Dolphin Swim & Exclusive Island

Dolphin swim - actually swam with dolphins
March 05, 2020
reading the prior reviews, I was expecting the photos to be expensive, they were but also anticipated, the bottom was rocky, no big deal, the dolphins were amazing, the trainers were informative and the food was ok but super expensive. I would do it again. getting there in the morning was a bit sketchy since the girls checking you in didn't have name tags or anything.
Reviewer: Rebecca
5 Stars
What a Fantastic Experience
February 04, 2020
The expereince was fantastic. My wife was a little apprehensive getting in the water. One of the guides walked her out, and the trainer sent one of the dolphins over to swim beside her. The dolphins were swimming around us we got to pet them, dance with them, spash with them, and the pics were great (though very expensive) They do take credit cards though. The island is very expensive though. We bought 2 drinks while waiting for our excursion time, and they were $38!!!
Reviewer: David Camp
5 Stars
Great excursion and memorable experience
February 03, 2020
We had a party of 4 and this lived up to our expectations. Staff were knowledgeable, fairly organized and kind to the dolphins. Pictures and video on the expensive side but as a first-time even, we had to get them.
Reviewer: Jeff B
4 Stars
Memorable Experience
January 23, 2020
Plenty of time with the dolphins. Beautiful spot. Worth every penny!
Reviewer: Suzanne Lindsay
5 Stars
Loved swimming with the dolphins!
November 16, 2019
We had a great time swimming with the dolphins. Trainers were friendly and knowledgeable. Have been recommending it to all our friends.
Reviewer: Russel Befus
5 Stars
We had so much fun!
October 19, 2019
We had so much fun on this excursion. The dolphins were so well trained and seem to be living in a well-kept area. The videos they took were super shaky but we bought them along with the high res photos anyway. The water was clear and beautiful on the beach and the dolphin trainers were very kind.
Reviewer: Iroda Abdujabborova
5 Stars
Almost perfect
September 11, 2019
This was an absolutely amazing experience. We were able to swim with, touch, dance with, hold, and take several photos with the dolphins. The reasons they lost a star were because first they make you leave your belongings (including ID, cash) in an unlocked cubby. Second, they charge $117 for a minimum package of four photos and you cannot purchase a single photo. Many people did not carry credit cards or that much cash to leave unsecured, so we left without any photos of the experience of high was extremely disappointing. Please let visitors know ahead of time about the photo packages and the prices.
Reviewer: Kristen
4 Stars
Dolphin kiss
September 08, 2019
Me and my girl loved it one off the bucket list
Reviewer: Jamel Campbell
4 Stars
Dolphin Swim
August 28, 2019
The Dolphin Swim was very animal friendly and educational. The Dolphins were well taken care of. The guides made sure that we were gentle with the dolphins. It felt very natural, not harmful to swim with these dolphins. The island had a very nice area to swim in on the beach. There were plenty of shady spots to lay down and relax. Ahhhh!
Reviewer: Mary Clare Sabio
5 Stars
The Perfect Excursion for All
August 07, 2019
From start to finish the whole process was pretty easy but their are a few things they can iron out. The ferry that you take to the excursion provided pleasant views and was very informative as it relates to Bahamian history. Mr. Otis..... you're awesome and we will never forget you. When we arrived, we completed the waivers and had time to relax at the private beach. It was very small but nice. When you go, eat before you get there and bring water. A chicken tender basket which you can normally get for $5 USD is $22 USD and a $.50 bag of chips was $4. Don't get me started on drinks. Moral of the story bring at least 2 bottles of water and snacks for each person. The Dolphin Swim was awesome. I'm not a strong swimmer but I felt so comfortable in the deep water because of the life vest. We were able to dance with, learn about, touch and hug the Dolphins. We will definitely go back and take our kiddos.
Reviewer: Mia
5 Stars
Dolphin Swim
July 18, 2019
This was the most memorable excursion. I highly recommend it. Make sure to wear water shoes because the bottom is really rocky.
Reviewer: Heather Strickland
5 Stars
Time of My Life
July 18, 2019
This was so awesome words can't describe it.
Reviewer: Hunter Lucas
5 Stars
Dolphin Swim and Exclusive Island
July 17, 2019
It was great. So glad we booked. Only thing we would suggest is eat before you go and buy bottled water in Nassua. The trainers and everyone involved were equally as terrific.
