it was the best trip of our holiday. Garden Reef and The Wall were memorable, completely safe and We were mesmerised by what we saw. Fish were everywhere and we did meet the nurse shark. Onward trip to Gibbs Cay where Liston was diving for Conch. He found a massive star fish. Gibbs Cay is wonderful - an uninhabited Island with proverbial white sand and multiple sea blues. We all tried the Conch ceviche (actually very nice) and rum punch (very, very nice!!) All rounded off by seeing the stingrays. There were not many but I snorkelled again by myself afterwards and saw two gliding around below. Advice: take a go pro. Caution - it is a small boat and you need some agility to climb the ladder out of the water after snorkelling.
Reviewer: Val Bryant
5 Stars
very good experience
December 18, 2019
The "guides" were very helpful always looking to see if anybody needed help. Not the more fishes around but enough for snorkelling. We sow dolphins and fed the rays which were a new experience for most of the people around
Reviewer: Bernard Charon
4 Stars
Holland America Nov 2, 2019
December 01, 2019
Our boat driver was safe and knowledgeable while our guide has an excellent understanding of the underwater environment. I especially appreciated his fish feeding simply with oatmeal in a little bottle--no harm there at all! His ability to get the conch shells and the 2 guys telling us about them was a treat!
Reviewer: Linda and John
5 Stars
Excelent Excursion
November 22, 2019
We have been snorkeling many times but this was a smaller group with great people leading it. Best we have been a part of.
Reviewer: Cory G Goings
5 Stars
November 21, 2019
I'm a scuba diver, but my adult daughter went with me for snorkeling as she is not scuba certified. This company was fantastic! A little slow getting started, but totally worth the wait. The guys knew where to go for the best views of fish and coral. It was as good as a scuba dive. Super relaxed atmosphere. They caught conch and made us a fresh conch salad and we played with sting rays - Way more than we expected. Highly, highly recommend. .
Reviewer: Tammy Patel
5 Stars
Awesome experience
August 27, 2019
We had such a blast on this excursion. I would definitely recommend this excursion!! We will be doing it again on our next trip to Grand Turk.
Reviewer: Tommy Morton
5 Stars
Sea heaven
August 15, 2019
The snorkeling I absolute loved that. It was awesome when I was able to pet the shark and had the school of multiple fishes around me. That water was just absolutely sea heaven. It was amazing how they took us to the other island to pet the sting rays as well as make the homemade conche salad I would definitely, definitely do that excursion again to pet the shark again that was awesome just wish I had more time.
Reviewer: Rachel Harden
5 Stars
August 08, 2019
I cannot say enough! Our captain and guide went above and beyond as they took us around the reefs! Watching them dive down to the bottom was a sight to see, especially with the fish following them back up! From encouraging the fish to swim around us to our encounters with the stingrays, this was by far and away the best excursion that we have been on! Not to mention, our group consisted of only the 6 of us! We will go on this trip again! Thanks guys (I wish I could remember your names) for the wonderful experience! You are awesome and impressive!
Reviewer: Courtney Lyman
5 Stars
Snorkeling and Grand Turk
August 07, 2019
Snorkeling and Grand Turk was amazing. The captain took us to three separate spots with our own personal dive instructor One was a pilot and the other one was a firefighter both very qualified We were able to get conch and they make conch salad for us and we fed the stingrays. Amazing time!
Reviewer: David Rogers
5 Stars
3 excursions in 1!
July 15, 2019
On the Exclusive Supreme there was only 15. The location was easy to find but someone from the company found us first. Used my first name and we got personal help with fitting fins and masks. We went to two different spots to snorkel. The staff were very fun and knowledgeable and made sure everyone was safe and having a good time. After snorkeling we went to a spot to dive for conch. They suggest that only those that are very good swimmers get in the water. Two men did including my husband. He said it was the best experience. The final stop was a small secluded beautiful beach with soft sand where the huge friendly sting rays hang out. You get to touch and kiss the rays for good luck if you want to. This is where they serve the rum punch and you get a good amount of time to hang out and chill. They do an amazing conch demonstration and serve a conch salad.
Reviewer: Suzy
5 Stars
Can't wait to do it again!
June 25, 2019
It is rare that something exceeds expectations as this terrific excursion did. It was exactly as described, with very caring and attentive staff. We will do this again when we visit GT for sure!
