South Island Tour

South Island tour
September 26, 2022
Had a great tour - the driver did an an excellent job and all the stops were great. We enjoyed the history of the island. Some of our best pictures were taken on this island.
Reviewer: Alma Rogers
5 Stars
We really enjoyed our tour
March 13, 2020
Our guide Lucile was delightful. She was full of facts and enthusiasm. Martinique is a beautiful island with much to offer. We liked everything we saw - the handcraft village, the seaside town, the monument to slaves that were drowned, the Sunday market at Cap Diamanté’s beach and the rum tasting at the rum factory. Next time we visit Martinique we will try the North Island tour as this tour was so good.
Reviewer: Gale H.
5 Stars
December 29, 2018
Tour was good. Seen a lot, played in the water for a short time. Washrooms were not available at every stop! USA currency was not accepted everywhere we toured, we had a credit card which helped.
Reviewer: Dale Wereschuk
3 Stars