Steamboat Harbor Cruise (Cruise Only)

Would recommend
December 06, 2015
This was a very sweet ride. They played live music and it floated gently down the river giving explanations of what we were passing. I have to admit, there isn't really a lot to look at but it is nice just the same. The meal was ok. They also have a snack bar but since I ordered the dinner I didn't check it out. One thing to note is to get there early if you have email vouchers. You have to wait in a very long line to get actual tickets then another long line to get on the boat. I was a little alarmed with the number of people the boat holds, but truth is there were still good seats by the time I got on which was toward the end. Also a note, the cruise is 2 hours and if you purchase the meal they have 2 seatings. 1 right when you get on the boat and 1 about half way through. I was glad to get the 2nd seating so I could watch and listen for the 1st half.
Reviewer: Kristi
5 Stars