White Water Rafting

August 18, 2023
This was a fun excursion, and our guides/drivers were amazing! We enjoyed the river experience, the bit of time we spent at the beach/ocean and the stop at the souvenir shop. We really enjoyed the food!! I removed a star because I am not sure I can call this "white water rafting." It's a relatively calm ride--really no rapids, and exactly the same river as the tubers use for the tubing excursions--the raft just gets to the end of the river faster. Nonetheless, we had a great day!
Reviewer: Ondrea Slade
4 Stars
Jay was awesome
April 23, 2018
Felt a little rushed at the end. Only about 20-25 minutes to grab a bite and enjoy beach. Probably should take that off the description so it’s not a let down.
Reviewer: Melanie Baker
5 Stars
The scenery was around the trees and the river was
January 08, 2016
Our were very helpful, funny, and polite
Reviewer: KJM
4 Stars