World Famous Tour Conch Train

Fun excursion
December 17, 2023
Fun traditional hop on hop off with knowledgeable guide!
Reviewer: Claudia LaFleur
5 Stars
Fun and Informative
May 14, 2023
This is a hop on hop off type tour. The train is a fun way to get around and the narration was informative.
Reviewer: Linda Lee
4 Stars
World Famous Tour Conch Train
May 11, 2023
Reviewer: ilene mann
4 Stars
A great tour of the highlights of Key West
May 07, 2023
This was a comfortable and enjoyable tour of Key West. We stopped by many famous attractions and you were free to get of and explore at any stop. The driver was a fantastic narrator who told you about the history of the Island.
Reviewer: Shannon Broadway
5 Stars
Wonderful to learn and see Key West
April 23, 2023
We loved this excursion. Very convenient, well organized and friendly staff. Highly recommend to get around Key West. The train includes 3 drop off/pick up locations to see Hemingway house, beach area and shopping district.
Reviewer: Janet
5 Stars
World Famous Conch Train
April 17, 2023
I really enjoyed this excursion. The guide was really informative and had a great sense of humor. Very interesting points of interest. I would take this excursion again.
Reviewer: Doug Murphy
4 Stars
World famous tour counch train
March 07, 2023
The ride was comfortable, well presented and really fun.
Reviewer: Roger coats
5 Stars
February 11, 2020
loved it and it was so nice, guide was very good, and got lots of information from the trip. would take it again if went to Key West
Reviewer: Carol Gunning
5 Stars
Very nice
January 07, 2020
This excursion was nice. There were three stops along the way where people could have gotten out to sightsee, shop etc. A train passed around every 15-20 minutes. The price was very reasonable for this your. There were lots to see on this tour. It lasted a little over an hour.
Reviewer: Nikita Villaroel-Bedassie
4 Stars
awesome tour
January 07, 2020
very organized, and informative. we really enjoyed this tour
Reviewer: lisa
5 Stars
Informative train ride
January 06, 2020
Fun train ride, tour guide was very well versed and friendly. Our 4yr old had a great time despite the heat!
Reviewer: Iris
4 Stars
Fun and informative
January 06, 2020
We had a fun time. The tour guide was friendly and informative. Our 4 year old had fun riding in the "caboose"
Reviewer: Iris
4 Stars
World famous tour conch train
January 03, 2020
Well worth the money and make sure you try the key lime frozen pie
Reviewer: Randy and kevin
5 Stars
Good Time
November 12, 2019
Our cruise stopped in Key West for a few hours, so we decided against other excursions and took the hop-on/hop-off tour. It was a hot day, so we enjoyed not having to walk everywhere. I didn't catch the first driver's name, but he was great. He narrated our route. We hopped off and checked out the are around the southernmost point. When we got back on to finish the tour, Kenny was awesome. He said he was a long-term resident and it showed. He gave a very informative and entertaining tour. the rest of the way. If we had time, we would have stayed on to hear more from Kenny. Next time we come to town, I will definitely take the tour again. Thanks!
Reviewer: Chris White
5 Stars
Great Choice to see Key West
October 28, 2019
Saw all areas of Key West. Enjoyed being able to stop on the way. Happy that tour provided rain ponchos,as had a downpour during tour. Would do again!
Reviewer: Joseph Simone
5 Stars
September 17, 2019
We had so much fun that we are going back there next year to see other stuff as well and take the little train again
Reviewer: Tammy Carrier
4 Stars
September 09, 2019
Good way to get a perspective of whole island. Informative guides
Reviewer: James Blodgett
4 Stars
Great excursion
August 12, 2019
The Conch Train tour was very informative and fun. It gave a history of the town, details of some of the architecture, and interesting sites to visit.
5 Stars
July 24, 2019
Absolutely loved the train! Our guide was very friendly and helpful! Very knowledgeable and made the ride interesting! Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Tracy Ellingson
5 Stars
Fun and Worth the Money!
July 18, 2019
It was unbearably hot that day, but the fun Conch Train made it so much better. The drivers are all very knowledgeable and friendly. The price is cheap and you can hop off at any point. Definitely made some memories for us!