Reviewer: Joy Kruczay
5 Stars
First time snorkeling!
May 13, 2019
This was our first time on the island and snorkeling! It was fantastic! Did a lot of exploring and our guides were great! I highly recommend doing this excursion!
Reviewer: Sydney
5 Stars
Great trip
May 12, 2019
Walked maybe a quarter mile from our pier, they had a tent set up with a sign. No problem finding it. Small group of us, 9 total. We snorkeled, saw a lot of fish, and a nurse shark! The island was nice, great pictures. Great staff, I would do it again, no questions.
Reviewer: Erik Erwin
5 Stars
Great Time
May 01, 2019
We had bad weather, but the guides were awesome and I would do this again. Much better value than the cruise ships.
5 Stars
Highlight of the trip!
April 24, 2019
The crew did a great job! We went to several sights, saw sharks, stingrays, lobster and plenty of different fish.
Reviewer: Todd Drummond
5 Stars
April 06, 2019
Capt Eric and Roscoe were phenomonal.They educated us about the island and the parties on the governor's private beach and about the shipwrecked freighter. Roscoe snorkeled with us and fed the fish so they would come out. I also watched him dive down and grab a nur shark for us all to pet and he let me hold and release him. Roscoe also dove down at our next stop and got a starfish and conch to make us fresh conch salad...it was awesome. When we went to Gibb's Cay he got stingrays to take pictures with us and give us back massages. We finished the trip with some rum punch and great conversation...BOOK THIS TRIP..
Reviewer: Scott Coombs
5 Stars
These guys were a hoot!!!
April 04, 2019
Great time!! The water was rough and cloudy the day we were there but these guys made the time great. Saw amazing wildlife and then went to a secluded island for beach treats. Amazing day even though the weather didn’t cooperate. Only suggestion would be to provide pool noodles to the snorkelers to help remain steady while snorkeling. Thanks for a great trip!!!
Reviewer: Mickey t
5 Stars
Exclusive Supreme Snorkeling at Grand Turk
April 03, 2019
This was our favorite excursion of our entire cruise in March 2019.I am a mom with 3 college-age daughters.The beach proximity to the ship & beautiful white sand with crystal reflective water was a plus from the start.The meeting area was easy to find & the check-in rep made us feel welcome.Our boat driver & diver were fantastic! Our diver assists Jeff Corwin when he journeys there.They were teaching/ safety focused.We had 8-10 people & snorkeling at the reef/drop-off was gorgeous & great for underwater pics.We could touch fish up close and watch our diver gather conk shells.The private beach where the rays gathered with driftwood & small white stackable stones was incredible.Our boat driver opened several conks & cut-up the meat for a conk marinated salad for us & tourists kept the shells. Watching/touching the rays with the ray massage, ray kiss for 7 years of blessing, & ray sombrero-like photo was unforgettable.We still had time to hang-out on the main beach or shop for souvenirs.
Reviewer: Rebekah L Hartline
5 Stars
Snorkeling Tour Feb 26/2019
March 24, 2019
This was the highlight of my cruise. Both the Captain and Mate were wonderful and very knowledgeable. I got to see a nurse shark, octopus and many different fish. We also saw the wall. It was great to hold a stingray and get pictures kissing it and the Captain holding it over my head. Would highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Connie Ferguson
5 Stars
Great Experience
March 18, 2019
This was an awesome value for the money. Snorkeling, sting rays, and Conch Shell hunting. Friendly and knowledgeable guides. Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Scott M
5 Stars
March 14, 2019
This was the best tour! The weather wasn't the best but who cares? We were in the water so it didn't matter. We were taken to a nearby shallow reef where we snorkeled for a while. The guides were fabulous. One of them had some food for the fishes and the fishes followed him around like puppies. You could touch the fish as they fed. So cool! Then we got back on the boat and went a short distance to an area where there was a huge drop off. We swam there for a while and more cool fishes. Then we got back on the boat and went around the end of the island where the guide dove down for conch. Then we went to another little island where there were stingrays. The guide held one for us where we could touch them. Super cool! Then we did a little hike to the top of the hill where the view was amazing. These guys were great and this was my favorite tour. I'd for sure do this again.
