Amazing New Orleans Scavenger Hunt

Fun time in The Big Easy
August 20, 2018
This was a very fun thing for our grown family to do. We got to see some great places and learn some interesting things. It was very similar to The Amazing Race and we loved it even though we got ahead of ourselves a couple of times and didn't take our time in reading the clue.
Reviewer: Denise
5 Stars
So much fun!
March 20, 2016
This tour is so much fun. You download the scavenger hunt to your phone and then follow the directions. It is a great way to discover the city and learn about its history and culture at your own pace. I have been to New Orleans several times and I saw parts of the city that I had never seen. This is great for someone who hates tours and hates listening to a tour guide go on and on about things that don't interest you.
Reviewer: Deb K
5 Stars