World Famous Conch Tour Train & Truman Little White House

Very interesting tour
April 05, 2023
Some of the tour trains are primarily to get from one point to another. The Conch Tour Train doesn't have as many stops as the others but you can learn more about the history of Key West. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Lyle Flesner
5 Stars
Conch Train and Truman White House
January 01, 2020
Train overview was very helpful to get a over view of key west. It was just long enough to help us plan where we wanted to walk back to. Key is West is very managsable to walk thru on you own.
Reviewer: . Allen
5 Stars
Both were interesting and fun
July 25, 2019
The conch train tour guides made the jump on / jump off trip interesting and fun. There wasn't an opportunity for interaction (questions), so it was generally scripted. The Truman White House and the tour guide were very interesting and fun. The guide did much more than read from a script. For example, when I asked a question her answer both went into very appropriate detail, was interesting and was shared with everyone on the tour.
Reviewer: Gary Young
5 Stars
The train is always great
July 03, 2019
Had a great time and a fun way to get around
Reviewer: Eileen Game
5 Stars
Tour of Key West
March 15, 2019
We had been to Key West on a previous occasion but had not taken a tour. This tour was delightful, we got a really good narrative on the Keys from historic beginning to present while on the "train" and were able to have an excellent guided tour of the Truman White House. We were very pleased with everything!
Reviewer: Betty DESIMONE
5 Stars
Great Way to See Key West
February 06, 2019
Conch Train provides a great way to see all of key West with several opportunities to hop off and hop on to visit sites lie Hemingway's house, southern most point, Duval Street, etc. Truman White House was informative and impressive. We had a great tour guide providing a lot of useful information.
Reviewer: Michael Love
5 Stars
Hard to find train but worth search
January 16, 2019
Driver very enjoyable and knowledgeable. But only stopped twice for any "hopping" on or off. Key West has lots to see. Truman Little White House interesting. Didn't get to Hemmingway's house, but both very near city center. Weather very good, but if rainy or very hot and humid would get enclosed transportation for a tour.
Reviewer: Carol Williams
4 Stars
Wonderful excursion
May 21, 2018
We were on a cruise & had limited time on the Island - so we selected this excursion - it was VERY nice - I actually was so surprised at how much we enjoyed the Truman Little White House - it was delightful!!!
Reviewer: Judy Olson
5 Stars
Key West
April 23, 2018
I really enjoyed the tour of KW and the Truman White House. Your Conch Train is a great way to see the town and your guide was very entertaining.
Reviewer: Freida Stallard
5 Stars
Conch Train Tour and Truman White House
April 16, 2018
Train ride was a little chilly, but we saw a lot in Kay West. The guide was very knowledgeable. The Truman White House tour was great! We learned a lot about the former President and his life in Key West. Worth it!
Reviewer: Sharon
5 Stars
Conch Train Tour and Truman Whitehouse Tour
March 07, 2017
We enjoyed our tour very much. We loved the Truman Whitehouse Tour. It was just the right length and our guide provided great information. It was a little difficult to find. There could have been better signage. It would have been nice to stop for pictures at the southernmost point of the US. I would recommend the tour to anyone.
Reviewer: Ann Scanlan
5 Stars
Conch Tour
January 14, 2017
was hard finding where I needed to go. Asked several times and nobody seemed to know where I needed to go. Once I found where I needed to be it was an excellent time.
Reviewer: Beth
4 Stars
Truman White House a must
May 03, 2016
We were traveling with relatives who spend two months in the Florida Keys and are frequent visitors to Key West; they enjoyed the Conch Train as much as we did. As a pre baby boomer I found the Truman White House very educational and a reminder of how different things were 60+ years ago.
Reviewer: Bear
5 Stars
encoyed the time
February 16, 2016
Had a good time saw many thing. Enjoyed it
Reviewer: laurie
5 Stars
I enjoyed the excursion
February 15, 2016
Had to walk my way to Hemmingways place and then walk to fine the bytterfly place.I was kind of nervous about that. But all ended well.
Reviewer: laurie
5 Stars