Reviewer: Anna Tyrina
5 Stars
June 09, 2019
Had such a fun time on Conch Train. I have been to Key West many times but this was my husband's first time. I learned things that I did not know. The driver was so informative. I would actually go again if give the opportunity!
Reviewer: Sherry Johnson
5 Stars
World Famous Tour conch train
June 03, 2019
Best way to see Key West! Several stops to get on or off but recommend you stay on until 2nd time around island, no extra fee, to plan what you want to do. Tour guide will let you know couple of free admissions with your conch train ticket.
Reviewer: Nancy Miller
5 Stars
Nice ride
May 26, 2019
The tour was really nice and just the right length...The guide wax really good and I found out a really interesting fact about the keys.
Reviewer: Nathalie
4 Stars
Best excursion on our cruise!
April 23, 2019
The Conch Train was the best way to see all of the highlights of Key West, and to learn all of the inside info on the various celebrities who lived, {or died} there over the years. Our driver/tour guide, (Chris Wilson) was fantastic! Very knowledgeable, and entertaining throughout the tour. My wife and I would highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Lloyd Wilson
5 Stars
Great way to see it all!
April 02, 2019
The train stop was very close to where the ship docked. It was easy to find! Loved all the information and places we saw, including farthest point south in USA! Even stopped to shop at a great souvenir shop for ten minutes! Just long enough to pick up a conch shell and a couple of cute keychains!
Reviewer: Donna
5 Stars
Amazing Guide
March 22, 2019
Bob was our conductor/guide. He was very informative and funny. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip.
Reviewer: Kim Reed
5 Stars
Rocky was the best
March 15, 2019
Best tour guide ever! Rocky, full of fun facts, and some asides! Could have ridden around again. Too bad line up at the southern most point was so long as we couldn't even get a picture. Rocky you are the star!
Reviewer: Rebecca M
5 Stars
World Famous Tour Conch Train
February 28, 2019
Just our speed.
Reviewer: D Chavez
5 Stars
Lovely morning in Key West
February 27, 2019
We saw areas in Key West that we never saw on previous visits.
Reviewer: Lucy Maiello
5 Stars
Informative and fun
February 24, 2019
We've been to Key West many times but always just walked around. We really enjoyed this tour train. Learned a lot of new information about Key West and it was easy to get off and on when we wanted.
Reviewer: Karen W
5 Stars
Love it!
February 21, 2019
Love it! Love it! It's was a great way to explore Key West. Its just like a hop on hop off bus but smaller and better. All Conductors show passion and very knowledge of what they do. Conch Trains are clean and comfy. Will do it again! ^_^
Reviewer: cchu
5 Stars
Great overview of Key West
February 17, 2019
Informative and fun tour around Key West where you can get on and off where you want, Learn a lot and it was fun and interesting
Reviewer: Karen Weinman
5 Stars
Excellent Guide
February 14, 2019
This was a great tour of the Key West area. We had one person in our party who needed a wheelchair for distances, but could walk. They were very accommodating and helped stow her chair in the lead car. I've had other tours of the island, but this was the best experience!
Reviewer: Angela Gay Kinkead
5 Stars
Ride of your life
January 29, 2019
You will find that touring around Key West is one of the best kept secrets. Well inform employees tell you the story of Key West
Reviewer: John Bladykas
5 Stars
Conch Train tour
January 24, 2019
Reviewer: Nicola Isabella
4 Stars
Great way to see Key West
January 16, 2019
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the Conch Train. The guide was excellent and very entertaining. There was a lot of history given and recommendations on food and shopping. Loved it!
5 Stars
January 15, 2019
Our guide spoke continually on this tour, giving historical info interspersed with pop anecdotes & overall humor. Very informative & fun!
Reviewer: Laurelie Hodgson
5 Stars
January 09, 2019
Riding the conch train allowed us to see so much more of Key West since we were only on shore 4 hrs. We loved being able to get on & off the train. Well worth the money.
Reviewer: Patricia Jones
5 Stars
Key West Conch Train
January 01, 2019
A fact-filled fun way to tour around - a great time!
