Private Island Getaway

Nassau private island beach day
January 22, 2020
The staff was well organized and there were no worries about missing the cruise ship. One of our party uses a motor scooter and they were able to accommodate him nicely on the ferry and there was a paved sidewalk along the beach perimeter allowing him full access to the beach.. The beach was pleasant with facilities and enough lounge chairs and umbrellas for everyone and available drinks and food. Would have awarded this 5 star experience but everything around Nassau is very crowded and congested so be prepared
Reviewer: CLARK
4 Stars
Balmoral Island
November 27, 2019
It was a great experience! Beautiful beaches, reasonable prices for dolphin swim/encounter. Only complaint was the food was very expensive without prepaying for a lunch.
Reviewer: Nicole
5 Stars
Was amazing!
July 30, 2019
My family and I booked this excursion, which this was the first time not booking directly with the cruise line. Pickup was prompt, the island was beautiful, food was great and they give you plenty of it. The boat ride to the island was peaceful and the tour guides were so friendly. We traveled there on June 9th, 2019 (which happened to be my birthday) and it was truly amazing!!! Highly recommend!!!
Reviewer: Eryn Hazard
5 Stars
beach day
June 29, 2019
Once we got to the ferry to take us to the island for our beach day, the tour was fine. It was very unorganized starting out. There were 3-4 different tours waiting for the same ferry. The person checking us in seemed more interested in her phone than answering our questions.
Reviewer: Kelley Shepard
3 Stars
Nice beach
June 02, 2019
The beach was beautiful. The folks ferrying us over were very nice and gave us lots of information about Bahamas. There were plenty of covered chairs and a separate area for families with children. There was a place that sold food and drinks but the prices were quite high. I did not purchase any food or drinks but the island experience was nice.
Reviewer: Tiffany
3 Stars
Nice little island away from the crowds
April 24, 2019
Beautiful setting! Could be in the South Seas if you did not know where you were. Beautiful ride in a tropical style boat. The island is small but the beach is beautiful and surrounded by a ring of coral.
Reviewer: rich hine
5 Stars
April 14, 2019
We so enjoyed EVERY part of this excursion. The boat ride from Nassau was fun and informative. The island was so relaxed and enjoyable. We will return on a future visit to the Bahamas- guaranteed!
Reviewer: Lisa Nelson
5 Stars
Great Excursion!
April 03, 2019
We had a fabulous time! Transportation to and from the island was great!
Reviewer: Alicia Harvey
5 Stars
Perfect beach day
February 23, 2019
This is a great option for the port of Nassau. The ferry over was short and enjoyable. The beach was not crowded with plenty of lounges and umbrellas. Nice sand and crystal clear water! The ferries run every hour so you can leave whenever you want. FYI The food and drinks are pricey.
Reviewer: MR
5 Stars
December 20, 2018
The Private Island Getaway on Nassau was a wonderful, lazy visit to Paradise. A mere 30 minute boat ride from the harbour, which itself is a casual 20 minute walk from the ship. The superb beach, bar, Starbucks and local/ international food along with a good DJ and water sport rentals all combined with very friendly staff make for a great day getaway. Great facility Nassau!
Reviewer: Elgin Seupersad
5 Stars
Fun for all ages
December 17, 2018
This is a perfect little getaway excursion for all ages. We took our 1 year old and 4 year old and they had a blast. Plenty of seats with umbrellas and areas with shade. They have a market that sells burgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers etc... It is expensive $15-$20 per option, but decent food and they take credit cards. They also offer a variety of snacks and sodas/water for sale. There are bathrooms and showers on the island, but no changing tables or changing rooms.
Reviewer: Patty Herron
5 Stars
Beautiful Clean Beach
November 01, 2018
This is on the same island as the "Dolphin Encounter and Exclusive Island" excursion. We were going as a group and my husband and I had previously swam with dolphins so he decided to not do it again. He was able to hang out on the beach and relax and play with the kids while we waited for our turn to swim with the dolphins. The beach was clean and beautiful with plenty of chairs and umbrellas. The food is pricey, so I would recommend bringing some snacks and bottles of water with you before you get on the ferry across to Balmoral Island.
