Afternoon Snorkel and Sail Adventure

Perfect excursion
November 19, 2019
The crew was great and the waters perfect! One of the best snorkel excursions I’ve been on at such a beautiful reef. It was perfect!
Reviewer: Lori Conte
5 Stars
Great Instruction, Beautiful Experience
October 09, 2019
Totally worth the experience! Cody and the crew took our group out on a beautiful day. They gave thorough instructions and some tips considering the day we went out the water was rather rough and choppy. While we were out in the water, they were sentinels, making sure we were not in distress...ensuring that each and every one of us had a great experience, and it was!
Reviewer: Dr. B. E. Booker
5 Stars
August 16, 2019
My sister and I spoke to your agent libra who advised she had taken this tour three times and she was right on point of what would take place. We have to say our experience from booking to actually taking the snorkel was amazing. Key west most defiantly is the place to snorkel. Check mark one of the bucket list. Thank you!!
Reviewer: Denice and Tracy
5 Stars
Absolutely Fabulous day in KeyWest
July 29, 2019
Two sisters on mission and we can now knock that off our bucket list. We called with plenty of questions and the young lady by the name liebra answered our questions and I can testify everything she explained was accurate. On 7/26/2019 we went on your Afternoon Snorkel and Sail Adventure what a beautiful day it was high 80s and the water omg beautiful. The staff extremely helpful and professional. We loved Carol she was funny and direct. The staff actually recounted the entire catamaran three times prior to entering the water and after before sailing of. I am not a great swimmer but they made sure my float jacket and noodle was in place prior to entering the water. What a great experience we had and to end it complimentary cold draft beer and wine. PRICELESS! A must do xox
Reviewer: Decise
5 Stars
Wonderful Afternoon
May 26, 2019
Well-kept boat, kind and knowledgeable staff, a flowing bar, and a lovely reef. Look no further for an awesome snorkel afternoon!
Reviewer: Jason M
5 Stars
Nice excursion!
May 15, 2019
Crew gave everyone noodles so they didn’t have to get in the water. Felt safe. Saw dolphins on our way back.
Reviewer: V Forbes
3 Stars
Fun Day
August 13, 2018
Excellent excursion, highly recommended!
Reviewer: M.Wanker
5 Stars
Great Crew
March 01, 2018
The friendly, knowledgeable crew made this excursion interesting and fun. Glad we chose to go with them!
Reviewer: Herb
5 Stars
November 04, 2017
The crew of the catamaran was excellent! The sea was rough and visibility very limited. If you could swim well they let you go out closer to the reef (which we did) where the view was great. The ship was late and docked at the navy base so we had to be shuttled in which took a while. The exercursion still accommodated us and even offered a replacement excursion (parasailing), or refund if we did not want to go out in the choppy water. Nice people
Reviewer: Judi
4 Stars
Amazing time
May 20, 2017
We had a great time with this adventure. The staff was warm, funny, inviting and took great care of us. The water was clear, great fun. The boat was clean and safe.
Reviewer: TM
5 Stars
Awesome time
April 13, 2017
The staff was great and very friendly. It was a full charter but still plenty of space. The area was Duma no got to see a lot of great fish and the booze cruise on way back to port was fun too!
Reviewer: Brittany Stange
5 Stars
Great Snorkeling
March 31, 2017
The staff were great. The location we snorkeled was awesome. Saw fish I had never seen and I've been snorkeling many times. I wis they would offer rum punch or something except beer and wine, although it was fine as I just drank a soda. Would definitely take this trip again.
Reviewer: Sheri waters
5 Stars
Snorkeling adventure
November 10, 2016
My family loved it. It was the first time to snorkel and they had great time. I will never forget looking down seeing a shark swim by and my son swimming just above him it was a great site. The crew on the boat was very nice and friendly.
Reviewer: Helga Sorenson
5 Stars
Great Snorkel and Sail Trip in Key West
May 03, 2016
Great trip. Crew was very helpful and explained to newbies how to snorkel during the sail to the site. However, not one of them actually got in the water. On every other excursion I've been on the crew has gotten in and assisted newbies and helped. Some people never left the rope by the boat. Ithink with a guide in the water they may have been more willing to let go.
Reviewer: Retired Teacher
5 Stars
Exceeded expectations!
April 22, 2016
I was SO nervous about this excursion. The wind was up and I thought we'd be seasick. The guides were: so personable, immediately addressed any concerns with the wind, adjusted the itinerary, effectively taught us about snorkle use and were watchful the whole time. We loved this! Saw a variety of fish and enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing boat ride. The drinks are a bonus!
Reviewer: KSM
5 Stars
We loved the crew, wish the ocean cooperated
January 20, 2016
We loved the crew of our boat. Sadly the weather didn't really cooperate, we could only see about 2-3 below us. I'm sure the crew wasn't happy, but their knowledge and experience made it great. Our kids had never been snorkeling before - so they had a great time and didn't know anything different! Yay! We all enjoyed the boat ride (parents, teens, and kids down to age 6) -- it was relaxing and fun to be on the boat. The crew served my son 6 sprites and he was in heaven. We would definitely use this company again and wish we could pre-order the weather next time.
Reviewer: Sunkist Sue
4 Stars