Reviewer: Andy Paavola
5 Stars
Good but not comfortable
December 10, 2018
We found the tour informative and the tour guide was very knowledgeable. Very interesting history. But, we both were very uncomfortable on the train because of seating. If you have a bad back then hitting bumps on the tour can be very jarring. A person with no back problems would be okay. Perhaps a bit more seat padding would be helpful!
Reviewer: Peter Hunter
4 Stars
Great Tour & Outstanding Tour Guides
September 20, 2018
I hoped on/off the conch train, so that I could enjoy different areas of Key West. The train allowed me an opportunity to see so much, take over 100 photos & learn abt it's rich history while riding through Key West. The Conch Train Tour is DEFINITELY the way to go!!
Reviewer: PMaddox
5 Stars
conch train
September 01, 2018
fun & imformative
Reviewer: william baker
5 Stars
Good way to see stuff
August 27, 2018
If you aren’t going to the beach in key west this is a cool tour you have the option of getting off at different locations and catching a later train we learned a lot about the island and loved the key lime pie bakery yum
Reviewer: Andrea Smith
5 Stars
Fun in Key West
April 16, 2018
Train was easy to find and great route around Key West. Unfortunately, it started pouring rain an hour after we got on and continued the rest of the day. The conductor passed out rain ponchos to everyone (free) which helped as the rain was torrential. It allowed us to continue the day. He was informative and thorough and we saw a lot. I would recommend this especially for new visitors or those that want to venture all over.
Reviewer: laurie
5 Stars
Conch Tour Train/Key West
April 09, 2018
Excellent. Very informative and easy going. Simple to find booth and very approachable staff.
Reviewer: Frank Frois
5 Stars
Conch Train Tour
April 09, 2018
Very convenient to see the sights of Key West and a very informative and knowledgable guide on the train.
Reviewer: Ken Koeppen
5 Stars
A great experience
April 02, 2018
This trip is highly recommended. Very well orchestrated with friendly and knowledgeable guides. Visit to Hemmingway's estate very interesting.
Reviewer: Xavier Fernandez
5 Stars
Conch Train
January 31, 2018
This tour gave us a quick overview of Key West. The driver was very informative and amusing!
Reviewer: Beverly
5 Stars
Conch train
January 19, 2018
Our driver was terrific with informations anecdotes. It was a worthwhile xcursion and suited our handicap situation
Reviewer: Claire Lynch
5 Stars
Key West Train
January 08, 2018
The stops were quick but there was another train right behind. The Drivers were very helpful.
Reviewer: Shelly Chorn
4 Stars
Key West conch train
April 14, 2017
My husband hurt his back and could not easily walk, so it was a good way to get around to see the sights of Key West.
Reviewer: Marilyn
4 Stars
Conch tour
February 23, 2017
Fantastic!!! Good way to see Key West and learn the history. Would definitely do this excursion again. Highly recommend !!!!
Reviewer: Michaela Miller
5 Stars
Excellent value
January 16, 2017
If you're in a hurry or want a quick overview of Key West then this is a great way to explore the area. Our tour captain was both knowledgeable and entertaining. I highly recommend it!
Reviewer: Bob Toppel
4 Stars
Great interesting tour of Key West & much fun in a
April 10, 2016
Very easy to use
Reviewer: BDL
5 Stars
Joe was amazing....
March 04, 2016
I really enjoyed the conch train tour with our driver Joe. Hè was extremely friendly and entertaining while providing lots of interesting facts and information about Key West. As a native of The Bahamas it was very exciting to learn the connections between the two.
Reviewer: Toni
5 Stars
Very fun and enjoyable tour
January 18, 2016
No problem here, a very fun time for the whole family
Reviewer: Really Cool, R. S.
5 Stars
Not what I expected
January 16, 2016
Kind of left on our own after disembarking the ship. Had to locate the train ticket office and showed them the receipt we had. Could have done everything there without reserving in advance without much difference in price.
Reviewer: Ted
4 Stars
fun tour of Key West!
December 11, 2015
A fantastic way to see Key West if you only have one day. Get on and off at each stop and see it all! goes slow so you can take lots of pictures!
Reviewer: nan
4 Stars
World Famous Couch Train
April 06, 2015
Very reasonably priced and informative.
Reviewer: Char
5 Stars