Reviewer: Heather Baker
5 Stars
July 11, 2019
We loved this so much and it was a full experience... not just swimming with dolphins. They start you off slow by having the dolphins swim past as we just put our hand in the water, touching it as it swims past. Then you get to let the dolphin kiss your cheek and you kiss the dolphin on the nose/lips. You pose for pictures of your group slightly lifting the dolphin up into a cute pose. You swim with the dolphins and dance together! It was fabulous! Bring money for your lunch- it costed our group of 3 $100 for lunch on the island. And yes we purchased the once in a lifetime photos and videos package of our dolphin experience for approximately $150.
Reviewer: Amy Stacey
5 Stars
The best experience
July 08, 2019
We met our tour guide in front of the senor frogs restaurant in Nassau which was a 5 min walk from where the ship disembarked. We then, sat on a 20 min boat ride to go to the Balmoral island. The island was absolutely beautiful. The dolphin swim experience was definitely one of the best experience we have ever had. The trainers were nice and kind to the dolphins and were very knowledgeable about their behavior.
Reviewer: Sunisha Hill
5 Stars
Excellent Adventure
June 22, 2019
Best dolphin swim experience I have been on. Well worth the upgrade from the dolphin encounter. You do so much more with this excursion.
Reviewer: Trong Le
5 Stars
AAA excursion
June 19, 2019
We were very happy with our dolphin swim! The dolphins are well trained, the instructors were personable and polite. We ended up with a lot more dolphin interactions than we expected. It is expensive, but was worth it!
Reviewer: Linda Harr
5 Stars
Dolphin Swim
May 29, 2019
The excursion was very worth the money and everything plus more of my expectations. The employees were very friendly and helpful in whatever you needed.
5 Stars
Once in a Lifetime experience!
May 01, 2019
My 8 yr old daughter & I had the dolphin swim of a LIFETIME! After speaking w/the Shore Excursions rep about the difference between the dolphin "Swim or Experience" excursions, I booked us for the Swim. I went w/the last time slot 12:30 (Wed) as I was concerned it would be too cold earlier. Boy did we luck out as nobody else picked that time so we had a 1 hour PRIVATE SWIM w/ 3 dolphins!!! One of which was pregnant! We had the best time & purchased both the picture & video pkg for $150. They had captured tons of pics & a video of our second half of the swim where we danced & sang with them. I don't think we can ever top this experience & are so glad we went to Balmoral Island! Note: the staff mentioned all of the earlier swims were VERY busy but I suspect that was probably due to folks wanting more time on the island. Our tradeoff for the great dolphin experience was a much shorter time on the island (2.5 hrs).
Reviewer: Heather C.
5 Stars
amazing and worth the money
April 25, 2019
this was the same excursion my cruise line was offering but was half off the price. employees were great and attentive. very knowledgeable and courteous. loved every second of it! the only thing to be aware of is you must buy all the pictures, getting just one is not an option. was disappointed in that but I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for a good time!
Reviewer: elizabeth kerr
5 Stars
Truly outstanding excursion
April 25, 2019
The dolphin swim exceeded our expectations. It was all we'd hoped for and more. Holding, petting, dancing and swimming with these beautiful animals is an awesome experience. And Balmoral Island is a beautiful setting with wonderful beach and facilities. A great day and the highlight of our cruise. We'd highly recommend this to anyone.
Reviewer: Bob Gibson
5 Stars
Great Trip
April 19, 2019
This was way more fun than we expected. Great people working with animals and the dolphins. I would do it again!
Reviewer: Christina Moore
5 Stars
March 26, 2019
This was the most amazing experience I’ve had. To be that interactive with the dolphins was just a dream!! They were so sweet, smart and trained so well! Kuddos to the wonderful trainers for their obvious hard work and personable professionalism during the excursion!!
Reviewer: Linda Cancellarich
5 Stars
Fun with dolphins, but photo service is a ripoff
March 25, 2019
Swimming with the dolphins was a thrill. They are so gentle and intelligent. The trainers obviously cared about the animals and were very informative. We then went to purchase the photos they took (you can't take your own photos) and were shocked to be charged $150.00 for a CD of photos and a couple 15-second videos. No options of less expensive packages. I felt like I was being robbed.
Reviewer: Sharon
4 Stars
Dolphin Swim
February 21, 2019
We enjoyed the tour. It was exciting and lots of fun and well worth the cost.
