Half Day Learn to Dive

September 13, 2017
AWESOME!! I have memories that will be with me the rest of my life.All the staff were amazing! I'm older & well endowed,causing some concern to me.Be sure to review the PADI questionnaire beforehand!The instructors were with me continually & reassuring.There's a hands-on practice in a pool before the dive.You are prepared for any possible emergency.I would like to stress,be CALM and don't PANIC if you drop your respirator. It happenes.I dropped mine,but I was able to recover.You do not need to rent a wet suit to Scuba.Follow the recommendations to prepare for the excursion.Taking a drink and snack was much more economical.Take something waterproof for anything you don't want to get wet.If you want to take pictures get a camera ahead of time.Stuarts has a photographer to shoot your dive & images can be purchased online after you return home.I am now looking into becoming certified! I hope you enjoy your experience as much as I did mine!
Reviewer: Vicky L Jones
5 Stars
the best tour ever.
January 13, 2015
I would recommend this tour to everyone who likes adventures and new experience.
Reviewer: Ievgen
5 Stars
Diving Paul cove's in the Bahamas
August 02, 2012
My only complaint: it was difficult to contact Shore Excursions during my cruise. Carnival had not heard of them and did not endorse them. I tried to call to make sure they would be well coordinated with my cruise but there was no answer at SE. But my worries were unfounded. the dive company was very professional and got me back to the ship on time. It was awesome and I recommend it highly.
Reviewer: JFR
4 Stars
Best Excursion Hand Down!
January 06, 2012
As someone who is a professional Captain and spends at least thirty-five hours a week on the water one would assume that I have spent some time beneath the surface of the water. However, this was my first experience diving and initially I was quite nervous. The crew over at Stuart's Cove not only makes sure that you understand what you are doing before taking you out diving but they have fun doing it! I have honestly never laughed so hard while trying something new before in my life. Safety is a priority and you are NEVER alone in the water. I would recommend this for anyone who is interested to see some cool sights beneath the surface. (They take you to see something cool but you'll have to go to see what it is ;)
Reviewer: Pat the Captain
5 Stars
To Much Fun
August 17, 2011
This was the highlight of our vacation, so much better than snorkeling. The guide was very though and patient, he really took care of us. Wish the dive would have lasted longer but now we want to get certified so we can go on longer dives. The only thing I wish they would have had a medical release form online so we would have known what problems may have kept us from going diving.
Reviewer: TB
4 Stars
January 06, 2011
girls had a fantastic time....thank you
Reviewer: cannot remember
5 Stars