Reviewer: Cyn
5 Stars
Best excursion! Highly recommend
March 11, 2019
This was by far our most favorite and best excursion!! Both the Captain and his crew were great to spend the day with and the snorkel stops were incredible. First time ever seeing nurse sharks up close. It was unforgettable. The last stop at Gibbs Cay was amazing too! Tons of sting rays and our small group of people made it super enjoyable. The conch display by the Captain and salad made was delicious as well. Was a wonderful day with sunshine and great memories. Would select this excursion again if we went back.
Reviewer: Jeanette Awramko
5 Stars
Great Tour!!!!
March 06, 2019
Capt. Gary and 1st mate were awesome. Great freshly harvested conch salad on beach with everyone interacting with stingrays. Great trip!!!
Reviewer: Todd Drake
5 Stars
March 01, 2019
We had a great time! The guide was awesome. Eddie.. I think. Would do it again.
Reviewer: Stacey Cudd
5 Stars
Spectacular Reef and best snorkeling tour ever!!
February 21, 2019
Wow! The best snorkeling trip ever. The coral reef was breath taking! Capt Craig and First Mate Martial were outstanding! Both were very knowledge and shared facts and history with us. I love that we had a small group and was able to interact easily with both Capt and First Mate. We had the opportunity to dive with Martial for conch, and then follow him through the beautiful coral reef. We allowed us to assist with feeding the beautifully colored fish, as well as, pointing out key points of interest. We then went to the private island for more breathing views, fresh conch ceviche and some strong rum punch. Martial, ever so gently, gathered up a ray for the group to view, and touch if desired. The amount of rays swimming around was amazing. I can't say enough about this tour and Capt Craig and First Mate Martial. We will definitely use them again, and have already recommended them to our friends who are cruising next week. Great crew and sites!!
Reviewer: Jennifer
5 Stars
Enjoyed Everything!
February 20, 2019
This was a wonderful experience, great staff, lots of fish and marine life and felt safe. Good for both experienced and inexperienced snorkel but I would recommend having tried snorkelling prior. Easy to locate on the beach. We also met other nice people and saw a whale on our way back.
Reviewer: L G
5 Stars
Snorkeling in Turks
January 17, 2019
This was an amazing snorkeling adventure. The boat was on the smaller side, we had 15 snorkelers. The guides, Eric and the other were attentive and always watching and assisting those who needed help. We played and fed the sea rays. The conch salad was good too! I would recommend this Snorkel tour - 5 stars!!
Reviewer: Linda Wiegand
5 Stars
Well-Run Excursion
December 20, 2018
Hope and I very much enjoyed our time with Exclusive. They we very professional, and we had only a small group on our boat. This gave us a bit more freedom while we were snorkelling. We saw other boats with a lot more people. Lots of fun!
Reviewer: Rob Cressman
5 Stars
Beautiful and fun
December 13, 2018
We really enjoyed this tour! The two snorkeling stops were amazing with plenty of fish and a great view of “the Wall.” The guides were very knowledgeable and gave us information not only on the wildlife but of Grand Turk and it’s history. Loved the conch salad. We saw the big boats with hundreds of people snorkeling and it really drove home the benefit of doing a small tour.
Reviewer: Jeffrey Ant
5 Stars
Extreme snorkeling
November 23, 2018
A lovely excursion very informative and pointed out things we would not have seen. Would also like to thank them for refunding my sisters excursion as she had a stroke the day before we were to sale.
Reviewer: Eileen Sanville
5 Stars
Great tour
November 12, 2018
Amazing tour. Tour guides were knowledgeable and extremely helpful. We were a little confused at first, but after a short walk down the beach, we spotted our tour. The group was small with only 7 of us. We went to 2 different sites and ended with eating conch and playing with Rays. We couldn’t have had a better experience! Thank you to our wonderful local tour guides!
Reviewer: Trish Jaques
5 Stars
Awesome Adventure
November 07, 2018
We had a great time on our snorkeling adventure with Eric and Gary. The tour tent was easy to find after we got off of our cruise ship and we checked in no problems. Gary put on quite a show while snorkeling, attracting fish and showing us the beautiful reef and Great Wall. The stingray and conch part of the tour was fun as well. Great guides and a great time. Would recommend!
Reviewer: Jen
5 Stars
We all where very pleased with this tour
July 02, 2018
I would highly recommend this tour for anyone interested in a small hands on group. Eric the boat captain and Gary made sure we enjoyed our snorkeling tour. After watching the cruise line tour there was just two many people. The best part for myself and Grand kids was the time spent diving for conch and holding the sting rays which came to visit.