Reviewer: William Huff
5 Stars
Highlight of the Vacation
February 10, 2019
This by far was the highlight of the vacation. Balmoral island is simply stunning. White sand beaches and the bluest of waters. It takes a 20 minute boat ride to the island and we found that relaxing as well. As some other reviews say the drinks are a bit overpriced but that’s not why you go to the island. The trainers were patient and fun. We were in the water for a full hour and it is definitely a hands on experience. Highly entertaining, there wasn’t a minute my kids did not have a perma-grin on their faces. Even the 16 year old who’s too proud to smile at times. We got the picture/video flash drive and it was $147, and I’m glad I did. The kids go back to watch the videos and have shown all their friends. I highly recommend this excursion, and highly recommend this excursion group. We already booked another cruise for next year and no doubt will use this group again. It was our first time using them and they even refunded money when they reduced their price on the excursion.
Reviewer: Matt McLafferty
5 Stars
fun times
January 20, 2019
The family had a great time at the dolphin swim. Very Interactive. My only complaint would be the cost. You're overcharged for the pictures they take but it's worth it in the end to preserve those memories
Reviewer: warren Montague
5 Stars
Best Excursion by Far
December 24, 2018
This was a life time wish of mine fulfilled. Pigeon and Fiona were amazing to swim with and my heart was filled with such joy. The staff members were fantastic and really complimented the day. If I got the chance, I would do it again in a heart beat. It was a fantastic experience that will live with me forever.
Reviewer: Sharon Clark
5 Stars
Excellent day
November 03, 2018
Swimming with this lovely creatures was absolutely beautiful. It was worth every cent. People were great and trainers were very informed and knowledgeable about dolphins. Only con is price of pictures which is to expensive, 150 $ for pictures and one video.
Reviewer: Mario
5 Stars
Dolphin Swim
September 18, 2018
We thoroughly enjoyed the Dolphin Swim. We were the only 2 participating the day we went so we got extra attention. There was no one to meet us at the meeting point and they boat was late getting there so we were a little concerned. No one to contact about this either. Pictures were too expensive. Not much selection for a very high price. Wish we could've purchased an individual picture instead of the package. Overall a very fun excursion.
Reviewer: Pam
4 Stars
Dolphin Swim
August 20, 2018
This excursion was worth every cent! It was the highlight of my entire trip, and I loved swimming with the dolphins. The staff was friendly and helpful. The tips that were on the website prior to the trip were also extremely helpful--knowing to have swim shoes, sunscreen, etc., provided me with a great experience.
Reviewer: Rebecca Dalton
5 Stars
Great time with the Dolphins!!!
August 06, 2018
The day at Balmoral Island was great!!! The Dolphin swim was a great experience for us, our children and grandchildren! The beach was wonderful! The food and beverages were pricey (we could have brought a cooler with sandwiches and drinks).
Reviewer: Mike McConnell
5 Stars
Amazing - Highly Recommend
July 30, 2018
This excursion was worth every penny we paid for it. The staff was friendly. The time in the water with the dolphins was ample. It was an experience my family will remember for a life time. The photo/video package was a bit pricey (approx. $100) but I knew that before we went so I was prepared for it. What I was surprised with was all the extra photos they added of all the dolphins and the island. So we got so much more.
Reviewer: Theresa Jakab
5 Stars
Great Time
July 23, 2018
We had a great time with the dolphin swim. We got to dance and have the dolphins swim all around us. We did get the phone package. It wasn’t cheap but had 60-70 pictures and 3 videos. Only thing that was slightly negative is that beach was rough. I would recommend water shoes. They may have mentioned it in description. I would highly recommend this kids
Reviewer: Jason Reeves
5 Stars
Fun and special
July 09, 2018
It was a special time for my two daughters 16&20 to be able to swim and interact with the dolphins. It was educational as well as the guide explanined many aspects about dolphins. I just wish the pictures weren't so expensive. I get it that it could be a once in a lifetime event and you want to remember the moment. I would have been willing to have paid 10-20 dollars for a 25 cent (their cost) for a single 5x7 for the memory but what they wanted for a package is tooooo much.
Reviewer: Wade Davis
5 Stars
Dolphin swim in Nassau
May 14, 2018
This was one of the most fun days we've had with our ten year old granddaughter. The experiences with the dolphins was extraordinary. We interacted with them in deep water for quite a while. My only admonition would be to say that the meeting place was quite a distance from our ship which was docked at the farthest pier. The professional pictures were very expensive ($95 for a cd), but we bought it because the experience was once in a lifetime.
Reviewer: Margaret Garland
5 Stars
It was by far an Excellent Experience!!!!