Reviewer: Lindsey
5 Stars
Relaxing place
July 09, 2018
The boat ride was enjoyable and informative. The island was relaxing with plenty of chairs, water was clear and calm, many amenities for food and drink, bathrooms were clean, staff courteous. The meeting place off the ship was convenient walk and allowed for some shopping after the excursion.
Reviewer: Wade Davis
5 Stars
Overall very happy.
July 02, 2018
Island was beautiful and quiet but drinks and food were very expensive
Reviewer: Malinda Moffo
4 Stars
Away from the hustle and bustle
April 30, 2018
We booked this excursion looking for a relaxing quiet getaway that is exactly what we got. Even with 4 ships in port the island was not crowded. Lounge chairs and umbrellas are included and they are in pristine condition. For an additional fee you could go into the water with the dolphins or stingrays. The island was very clean and the operators were very professional and accommodating. This was a great value and I would book it again if I returned to Nassau.
Reviewer: Lou
5 Stars
Private island getaway
April 16, 2018
Excellent place to relax and swim in the Caribbean waters. White sandy beaches friendly staff. You can swim with dolphins or feed the Sting rays for an additional price. There’s also food and beverages, no need to pack a lunch. Every chair has a umbrella.
Reviewer: Jim & Linda B
5 Stars
Private Island
March 07, 2018
The island was lovely, but it was windy, so no kayaking, and snorkeling was in a small area. If you wanted to have a dolphin or manta ray experience, those were also available at extra cost. Staff on the island was excellent, and the strolling band members were excellent artists. Food was good, but expensive if not part of the package. A bar was available for mixed drinks and sodas. An upgrade to the experience onsite afforded you with a more private area of beach. There were plenty of beach chairs, and a small shop for souvenirs, along with the equipment and cabana rental buildings. The boat ride to the island was pleasant and scenic. If you want a nice day at the beach, this is a good option.
Reviewer: Pam Krause
4 Stars
January 10, 2018
The island was beautiful, the beach was quiet and clean, the food was average and the drinks were $$. I really was looking forward to the heated pool that was advertised because it was December and the ocean was a bit too cool for me.
Reviewer: Debby Stickney
4 Stars
Island Getaway
January 01, 2018
At first quite concerned that we were the only two taking this excursion but had a ferry boat all to ourselves, great loungers and meal provided in an ideal setting, will probably book the same excursion if we return to the Bahamas in the fuyure.
Reviewer: Wilf Robinson
5 Stars
Beautiful crystal clear water!
October 24, 2017
Quick ferry ride to beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters. Did this excursion with three kids, which loved the water, but would have liked it as an adults only trip. Food is a bit pricey, $15. for a hamburger. Bar and lounge chairs area were very nice. Stingray and dolphin area are offered for additional price. Small gift shop, also has a pool.
Reviewer: joanne
4 Stars
Beautiful Beach
August 07, 2017
To meet up for this excursion we had a short 20 min walk from the cruise port. The 20 min boat ride was rather slow but offered nice views of the cruise ships as we left the port. Sit on the top deck of the boat for the best breeze. Once we finally reached the beach, it was very nice. It was not overly crowded. There were plenty of chairs and umbrellas for everyone. The water was calm and crystal clear. My kids were able to easily swim, and the protected area was fairly shallow. We took our own masks and snorkels and were able to see plenty of fish. There is an area to order food and drinks. Unfortunately, our ship was not in port very long, so we were only there a couple of hours. We did not try the food, but we did have a couple of cocktails that were nice and refreshing. There was also a pool, but we stayed in the ocean so I can't comment on it. They had 2 separate areas for dolphin or stingray encounters for extra charges. We opted out of that as well.
Reviewer: Mandy Latta
4 Stars
Would recommend this shore excursion!
May 20, 2016
We found the boat easily to get to the island. The island was very peaceful, clean and loads of chairs. Restaurant is expensive but food was good. I would do this again!
Reviewer: Travelgirl02
5 Stars
Yes, very good
March 10, 2016
Very relaxing
Reviewer: Rglow1
5 Stars
day off
December 05, 2015
Very nice island and beach area. Chairs, food, drink, restroom all easily available.
Reviewer: cgc
5 Stars