Reviewer: Fred Pflueger
5 Stars
A must do small group Excursion
July 02, 2018
Capt Gary & Capt Eric were fantastic guides, hosts and representatives of their Grand Turk Island. They showed pride in the Snorkeling Tour they hosted. Our group was very small, just two families, totalling 6 guests. This made it very personalized. I have snorkeled at many Islands and this had the most colourful and widest variety of fish. The colour of the coral was spectacular. We would do this Tour again.
Reviewer: Cameron & Christine
5 Stars
Great time with Captain Eric!
April 23, 2018
We were so glad that we booked this excursion! What a great time with a small group of people. We ended up in the same area as a group that booked on the cruise ship and there looked to be 50+ people on their boat. We enjoyed the entire experience, especially playing with the sting rays and having the conch salad. If we are ever to return we will definitely book this again!!
Reviewer: Melinda Crabtree
5 Stars
Great Trip
March 14, 2018
Did 4 stops, 2 snorkeling, 1 to get Conks and the final ashore at an island. 2 Captains, Gary and Eric did a great job. Trip included snorkeling , rum and fresh conk cevachie (sp?). Recommend this trip. Would definitely do it again.
Reviewer: Frank Newman
5 Stars
Great Excursion
March 08, 2018
I can not express how much we enjoyed this excursion. For one thing, it was a small group and we got a lot of personal attention. It was the highlight of our trip. I am not a good swimmer and was very reluctant to go snorkeling. When they realized this, they took a life ring and swam with me out to see the wonderful sights. Would highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Susan Hurley
5 Stars
Highlight of our cruise
February 24, 2018
This was the highlight of our trip for myself and my 6 yr old snorkeler. The group was small. We snorkeled at 2 spots, including the wall, then a third spot for conch diving. Then heading out to Gibbs Cay was just a sight to behold. No one was on the island when we got there - just a pristine, beautiful white sandy beach, blue water, etc. Upon arrival, Eric prepared the conch, all the while entertaining us with the process. Ate conch salad, drank some rum punch, and then Gary worked his magic attracting a very large ray (there is no enclosure). My son also found a smaller ray that he followed non-stop until it was our turn to interact with the giant. When we returned, they let my son keep his conch and they cleaned it up really well for him. He is so proud of this giant gorgeous shell. I rarely do the same activity twice but I would definitely make an exception if I ever cruise back to this port.
Reviewer: Christine Turenne
5 Stars
Snorkle and stingrays!
February 10, 2018
Highly recommend. Easy to find. You can see the meet up location from the ship. Easy check in and gear fitting. We made 2 snorkeling stops. 1 was to "the wall" with a deep/steep drop off and 1 was a nice reef. We made a stop for the guide to dive down and harvest conch. We beached our boat in a stingray area. One guild prepared fresh conch salad for us. Another guide fed conch to the local sting rays. Great natural encounter with the sting rays. Highly recommended
Reviewer: Marge
5 Stars
Awesome day!
February 05, 2018
We had a lot of fun on this trip! The guides were very experienced. We have some amazing pictures!! The fresh conch salad was amazing too!!
Reviewer: Katie johnson
5 Stars
good snorkel
January 31, 2018
This tour is exactly as described. You get 4 stops: snorkel at the wall, snorkel in the bay, conch dive by captain, stingray stop with fresh conch salad. The boat doesn't have shade so be sure to plan ahead with sun screen/sun shirt.
Reviewer: Marge
5 Stars
January 24, 2018
Phenomal excursion, excellent guides, friendly staff all around. Worth every cent.
Reviewer: Sammi Beckmann
5 Stars
Highlight of our cruise!
January 18, 2018
Captain Eric and Ed were outstanding! Their commitment to safety and providing a quality experience were truly appreciated. We made 4 stops on our adventure: reef snorkeling just feet from coral and plenty of fish, we also snorkeled along "the Wall" where the sea floor drops off from 35 feet to 7000 feet, conch diving on the other side of the island where one of our grown sons did a great job of free diving and bringing up conch, we then beached the boat on a small island where we could interact with stingray and they prepared fresh conch salad. It was surprisingly tasty! We were able to bring home a beautiful conch shell too. Best excursion of our trip!
Reviewer: Robin Stearns
5 Stars