May 02, 2018
The staff were friendly very clean place. The Dolphin swim was an unforgettable experience they not only danced with you but swim next to you throughout the whole time. We were in the ocean with them for about 40min I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants to get the best dolphin experience ever!!
Reviewer: Jason B
5 Stars
Wet & Fun
April 30, 2018
The grand kids said it was the highlight of their cruise. The grandparents enjoyed it, too.
Reviewer: D. Brisson
5 Stars
wonderfull experience
April 16, 2018
We were on a cruise. Much than booking via the cruise line and it was no problem to find the location and get back on the ship in time. We spend a lot of time with the dolfins and really enjoyed the experience. Photo including video USD 138.00!
Reviewer: Beate
5 Stars
Dolphin Swim and Encounter
April 09, 2018
What an amazing experience, so glad that we decided to do the swim instead of just the encounter. My daughter (8 yrs old) has talked about it as the “big” hi-light of our trip. It was a beautiful day, sun shining, beach clean and not over crowded. Only downfall was that the boat got there late and we had to be on the first boat back. Would have loved to enjoy the beach a little longer.
Reviewer: Judy
5 Stars
Dolphin Swim & Exclusive Island
March 17, 2018
Great trip , well worth it.
Reviewer: Peter Alvarado
5 Stars
Fantastic Family Excursion!
January 21, 2018
The dolphin trainers were fabulous, we went with our 10 yr daughter and another couple with their 7 yr old and we felt safe and they had a blast! The beach area was very tranquil and clean as well. The photos and videos were a bit pricey but the quality was great and we are very happy to have the lifelong memories documented.
Reviewer: Lisa
5 Stars
Beautiful Island Great Dolphin Swim!!!
December 18, 2017
The island was much nicer than we expected. A great sit back and relax island too. There is a pool and plenty of cabanas and umbrellas. The dolphin swim was amazing. The only catch is the pictures and videos of the dolphin swim which they ask over $100 for but if you want to remember the memory for a lifetime it is worth it.
Reviewer: Adrian Roman
5 Stars
Totally Worth it!
August 18, 2016
This experience was incredible! You are literally swimming along side the dolphins! You will do tricks and dances with them. The private island is beautiful. DJ is fun with drinks and food available. Our family made wonderful memories and it was worth every penny! FYI- bring your own towels!!
Reviewer: Jessica
5 Stars
recommend but advertisement is not what you get
August 01, 2016
Although I highly recommend this adventure, the piece about snorkeling with the dolphins did not happen. The good was that this was a really enjoyable adventure and I would recommend over the smaller package . The bad, unless you bring your own. I am not sure how the original add was phrased, but it was definitely misleading. The really made us nervous part, the person who was suppose to meet us after we got off the cruise line, was not at the designated spot and the local number was not in service. This caused me roaming charges to call the main number and find them. I would do this again, but change the advertising and ensure the local company follows expectation. three different groups of people who were all nervous about the contact not being where they were suppose to be. They were 100 feet away talking to someone on a boat but they could clearly see that we were at the meeting spot and did not come over. We had to ask several boats if they were the right one.
Reviewer: Eileen Tennity
4 Stars
Great Excursion!
February 23, 2016
Price and quality.
Reviewer: TJL
5 Stars
Would recommend to everyone who can swim!
February 03, 2016
My daughter smiled for days! The trainers were excellent with the Dolphins and the group. Vin Diesel actually tongued my daughter when she was giving him a kiss! How hysterical!!
Reviewer: Maribeth
5 Stars
Very Cool Experience
February 03, 2016
I really enjoyed this shore excursion. The only minus was the weather as it was wet and raining almost all day. We still had a great time with the dolphins even with the weather not being optimal. We knew that this would probably be the only time we would do something like this so we opted to pay for the pictures ($75). I felt the picture cost was a little costly and wish they had a cheaper alternative. All in all we had a great time with the dolphins and this was a once in the lifetime opportunity.
Reviewer: Jonathan
4 Stars
i had a great time!
January 15, 2016
Fun time was had by all of us!
Reviewer: grannie
5 Stars
December 05, 2015
All 15 of enjoyed this greatly!!
Reviewer: GLC
5 Stars
Wonderful experience!
June 15, 2015
Wonderful experience!
Reviewer: Sandy
5 Stars
Swim with Dolphin's Nassau
December 10, 2014
Was very well run. Kids had the time of their life. Something we will never forget.
Reviewer: Ggsheck
5 Stars