Reef and Ritas

Great Trip
November 26, 2022
The boat was filled to capacity, but the drinks were strong. It was great weather and wonderful snorkeling. The kids (12, 7, 6) had a blast!
Reviewer: Nicole Mize
5 Stars
Surprised by the size
September 07, 2017
We booked this as a small group tour (which should mean 2-20 people) and were shocked to see almost 200 people loading onto 2 catamarans. We were in the "smaller" group of 82. I mentioned that we were supposed to be on a small tour and they said there was no way. The staff were great, and the tour was fine, but not at all what we booked.
Reviewer: Mary Anne Turnbull
4 Stars
Great Excursion
June 19, 2015
The guides were very knowledgable and took time to explain safety and how to protect the reef, while still having fun. The ride was nice and relaxing. We got to see a lot of the reef. The staff and crew were very nice and helpful. We would go on this excursion again.
Reviewer: Love to cruise
5 Stars
we saw a shark!
March 29, 2015
We loved this trip. We are experienced snorkelers but out of shape. Our 11 year old daughter loved every moment. I think it would be tough if this is your first time snorkeling. You can walk down steps but the water was deep. That was fine for us and easy. We were almost the last ones to get back in the boat and that is when we saw a bull shark. Husband and daughter thought that was the best thing EVER. Drinks on the return trip to the dock were free flowing. Good times!
Reviewer: Sea and Sun Mama
4 Stars
October 13, 2014
The snorkeling was amazing. The crew was fantastic. I would do this again
Reviewer: ryan
5 Stars
This is the second time I did this!
January 07, 2014
I snorkeled these reefs about 8 years ago and at that time, we were told they were dying and the kids that were with us would not be able to see this when they were our age (45)because the reefs would be dead. These are the 3rd largest in the world and they are trying to preserve them. Everone on this trip was amazed at how awesome this was to swim with the fish. The only negative thing was that I stayed out too long and was exhausted. I just knew I would never be back and I wanted it to last just a little bit longer.
Reviewer: Denise
4 Stars