Bayou and Swamp Tour

Chilly Gator Adventure
February 25, 2023
Had a great time on the Bayou and Swamp tour. The bus was comfortable and warm, the driver was wonderful and educational on the 20-25 minute drive. The tour location has a small gift shop , clean restrooms and great drinks available for purchase before and after your boat ride. Our tour was in early February during a cold spell but the sun was out and so were a couple of alligators and other animals. The tour guide personalized the trip for us because of the small group that arrived for that time slot. We felt he stopped longer and more often to allow my grandson to move around and help look for gators. The captain also shared personal stories about recent storms and the havoc they caused and shifts in the land masses living in a city built on water causes. Wonderful time, we need to check the weather next time to make sure we are warmer in the open.
Reviewer: LuAnn Yeates
5 Stars
An excursion to remember!
June 14, 2019
I did this swamp tour 20 yrs ago; had to experience it again; this time w/my hubby. Well worth the time/money; fasinating watching alligators come along the side of the catamaran to eat the marshmellows from the long stick, entertained by our informative boat captain. They actually were interactive. Beautiful views of the swamp, wildlife, & greenery. Some folks were able to toss marshmellows in the water for the alligators. Was a sight to see. At the end of the tour, we held a baby alligator (12 in. long). The gift shop was nice too, Very educational; great for all ages. Recommend this relaxing trip; great photo opps.
Reviewer: Alycia & Douglas
5 Stars
Fun tour. Lots of gators!
April 12, 2019
This was a fun swamp tour. The guide knew where to slow the boat and spot gators. Pretty area.
Reviewer: Debbie
5 Stars
Bayou a and Swamp Tour
January 16, 2018
Excellent and very informative
Reviewer: Lonny Davies
5 Stars
Bayou & Swamp Tour
May 20, 2017
Enjoyed the tour. Our guide was very informative on the area, habitat, and alligators. Friendly too. Got to feed alligators and hold a baby alligator. Nice seeing the swamp & bayou.
Reviewer: M.T. Fry
5 Stars
Great Family Excursion
January 21, 2017
From the start of this excursion our family enjoy everything, from the information about New Orleans that was given to us while on the tour bus on to route to the Boyou swamp and then while on the swamp boat tour. Everyone was surprised when we all got to hold and touch a small alligator name T-Bone. Would go back again during the sprIng / summer season.
Reviewer: Kyla Gardner
5 Stars
Bayou and Swamp Tour
January 20, 2017
Shore Excursions provides excellent tours at discounted prices and the Bayou and Swamp Tour in New Orleans met every expectation. The guide was informative, welcoming, and humorous. The boat took us into the heart of the Bayou and Swamp--giving us a great first-time experience. I recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Edna Land
5 Stars
Great experience
March 26, 2016
We went on a larger type boat, it went slower than the air boats but it made the tour more for us because we could stand up and it wasn't as noisy or as cold!!! The guide was wonderful and we got to hold a baby alligator! Really nice tour
Reviewer: Judy
5 Stars