French Quarter Historic Tour

Lots and lots of info and history!
March 16, 2020
We had a great tour but we would suggest not having them while Marci Gras is going on. The streets were packed with huge, rowdy crowds. We learned a great deal and will return again.
Reviewer: Eileen
5 Stars
Informative tour
February 06, 2020
This was our first time in New Orleans and were interested in its history. The tour gave us an insight into the city's origins. The guide was knowledgeable and we enjoyed his commentary about various buildings and areas.
Reviewer: Medi942
5 Stars
French Qtr Tour
November 13, 2019
The tour itself was wonderful, as my daughter and I were the only ones on the tour. We were given a ton of information about the city that I didn't know and we were shown many interesting buildings. However, I had already paid online, but when the guide arrived I was told that there was a balance due, which there wasn't. The tour started late due to him trying to find out the needed info on my booking.
Reviewer: Emily
4 Stars
French Quarter tour
February 03, 2017
Very historic, loved everything about it! I have been to New Orleans before on business but never had the opportunity to experience the way I did this time!
Reviewer: Jennifer
5 Stars